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LOVE TAZA Memorial Day 2016-8

we were in brooklyn for part of our day yesterday, and since it was memorial day, we stopped by the soldiers’ and sailor’s arch over by prospect park. i think the littles were more intrigued by all of the intricate figures and water happening with bailey’s fountain which is close by the arch and fun to walk around as well, but josh and i (and my sister hannah who came with us!) all enjoyed taking the chance to take in the arch as well. always feeling very thankful for those past and present who serve our country. our prayers are with your families, and thank you.

LOVE TAZA Memorial Day 201601-12LOVE TAZA Memorial Day 201601-9

maybe my other two were like this and i just don’t remember, but i have to watch conrad so so closely around any kind of water. even the tiniest puddle, he will find! and he will get as wet as possible and often muddy, too. i get so nervous near fountains or little pools of water right now because i don’t think he grasps that this is not a bathtub or swimming pool, and is anxious to jump in!

LOVE TAZA Memorial Day 2016-6

secret weapon right now when we’re out and about for the kids: a small stack of legos.

LOVE TAZA Memorial Day 201601-2LOVE TAZA Memorial Day 201601-10LOVE TAZA Memorial Day 201601-11LOVE TAZA Memorial Day 201601-4

how beautiful is this arch?! and this isn’t even the front of it! we basically had the entire area to ourselves besides an occasional person walking by.

LOVE TAZA Memorial Day 201601

i know our kids are still small and young and can’t really grasp what a monument like this means, but i do think they can grasp enough of it, when explained more in terms they understand. we did the same thing last year at grants tomb and eleanor still talks about some of the things we talked about! these kids at this age really are little sponges!

LOVE TAZA Memorial Day 2016-2LOVE TAZA Memorial Day 201601-8 LOVE TAZA Memorial Day 2016-3LOVE TAZA Memorial Day 201601-7

i really loved the stonework by the fountain! LOVE TAZA Memorial Day 2016LOVE TAZA Memorial Day 2016-4 LOVE TAZA Memorial Day 2016-5

the number of times each day the kids beg josh to swing them around like this! haha!

LOVE TAZA Memorial Day 201601-3LOVE TAZA Memorial Day 201601-5 LOVE TAZA Memorial Day 201601-6LOVE TAZA Memorial Day 2016-7

will share more from yesterday soon. in addition to honoring memorial day, it was so fun having a full day of celebrating our samson rex! we actually celebrated him all weekend (we like to do birthday weekends over here!!!) but yesterday was a good one. he’s FOUR and i can hardly believe it!!!! if you didn’t catch the sweet video i posted on instagram after he opened eleanor’s birthday gift, here it is. it’s the sweetest to watch them interact and i am so thankful for their bond.

ME: candy stripe blouse (30% off!), black birkenstock sandals, zara jeans (old, similar HERE), sunglasses (in crystal peach color) ELEANOR: navy capri leggings, sneakers SAMSON: striped-t, shorts from gap last season, birkenstock sandals CONRAD: green overalls (a few seasons back from polarn o pyret), saltwater sandals.

  1. Rena

    Conrad reminds me on our son! Although he is already nearly 21 years now he still loves to play with water :) Thanks for the super lovely pictures!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Tricia

    I’m in love with your hair right now! Any updated products you’re loving for texture?!

  3. They may not know what a monument is yet, but they will surely appreciate these photos and the effort you went through to explain it to them! LOVED your outfit that day. Saw the blouse on snap and it’s so perfectly, quintessentially summer <3 x

  4. What a beautiful arch! Lovely pictures!!!


    P.S. I think I’m ready to stop staring at the blouse now…it’s so pretty! :D

  5. Audrie

    Your hair is looking great!

  6. Meaghan

    That looks like such a cool place! I loved finding new little pockets in the City(or Brooklyn) when I lived there. And I totally get the third child that is so much more energetic and not at all afraid of water or streets! I don’t know if it is a third child thing but I also feel like my older two were so much less crazy :).
    Also the Birthday weekend, we do that too. Its just not enough to have only 1 day especially for your little one who will only turn 4 once.

  7. Rachel

    This arch is amazing! What a perfect way to spend Memorial Day. :) I loved your snaps! You guys are awesome parents. :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  8. Caylie

    what a great time! I’d love to visit sometime. Excited to start following along with your blog! Your fam is precious.


  9. Cynthia Sue

    You’re such a huge inspiration Taza.

  10. Marilu

    You guys are my favorite blogger family!

  11. Maryam

    Hi Naomi! I ordered a ring from amolia and the style was so different from yours… what style did you use?? I’m thinking of reordering it!

  12. MariaElisa

    i love your new filters!

  13. Molly

    Beautiful photos!! What lens did you use?

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  15. Noelle Clark

    Just created a special book for my husband for Father’s Day! It’s from my 1- year-old son to Dada! Such a cute idea and was affordable and easy. Thanks Taza!I’m excited to make more as he grows – so much easier then scrap booking and works as a great book for my son to read with us…easy words and pictures of faces he knows!


  16. Lauren

    It amazes me how you never seem to run out of things to do & see in New York, it’s such a magical place! Also that blouse is the cutest, I love the colours!