happy 4th birthday, samson rex!

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i can’t count the number of times each day i want to just squeeze this little boy in my arms and cover his smiley and happy and adorable face with kisses. he is a complete joy to be around and i love being his mama.

i remember being so freaking nervous when eleanor was just 7 months old and i found out i was pregnant with samson. we wanted more babies but it happened so quickly and i just wasn’t sure i could ever love another little one the way i loved eleanor, and it scared me not knowing what it’d be like having two. then the pregnancy flew by with autumn, winter and spring in seriously the blink of an eye and there i was chewing ice chips while laying in a hospital bed at the end of month of may about to push and still flipping out inside about being ready.

as i went back last night and re-read my notes from my birth experience with samson and his first few days with our family (a tradition i always enjoy doing by myself on the eve of my kiddos birthdays), i was reminded of that sudden gush of love that swept over me the moment i saw samson for the first time. we’d only been acquainted for maybe a few seconds, but i knew him. i knew him so well that the familiarity was almost freaky. it was like i knew his little cry and bottom lip pout and that way he furrowed his brow and wrinkled his forehead when he looked at me. it felt like i’d been missing him so badly even though i was just meeting him for the first time. does that even make sense? it’s so hard to explain. but that feeling of having known him, and feeling so overjoyed to see him again, even though i was just then meeting him, is still so very vivid four years later.

samson has a unique gift of bringing a playful energy with him everywhere he goes. his smile is contagious. he often shakes with excitement over little things like getting to unlock the front door of the apartment all by himself or sitting on the counter and whisking the eggs in the morning before we scramble them. he tries and tries and tries. and when he falls down, he gets back up quickly, and tries again. he requests a kale salad (this kid!) quite frequently at lunch time and as he starts eating it, will often pause to say, “i love it!” to himself. he is affectionate and kind with his words. he is fiercely protective of his older sister and little brother (once at the playground, i witnessed him jump in front of eleanor and stand firmly with his arms out to block her after another bigger child tried to begin a little fight by shoving her. it was clear by his body language that he was ready to take on the other child if necessary. i was able to step in right away, but the sweetest gesture to witness nonetheless.)  samson loves to break out into dance. he asks to play “pet store” several times each day. his prayers at the dinner table or at the end of the night together can often get lengthy as he blesses everyone and calls out particular things around the room that he loves. when he has ice cream, he always requests vanilla and strawberry, with the strawberry scoop on the bottom. also, this kid tans better than anyone i know!

i can’t imagine life without this sweetheart. he brings light and love and a whole lot of giggles to our family and we love him so so much. i wish you the happiest 4th birthday, samson rex, and i cannot wait to watch you grow! i love getting to be your mama and am so very proud of the brave and kind boy you are. i love you forever!!! happy birthday!

  1. Rena

    Sounds and looks really like as if Samson is a true gift – and he is the son yu deserve! Thanks a lot for this super cute and honest post, only reading and watching brings sun in my heart <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. michimidue

    Happy birthday, not-so-little-anymore Samson! You are a wonderful child!

  3. Maggie

    Happy birthday Mr. Samson :)

    I can’t wait to see picture from birthday party. It would be great if You have video from unpacking present from Eleanor :)

  4. I can’t believe he is already four! Happy birthday Samson! A beautiful child and lovely words from her mama!

  5. marie

    Wish all the best to your “Happy” Samson ! I am pretty sure he had fun for his birthday with his robot cake. ! Your cake was great on the picture ! :)

  6. Marie

    Such kind words, Naomi. I don’t have any baby yet, but this exact strange feeling that I’m missing someone in my gut. Happy birthday Samson ! :)

  7. Carolyn

    I had the same thoughts when I was pregnant with our second child. We wanted her so badly and yet I couldn’t imagine loving her as much as the first, yet it is immediate, isn’t it? There are 10 years between them and I was afraid they wouldn’t be close, but they are each others best friends and we are all so lucky to have each other. So enjoy the day with your little guy and the rest of your sweet family!

    Happy birthday Samson!

  8. Emma

    Happy Birthday Samson!! Wow, can’t believe how fast he’s grown! Have a super day (loved the robot cake!) xx

  9. Corina

    Happy birthday Samson. You are the sweetest boy. Lots of love from the UK

  10. Kirsty

    Oh my, I had such a lump in my throat reading that. Happy birthday Samson.xx

  11. Christen

    Happy birthday, Cutie Pie!!! My oldest (Evelyn) turned four last week and my second (Oliver) is almost exactly Conrad’s age. We are expecting number three in October and when I have moments of freak out (all the time, naturally) I remember your example and know it will all be amazing. Thank you so much for being such a positive influence in the blogging world. Wishing you and your family the best from Seattle! -Christen

  12. Lauren Bee

    Happy Birthday, Samson!! Four years has whizzed by so fast!

  13. Lizzie

    Congratulations! And yes I know exactly what you mean when you say you had been missing him after meeting him. I had this feeling as well after the giving birth to my son (also 2nd child after a daughter) but never knew how to describe it..spot on!

  14. Candice

    Happy Birthday Samson!
    I’ve been following you since you only had Eleanor so I’ve seen your family and kids grow! It’s so weird knowing about a family in New York while I’m in Sydney!
    You are a beautiful mother and witness esp in the age of skin and scandal. I love your little family and was so hoping I’d bump into you all when you were in Sydney!
    God bless!

  15. Pam

    This is the sweetest thing ever! I love what you wrote about little Samson. He truly is a lovely little kid♥ Happy Birthday S!


  16. hanna

    Happy Birthday to Samson. –Hanna Lei

  17. Happy Birthday Samson!! I follow you since you was born!!! (I must improve my english to say more things, I promise)
    Kisses from France!!!

  18. Happy Birthday Samson! So cute!

  19. Kaylee

    Your birthday posts for Eleanor, Samson & Conrad always get me so touched! Happy Birthday Samson, you have the cutest smile!
    Hope he had an amazing 4th bday <3

    KayleeㅣJK’s Dawn

  20. Stefanie

    he is such a cutie.
    happy birthday samson!

  21. Jenny

    I have great memories of the day Sampson was born. Of you, Josh, Eleanor. It was such a great pleasure working with your beautiful family. And it’s awesome to be able to keep up with you here. Can’t believe this kiddo is 4! Happy birthday Sampson! <3 Nurse Jenny

  22. Frances

    THIS POST :) it really gave me the chills. you always write so beautifully Naomi! Happy (belated) Birthday Samson! I hope he enjoyed that cake!

  23. Amy

    Have you ever shared why your boys have the same middle name? I am so curious!

  24. Gia

    this is a sweet post. it brought tears to my eyes reading this.
    happy birthday Samson!

  25. Karis

    Happy belated birthday Samson! I remember reading and seeing pictures of when your mom was pregnant with you! It has been amazing to watch you grow up and become your own unique, caring and loving brother and son.

    PS. Love the shark that Eleanor picked out for you! Sharks were one of my favorite critters growing up.

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  27. Tammy

    happy birthday, dear samson!


  28. Meredith

    Wow! I don’t have any kids (only 20!) but I started crying reading this! He seems like one special little boy! You are blessed!

  29. Lauren

    Awh, this is such a lovely post for Samson! It makes me so excited for when I have kids and will be able to experience the same feelings you have. :)


  30. Claire

    I cried when I read your post! At this line: “it felt like i’d been missing him so badly even though i was just meeting him for the first time. does that even make sense? it’s so hard to explain. but that feeling of having known him, and feeling so overjoyed to see him again, even though i was just then meeting him, is still so very vivid four years later.” You expressed so beautifully the feeling I (all mothers, perhaps?) had when both my girls were born. Again, a tear! Part of me misses the baby days. I speak for all moms when I ask the universe, Why can’t they just stay little? :) Happy Birthday to little Samson!

  31. Alliyah

    I remembering following you on Instagram just a few weeks before Samson was born, so it’s crazy to realise that he’s not a whole FOUR YEARS OLD. I feel like I’ve been on this journey with you guys and it’s been wonderful watching your family grow and flourish. God bless.