hiking zion national park with the kids!

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since we’re in utah, we drove down to zion national park on friday night with big plans for a sunrise hike the next morning. but in typical davis family fashion, we didn’t get out of our hotel room and onto the road to the trail until 10am. but actually, in all honesty, high fives for getting on the road AT 10am and not later. the important part is that we successfully hiked what we came to hike, there were minimal tears (considering samson accidentally scraped his knee towards the end) and eleanor even declared that her new favorite activity to do is going on hikes!

we wanted to do angels landing, but because i am so nervous around cliffs and drop offs and we have three little ones and only two of us (and two carriers to carry them in when they are tired), we opted for doing the canyon overlook trail instead, which is just a mile long and while there are drop offs, it felt a little more manageable with the kiddos.

i have to tell you that all this beautiful red rock and desert is growing on me big time. i used to not think twice about it. i didn’t feel it was exceptionally beautiful or terrible. i just didn’t really care to take notice of it. but something is seriously going on with me right now where i can’t get over the details in the desert. the colors are just insane. the trails are beautiful to wander and the lines and movement in the rock even makes me have to comment on how pretty it is. i sound so weird right now. me five years ago would have laughed so hard if she’d heard the future me loves exercising (and the gym! of all places!) right now and being in the outdoors. haha. i just wish i’d have taken notice of it sooner, i am a utah girl after all. (although northern utah is so very different from southern utah.) anyway, this earth is really spectacular and the desert is becoming one of my happy places. :)

some pictures from our hike…

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that awkward moment when your little one sticks his hand down your shirt because he wants milk!


and the best part about this photo is i’m trying to play it all cool and act like nothing is going on while i am hoping and praying no one comes walking along the pathway to my right because my right boob is definitely completely out right now while i’m nursing conrad. haha! (it was actually super crowded up there at the lookout, although we got lucky no one is in these photos!)

zion love taza2zion love taza2-4

finding the spring source and following the water trail!

zion love taza2-5zion love taza-6zion love taza1

the angle is deceiving, but i am no where near the edge of the cliff! i promise!

zion love taza-20 zion love taza1-3

chasing lizards! do you see it?!

zion love taza-14

this is what i’m talking about when i say the details in the desert are just so good!!!

zion love taza-16zion love taza-15 zion love taza

a new balance tennis shoe family. haha! eleanor actually was the one who pointed out we all had N’s on our shoes!

zion love taza-22 success for team davis! the best time, honestly. i would love to get more hikes into our future. let’s do this!

work out top (love THIS COLOR option, too. and HERE is the sports bra version), work out pants (old, but similar style HERE), sneakers and sunglasses. kids sneakers HERE and HERE. eleanor’s watermelon bucket hat HERE. and using ergo carriers for the kids (five years later and it’s still our favorite carrier!) also, HERE is a tutorial i put together a few years ago on how i do my hair like that.

  1. Rena

    Oh, I know this challenge to start as early as planned :) But it looks really like an impressing and fantastic place… and I am so happy I got finally the same sneakers you are wearing here :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. What an amazing view!! I am heading to the states this summer and Zion is super high on my bucket list!! Hope I get to make it there is looks so unreal.


  3. maggie

    You are super active family. Your kidds are lucky to have soooo amazing chilhood :)

  4. hanna

    All these pictures are wonderful. It looks like so much fun –Hanna Lei

  5. Ashley

    Your outfit is adorable!!

  6. Martha

    Your arms are looking spectacular! So nicely toned. Is it from the gym or from carrying around three kiddos? lol

  7. Megan

    How amazing are these picture? It looks like a wonderful day and I agree with Eleanor, hikes are the best!

    // http://lifeplusbe.com/

  8. Molly

    These photos are gorgeous and those views are unbelievable! And lady, your body is insanely toned! You have to tell us what you’re doing at the gym, if you don’t mind :)! xo

  9. Sabine

    hey taza!

    those are amazing pictures!!! love them!

    I was wondering if you could somewhen make a post about your workout schedule and what you are doing to keep fit, you look so beautifully toned!

  10. Julia

    Such a gorgeous family! I LOVE that you have no qualms about nursing in public. I nursed my two just about everywhere as well.

  11. Cassie

    It took me some years to start to appreciate the beauty of the desert as well. That red rock desert is so very striking, though! (We went to Arches Nat Park last year for spring break and fell in love.) And I totally get it about those tricky angles. So many times (especially at Delicate Arch,) I was in a near panic thinking my kids were going to fall off into an abyss when actually, the ground was much less dangerous than one viewpoint showed it. Zions is definitely on my list. Love these photos!

  12. rose j.

    I think as we get older, and have our own family we begin to appreciate the beauty of the earth no matter where we live, especially when we go back and visit our home state. I know for me I feel the same way, and although I love the east coast, looking at your photos makes me long for some desert in my life, and much needed warm weather. I’m a texas girl at heart and don’t mind summer, and living in different states has made me and my kids appreciate all the places we’ve gone. So glad you’re traveling with the kids while they are little! Have a great week!


  13. Van

    Wow you don’t go to the gym? You look pretty fit to me :)
    These photos are so great! You have a lovely family.


  14. Rebecca

    Just a note of thanks for sharing photos of you nursing. It has given me confidence to nurse my first all around the city – I always think of you doing it! Thank you for being a positive role model for this first time mom.

  15. Naomi, these photos are just so beautiful and loved hearing about the experience. Also, you look SO HEALTHY AND AMAZING! I’ve seen on snapchat you’ve been heading to the gym, etc. So proud of you and so inspiring <3 x

  16. Caitlyn

    I’m with everyone else! Please a post on working out/toning!

  17. uhm, please tell me my body will look like that after having 1+ kids???
    zion national park is on our must-go list, and your post isn’t helping with my travel bug (even if i am 36 weeks pregnant!)

    truly fun, these memories + pictures are going to be cherished, i’m sure.
    Loving Moore Blog

  18. Your arms look amazing! Great for keeping the kids in a deathgrip around those cliffs. :)

  19. I LOVE the desert! We get nothing like this in the UK, so whenever I’m lucky enough to visit our family in Phoenix we always love the scenery of the desert so much! We actually planned on visiting Zion on a little stopover from Vegas to Page, but unfortunately, we visited a few years ago when the government shutdown was on so all the NP’s were shut! It looks absolutely stunning though – I’m glad you guys enjoyed it! I can’t get over how much your kids enjoyed it too – that would have been my idea of torture when I was a kid haha!
    xo April | April Everyday

  20. Marina

    Gym workout please!

  21. Lauren

    Wow, those views are amazing! I can’t say I’m much of a fitness buff myself but I recently went hiking in Scotland and it was totally worth it for the views!

    Also, I’m dying over Josh’s socks all pulled up – definitely nailing the dad style there ;) Such a beautiful family!

  22. Lauren

    Wow, those views are amazing! I can’t say I’m much of a fitness buff myself but I recently went hiking in Scotland and it was totally worth it for the views!

    Also, I’m dying over Josh’s socks all pulled up – definitely nailing the dad style there ;) Such a beautiful family!


  23. Marissa

    Gorgeous photos! What camera are you holding to video (I assume). Do you not use the 6D to video?

  24. Emily F

    Save Angel’s Landing for when they’re teenagers! There are several deaths a year attributed to that hike. It terrifies me! Gorgeous pictures though. We love Zion’s.

  25. Starla

    I hiked Angel’s Landing whilst 5 months pregnant–you’re right, I definitely would not hike it with kids (or especially once I had kids at home I would potentially leave motherless). It is not for the faint of heart — people have died trying to hike it all the way to the summit.

  26. Imogen

    Naomi you’re looking absolutely beautiful! What are you doing at that gym? Please let us know!

  27. Kelly

    My husband and I were just there with no kids and we were planning to finish the Angels landing hike until we got to scouts landing and not only ran out of water but stopped dead in our tracks when we saw the last leg of the hike with the chains and crowd of people. I read so many reviews for that trail and nothing had prepared me for how strenuous it actually was AND WE DIDN’T EVEN FINISH haha! I wish we would have done this home instead.

  28. Anna

    I try my best to comment in moderation here, your site is my endless source of inspiration, but I don’t want to bother you much) BUT today I have to say one thing – your body looks amazing! You rock it

  29. I was born and raised on the West Coast, with an Aunt near there and have YET to go. My husband keeps telling me I am missing out. When I beat my illness, I hope to get there. It looks beautiful (but tiring!). You have endless energy and are such an inspiration!!!!!

  30. what a gorgeous hike! you are making me want to visit the desert asap!

  31. mel

    Adorbs! And your arms are amazing!!! So cute and yay for nursing in public. Always a lil awkward but good for you

  32. Jean

    I love how you warn us that you’re not near the edge. I agree that the angle of the camera can be deceiving.

    I love the fun things you do as a fam!

  33. Mara

    I’m a Utah girl and love the red rock! But we just went to St George this last weekend and I always think how we don’t take advantage nearly enough. It is so pretty and there are so many ways to enjoy it, even with kiddos in tow. As we spent the 5 hours driving home, I just kept thinking how I couldn’t imagine living somewhere else that didn’t have mountains and beautiful scenery like Utah does.

  34. Courtney N.

    1) Those views are seriously gorgeous! I also have never really thought much about the desert, but seriously, it looks like a fake backdrop!

    2) I second the other comments on sharing your workout routine! I know it might feel weird, but I might feel more inspired to lift some dumbbells if I knew my arms would look anything like that! Way to go!

  35. Aurore

    You body looks stunning, what have you done to get back your danseuse body !

  36. Jamie

    Hi Naomi! You’re right – the desert is so beautiful!
    I was just wondering if you had any tips/tricks in terms of clothing and nursing in public!! I find it so difficult to wear things which are nursing conducive when I know we’ll be out in public! Do you have any suggestions?

  37. I admire you (the couple) so much!! You are very strong to carry your children during the hiking!!! ouawwww Josh two in the same time!!!

    The mountains are spectaculars.

    And finally I WANT a New Balance shoes!!!

    Kisses from France

  38. Chesson High

    Hey! I just love your blog!! I also follow your snapchat and I was blown away by the scenery of where yall were staying. Towards the end it looked like a resort of some sort with that amazing view from the pool. Where was that at? I would love to visit someday with my fiance, especially if we end up moving out west!!


  39. Gorgeous outfit all! Great experience. Noticed you don’t have any extra bag with you. How did you manage it with kids. I am stuffed with food, water, first aid…

  40. Julie

    Hi Taza, such beautiful sceneries! It’s breathtaking. I have seen quite a few pics of Zion Park on Instagram and I would really love to visit those beautiful national parks in the US. I totally get how stressful it could have been to take a route too close to the edge with 3 little ones but well done for finding a good compromise and for showing the kids such beautiful landscapes. I love how you feel so natural and so good to breastfeed Conrad. I am still breastfeeding my 18month old and in France I am like an alien. Actually, I have not even said it to my family as I am sure they would think I am nuts to still do it – a bit sad I know. It’s good to know that a cool mum like you think it’s good enough not only to do it still but also to share it on her blog, thanks for that, I feel less alone and not that uncool anymore;)! Big hugs from London, Julie


  41. Jill

    Our family loves Zion’s National Park! If you’re ever in Northern CA then you should visit Yosemite. The views are spectacular! If you visit in the Spring the falls are at their peak and stunning.

    Thanks for sharing!

  42. V

    Random question, but…are there any nursing sports bras that you recommend?

  43. Katelyn

    so fun! we were just there a couple years ago, but at the time i was just pregnant with our now one-year-old!!

    also, if your still there the narrows is really fun!


  44. Kylie

    What a gorgeous place! And, damn! You’re in amazing shape!

  45. Meg

    Ah, my favorite place! Canyon Overlook is one of the hikes we do every time we are there. We just did The Subway in March.


  46. Kate

    Simply beautiful! I can’t get over how gorgeous it is there. I haven’t been to that part of the country in 20 years and I was just a kid then, I had forgotten how beautiful it is. I also am surprised how often Conrad still needs to nurse. It just shows how long it’s been since I had little ones that age.

  47. emily reynolds

    i absolutely love Utah and all of its rugged beauty! we have gone on a family trip twice now (once for a family reunion and second with another family) and it always takes my breath away. zion will forever be high on our to-do list and Bryce Canyon is another amazing place for some really good family hikes. on our way back there this summer because we can’t seem to get enough of it!! p.s your blog is my favorite to keep up with :)

  48. Laarni

    I don’t comment but I felt like I needed to now cos I want to say, “You look really great, Naomi!” And your kids are so lucky to have you and Josh as their parents!

  49. Tammy

    my family and i went here last year. unbelievable views and it’s crazy to think that this available for us to walk through and see. hiking is the best family activity because you can do it together for a longggg time


  50. Alex Erickson

    These pictures are beautiful.
    You probably get this a lot, what can of lens did you use to take this pictures?, I love how you were able to capture the whole background!=)

  51. nataly

    what do you do to get those toned arms? looove! would you post or snapchat or insta your workout routine

  52. Zion National Park with kids isn’t as hard as you may think. There are plenty of trails to hike and sandstone to explore for even the least active


  53. Ella

    Hi Naomi!

    Stunning photos- looks like such a cool place to explore.

    I would love to hear more about your workout routines and what kind of exercise you’re doing at the gym?


  54. Lindsay

    Thank you for normalizing breastfeeding. And for continuing to over and over. Thank you for nursing without a cover and making it look easy and normal and something that may continue past infancy (BECAUSE IT IS, RIGHT?!) Maybe you already know this, but the main interest or influence to breastfeed comes from seeing it in real life. So thank you. So many women look up to you for numerous reasons but this little one may have the hugest impact on the health and happiness of the moms and babes of your readers. You rock, Namoi.

  55. lexa

    do u have any recommendations cute or cool themed restaurants for sweet 16 or birthday celebrations in general??

  56. Lauren

    Southern Utah is very different than northern Utah! I grew up in Saint George and have loved how you are falling in love with my town and the desert! I went home for Memorial Day weekend and we went to Zion and hiked a bit of angels landing while my siblings hiked the whole thing. I have hiked Angels landing so many times in the past but it’s just too high! Glad you enjoyed Zion!