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lots of pictures from the past little while! mostly from home, since we’ve been indoors trying to stay dry (lots of rain lately?!) and well (WHAT sort of bug is going around?! and how are we all catching it days apart from each other?! anyway, josh took me to see new york city ballet perform on saturday night so we could catch justin peck’s first story ballet, the most incredible thing. i know it hasn’t gotten the greatest reviews but i have to tell you, I LOVED IT. there is something so compelling about where he is taking ballet, almost modernizing it in a way that i feel is so so necessary if it’s to really thrive for this next generation. the score and costumes and set were unreal. they are only performing it one more time this season, on the 7th, so if you’re around, consider going!!!! i’d love to hear what you think if you saw/see it. i can’t stop talking about it!! thankfully josh is on the same page as me, so i’m able to have someone to keep talking about it with! 

LOVE TAZA lately-2

in our attempts to eat healthier, we have been making lots of spiraled zucchini noodles! they are so so good!

LOVE TAZA latelyLOVE TAZA lately5-2

these faces eleanor makes these days crack me up so much!!!! (their kid sunglasses are from the honest company. mine are from asos -and on sale!)

LOVE TAZA lately5-4LOVE TAZA lately5-3

we put the kids in swimming lessons this spring and i feel like babies wearing swim caps will never not be funny. every time i look and C i laugh! it’s just too cute!!!

LOVE TAZA lately3LOVE TAZA lately2LOVE TAZA lately1

everything is cuter with a bow on it. ;) these sandals are actually really comfortable, too. (they are also from asos, for those who have asked.)

LOVE TAZA lately6-3

this has been my go-to breakfast the last several weeks. about 2-3 scrambled eggs and a whole avocado with sea salt. i used to start my morning off with a giant glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, but have been trying so hard to be better about not drinking so much juice! i seriously look so forward to my avocado in the mornings though, i haven’t been missing my juice!

LOVE TAZA lately6-2

can’t get over the super hero mask on her cowgirl hat! she’s the best. did you catch the little video on my instagram of her talking about her lasso?! hahahaha!
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when this sweet boy talks me into buying him a pretzel in central park, “with salt, mama!” but then realizes as he bites into it, he maybe doesn’t like the salt at all!!!! watching him wipe every single speck of salt off this pretzel was kind of darling.

LOVE TAZA lately4

sorry, there are a lot of random food pictures in this post, huh! but another current favorite of ours is this roasted broccoli we have been making with just some olive oil and sea salt and parmesan.

LOVE TAZA lately5-6

the delicious amorino has arrived on the upper west side!!!! terrible news for the girl who is trying to not eat foods with added sugar, but great news for these cuties who got their own ice cream cones after a morning of voting!!!


and watermelon, all day every day. best sign that a good summer is on its way!


life is good, friends! i wish everyone a slice of watermelon in their near future! ;) and that no weird stomach bugs come anywhere near you!

  1. Mia

    I have to buy those cute sandals!!!

  2. Rachael

    Hi, could you do a post on how you buy your kids clothes. They always have great outfits on. So i was wondering how you do it. Do you only Internet shop for their great outfits. Do you hit up the sales
    And how do you store 3 kids worth of clothes in their bedroom.

  3. Chloe

    I’ve been eating scrambled eggs with an avocado too instead of my old sugar-laden favorites :) So so good. Ever since I saw a video on how Gordon Ramsey makes scrambled eggs they have been my favorite thing. (Basically no mixing them in a bowl before or adding salt until the end. You just put the eggs and butter into a pot at the same time and start scrambling before the pan reaches medium heat.) It all melts together and tastes creamier and so much richer than any other scrambled eggs!

  4. Maggie

    So fun! That broccoli looks delicious! Do the kiddos eat it too? Trying to get my two year olds to eat more veggies and might give it a try!

  5. Melanie

    I love the pasta you made in this post! It is so colorful and fun. Our family loves to make pasta from spaghetti squash. It turns out like a thin capellini pasta. We also love to pair it with a nice turkey bolognese sauce.

    Have a great week!

  6. Dot

    Loved that snap with Eleanor in her cowGIRL hat & super hero mask! I love these posts/peeks into real-life random moments!

  7. Rachel

    What kind of spiralizer are you using? Been on the hunt for a good one. :)

  8. Rena

    I see you eat definitely healthier these days :) And is it a rule that the little ones have to wear a swim cap? It looks indeed cute – here in Bavaria everyone swims without a cap :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  9. Antonia Suzanne

    We’ve been hit with the stomach bug here too!! I think it’s saving me for last…

  10. Kaylee

    Your food always look sooo good & healthy!
    Always make me want to have healthier choices when I get to eat something :) And your sandals look amazing, I actually saw it on Asos few days ago! Thanks for sharing these xx

    KayleeㅣJK’s Dawn

  11. Oh my gosh. Is it really almost time for watermelon? My husbands family is from Mississippi (we live in Texas), and watermelon is sort of a huge deal.

    Also… those sunglasses, sandals, babies in swim caps. I can’t handle it. Thank goodness summer is on the way!!

    Thanks for sharing your sweet babies.

  12. Oh I so enjoy these random posts, I hope you guys feel better soon and that the rain will stay away for a while! I love your go to breakfast. By the way I will FINALLY go to NYC again this summer and I can not wait! Secretly I’m hoping to bump into you guys, that would just be the best. Love, Yara

  13. Kelly

    Try that roasted broccoli with garlic and then squeeze lemon on it after it comes out of the oven – it’s life changing!

    (Ina Garten’s best roasted broccoli recipe, Google it!)

  14. Dara

    spiraled zucchini noodles sound so so good! I have a mini version of your spiral machine and I love it. And I love your shoes with the bows! Adorable!

    — Dara //

  15. Look at those lovely moments! Love your pictures. Have fun!

  16. Michelle

    I saw Justin Peck’s “The Most Incredible Thing” when they performed it at the Kennedy Center in DC and I absolutely loved it! I’m a huge fan of Justin Peck and the ballet’s that he’s creating. They’re whimsical, thoughtful, and a fresh take on the classics that have made ballet great. Full of color and visual stimulation, I find myself smiling all the way through his creations!

  17. Ashley

    I love how your kids wear their CTR rings so often. I feel like I’m doing the “CTR ring search” in the friend when I read
    your posts ?

  18. Shelby

    Samson looks like your little brother in the pic with the ice cream! Too cute!!

  19. evan

    I love your pictures! always so bright. are the ones in this post from a camera or just a good iPhone?

  20. Jess.

    That picture of Conrad in his swim cap makes my heart hurt. They’re just all so darling. And E is much braver than I am about rattle snakes, that is for SURE. xox

  21. Ali

    Stomach bug…? Are you pregnant?,,,,!!!!

  22. Esti

    I wonder why you skip your morning orange juice… does it hurt your stomach?

  23. Ali

    Oh no tummy bugs are the worst! One has been lingering in our house hold for the last 10 days. Been following you on snapchat, and I must say that my 15 mo wee boy shows everyone his tummy too, it’s his new fav thing. Although he looks like a bit of a flasher, as he will just stand there waiting for you to look at him, then quickly whip his top up and show you his tummy! Ha!

  24. KB

    Honest Co stopped selling those sunglasses :( so bummed. My little guys have been wearing them for a couple years. I even asked a customer service rep…no more.

  25. vicky

    everything looks so great. wondering what you do with the zucchini and shrimp. curious as to the seasonings you two are using to cook – and if you’re doing olive oil or something healthier?

  26. emmy

    So I just moved to New York City and I literally have like a 2 page list of food places you have mentioned over the years haha! Keep them coming! Adding that ice cream place now!


  27. Frances

    so much yes to that roasted broccoli. it’s the best like that. try cauliflower too! i love samson’s face in the ice cream picture.

  28. love the random food pics, ir reminds me how good it can be to eat healthy!