worm farmers!

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LOVE TAZA worm farm for kids-3

so, about a month ago, i came out of the nursery one evening after putting conrad to sleep to find josh, eleanor and samson all gathered around josh’s phone where they were excitedly ordering their very own worm farm. while it felt so random and wild and i had a slight freak out moment of please don’t bring worms into this apartment, i kind of just decided to roll with it. after all, josh had ordered caterpillars with them over winter and we were able to witness the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly including the formation of each chrysalis which was so cool to see and something the kids still talk about! and since it’s not uncommon for every other conversation with the kids these days to turn into lots of questions about animals including lots on bugs and insects, which we’ve been learning about endlessly, the worm farm just started making sense. ;)

the worms and the worm farm arrived last week and papa and the kids put it all together! we might have had a considerable trail of dirt in the apartment for a few hours there and also a few tears when samson realized he couldn’t hold and play with the worms in his hands all day long (“but i love them so much!” he said).  they now live on top of our yellow piano in their little clear farm with colorful sand and i think they are happy. the kids check on them 4,947 times a day (i haven’t been keeping a strict tally, but it’s somewhere up there) and they can probably tell you everything you ever need to know about worms! i’m super proud of them, and also love that josh is the kind of dad who would do something like this with them!

LOVE TAZA worm farm for kids-21LOVE TAZA worm farm for kids-22LOVE TAZA worm farm for kids-20

scooping dirt into the worm farm! getting it mostly into the jar, but also, somehow managing to get it inside our pockets and in our hair, for good measure. ;)

LOVE TAZA worm farm for kids-19LOVE TAZA worm farm for kids-18

i’m sorry if this photo grosses you out! i debated including it, but you know, these worms are members of our household right now, so i didn’t want to hurt their feelings.

LOVE TAZA worm farm for kids-16

this boy, in complete heaven holding those worms!!! and the kids made sure to tell me, several times!, that our hands had to be wet so the worms don’t get dried out or something like that.

LOVE TAZA worm farm for kids-14LOVE TAZA worm farm for kids-15LOVE TAZA worm farm for kids-17LOVE TAZA worm farm for kids-11LOVE TAZA worm farm for kids-8

beginning to dig their tunnels!

LOVE TAZA worm farm for kids-2LOVE TAZA worm farm for kids-9LOVE TAZA worm farm for kids-4LOVE TAZA worm farm for kids-5

i know i’m including an insane amount of photos in this post (what else is new! lol!) but i couldn’t help it! it was just the cutest thing ever.

LOVE TAZA worm farm for kids-10LOVE TAZA worm farm for kids-6LOVE TAZA worm farm for kidsthe farm came with a cover so the worms could have their home be nice and dark all day…LOVE TAZA worm farm for kids-12 well, that was fun! cross your fingers the worms stay where they are supposed to and continue to thrive! if you’re wanting to get your own worm farm, josh found the worms and also the farm here.

  1. Darlene Ponticelli

    you should try the butterfly cycle

    • TAZA

      we did that in december (i reference it in the post!) and was a huge hit with the kids! they still tall about it!

  2. Fun thing to do, I need to try it with my kids!

  3. Nishita

    How do you stop the worms from escaping out of the jar? Do you close the jar? What about oxygen? Asking because my toddler wants to build an ant-hill in a jar, and I am wondering about the ants escaping everywhere.

    • TAZA

      the lid has a few pieces of mesh around a ring for oxygen! i coulnd’t imagine doing an ant-hill farm! props to you!

  4. Marsha Kern

    Very cute!

  5. Maggie

    Eleanor and her rabbit ears – lovely! She looks for a very smart girl and Samson too. Great blog Taza :))

  6. Anne

    Instead of a worm farm I ones made a spider hotel with the kids in my class. They absolutely loved it! After a week all the kids also made spider hotels to but on there nightstand (the moms where a little less thrilled with that..)

    • TAZA

      oh i wouldn’t be able to get on board with a spider hotel! that is amazing!!!!

  7. Jenn

    Fun! You should try a worm compost next, Great way to “repurpose” table scraps and then use the compost in flower pots.

  8. Jade

    Do you put newspaper and food scraps in the jar, or just keep it basic soil? We have worms a plenty in our yard and garden boxes, but my kids won’t touch them. This may get them over that aversion to all things slimy…maybe.

    • TAZA

      we’ve been putting some compost in the worm jar, like really teeny tiny amounts of orange peel, and things like that!

  9. Dot

    Looks like the coolest thing ever! I’ll keep this in mind for my nature-obsessed niece’s birthday. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Tammy

    eleanor’s little freckles!
    also, kudos to you for being cool with this. i would take a long time to warm up to the idea ;)


  11. Abi

    Can I just say your kids are DARLING?!?! Sweet sweet photos!

  12. Paige

    This is such a fun family activity! I want to get one of these for my four year old! I know he would absolutely love it!


  13. Jen

    You’re an awesome mom! I think they would be great for a garden, too!

  14. oh my! we have worms in our garden which our little boy has seen and he has lately gotten obsessed with bugs too! but only pretend bugs! he is actually pretty afraid of them in real life haha!

  15. My kids are starting to show great interest in all things creepy and crawly! Although it’s not my favorite kind of stuff, I may need to look into getting a caterpillar or worm set for them to do with daddy :)

  16. Miranda G

    So this is totally unrelated, but how do you keep the cracks on your table so clean? I am refinishing a table right now that has planks like that and I’m trying to figure out how I will keep it clean with three young boys always making messes. What’s your secret?

    • TAZA

      it’s actually super annoying, i have to clean it often!!! i usually stick my mini vacuum up there sometimes and just go along the cracks, but works like magic. we’ve been thinking about putting something over it, but haven’t looked into much further. don’t want to ruin the pretty look of it, but yeah, around the kids spots can sometimes be messy. if you think of any good solutions, let me know!

  17. vicky

    THE BRAVERY, lol!

    looks fun!

  18. Rhiannon

    Super cool! We are thinking about getting a bigger version of this for our backyard. I’d heard worms don’t like citrus though. My dad has them and was very strict about this! So maybe be careful with the orange peel :)

  19. Megan

    Um. This is such a great idea to do with my two little boys. And – where did you come by that colorful nyc print?

  20. Katrin

    My first thought was ewww, but that’s so cool! There’s nothing cooler than studying nature like that plus the kids love it too! They look all happy :)

  21. Elle

    OMG that’s so cute :) I remember when I was little I had a worm farm and I was just like Samson, I always wanted to hold them and play with them! :)


  22. Celine

    Hi Naomi,
    I love the frame “New York” behind the worm farmers where do i find it ?
    Love from France

    • TAZA

      i actually bought that print on GILT several years ago and i don’t remember the name. i’m sorry!

  23. hanna

    This is such a cute activity! –Hanna Lei

  24. Sarah

    Oh this looks like tons of fun! Love your city artwork in the background.

  25. Logan

    Hey! So in response to the question about how to keep the cracks on a table clean, I just read on Pinterest the other day where someone put a clear epoxy in between the cracks. Since it’s clear, it fills the cracks without changing the look of the table, making it easier to wipe off :)