a mother’s day treat!

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if you’ve been following along on social media, you might have noticed we spent the weekend in california because of an event i came out to help host. we always have a great time when we get to come to LA, but all the boys in the family have been taking turns being sick unfortunately, so we spent the majority of our weekend in our hotel room. the night before mother’s day, i legit got thrown up on in the middle of the night. haha, i feel like it’s some sort of rite of passage though as a mama or something crazy like that, right?! like, yep. i’m definitely a mother. but i think we’re finally on the mend (FINALLY!!!) well, the kids at least. poor papa seems to have the worst of it currently.

around two or three in the afternoon on mother’s day, we decided we should maybe try to leave the hotel for fresh air. and also, because let’s be real, we really needed to have the sheets changed on our beds. ;) we ended up at milk, which had been on my short list of places i have been wanting to try in LA, especially since it was mother’s day and i got to have a treat since i’ve been working really hard at keeping added sugar out of my diet! milk is best known for their macaron ice cream sandwiches and trust me, they lived up to the hype!

LOVE TAZA MOTHERS DAY-13smiles! because no more fevers! and also because ICE CREAM!!!!


once the kiddos realized they could scoop up regular ice cream cones, too, they decided they wanted those over the ice cream sandwiches! these kids never veer far from their regular strawberry, vanilla and mint chip ice cream order. haha!


conrad dancing to the music inside the shop behind eleanor and samson makes me laugh so so hard!!! it was such a highlight of my day, seeing him back to his happy self once again after having had such a rough night prior.


i didn’t try these. but wow did everything look so so good!


so i’m not the biggest macaron cookie lover. at least not the little ones with icing in the middle.  BUT, when you put ice cream in the middle, so so so good. we got four because there were so many flavors i wanted to try. haha! i tried the cookies and cream, red velvet, fruity pebbles and rocky road. all delicious, but the red velvet was definitely the best! and i’m not even a red velvet kinda girl! also, since i’m not eating added sugar in my daily diet, it’s amazing how sweet it tastes now, and how i can only have a few bites before i am DONE. so maybe it’s just me now, but you definitely could share one macaron ice cream sandwich with someone else. don’t get four for yourself! ;)


felt appropriate in the name of dainty macaron cookies to get a close up of my new favorite adidas blush pink sneakers.


also, so glad josh snagged these pictures of this moment! samson walked over all on his own with a little flower bud that had fallen from the flower bushes and handed it to me excitedly while saying, “i love you, mama! happy mother’s day!” that moment, in addition to the several times eleanor hugged me and also said happy mother’s day yesterday, made me feel like a million bucks. they are the sweetest, and i’ll take being thrown up on every night if needed, i love being their mama.


these photos of us in front of the red wall are probably my favorite, because everyone’s personality shines so bright (i wanted josh to get in the frame with us so badly but since he wasn’t feeling well, he opted for no pictures, ha!).

i can’t let mother’s day slip away without acknowledging just how grateful and proud and honored i feel to be the mama of these three. i always knew i wanted to be a mother, but i never knew the amount of joy it would bring into my world. it’s exhausting and hard and wow i can’t wait to sleep 8 hours straight again someday…. but it’s so so worth it, it’s insane. i’m thankful for my own mother, and the countless other mothers around me over the years that have inspired me, including so many of my girlfriends who are doing such incredible things in their role as a mama that i look up to each day. i also have to say how thankful i am for my sisters, and that my kids have the three best aunties in the world who they are able to look up to because of their great loving and caring examples. i’m so thankful for each one of them.

lace blouse (similar HERE), ripped black jeans, adidas pink sneakers (available here, too), and sunglasses.


  1. Mika J

    Happy Mothers day Taza, you are one of a kind and so special,

  2. Such fun photos of the family, and that brick red background does bring out the joy in the kids!Glad you had a nice mothers day in spite of sickness and all. Totally comes with the territory of motherhood! Have a wonderful week, and let’s hope this sunshine stays in our neck of the woods!


  3. Alli

    Where is your striped bag from?

  4. Mollie

    It looks like you had a lovely day with the kiddos! You make motherhood look so fun. I hope I am as lucky as you are one to day to have a bunch of little ones.

    xoxo Mollie

  5. Marian

    What a treat!!

    I think I am most impressed that you managed to take all the photos before even tucking into one of the macaron ice cream sandwiches! That is some serious self restraint you exercised right there!!! :)

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. Paula

    I love your blog and photos! ❤

  7. Genesis

    YOU MUST TRY CHURRO BOROUGH! It’s not too far from Milk in Silverlake and you guys are gonna love it!!! Look it up!

  8. Tammy

    the fruit pebbles one looks so good! hope you enjoyed your day, even with the little ones being sicky!


  9. Marta

    I love your blog, but that seems incredibly wasteful (considering how many people in our country alone, or even in LA suffer from hunger).

  10. Gül

    Samson I love u soo much! :* :*

  11. Julie

    Oh bless you Taza for going through such a rough time with the boys especially when not at home. Tummy bugs are bad in any case but when you are not in the confort of your own place it must so challenging! Well done for always putting on a brave face and seeing the overall picture! Thankfully those things go away as quickly as they happened. Lately hubby and I got such a nasty gastro, I was violently sick for 6 hours, I fainted after my numerous trips to the bathroom but…the following day it was nearly gone and I thought it was better I had it than the kiddies. I hope Josh is better soon and that you can all be a happy and healthy family again. Happy belated mother’s day to you, gorgeous Mama, your blouse and your sneakers are gorgeous, love the combo! Big hugs from London, Julie


  12. Daisy

    I took out added sugar as a New Years resolution! 4 months!!! Looking at that makes me want to throw up a little. Amazing how your body changes after a while of no sugar.

  13. Sylvia

    You NEED to watch the movie Earthlings!! (Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix). I think it’ll really resonate with you since you are a mom of3 :)

  14. You guys are the cutest!! Happy Mother’s Day!

    Hope you guys had a great time and I want to try the fruity pebble macaroon so bad!!!



  15. Jane

    Happy Mothers’ Day Taza!

    I love Milk! I could totally finish one macaron sandwich by myself. I hope you got to try the blueberry one!

  16. Kellie

    I love these photos- y’all are the most adorable family!!! And those sandwiches look amazing!!!!!

  17. Louise

    Happy Mother’s Day Naomi! Really hope you’re all feeling much much better now. Love your blog and these beautiful updates on your family ?

  18. vicky

    happy (belated) mothers day! you’re one of my favorite mama blogs to read and I’m so thankful for you ;)

  19. Kelsey

    Those ice cream macarons are such a good idea! I don’t know when I’ll get to LA, so I think I’m just going to have to try making them myself!


  20. Maggie

    Lovely children. Wish You all the best! and much much more :*

  21. Ann K.

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  22. Those treats look delish! Will have to check that place out on my next LA visit. Also, loving the blush sneaks – I’ve been looking for a pair just like that!

    Christina | http://www.cuddlepill.com

  23. Happy Mother’s Day! Me too I want to sleep more the 8 hours but, I love so much my children!!!

  24. Frances

    absolutely in love with your top Taza! every outfit you have on in your posts/instagram are always amazingly well put together and just look really good. jealous :) it looked like you guys had a wonderful mothers day and all that ice cream makes me want some now. haha! i hope josh is feeling better. happy belated mothers day to you!

  25. VerbalGoldBlog

    Love reading about your adventures with your adorable children! Great choices with the macaroon flavors. They all looked and sounded super delicious

  26. Stephanie

    Conrad in the pics is hilarious!