photos from utah!

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i wanted to share some photos from last week in utah! it’s so funny, because i didn’t bring the camera out with me very much in utah, and so i didn’t think i really took very many photos, if any at all, but of course as i downloaded and went through them i had to laugh, because sure, most are random (what happens when you don’t have the camera handy during most picture worthy moments), but there were still a ton of photos. lol. i get snappy happy. that’s a thing, right?!

we loved getting to spend some time with both my parents and josh’s parents. while we would have loved to see friends, we deliberately didn’t this trip just so we could really maximize the time with our family for the kiddos, which was so good for all of us.  a few photos below…


when we left the kids with josh’s parents for literally twenty minutes or so and took josh’s dad’s car out for a spin around snow canyon! that car is a dream!!!! i am completely totally obsessed. sometimes i miss getting to drive since we don’t in the city although i am apparently very rusty behind the wheel, because i totally damaged the car we rented while in utah by scraping the entire side of it against a metal barrier when making a turn in a gas station. i haven’t ever done anything like that before, not even a speeding ticket! fortunately no one was hurt, just the car which is fixable. but man! not on my car game!

LOVE TAZA-17utah love taza1-6utah love taza1-5utah love taza2-4utah love taza2-3utah love taza4utah love taza4-2

eleanor LOVED watering the plants and diligently went about it sometimes twice or three times a day (sorry plants.)

utah love taza2

the sleeping mask isn’t there for sleep sake, it’s often an accessory in eleanor’s case. one of the reasons i adore her so!

utah love taza1-16

because we were traveling and because i’ve never seen ice cream made this way, it was worth taking a break from my no added sugar goal to try the new roll with it creamery in provo. such an interesting concept (have been wanting to try 10 below in chinatown for a while now but haven’t managed to get down there on a treat day yet!), so was excited to give this place a try while traveling.

utah love taza1-15utah love taza1-19

at the new provo city center temple with my little brother isaac who is graduating from high school next week, after we went together with josh!!!!!!!!!

utah love taza1-17LOVE TAZA-12

nana is a genius for discovering kinetic sand! the kids had so much fun playing with this stuff. not as messy as regular sand (kind of sticks together, like play-doh a bit, so a little easier to clean up, too!)

LOVE TAZA-13LOVE TAZA-14utah love taza1-7

my dad pulled out these fun engineering kits for the kids and conrad was obsessed with making this little wheel fly in the air by pressing a button making it spin! they spent so much time in the kitchen doing this over and over again. it was absolutely adorable.

utah love taza1-9utah love taza1-14

they are twins, seriously. look at their expressions! i am dying. haha!

i will have to share a few more photos from utah soon, because this post was getting too long!

black worn t-shirt in first photo and panama hat, my wooden clogs HERE (and on sale!) and pink skirt (sold out- via gorman clothing). sunglasses HERE. eleanor’s pj’s HERE, samson’s “the man” t-shirt HERE.

  1. Candice

    hahaha that last picture <3

  2. Maggie

    Utah is beautiful, such an amazing views :)

  3. You are lovelyyyy!!!! :) Sending you kisses and hugs from Poland!

  4. Lena

    Your parent’s house is really uuh-mazing!

  5. Julie

    Hi Taza! Lovely pics of family togetherness and happiness! Your post almost brought a tear to my eye. We have not seen my folks in France for 5 months and I really miss them and I miss seeing them interacting with the kids (which they do brilliantly), I cannot wait for the summer holiday to be able to spend a month in their company and see them having a fun time with my 3. It’s hard to say no to see friends but I think sometimes it’s the wisest choice or otherwise you end up rushing from one meet up to another and having this guilt trip all the way especially if you have only a week with both sets of grandparents. I hope you and Josh had a bit of time for yourselves too, sometimes it’s lovely to leave the kids with our parents, they behave to differently when we, parents, aren’t around. I am always feeling so happy like you when I snap nice scenes and often get carried away with the number of photos I take but hey…everybody so enjoys looking at them later:) I hope you are not feeling too homesick this week. Big hugs from London, Julie x

  6. hanna

    That backyard looks like a dream –Hanna Lei

  7. Alida

    Love these photo’s, you really have a gift & beautiful, joyful people in your family. Also drooling about that backyard. And the last photo hiehie! Love from South Africa.

  8. Karen

    Hopefully your friends understand – I know many of my friends try to guilt trip me if I make it home for a trip and don’t see them, but they don’t seem to “get it” because they have their family at their fingertips for unlimited access. Utah is so beautiful – I wonder how the transition from this past life to busy city life has affected you? As an Arkansan with a hankering for travel, I find moving off to a big city tempting… but just a little uncertain ;)

  9. jenn

    Your photos of the Utah desert look like the Cars ride at Disneyland! Well technically Cars was derived from route 66. Anyways, Love Love that midi skirt your wearing!

  10. vicky

    love the random bunch of pictures. they make for great stories.

    random question for the next video chat: have you put anywhere what kinds of workouts you do? if not, that’s another question I have!

  11. I love the first picture!!!

    Kisses from France

  12. Nikki

    The pictures of Conrad and your dad remind me of the relationship between my son and my dad. There is just something so special about a relationship with a grandparent, and their twinning expressions are just adorable. I bet your parents loved having those kids around for a visit.

    Conrad’s “Happy Happy Happy” shirt seems to describe him perfectly in those photos!

  13. Tammy

    that last photo just captures it all :)

  14. Rachel

    I love living in Utah because it really is so pretty! :) And how amazing is the Provo temple?! I love it! :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  15. I definitely understand needing to spend time with just family. I don’t have children, but I live a long way from home and whilst it’s nice to see friends, when I do get home it always feels too short a time if I try to see anyone else! Utah looks beautiful – I love the desert and it’s been on my travel list for ages!

  16. Sara

    The photo wall behind your dad & C in the last couple pics reminds of your dishwasher – the apple never falls far! :)

  17. Amanda

    Haha love the pics! I did that our last trip purposefully haha because I get so picture happy! Sometimes I get so focused on capturing the moment that I’m not in the moment. Or there’s a pressure to get the best story photos to share with the public! Practicing mindfulness and not worrying about nailing every moment was refreshing!! But I still took a lot haha

  18. lily

    we have been using the same exact engineering kits in my high school math class, and everyone gets so excited (just like little conrad) when the wheel flies up! ha!

  19. Kelly

    Beautiful photos, it’s gorgeous out there!

    I also came to answer your Snap question about pimples that won’t die. I swear by this stuff I got from Whole Foods (but they probably sell it other places) called PRID. It’s in a little orange tin and at Whole Foods it’s near the skin care products (like tea tree oil and bug bite stuff). It’s called a “drawing out ointment” It stinks but it works like crazy and really fast. If you wash your face really well and then with a q-tip put a glop of the PRID on it and cover with a bandaid overnight, the swelling will be almost gone by morning. The downsides are that it’s kinda stinky and messy, you might want to use an old pillowcase just in case. It works on pimples, bug bites, cuts that have pus (I know, enough already). Anyway, just thought I’d share!

  20. Alyssa

    !!!!! conrad’s face!! cutie pie!

  21. Lauren Bee

    Beautiful photos! I’m so excited to experience Utah.
    Also, kinetic sand is the best! I work in youth mental health and we use it as part of sensory modulation. It’s so fun to play with, a great distraction and an excellent calming activity!

  22. Amy V

    Your Dad and Conrad are too cute together! And is that a Pontiac? Phe-oooh. Looks like a fun family trip :)

  23. DeLaney

    Always love seeing pictures from your trips Naomi! And may I just say you are GLOWING and your smile is always so contagious!

    <3 DeLaney,