riding bikes in utah!

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we made a stop to utah on our way home from california so we could spend time with both my parents and josh’s parents! the kids are having the best time with their grandparents (and my brother who is a senior in high school, their uncle isaac!). josh and i totally caved and ended up buying the kids bikes the other day. they have been talking about getting their own bikes for so long (for over a year i think!), and it’s one of the few things that is hard to make work with city living. but with samson’s birthday coming up in a couple weeks and finding such a good price on little bikes out here, we went for it. they will get a lot of good riding in over the next week with their grandparents and we’ll have biking to look forward to when we come back to visit!!!

you might have caught it on my snapchat the other day (i’m love.taza on snapchat!), but the kids picked out their bikes themselves and proceeded to bike over to the checkout counter at the store! it was so sweet. samson jumped off his bike later that day to tell me, “mama, i love my bike THIS MUCH!” extending his arms out wide to show me the length of how much he loves his new bike! it’s been the biggest hit! we’ve had a few falls, and one slightly scraped knee, but over all they are doing so well! conrad isn’t sure if he loves his new tricycle or trying to ride samson’s bike more, haha!

some photos from when we took the bikes over to a park near my parents’ house before dinner the other night:


do you see this face?! absolute excitement!!!! i just love this kid so much. he has said thank you so many time the past few days, i feel like his entire world has been made! we might need to find a way to ship these bikes back to new york, haha! he really can’t get enough right now. happy early birthday, samson rex!!!


conrad always makes such fun faces when he’s in the swings! he cracks me up.


when she was looking over the bikes on display trying to pick one, she looked at this one and she said to herself, “well, it’s not all purple…. but the wheels are purple. mom, i’ll take this one!” HAHA! (her favorite colors right now are blue, purple and gold. in that order.)


a little push to take off on the hill!


he kept switching which bike he wanted to ride! always wanting to do what his big brother does!


i love these swing pictures so much!


the snow on the tops of the mountains against all the green is seriously the prettiest thing. i wish this picture did it justice, but it doesn’t. it’s beautiful here right now.


also, i am DYING to have someone make these sneakers in an adult size!!!! i can’t get enough of them! why are all the fun bright colored sneakers always kid size only?!


ps. this t-shirt is the comfiest! i snagged it in both pink and black.


sweetest hugs i ever did see. they are so good to each other right now, i am so grateful. they bother each other like crazy, too, but for the most part, it shows how much they love each other and it makes me want a million more of them (well maybe just one or two more. but you know. ;)LOVE TAZA 6-3

always a treat to spend a little time in utah with family! i wish we had more time to see friends and even try to meet some of you while we’re here (i had such a good time meeting a few of you at my event in LA last weekend) but hopefully next time.

my t-shirt, jeans from zara (similar here), my new balance sneakers (on sale!), and sunglasses. eleanor’s flare jeans (on sale!), sweatshirt, sneakers. conrad’s happy t-shirt by kira kids (c/o), samson’s t-shirt. bikes from wal-mart and helmets, too (i can’t find the exact ones online!)

  1. Rena

    Oh, I think it was a very good decision to buy the bikes for the kids as they look absolutely happy! I remember it so well how much our now grown up children enjoyed biking … and still do (especially our son, our daughter prefers now to ride horses). Love as usual your perfect look with the New Balance sneakers!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Connie C.

    WOW how beautiful Utah is! My Grandfather was a minister in Provo at one point in my childhood. I remember being surrounded by those beautiful mountains while my siblings & I played and hiked and caught lizards… My Grandmother would throw marbles out in the yard every morning & tell us they came from the Great Salt Lake… hahaha Fantastic memories!! How lucky you are to still have family to visit in Utah!

    Beautiful family pictures!! Keep the memories coming for those kiddo’s!

  3. maggie

    Lovely weather for a walk and view is amazing. You pick up very nice bikes. They look so so happy, riding a bike is fun for a whole life. kiss

  4. Lilia

    How are you getting those bikes back to NYC?! Xoxo

  5. Calla

    Amtrak ships bikes (and boxes if you need it) for pretty cheap, especially if you are shipping other stuff as well. You just need a bike box but you could probably fit both bikes in one. There isn’t much information about it online but if you call they can give you all the details. I did it when I moved across the country, they were very helpful and the shipment came really quickly.

  6. Megan

    Those smiling faces are just too good (& cute)! So glad you get to spend time with family and Utah is absolutely breathtaking

    // http://lifeplusbe.com/

  7. Oh this is such a sweet post! I love how happy your kids are and appreciative. I hope I can instill that in my future babies too. I love these little snippets of everyday life you share with us. It must be amazing to be able to look back on your really old posts bringing back so many memories!

    Thanks for being such an example!


  8. Trisha

    We’ve been struggling with our 3 almost 4 year old on the bike thing- tried a tricycle and strider but he just doesn’t care. Took him to Walmart and he FLIPPED over the big boy bikes (unfortunately he’s too big for the little ones already so we have to go a bit bigger).
    Little kids are SO happy and I need to have that much fun

  9. Julie

    Hi Taza, your kids’ face as they ride their bike is just priceless, it gives them such a sense of freedom! My kids learnt here in London on my old old French bikes – which I found so emotional – and bless them for doing so because they are just old beasts but they did it. Now I can take my 7 yo for a bike ride in the park and he loves it. 2 weeks ago we even managed to go for 1h long ride in Richmond Park near us (massive park) all 5 of us. It was the first time and we all loved it! Baby was obviously in the baby seat behind my husband but the 2 older ones were so excited to be free to go alone. Soon you’ll be able to do the same! Have a fun weekend in Utah with your family! Julie xx


  10. Van

    I need to buy some sneakers also. It’s not fun trying to run after my daughter around in sandals all the time. hehehe :) I love you fashion sense! and you lipstick <3 it!

  11. vicky

    looks like a blast!

    your nail color is one I’ve been in search of! do you know the name of it?

  12. Audrie

    Can I ask what nail polish you have on and is it gel? If gel what brand gel do you usually get put on?

  13. Rachel

    Your kiddos look like they are having a blast! I live in Utah County and I am always in awe of how gorgeous the mountains are. :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  14. claire

    hello there. just a note, if you don’t mind… from my own experience, it is essential to fix the helmets so they protect the forehead. if falling from a bike a helmet not fixed properly is quite useless regarding the chin, nose and the rest of the face. have a safe ride :-)

  15. So cute!!! Beautiful pictures!
    Bikes are always a good idea, I say!


  16. Eleanor’s face in that one picture, is utter bliss. I see God’s love in that face. It is just so pure, and happy.


  17. Lauren Bee

    Beautiful photos!
    Gosh, Utah looks amazing! I’m going there in June – only for a few days because it’ll be my first time in America and I want to see as much as possible in the short time I’m there. I’m so excited about Utah. It just looks stunning!

  18. Helle

    Hi Naomi. If you want sneakers with lovely colours, i recommend you tjeck out sketchers. The are really nice and colourful and absolutely fantastic to wear :)

  19. I know we’re here for the bikes (and gosh, your kids are cute in their bikes!!!), but I just can’t leave without commenting on that backdrop. Those snow-caped mountains looks amazing! We visited Utah in January, and it was just amazing driving around Zion and Bryce and enjoying the view of snow, mountains and red rocks.

  20. Laurie

    Hi Naomi!
    If you and your family are still in Utah and in the Salt Lake City area, I would love to invite you at Odysseo by Cavalia. It’s the billboards that you might have seen with the horse head on it. Both Josh and your parents are welcome as well. It is such an amazing show, there is something for everybody and it will create memories for a lifetime.
    Hope to hear from you!

  21. Ella

    What a beautiful spot to go bike riding! The smile on Samson’s face is priceless.

  22. Jasmine

    If you’re into Nike, they have A LOT of cool/colorful shoes!

  23. Kelly

    I was in Utah last May and it was so beautiful with the snow capped mountains! Your kids look so old on their bikes!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  24. Lauren

    AMEN to taking time to meet us in Utah! You have so many followers here I wish you did an event here where we could all meet you! I am dying to meet you!!

  25. Jenna

    These pictures are beautiful. Utah is going on the list of places to visit!

    I was wondering where you get your pants for Conrad? I have a little boy about Conrad’s age and I feel like jeans and pants are the hardest things for me to buy him that are comfy and stylish.


  26. Yüksel

    Harika bir doğası var. İnsanın içine huzur katıyor. İmkanım olsa gezmek istediğim huzur dolu bir yer. Teşekkürler.

  27. Inna Fokkema

    Hi Naomi!
    You have a very beautiful family! And a fun life!
    I hate giving an advise that wasn’t asked, but I guess I just want to share with my experiens with bikes. I live in Holland where there are more people than bikes. Some children can ride a bicycle already at the age of 3! Our sons first bike was the same size as yours and we couldn’t understand why he can’t learn how to cycle without side wheels. Then we bought him a 12 inch wheel bike and he learnd to cycle in 1 day! He was so proud that day!

    I wish you a nice day and really sorry if these kind of comments irritate you.

    By the way I am also a mom of 3 kids and my daughter’s name is Naomi and my youngest son will turn 1 on May, 30.

    Sorry, stupid coincidence. ?


  28. Tammy

    i remember getting my first bike with my dad. best day ever!


  29. Britni

    I recognize that park! I grew up there (I won’t disclose the neighborhood for privacy reasons) and loved it! I miss my childhood of hiking in our backyard. And, ironically, we are living in NYC too!

  30. Verena

    Just gorgeous ^^
    You are the cutest little family :) and you look so happy
    that is so nice – I wish you all the best :) and hope you had a great time – it does look like so much fun ;)
    xx Verena