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you all know how much i love putting together little videos (from all my videos way back in my vimeo days to the travel videos and also exploring new territory like the vlogging style ones.) thanks for all your kind words when josh and i sat down on the sofa and chatted all things food a couple months ago. we’re putting together a follow up to that video now since some time has passed and you all had so many great questions!  that video got me thinking that it’d be fun to start regularly doing more videos with josh! if you want to tweet me any questions you might have for either of us (i’m @lovetaza on twitter!), we’ll group your questions up by topic and tackle them from time to time.

i’m also putting together a few other fun videos for youtube right now, so if you’d like to follow along on all the videos we’ll be posting over there, you can subscribe to my channel here. although i’m sure i’ll share a few of them over here from time to time as well.

so, let’s chat! leave questions or topic ideas in the video comments or on my twitter!

  1. Greta

    You guys are too cute! It’s great that you are making these chat videos. I have been reading your blog for years and sometimes I’ve wanted to ask you things but never did in comments because I’ve always thought it’d be too much work for you to write answers to every question from the comments. Now, however, I’ll do it.

    I want to ask you how you make sure your kids are always in a good mood and behaving. At least it seems so from your posts. How do you approach discipline? How do you make sure you have authority as parents and still be your kids’ best friends? Those issues are fascinating to me as a mom of two little boys and I’d really love to hear your tips and tricks.

  2. aida

    Can you make video more about baby’s staff, I love you as mum :)

  3. Aurore

    I was wondering have you ever thought to become vegetarians ? What is your opinion on that subject ?

    Aurore from France

  4. Celine

    It’s fresh, fun, joyful, plenty of love and sincerity and a little bit crazy. I love it!! Thanks for giving us such positive energy.

  5. Noni

    let us know what type of camera + video you use to make this video?

    thank you

  6. Lexie

    Oh, my! You two are the absolute cutest. It’s fun to see how much fun you have together. I’m looking forward to more of this series!

  7. I loved your video! Isn’t it fun? I recently started posting vlogs as well. It’s just a lot of fun… One question for next one:

    How do you manage to keep up with your blog and videos while being a MOM OF THREE!! ? Is there any schedule that you follow?



  8. elvi

    You guys are the cutest :) It will be nice to hear how did you guys meet and may be how do you remember your first date? If it’t not too much of an invasion of your privacy. By the way Naomi your hair looks great

  9. Renee Harvey

    I love you guys so much! You are the sweetest couple, and as a somewhat newlywed it’s nice to see you be genuine. So a question…Was it difficult to leave NY and move to DC? How did you make that happen?

  10. Sarah-Jane

    You guys are adorable! What I love most about your blog is that you guys do what is best for your family and have a lot of fun doing it. I am 23 and just starting out (and not on a public platform like you guys) but I feel like there are always people who want to tell you what to eat, where to work, what colour you should paint your walls (true story) etc. I guess something I’d be interested in hearing is how you deal with naysayers and stay confident in your decisions.

  11. Delaine Gabriel

    I notices Josh wears a wedding ring, but I didn’t see one on Naomi. Just wondering why?

  12. kate

    I love your positive outlook on life, especially when it comes to motherhood. However, like all kids I’m sure your kiddos act up from time to time. How do you deal with misbehavior/consequences?

  13. Alyssa

    That just made me smile. Thank you for that! :D

  14. Carolina

    This was too cute! I would love to have time with my husband to do this and our 2 little wirls, its seems impossible! How do you guys do it?
    Im from Argentina, we are LDS to and here everything is so different, we should have born there in the US ha! Nobody really uses Instagram here or a blog, like you guys there do
    I would love to know how do you make your kids behave all the time, I knowe you show the pretty things of everything, but I would love to know if you ever put your kids on time out or how you manage tantrums, do the ever misbehave? I have a almost 3 year old daughter and a 5 months daugther as well.
    You are realllly cute and i think i know guys just for following you. Come to Argentina, we can meet!

  15. Ellie

    Cute :) Glad you’re vlogging. I’ve read for years and you’re so much giddier than you sound in your writing! Very fun.

  16. Rachel

    This is a totally random question- how tall are both of you?

  17. amy

    topic: how to work with a spouse. who is in charge? who makes a schedule? do you actually talk about those things or do they happen naturally.

    josh is comfortable with the camera, so it works for him. naomi – relax & embrace it. be less self aware. makes it less awkward.

  18. Erin

    I’ve been a blog reader for maybe 3 years now and I don’t think I know why your blog is named Love Taza. Is Taza your nickname?


  19. Love the video guys! One of my favorite questions to ask couples is how they met, the origin story if you will. I’ve been following your blog for a while (pre-kids era =D ) and I know how you got engaged, but I’ve never heard the Naomi and Josh origin story.

    Thanks, and keep on keepin on =)
    As per usual, already looking forward to the next post! <3

  20. Kelsey C.

    Things I Wish I Knew in my Twenties would be so great, fun, and appreciated!

    Much love,
    Kelsey C.

  21. Melissa

    How come you don’t wear a wedding ring?

  22. Lau

    Hey! What a fun proposition for us readers to connect with you! I have to admit that I love to see you in videos together, videos a little bit silly, and crazy, and fun… like the one you did when Josh shaved and this one!

    Now the questions I have about you guys….

    1- how many children would you like to have? I mean, do you have an ideal number or situation children- related? Obviously this is a tricky question, because sometimes children just come :) but you know, everybody has some approx idea ;)

    2- what is your favourite part of your faith? Or the activity you enjoy the most spiritually speaking? I would love to know more about your faith, about how you live it and how it influences you :)

    3- thinking about the future… Where do you see yourselves living in, for example, 3-5 years? Have you thought about come back to Utah or Florida at some point to be near your families?

    4- It would be amazing to know more about your musical discoverings… I would love love love you to share them, like the most listened songs of the month in Davis house… Something like that :)

    Aaaaaand that’s all! I send you hugs from Spain!

  23. Evan

    I love hearing from you both. I think it’d be cool for Josh to do a solo video or, perhaps, just a guest post on the blog? It’s a nice balance hearing from you both because you’re a rad team.

  24. Ashley

    Love this, guys! So fun! All the parenting questions! You guys have been such a inspiration to me in raising littles, and so naturally I would love to pick your brain more, especially about redirection, boundaries, discipline. Thanks in advance!

  25. jamis

    The traffic noise is deafening. I wanted to watch but the sound is too much.

  26. Susana

    My question is… Do you wear fake eyelashes? (if not please lie to me because I’m envious of yours!)

  27. Sophia

    LOVED this! Tell us how tall you are!!:)

  28. Sara

    I don’t care WHAT you talk about, you guys are SO FREAKING ADORABLE and so fun to watch on video :) But if I have to choose something, definitely marriage. I’m always fascinated to learn from people who have healthy and successful marriages :)

  29. Brianna

    It’s such a dumb question, but I’ve been wondering for the past few weeks why you wear your wedding ring on your right hand? I’m just curious if there’s a special meaning.

  30. Delaney Woodward

    You should come to Albuquerque in October for the Balloon Fiesta! It’s amazing. I can give you recommendations for all the great food spots, where to get brunch, museums, dance shows, etc… it’s a wonderful place! :)

  31. Kirsty

    ummmmm, you two are freaking adorable, just more of that please. and you know like how to have a super fun relationship and raise wonderful tiny humans all at the same time xx

  32. Rachel

    You guys are so awesome! I would love to hear some of your philosophies on parenting/discipline etc. I know this is a loaded subject but it truly appears often that your kids are SO happy & well behaved so I’d love to get in your heads a little bit. Do you have strict rules for meal times? How do you handle tantrums in public? How do you handle typical preschool aged / toddler behavior? Etc…
    I know no one is perfect but you guys are doing a great job whatever you’re doing!

  33. Jamie

    I love the way you guys interact. I would guess that you were newly in love!

  34. abigail

    I was wondering if you have experienced depression after having kids or at all in your life, and how you have dealt with/ overcame it.

    Love the blog!



  35. Hi Naomi and Josh! My question for you is: do you often run into people in New York who recognize you and strike up convos or ask for pics? Is it ever weird for you or the kiddos? Just curious about how you balance privacy with a very public and well-read blog. Thanks, you guys are great!

  36. Jessica

    The video is so sweet please keep making them! I follow your page on instagram and I would like to know if you have any tips for “keeping it all together” with three young children! I easily get overwhelmed with my kids in the city but you always seem so calm and centered, I admire how kind and easy going you are with three kids!

  37. V

    Haha, I loved this video. How are you guys not self conscious vlogging out in public? I always feel so awkward posing for pics on when out, let alone a video. People seem to always stare!

  38. Amber

    How very adorable. I always enjoy your videos. You always seem positive and upbeat.. it’s great.

  39. Erin

    You guys make me smile! Love to see you interact as a couple and parents! I’d love to hear you talk about going out with your kids. I’m a new momma and sometimes still get anxious to venture out in a variety of places with my little lady :)

  40. Joy

    As a non-LDS reader, I’d love to hear more about how your faith informs your lives. I know religion can be a touchy subject for some people, But you two seem pretty open about it. Though your occasional comments only skim the surface.. I’d love to hear you go deeper!

  41. Ahhhh! I love this! Thanks for always keeping things fresh + new! I love hearing about pretty much anything from you guys…it is all inspirational! If I must make suggestions…
    1. Your favorite shops & restaurants
    2. Displining your children tips
    3. Fashion & beauty tips (Naomi, lash tips please!!!)

  42. Michelle

    I want to be your friend in real life!

  43. Jenny

    Sarabeth’s on the UWS has amazing fries. If you haven’t already eaten fries there, you should (since they are Josh’s favorite).

  44. Jess

    I love your guys’ confidence just being genuine and yourselves! You guys are definitely my favorite blogging peeps. Please talk about technology in your home with your kids.. it seems like they are free playing a lot which is great! Do they watch tv, play with ipads etc..
    P.S. I love how you all aren’t shy to share your faith to the world! Such great examples you guys are.

  45. Gosia

    I’ve always wanted to ask you some questions about marriage since I am now having problems with my own ;) How do you manage to show Josh he is still the most important man in your life, even with three kids on board? We only have one 15-month-old son and since he was born my husband is constantly unhappy with me, though I really try to make things better. And one more question – when Josh was still working (sorry, I can’t remember where) how did you divide house chores? I do feel I am responsible for just about everything related to the house and our kid and I’m so stressed out all the time. How do you do it so well and still have time for each other? ;)

  46. TWilliams

    This made me smile today. Thank you:)

  47. Jessica

    Are you ever going to dance again professionally or teach?

  48. Mika J.

    I love your energy! you guys always make my day. Ive been following you for so long and its amazing to see how your lives unfold. Thank you for being so transparent and a beacon of light!!

    love always

  49. Frances

    y’all are the cutest! my favorite part was the beginning when you were telling josh to scoot down a little. i love these Q&A videos!

  50. Emma

    Naomi, I am most interested in what you use to keep your teeth as white as they are. Have you used products/had your dentist do a treatment/etc? I know you don’t drink some items that often stain them, but *still* – so white! Thanks for any insights :)

  51. Chloe

    You two are so adorable! And I have always adored your vlogs so to have one featuring just you and Josh is really sweet!

    A Few Topics: How Tall are you both? What is one of the most rewarding things about living in NYC? What is one of the most challenging things about living in NYC? Whose personalities or traits do the littles resemble the most? Josh or Naomi?

    Really any questions or topics you discuss will be so fun! Don’t let the haters get you down! You two rock!

  52. Rizza

    Please keep vlogging! This is so awesome I love it!

  53. Jessica

    Yay so fun!

    Any advice or how to’s on having such fun city adventures with littles in respect to their nap schedules? I have yet to master this without having to pay for missed naps for days after. Thanks for all the enjoyment and inspiration!!

  54. Rylee

    Hey guys! So I’m graduating college very very soon (next weekend) and might be movie to the city depending upon how the job hunt goes. I was wondering if you have any advice on where to look for my first apt? I won’t be making a lot of money so living in the city will be crazy. But what areas do you think I should check out or how do think I should go about finding a place?

    You guys rock and your kids are so cute. Conrad’s lean back just made me literally laugh out loud. :)

    Cheers – Rylee

  55. erin

    Are you wearing fake lashes in this video and in general? If those are your lashes with mascara I MUST know the brand.

  56. Yulasta

    This is such a wonderful video and I cannot help but ask: how on earth did you manage to keep your relationship so sweet and fresh and loving through the years together and three kids? We both turned into parents and employees forgetting what it is to be a couple :(

  57. Leslie

    I LOVE your make up in your vlog..could you list your products and do a make up vlog? Thank you! Love you guys for years now! :-) Leslie

  58. Frances

    Did you life in the city or a suburb of Illinois? And I always wonder if you want to have more kids and if so how many?

  59. Sarah

    Hi! I’m thinking about moving to New York after finishing undergrad. What advice would you give your younger selves before making that big move? How was living in the city different from where you grew up?

  60. Katrin

    You guys are just sweet! I love how Josh is looking at you :) x

  61. have you guys done the myers birggs test? I’d love to know your personality types! :)

  62. Bridget

    I love this video, the first “vlog” I’ve watched in a while where the people just seem real :) I hope you don’t change a thing!

    I’ve always wanted to ask, how do you keep your awesome lipstick colors from getting on your teeth? And I second the question about if you do eyelash extensions or just mascara, either way they are beautiful!
    (Both sort of materialistic questions but thats because I think I know so much about the more important stuff like parenting and family because you already share that!:)

  63. Melissa

    I’d love to hear more about some of your parenting/discipline philosophies and styles. We love to travel with our kids, but often they can be super challenging (bad moods, “I want to go home,” meltdowns, misbehavior in restaurants…) and although I know it’s normal, I often find myself thinking, I bet Naomi’s kids don’t do this! Terrible, I know. I know your kids are human and I LOVE how you always focus on the positive, but it’s be great to have some tips about how you handle your kids when they aren’t loving life!


  64. Joanna

    What are your screen time limitations with your kids? What do you do at home to keep your kids entertained and not climbing up the walls and into everything? I live in a tiny apartment in LA and always run out of things to do at home, so we end up going out every minute they’re not napping, I’d love to get ideas on how to keep them occupied at home, something besides netflix :) Constant struggle.

  65. Jenn

    I second the Vegetarian question above! Would you become a vegetarian or have your ever questioned the idea? I like how you give a lot of restaurant recommendations and most of the time you give great reviews on vegetarian cuisine like at 2Amys!

  66. amanda

    Loved the fun video! Naomi you look darling! I am just curious what make-up products you’re wearing in the video. You just look so polished and fresh. Would love to try to recreate!! xo

  67. Stephanie

    This might be a lame question but your lashes!! Are they real? If not what fake ones do you wear?

  68. Kelly

    Such a cute video! I would love to know your guy’s first date ideas in NYC!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  69. I’m smiling during all video and………. I’m in my job. My collegues are wondering why I’m smiling with my “email” or my Excel table….. hihihi
    Thank you for your video. By the way, my husband is 1,85cm and I 1,60 cm so I do the same………

  70. Sinead

    You guys are the cutest! It would be so great if you did more videos like this in different locations around New York – I love when you talk about the city on your blog!

  71. Bri

    i’m sure it’s already been asked but:

    any insight on how to work with your spouse AND still be present parents and a functioning married couple?

    these videos of your are so dang cute, keep ’em coming!

  72. Elizabeth

    i agree with the others before me. you guys are so dang cute and REAL – and with that segue, girl, are your lashes real?! what’s the deal? they are GORGEOUS and i can’t stop staring. maybe a post about lashes? :)

  73. Lorinda

    Wait, you had to share your birthing room in NYC?? I want to hear more about that!

    And as a mother of a 17 year old Naomi, how often is your name mispronounced Nyomi? And does anyone in your family call you Nomi?

  74. Emerson

    this may or not be the cutest video ever, ya’ll are so sweet together! you should make another video like this, I loved the spotanaity of it!

  75. Lindsey

    This was super cute-it is so fun to see your personalties come to life beyond just words and pictures! Love everyone’s questions and can’t wait to hear your responses. Definitely look forward to your thoughts on marriage. Would love to know how you two are different (in ways that impact marriage) and your best advice at getting through times where you don’t feel as connected/are on different pages. A few more (I think some were asked once above possibly): Why do the kids call Josh Papa and not Daddy? Do you plan to incorporate some sugar/desserts/treats back into your life? Why did you decide to eliminate it drastically when you seem to get such enjoyment out of treats (and seem to be an overall healthy person)? Will you continue to let the kids eat sugar? Do you want more kids and how many would that be if you could have your pick? Do you plan to move out of NYC? Where would you go? What do you plan to do if/when you stop blogging (I think you both work on Love Taza now?) Do you plan to feature your kids less as they get older? Okay nine million questions-sorry! ;) Thanks so much!

  76. Maria

    woah, the chemistry here is the sweetest, the best kind. love seeing how you guys interact together. the world needs to see healthy, kind marriages like yours! what a match! sweetest couple thanks for sharing!

  77. Jo

    Perhaps a video on how you get 3 kiddies to sleep. I struggle with 1!!

  78. Nicole

    Hi Naomi & Josh!

    You two are adorable! And I’m loving that you guys are making more youtube videos now.

    I’d love to hear about your faith, and how it shaped your dating life and family life.


  79. vicky

    i’m finally getting to watch this video and i seriously love this! haha

    i think my questions would be:

    marriage – any tips. talked to a girlfriend today about always staying in the honeymoon phase – i’ve been married 5 years next month and am always looking for any ways to better an already wonderful marriage

    make-up/cleansing routine – Naomi, your teeth, holy moly! so white ;)

    and not a question but for years i’ve been praying i wasn’t saying ‘taza’ the wrong way and super glad to hear that i haven’t, ha!

    fun video :)

  80. I’ve been going back and forth on this question, because it’s probably a really lame one…. But I’ve been wondering forever how do you organize all your pictures? Do you have a special system that just works? Do you just go by year, or ever by event or place? I know this probably sounds ridiculous, but I’m swimming in family pictures, and I really need a better set up then just uploading to the cloud.

    Also, sharing a hospital room in NYC. BEEN THERE. It was pretty much horrible…. (especially when compared to the amazing experience I had in UT). The second time around though, this angel of a nurse just asked for me to have a private room after giving birth, and lo and behold they gave me a private room! SO, SO NICE. Anyway, that’s my two cents for the future if there comes a time when another sweet baby is on the way, plead your case and you’ll probably be given a private room.

  81. rose j.

    Hey Naomi! So super late in asking you this question, but how do you make your youtube videos look so crystal clear? Mine always look blurry, and I have an iPhone 6! I use that to record my videos since i don’t have a fancy camera yet. Any info would be helpful! thanks girl!

  82. Emma

    Hi Naomi,

    I would like to know more about your fitness routine. You went to the gym at 6: 30 am the other day, such impressive . Maybe one day it could be the same for me but that seems impossible right now.

    Thanks you

  83. Stephanie

    I live in NYC with a 16 month old. One of my favorite parts about your blog is seeing how you navigate the city with children. Without revealing too much about your living situation, I am so curious to know how you get in and out of your apartment with a stroller (sometimes a double stroller!) and 3 kids! Stairs? Elevator? Leave your stroller in the lobby? I’m so curious as I feel like this is one of my major struggles!! xx