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if you know us, you know how much we love to travel! and we feel really fortunate that we’ve been able to experience a lot of new places and adventures even with the kiddos in tow these past few years. i also feel really fortunate that our kids are great little travelers who adapt well and love to explore.  some of my most frequently asked questions revolve around traveling with kids, and i’ve written before about what we’ve learned through the years as well as our tips and tricks HERE and HERE, and traveling abroad with kids HERE.

i wanted to chat a little bit more about how josh and i are working hard to establish a sense of confidence in our kids and helping them to be independent. we love trying to teach them that they can take care of themselves and make choices on their own. like a lot of parents, we look for opportunities to encourage that confidence and independence at different times in their early years. at home, it might be getting their own snacks or prepping for bed. at the playground, we encourage them to climb on their own before they can even walk. we’ve found that one of the best and most fun times to do it is while we are traveling. we’ve partnered with band-aid brand and neosporin to talk more about ways we’re helping the kiddos do just that when we are on the go!

when we get ready for a trip, our kids love packing their own backpacks, which they are in charge of throughout the car ride or airport or wherever we may be going. we help to oversee their packing, but eleanor and samson are pretty great at filling their backpacks all on their own with some toys and snacks and other things they might need while we’re on a trip. (they also help me pack conrad’s, too.)


each of the kids’ bags has everything from some favorite old toys or stuffed animal to a water bottle and snacks. we also keep a handy kit in each backpack with chapstick, band-aid brand bandages and neosporin, hand sanitizer and all their other tiny knickknacks so they don’t get lost at the bottom of the bag. this way, they know exactly where to find things! knowing where things are really helps them feel independent because they don’t have to ask us for something. each bag also has a little zippered pouch for a few coins or a few dollars (samson loves buying strawberry gum all by himself right now, it’s kind of his thing!), colored pencils and notebooks, and some surprises, especially for a long trip.

we usually make a stop by a toy store before a big trip to get a new puzzle or toy or game. we try hard to balance things that are fun with things that are also educational and good for their brain development. obviously a tablet device fully charged with a few carefully curated shows and movies is a saving grace on a long flight, but we try to save it as a last resort since there are so many other great things to do on an airplane first at their age.


it seems like at least once a day someone in our family will get a cut, scrape or boo-boo. there is almost always some kind of minor injury that needs attention. somewhere along the way, we started making sure we always carried a couple of band-aid brand bandages in our wallets or handy in my bag when we’re out. it’s been a couple of years now that we have been carrying them around. our kids tend to really focus on their cut or scrape until it’s bandaged up properly with some neosporin and a hug and kiss, so we had to have a whole little system down. they have the system down now as well, and they love to help! (if you can believe it, we haven’t lost one piece of that doctor kit eleanor asked for for her second christmas! playing doctor at our house is such a big important part of our day, so naturally, the kids are professionals at this sort of thing!)


also, how absolutely adorable are the new band-aid brand bandages by oh joy?! joy cho, who designed them, is actually a dear friend of ours and we couldn’t be more proud every time we use one!


i love how she often will randomly say, “hey mom, check this face out!” and do something silly like this! she has such personality and this age is so much fun.


as a parent, it makes me so proud to see eleanor and samson being so comfortable and confident when we head out to the airport. they insist on going through security all by themselves, and even little conrad anxiously follows their lead and tries to do everything they do in the security line as well, like putting his backpack or sweatshirt in the bin before it goes through screening, as he sees his big brother and sister do!


watching for planes is fun, but we usually like watching for airport workers instead and wave like mad at them (they don’t ever see us) trying to get their attention!


see what i mean? he doesn’t let anyone else carry it, so i usually have to empty his backpack while he’s not looking, so it’s light enough for him without all the stuff inside!


i’ve written about this before in my other travel posts, but trying to find a flight during nap time if at all possible (when you have a kiddo that still naps like conrad does) is GOLD. on this last trip to california, he slept for over half of the six hour flight, and i’m pretty sure that made everyone on the flight extra happy. ;)


here’s a close up of the little organizational kit we keep inside their backpacks. like i mentioned above, having a proper place for everything really helps them to feel confident about being in charge when they know where their things are and where everything goes. (we have found that the same goes for at home! although a bit harder to stay on top of, as my organizational skills aren’t necessarily my strong suit, but we’re getting there!)


we always have a pair of old airplane wings in our backpack, too. thanks to papa for being so good at holding onto those!


our family feels so big these days! we try to get two seats in front of the row of three behind, so we can still somewhat be clustered and close together!


so proud of these kiddos and the confident and loving and good people are they becoming!!! thank you to band-aid brand and neosporin for partnering with us on this post, and for helping take care of boo-boo’s at home and also on the go! i find comfort knowing that their skin is protected and scars are minimized which is why we always have the band-aid and neosporin + pain, itch, scar close by. you can find the darling new band-aid brand bandages by oh joy! online HERE and and neosporin + pain, itch, scar HERE.

  1. alison

    where is the little magnetic toy from? we travel often with out kids and are always looking for new ideas to keep them entertained on flights. I find that something brand new each trip for them to use helps so much!

    • TAZA

      we found it from a local toy store in nyc. it’s not with me right now to look up with brand name! i’ll check it when we get back!

  2. Hi Taza, I am so impressed about this travelling that you are doing with 3. We travel lots too but as much as we can we have used our car or the ferry either to visit my in-laws in the UK, visit other parts of the UK or see my family in France. In 2 weeks we will do our first trip on the plane with the 3 (off to Italy) and I am a tad anxious as our #3 wants to crawl everywhere and I am not sure how cooperative she is gonna be. Thankfully it is not too long a flight but still. I am going to read your previous blog posts right now to gather all your tips for travelling with 3! I love the bright bandages, they are so cute. I will have to see if we can find them in the UK. Big hugs from London! Julie xx


  3. Olive

    Where is your hat from?

    • TAZA

      it’s from shop bop (but old). the brand is hat attack!

  4. Megan

    This is the sweetest post! You two are the best parents and I love reading your tips & tricks

    // http://lifeplusbe.com/

  5. Jennifer

    Love their new backpacks! What happened to the fjallraven backpacks?
    Do toddlers get a discount on their plan tickets? I have a two year old and in the past she would fly free. Now we are planning a trip and it’s tough to forgo the $900 for a 35 pounder who could sit on my lap!

  6. Lindsey

    Where is your duffle bag/bookbag from?

    • TAZA

      it’s by tom bihn!

  7. hanna

    Those Oh Joy bandages are awesome! –Hanna Lei

  8. Lauren

    Your kiddos are precious, love their cute travel style! Also cute band-aids love how colorful they are I’m sure that makes ouchies easier with those fun designs!
    Xo, Lauren

  9. Kylie

    You have the sweetest little travelers! My 4 year old and I are taking a mum/son trip to visit my sister in Philly next week. I love the idea of hitting up the toy store so he can pick out a few new toys for the plane. Little ideas like that make such a big difference <3 thanks for sharing!

  10. Rachel

    I think it is so awesome that you are able to travel so much with your kiddos! And they seem to do so well. :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  11. Jillian

    Where are you carry-on backpacks from? Looks like a great size and so nice to not carry on one shoulder!

  12. Kathy

    Greetings! Love your blog! I have a two year old and have a hard time letting him go on big playground equipment by himself. I get scared by the 5-6 ft drop offs that they frequently have at the top. I worry that he will get distracted and fall off while he is stepping backwards or running around. You said you like your kids to climb by themselves on the playground. I’m wondering how I can be more brave and less of a “helicopter” mom with that kind of stuff. What is your advice? Thanks so much!

  13. Cathie

    Where did you get your backpack/duffle? I love it and have been looking for one like that.

  14. Geraldine

    What brand are their bags (and your travel bag)? My son will need a new backpack next year!

    • TAZA

      they are tom bihn!

  15. Pooja

    Hi Taza,

    Maybe I totally missed this, but where are your backpacks from?

  16. Mary Katherine

    This is such a great post! I admire you as a mother and you have such a wonderful family. What sweet and loving kids – I love how they are with each other – it’s the cutest – makes me look forward to having a family of my own!

    Two quick questions – where are those stainless steel containers from (the ones with the snacks in them) and where is your cute grey top from??

    Love you blog – check it every day!


    • TAZA

      hi! the containers are from Klean Kanteen! And my shirt if from Anthropologie. I linked the exact one (in a different color) a few posts back (bike riding in utah!)

  17. vicky

    ooh, I really like the black version of that shirt! (even though I think maybe the pink is my favorite, the black is super cute)

    looks like your kiddos are very independent. they also seem to take really great care of each other which I’m sure you’re both proud of!

  18. Karen

    So adorable, what good little travelers! I can’t wait until my baby is a little older and we can travel with her too.

  19. Jasmine

    This is a touching post for me. I love my parents, but they didn’t promote my independence as a child/young adult and often said I couldn’t do things on my own. And so I find it hard to get on with things now as an adult…you and Mr. Davis are doing it right. Keep on, keepin’ on!

  20. Thank you for sharing your experiences with kiddos with us. I hace only two children and I feel sometime stressed when we travel.
    Kisses from France

  21. j

    This might be a weird comment! But I really love the way you integrate paid posts into your blog. Native advertising/paid content sometimes feel inauthentic, but you always manage to make it work.
    I’ve really never understood the when blog readers react negatively to paid posts and these posts are so much nicer that sidebar ads.

  22. Rachael

    I love the little tin play thing your kids have on the plane! Such a good idea! My 4 year old son, LOVES airports and flying, which is great. We could sit at the airport for hours watching the planes come and go.

    Have you heard of Trunkis? My son has one of them and we have used it on every trip for the past 2 and a half years. He gets to pack it with his stuff, then ride on it at the airport. It makes such a difference being able to pull him through the airport if there is a long walk between terminals! And fun!

  23. Elena Yasinskiy

    Love your parenting skills and techniques. Hooray for big families and lots of kiddos. I have four kids myself, so it’s nice to get a peek into another families life with little ones. But most of all I love your style. I love to see what you’ll be wearing in each post. You have a very colorful and vibrant lifestyle and I think that it also shines through into what you wear. More outfit posts please!

    Also, how do you guys do meals when traveling? This causes so much anxiety for me when planning trips. Do you guys just eat out or order in or get a room with a kitchen and cook meals? Do you research the local area ahead of time and have saved restaurants that are near by to your hotel?

    Visiting New York is on my bucket list. Maybe when the kids are older, the youngest is 7 months old so it’ll be a while lol.

    Love your blog and enjoy reading it. Be blessed today and always ;)

  24. Joanne

    Great post! We are heading on a long flight later this year with our then 20 month old and I’m nervous! Reading your travel posts gives me a touch more confidence.
    I assume the black bag/backpack you have through the airport is your carry on? Where is it from? I love how it has handles but is also a backpack!

  25. Sabrina

    Naomi! Any chance you’ll be doing eleanorism and samson-ism again soon? I’ve missed reading those posts!

  26. Barb

    Where did you get the kids’ clear zipper pouches for storing all the tiny items? I’m looking for something that size that’s sturdy.

  27. m

    It’s so nice to I see the positive nursing shots! The realities of mothering. X

  28. kelsey

    Hi! I have been looking for a great travel stroller – what one do you have here? Thanks!!

  29. Natalia

    Hi, i saw on snapchat you guys went to a very cool museum where was that?

  30. They are so cute with the backpack. Lovely family! xo

  31. Shatha

    You are such an amazing mom, i dont know how you are doing this with 3 or your kids are the best to have becuse they have a good behavior where ever you are. I love this article about self confidence in travel and things you do in airplane without tablet ,my son will tirn 2 this sunday and my sister will got him a tablet and i was scary about that but he is so small and i really get annoyed by him playing in phone and calling with my contacts and he love it every time i tell him its shame to call ppl he smiles , so how you are dealing if you were me ،am watching you and following you from small island in the gulf region called bahrain ,and god bless your children ❤️

  32. Isabella

    Hi Taza,

    I love your post on travelling with kids. You can never learn enough from experienced travellers :) I would love to know the brand of E’s digital wristwatch. My daughter would love it…Thank you!


  33. Emmy

    Gosh I didn’t even think about the flight to California being 6 hours! In Utah it used to be so close, but now in New York I guess it would be faster to go to like Europe or something huh! Lol!

    Emmy Jake NYC

  34. Giuliana

    Where is the magnetic toy from?
    Great pictures!

  35. Deborah

    I travel a lot with my 2 years old son too but not often as you guys! however your tips are gold for me. Travelling is pure happiness!

    If you want to see my travel posts and videos here they are:

  36. Hannah

    Hi Taza! Love this post! I was just wondering how you get Baby Conrad to fall asleep and nap on the plane? I went on an airplane trip with my 7 month old baby last month and I used the Ergo to have her nap, but she got so hot in there that she ended up waking up after short naps. Would love any baby plane nap tips!