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LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-30

we’ve been in st. george utah the past few days with family and have spent a large majority of that time swimming in the pool! it has been the perfect opening act to a summer we cannot wait to embrace! we can’t get enough of every swimming pool, splash pad, and even drinking fountain we come across.  we started swimming lessons with the kids back in new york about a month ago, and they have made such great progress! it has been so great getting to borrow nana and granddad’s pool and get in lots of practice the last couple of days before we resume lessons next week in the city. i admit my anxiety and fear has been crazy heightened here by having a pool in close proximity to where we are sleeping/eating/hanging out since my kiddos know how to opens doors now (oh, conrad!) and run faster than lightening away from you! but we’ve been fortunate with no accidents and just a whole lotta fun.

a funny side note about swim lessons. the kids swimming coach is named duane, so naturally, samson calls him duane reade. (duane reade is the name of the drug store every couple of blocks in nyc.) during maybe their second swimming lesson, samson looked over at me and whispered, “what’s his name again?!” pointing in the direction of his coach. i whispered back, “duane” to which he whispered back, “right!” but then he yells over at him, “EXCUSE ME COACH DUANE READE!” trying to get his attention. we’ve tried to explain that reade is not duane’s last name, but it still slips out and it’s too adorable to keep correcting. i love that little dude.

we snapped some photos at the pool during one of our million swim sessions in st. george this week, and some of my favorites are below!

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when you want to try to get a photo of all three of your cuties in their matching swim suits before they hop into the pool and this is the best you can get!!!! conrad kept running towards me with his hands in the air! haha!

LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-31

lol, conrad!

LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-32LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-14

we heated the hot tub to the same temperature as the pool so we could all hang out in it! it was perfect since it was a confined space where the kiddos could touch the bottom of the pool, so it made for a nice place to play without floaties on!

LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-16

girlfriend knows how to splash mama so well. also, forehead wrinkles if i ever did see them. ugh. they annoy me so much but i’m trying to love them and embrace them and not have them become “this thing”. they are totally turning into “this thing”.

LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-15LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-26

this one makes me laugh so much because these two know how to bug each other so well right now. ;)

LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-3LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1

hey josh, did you intentionally match your sunglasses to conrad’s blue floaties?! haha! just kidding!

LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-19LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-17LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-27LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-25LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-4LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-23 LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-24

how cute is that face?!

LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-21

kisses for my mister.

LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-20LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-22

his favorite! :)

LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-28LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-8

just drinking some sparkling water while lounging in the pool! ok, conrad!

LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-9 LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-10 LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-11LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-13

i know i already blogged about falling in love with the desert earlier this week while hiking zion’s national park, but looking at the back drop all week really took my breath away. also, desert and dessert are so similar, i love it. :)

LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-12

my kids don’t know how to dive but they put their hands up like this whenever they jump in! lol.

LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-7

back float!!!! (whenever we talk about the back float i am seriously left craving a root beer float. i would do anything for one right now.)

LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-6LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-5LOVE TAZA swimstgeorge1-2cutest pair. love this family of mine so much. excited to share a few more photos from our time in utah soon! xoxo

nanette lepore swimsuit, (similar HERE and HERE), and sunglasses. kids swimsuits by minnow swim. (ps. major friend pride for my friend morgan who made these all these cute matching swimsuits!) conrad’s puddle jumper HERE.

  1. Miléna

    Wow, you’re sure right about that background. I wish I could see stuff like that but there’s nothing like it in Paris !

    Thanks for the pictures, have a great day !

  2. goodness I love this family of yours!! I’m currently dealing with a breakup and these pictures and stories actually bring a smile to my face! Thank you so much for sharing.


  3. Jessica

    Living in the Uk, I’ve never heard of the store but I am sure this is not the first time your swimming coach has been called this. Also I find that not all people are able to understand what kids say anyway!! So there’s also a chance he didn’t notice. ;))


  4. nanette

    my girls are also little fishies too! even if they start shivering after being in the pool for a while, they still don’t want to get out. :) the view from the pool is absolutely beautiful! it looks like a movie set! unreal. lovely photos.

  5. Kate

    I just love the matching swimsuits! The desert looks like a serene place!

  6. Julie

    Hi Taza! Such cute pics of the kids enjoying being in the water, it transpired ‘joie de vivre’! That’s a great pool and what a backdrop, that’s pretty spectacular! I have to say I would be so so nervous to have a pool so near the house with the kids still not fully confident with their swimming. We are also getting our oldest 2 to take swimming lessons and they are loving it and also making massive progress. We have had 2 smallish incidents in the past at my parents in law’s indoor pool but scary enough to make me feel always on edge by the water. I just cannot wait for the kids to know how to swim to be able to relax a bit more. I think it’s one of the life’s skills! Husband was astounded by the price of the swimming lessons but I think it’s just too important and I convinced him to bite the bullet. I am very good swimmer and love water so much; seeing my little ones enjoying it too is a gift! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Utah!I love your kids’s swimming costumes, so adorable to see them coordinated;) Julie xx


  7. hanna

    The kids’ swimsuits are so cute! –Hanna Lei

  8. Hawa Abdulrahman

    Hey Taza,

    Hope you doing good. I love love your blog, am a fan all the way from Kenya and i sneak in at all time to read your blog whenever i have time off work. Your kids are just tooo adorable and your 2nd one Samson reminds me of my little nephew, they are soo similar.Your blog makes me not wait for the day i will be a mother to such adorable kiddos. Pray that you always remain happy with your family and keep inspiring us.lots of love,xxx. Hawaa.

  9. Trisha

    You are making me wanna head down to St G SO badly!
    Did you guys make it over to Snow Canyon?
    We’ve been twice and both times SO windy but I’ve seen pictures of kids playing in the sand and it looks so fun.

    Love the matching swimsuits! :)

  10. Tanya

    Hi Taza – as a Nana with a swimming pool right outside her backyard – I know your nervousness… we started before they were walking that if they were going outside at Nana and Papa’s they had to wear a life jacket… they are hung right by the door … it’s now just second nature to them, Doesn’t stop the worrying but it does make the littles more aware that there’s a difference being by the pool! Enjoy

  11. meg

    Loved these pics and had to laugh. As a teacher, I tell my fourth graders the difference between dessert and desert is this: you want more than one dessert so add that extra s. They haven’t misspelled it since! :)

  12. The colours of the desert are amaizing!! And the swimsuit so cute…kisses from France

  13. Flor

    Is this a public swimming pool, Naomi? Or was it an AirBNB? So pretty! Your family is precious.Thanks for sharing!

  14. Dang! I would take a lot for me not to move back in with my parents if that’s where they lived. Beyond gorgeous!

  15. Alyssa

    major swimsuit envy happening.

  16. Brian

    These are great pictures, we were wondering what kind of camera did you use?

  17. Mara

    We spent last weekend in St George in a very similar pool setting ;) love it! Also – their swimsuits!!!!

  18. Lexie

    Thanks for sharing your adorable post, as always. Your comment about wanting a root beer float made me chuckle as I am currently dairy-free (it wrecks my breastfed baby’s tummy), and every time we play Guess Who, I look at that piece of pizza with lustful eyes. Why can’t we just eat all the things and feel amazing??

  19. julia

    Love the pictures! Will you share your gym routine you’re looking awesome. In New Zealand we have laws that all pools must be fenced and gates high enough that kids can’t reach them, really helps give that piece of mind.

  20. Stine


    I’ve been reading your blog all the way from Denmark for many years now. It’s so inspirational to follow your family life. I actually have girl my self named Ellinor (the danish spelling), she’s a few months older than your Conrad. Just wanted to let you know that I love following you and my daughter loves to watch your videos:-)
    Would love to read more about your beauty routines/exercising and maybe something about food and children?
    The best to you.
    Love Stine from Denmark

  21. Sinead

    Wow that place looks amazing – you guys are so lucky to have such a beautiful space to spend time in! :-)

  22. Sammy

    The matching bathing suits are adorable!

  23. Bruna

    Such fun pictures!! Can’t wait for the summer to start here in Berlin so that I can also enjoy the pool…also a fish over here :D <3



  24. Kristen

    My goodness, I love the whole family’s swimsuits! Especially that Nanette Lepore :) Would you mind telling me how you managed to get Conrad to wear his little swimmy arms? My kiddo screams when I even bring them out… I don’t know how we will get him in the pool this summer!

  25. Stephanie

    Beautiful colors! Random — I feel like you would really like The Weepies’ music when making your videos :) (“Be my honeypie” and “When you go away.”) Reminds me of your beautiful family!

  26. Meg

    It is so beautiful there! And I feel your pain on the forehead wrinkles. Mine are officially becoming a thing too, since one of the reasons I just cut some bangs was to cover up said wrinkles. Getting old is already hard and I’m only 31! Maybe we should start a forehead wrinkle support group… :)

  27. Mell

    Naomi, honestly, those kids of yours are just too cute to handle :) Can’t get enough of Eleanor and her adorable swimsuit with raffles! She’s such a sweet little lady <3

    And the dessert view at the background is absolutely breathtaking!

    Sending best of wishes to this amazing family of yours :)

  28. Emily

    Did you guys rent a house in St. George or something??

    Emmy Jake NYC

  29. Jessica

    Hi Naomi,

    I’m loving seeing these cute pics of your family. Keep your anxiety and worry high with the kiddos near that un-gated pool. We were in St. George not long ago and had a super scary near drowning experience with a little loved one. It happens so fast!!

    Enjoy it all too though.:)

  30. Tammy

    AND matching swim suits?! my heart can’t handle the cuteness!!!


  31. Lisa

    Sorry that this isn’t super relevant to the post–how do you backup/store all your photos? Do you use a cloud service or just have them on your hard drive or what?

    I am so in love with your blog, by the way!!

  32. Amazing! They are so cute and happy! You gorgeous!

  33. Pam

    These photos are gorgeous! You are the cutest little family of fishies ever lol and I’m also LOVING the matching suits for your babies♥


  34. Kelly

    I love the throwing picture and would love E’s suit in adult sizes!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  35. claire

    omg, that is flipping hilarious about congrad calling him duane reade!!!!!! i was seriously LOL’ing while reading that at work!

  36. claire

    ^^ i mean samson! (love you, conrad) :)