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a huge highlight for us while visiting DC last week was being able to check out the WONDER exhibit at the smithsonian’s renwick gallery. we have heard such amazing things since their big renovation, and seeing the wonder exhibit in person was like the icing on the cake to our DC trip. i wish i could have captured the kids faces better when they first saw gabriel dawe’s plexus A1! it was like they walked in on santa claus christmas morning. he used 16 different shades of thread to create that beautiful exhibit and i couldn’t stop staring.  from every direction and angle, it seriously gives you all the feelings.

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and yes, i bought that striped shirt with the ruffled sleeve in two different colors because stripes and ruffles are my jam and hello summer uniform! (ps. it’s 25% off with code shopsale!)

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these nests by patrick dougherty are called shindig, and the kids had the greatest time going inside them and peaking their heads out of the windows! sometimes art museums and kids are just a crazy stressful experience for me (can’t imagine how hard it is to not understand you can’t touch it when myself as an adult is dying to do so) so grateful that this part of the exhibit was somewhat kinder to the art goers allowing them to go inside the special piece of art.

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and probably my favorite exhibit, untitled, by tara donovan.  she used index cards, tooth picks, styrofoam and straw to create what felt to me were magical snowy mountains. so cool.

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we had heard that the museum usually has long lines and a long wait to get in, so we arrived first thing when it opened hoping to not have to wait to long. but it got crowded rather quickly, and since it was also conrad’s morning nap time and he was so ready for it, we didn’t get to stay as long and check out all the exhibits. (we wanted to be driving back to new york for most of his nap time or else that drive can feel horrifically long for all of us.) looking back, i really wish we would have just waited in line and held off nap time a tad bit longer to go upstairs and see the other exhibits. but i’m glad we were at least able to catch what we did! and also, for the blessing of a sleeping baby during most of the drive home to new york. :)

if you’re in DC in the next month or so, it’s definitely worth checking out before it closes. (second floor exhibits close may 8th, first floor exhibits, which is what we walked through, close july 10th.)

ME: black and white striped blouse with ruffle sleeve (25% off!), black high waisted jeans and black flats (old from sole society) but similar here.)

  1. Jane

    What kind of camera do you use Naomi? I love your photos – especially from DC.

    • TAZA

      thanks jane! using our canon 6D and 24-70mm lens here.

  2. Sarah

    Your timing is perfect–I just moved to DC from NYC and was looking for something to do this afternoon with my almost 2 year old. I know where we’re headed.

  3. Jessica

    Wow looks amazing…I would love to see this myself. I love the Tara Donovan piece myself but how do they move it from place to place I wonder. If it’s made with index cards??

  4. Sarah

    Hi! Where are Eleanor’s adorable culottes from?! Dying to find a pair for my daughter!

    • TAZA

      they are from crewcuts! they are the best!

  5. Briana

    Love these photos! Wish I could be in D.C. right now to see this exhibit.

    Also, I just got the same J.Crew top the other day and it’s already my new favorite. Love how you paired it with the cropped trousers.


  6. how fun! can i also say that i love you for saying that art exhibits are stressful with kids because ever since following your blog I’ve seen you do so many awesome things with kids and you always make it look like a breeze, but it’s nice to know that i’m not the only mom getting stressed out on the fun outings. ;) looks like such a cool exhibit!

  7. It looks like you guys had so much fun! I want to a plan a trip next year to DC to see the cherry blossoms. But we are going to go to brooklyn botanical gardens this year to see them!!!

  8. Esther

    I am So glad that you got to enjoy the Renwick’s Wonder exhibit. I just took our kids during our spring break staycation! I loved it because it was close by, free, quick in/out for kids, and GORGEOUS!! In fact, I am now telling everyone they must see it before it closes! So glad you made it back down to DC. DC is lovely in the springtime!

  9. Jess.

    I have such a crush on Tara Donovan. That rainbow thread exhibit is also seriously blowing my mind. I’d been seeing it on my insta feed, but I’m glad to know more about it. Calculating a DC trip soon for sure. xox

  10. Paige

    Your kids are seriously going to be the most cultured kids ever when they get to college. The renwick gallery looks amazing, we’ll definitely have to check it out the next time we’re in DC.


  11. Jane

    Your photos look absolutely breathtaking! My favorite has got to be Untitled by Tara Donovan as well! As someone who’s 4’11”, feeling like a giant amidst snowy mountains is a rare treat. Wish I could be there!

  12. Anne

    Hi Naomi,
    I’m a 30 year old teacher from the Netherlands. I teach 4,5 and 6 year olds. And I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog. Seeing all the beautiful pictures. And I also love seeing all the amazing things you do with your kids, they inspire me as a teacher.
    (And I also love your picturebook tips by the way, as I teach my children at school English)


  13. Addie

    We were visiting from Ohio this weekend too! Weren’t you surprised at the smell in the shindig exhibit?? I was shocked how much the room smelled like the most beautiful wood! The upstairs was cool with bugs on the walls and a hollowed out tree form – but it was CROWDED!

    • TAZA

      yeah, the stairs were so crowded to go up, i just couldn’t put my family through it with c ready for his nap! those rooms looked incredible though. i am bummed i didn’t notice the wood smell! but that exhibit blew my mind!

  14. Thivia

    Hey Taza!

    Is there a specific disposable camera you’d recommend? I loved the pics you posted of the kids taking shots! And honestly, their artistic eye has me inspired to do the same!! Please share!

    • TAZA

      we don’t use a specific one, just the disposable cameras you can find in a check-out aisle of a grocery store. nothing too fancy! have so much fun! it’s always such a great activity for them.

  15. As usual your photos are amaizing. Bises from France

  16. YES! My family also did a fun trip with our girls to the Renwick gallery and it was just as magical for us. I’ve been a “silent follower” of your blog for a few years now and I’ve recently used your blog as a resource for places to visit in the D.C. area. We are new to the area and your blog has been an awesome resource. Thank you so much for sharing and for showing us 2 Amy’s!!!!

  17. Wow what an exhibit!! I can’t believe those mountains are cards!!!!!

  18. Hillory


    I’m new to your blog (don’t ask me how or why) and fell in love with it. Also, random side note, I realized that your husband served in the same mission as I did. He was companions with Anziano Jackson when we were all serving (I think) in Siracusa!! How random?! and how fun for me to see a familiar face! Your family is darling, keep up the happy, positive work!!


  19. Nice pics! It sounds and looks like a magical place to visit!

  20. Hi Naomi!

    We’re planning to do a road trip to DC. Is there a nice hotel or rental you would recommend for us to stay in that is child friendly and quite close to everything? Thank you advance!

    • TAZA

      i am not as familiar with the hotels in DC since we usually stay with friends when we go back, but i’d recommend finding something close to a metro, since the trains are so spread out in DC (if you’re looking to do public transportation, that is.) we usually always stay on capitol hill and i really think it’s the greatest. i know there are a few hotels in the area (although i haven’t stayed there myself)if you look on the hill! have the best time.

  21. Meg

    What a gorgeous exhibition!

  22. Emily

    Hello! I love following the adventures of your beautiful family and adore your style. My sister lives on the Upper West Side and I would love to give her a birthday gift of eyelash extensions. Where do you go and love? Thanks so much!

    • TAZA

      so i’m still trying to find that place i “love”, but the last place i went was blinglash off 14th street and thought they did a great job. i’ve also been impressed with eye lure in soho.

  23. Caitie

    omg! patrick dougherty has an installation in hillsborough nc! passed it on sunday, it’s beautiful! i kept my kid from wandering the inside of it, i was sure she’d start climbing it! think i’ll take her back and see what she thinks – thanks for sharing!!

  24. Rachel

    This place is absolutely amazing!!! Your kiddos look like they were having a blast! :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  25. Tammy

    i was there last month and the lines were crazy long! but it was definitely so worth it- i agree that it’s such a cool concept to be able to go into the art and really walk through it. loved all of the exhibits

  26. hanna

    Looks like a lot of fun! –Hanna Lei