let’s go to the matinee!

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LOVE TAZA lincoln center-11

josh is always good at keeping fun things on the radar, and bought tickets before they all sold out to fantasia live in concert at lincoln center with the new york philharmonic orchestra! we took eleanor and samson last saturday while my sister took conrad out on his own little afternoon date (thanks, hannah!). i hadn’t seen fantasia since i was a little girl, and it felt so nostalgic seeing it again up there on the big screen and hearing all that beautiful music! also, side note: the hall at lincoln center where we saw the show is the same one where i walked for graduation from juilliard! i felt really cool for a minute there getting to tell eleanor and samson that this is where mama wore her cap and gown when she graduated from college. they didn’t really care though. haha!

the new york philharmonic never disappoints, and sometimes i can’t believe we live so close to such an iconic staple for the arts such as lincoln center. i feel like i have such history with this particular spot in the city because of my four years of college right there, and living in the dorm there for two years of it, as well as all the countless nights spent outside on the plaza there at lincoln center (since we didn’t really have a proper campus) where i’d hang out with friends (or often by myself trying to figure it all out. HA!)  i just love that this is still home. all these years later. and that i’m taking my little kids here!!! because this is their home. even more than it’s my home now. and what a great home it is. so happy to be able to call it that.

we took some photos before and after the show, while we spent some time around the fountain together with papa. if you ever visit new york, don’t miss coming to lincoln center. and try to see some sort of performance while you’re at it!  if not music, the opera or ballet is right here as well.  you won’t regret it.

LOVE TAZA lincoln center-18LOVE TAZA lincoln center-19

she brought “whoo-ey” her owl along, as well as her owl mask!

LOVE TAZA lincoln center-25LOVE TAZA lincoln center-32

looking over the crowds below at intermission!

LOVE TAZA lincoln center-28

and i thought it was worth pointing out, that eleanor put a rubber band around whoo-ey’s head so they could be matching in regards to the whole headband thing!!!!!!

LOVE TAZA lincoln center-29LOVE TAZA lincoln center-30

love this family shot, even though our feet are cut out of frame! (it’s so stupid how much that can bother me sometimes! it really is!)

LOVE-TAZA-lincoln-center-260LOVE TAZA lincoln center-22LOVE TAZA lincoln center-2LOVE TAZA lincoln centerLOVE TAZA lincoln center-24

these shoes are $36, you guys! also, comfortable! which is key.

LOVE TAZA lincoln center-3LOVE TAZA lincoln center-7LOVE TAZA lincoln center-6

photo by samson.

LOVE TAZA lincoln center-5

also by samson!

LOVE TAZA lincoln center-4

and not mad for a second that he cut off our feet here because you guys, he’s so little and he’s freaking holding that big heavy camera while also getting us in frame and better yet, in focus! samson, you’re the man!

LOVE TAZA lincoln center-27LOVE TAZA lincoln center-20LOVE TAZA lincoln center-21LOVE TAZA lincoln center-23

when they are hiding, but you can still totally see them. haha!

LOVE TAZA lincoln center-16LOVE TAZA lincoln center-15LOVE TAZA lincoln center-14LOVE TAZA lincoln center-17

these sweet daddy daughter details! (for those curious, her sneakers here.)

LOVE TAZA lincoln center-8 LOVE TAZA lincoln center-9LOVE TAZA lincoln center-13 LOVE TAZA lincoln center-10 have a great weekend, everyone! we get to celebrate mister samson all weekend long because he turns FOUR on monday!!!!! i can’t believe it! i’m attempting to make a cake that looks like a robot in the morning for a birthday party so cross your fingers it all works out, pretty please!

my red linen blazer, cream blouse, jean skirt (vintage), and black and white sneakers.  eleanor’s pink overalls from gap kids, and new balance sneakers here. samson’s scooter is a micro mini and helmet is a nutcase.

  1. Lovely and Beautiful pics, as usual!
    Happy Birthday to Samson on Monday!!


  2. Marcy

    Oh wow, I love Lincoln center. Even just standing in the midst of those buildings, you can feel the greatness there! And the Met tree at Christmas time is one of my favorites!

  3. Julie

    Gorgeous photos as always! Such fun to read all about your little adventures! Samson has got the cutest smile, happy birthday in advance for this adorable boy! I hope the kids enjoyed the experience at the Lincoln Centre! Enjoy all the celebrations this weekend. Julie xx


  4. Arman

    Just wanted to say that I love reading your blog, love your pictures and family. :)

    Happy birthday Samson!

  5. Valeria

    Nice pics !!! What´s the colour of your nail polish !
    Thanks a lot for sharing your life !

  6. Rachel

    Happy Birthday Samson!!! I can’t wait to see your robot cake and Samson’s Birthday video. I love your videos, they’re the BEST! I love your outfit in this post. You paired a masculine blazer with a very feminine skirt & playful tennies. Way to go. So cute youthful, yet mature.

  7. You are rocking that jean skirt! Adorable pictures.

  8. SC

    I hope your sneakers run true to size bec I just got them!!! THNX! :()

  9. SC

    And, with code HISUMMER, 20% off!

  10. Sabine

    Hi, I love the rings Eleanore and Samson are wearing. At what age did you allow them to wear them? Any suggestions on where to get toddler-rings?

  11. Jean

    i love your photos! do you shoot in manual or automatic? i love how well you have taught them to use the camera!

    e is so adorable with the match with her owl and the mask! i adore their character and how you let them be as long as they are safe. beautiful family!

  12. hanna

    Looks like a lot of fun –Hanna Lei

  13. Sara

    Your kids will have THE BEST memories from their childhood! I love that you seek out fun things to do. Sometimes I question whether or not to take my littles places because they may not remember it – I’ll try taking a page from your book and be more adventurous regardless of whether or not the memories will only stick with me.

  14. Courtney

    Such beautiful pictures (as always) and a big happy birthday to Samson. I can’t wait to see how the robot cake turns out ?

    I had a question for you and or Josh in regards to your camera… I just wanted to know if you found it hard to use, especially in the beginning in terms of getting it on the right settings quickly and changing lenses over when trying to get a quick photo. If that makes sense??
    I’ll be getting my one soon and I’m a little bit intimidated (1st DSLR)

    Enjoy your weekend xx

  15. Keli

    My husband and I were able to see the ballet perform A Midsummer Night’s Dream this past week. Both the performance and the Lincoln Center were gorgeous. Thank you for talking about such gems. Also, your NYC guides were a big help as well!

  16. Katelyn

    So sweet. I can’t wait to do things like this with my one year old. and i love josh’s yellow tie. i would love for him to do his own style post! besides j.crew, i have no idea where to shop for my hubby!

  17. Erin

    I love the high quality of your photos! Also, your nails are such a cute color!

    xoxo, Erin

  18. ok, I take note next time in NY: “lincoln center”; maybe next year for our 10 years of mariage!!! O_O!!

  19. magali

    As always..Beautiful pictures! And all the best birthday wishes to Samson! Can’t believe he turns 4! I remember all the picture of your pregnancy as it was yesterday. Now it’s my turn to be pregnant :) I will be a mom in 3-4 weeks ;)
    Many greetings from Switzerland

  20. Gorgeous pics! And very fashionable!

  21. Lucy

    Lovely pic, as per usual!
    I noticed the kids are both wearing rings, any particular reason for this?