putting up a new gallery wall!

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LOVE TAZA gallery wall-7

well, we’ve somehow managed to stay in the same new york city apartment since we moved back to the city from DC, which is coming up on 4 years this august. crazy! there are days where i can’t believe we’ve managed to survive in this tiny two-bedroom apartment and there are other days where i can’t imagine ever living anywhere else! it feels like home and we seriously have fallen in love with this little space for this chapter of our lives.  and tiny as it may feel sometimes, i’ve managed to officially drive josh nuts with the number of times i’ve rearranged furniture in this space over the last few years. it’s my favorite pastime, i swear. and somehow i think it keeps getting better and better with each new furniture arrangement ;)

i’ve shared photos from an apartment tour last summer HERE, and a lot has changed in the space since then. including getting a couple of those home projects finished that have sat on our to-do list for years now! a big one was the last gallery wall in the front room that we kept neglecting. we had a few pieces up, and then a few we’ve been meaning to get framed for ages now to complete the wall. framebridge reached out this spring to see if we’d like help tackling the wall and since i was already in a very spring-cleaning-get-her-done mode, i was beyond excited for them to share any and all of their gallery-wall-hanging wisdom with me, as well as to have a few of our very special photos and art pieces properly custom framed!

ps. there is a promo code at the bottom of the post to get 20% off your first order if you’re in need of getting something framed!

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the process was super easy, since we just sent framebridge our art in prepaid packaging and chose which digital files to upload directly to their site.

also, one of the best parts of the process, framebridge offers a gallery wall service, which means we were able to chat with the design team on the phone and also see mock-ups of our art and photos in different frames and layouts as to where they should be hung on the wall, per their professional eye, which was beyond helpful.  it was one of the biggest reasons we hadn’t finished this wall yet, because sometimes it’s so hard to know what else it needs, or what things should go next to each other, and how high or low…. i’m always seeing gallery wall perfection on pinterest but it’s so hard to recreate on my own sometimes! you can learn more about their gallery wall service here!

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so this photo above is the backing of the photo you see below, of josh swinging from a rope on the lake behind his home when he was about four years old growing up in virginia. this photo we already had framed, but not well. and it’d been on our to-do list to get it properly custom framed so we could help preserve it better. the biggest reason for this is because it’s one of josh’s only photos from early childhood at his home in virginia, which makes it extra special. it’s actually taken by a foreign exchange student who was visiting their family from berlin at the time named dirk! as someone who is crazy big on photo taking and preserving, i’m so happy this student from germany captured this moment and later sent it to josh! this photo is so so special to us.

LOVE TAZA gallery wall-16LOVE TAZA gallery wall-4

see what i mean? how cute is he swinging on that rope?!

LOVE TAZA gallery wall-15LOVE TAZA gallery wall-14

photobooth strips from what feels like a million years ago, before the babies came along and my obsession with bubby’s basement photobooth had just begun.

LOVE TAZA gallery wall-11LOVE TAZA gallery wall1

this is a sketch a classmate of mine back at juilliard made of me during my junior year that i have loved so much and held onto over the years.

LOVE TAZA gallery wallLOVE TAZA gallery wall-10LOVE TAZA gallery wall-2

the photos don’t do it justice, but the treatment framebridge did to preserve these framed polaroids is my favorite. the treatment is called a float mounting, if you’re interested. it’s really really cool in person.

LOVE TAZA gallery wall-9

and i bought this max wagner print of new york city rooftop’s over a year ago and it’s been sitting in its packaging since i got it, just waiting to be framed. i’m so happy it’s finally up on the wall!

LOVE TAZA gallery wall-12

we chose a favorite family photo to go up on the wall, too! from our shoot with olivia in the city last fall.

LOVE TAZA gallery wall-5LOVE TAZA gallery wall-8LOVE TAZA gallery wall-13

this is some art work eleanor made in art class last year! i love having it as part of the wall!

LOVE TAZA gallery wall-3

exciting to have the last wall in the front room looking good! a million thank you’s to framebridge for partnering with us to help get this done. we love it so much!

if you’re interested in trying them out, use the code LOVETAZA20 to receive 20% off your first framebridge order through june 1st! this is a really special and exclusive code, so be sure to take advantage before june 1st!

you can see all of their beautiful frames HERE and don’t forget, mother’s day is coming up – the perfect occasion to get photos off our phones and cameras and into frames! framebridge’s deadline to get mail in pieces back in time for mother’s day is april 22nd! for digital uploads you have until may 1st!

blouse by the great, jeans, orange sneakers.

  1. Rena

    Your new picture gallery turned out fantastic! And wow, you live really already since 4 years in this apartment? I understand your surprise :) Btw love the look you are wearing here <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Amy

    Your shirt! Please share!

  3. oh man love the mix of gilded and white and mixing so many types of photos, art, etc! I’m in a rental and can’t hang anything up, but DEFINITELY can’t wait until I can find another rental where I can. I have such big walls, would look great! x

  4. Alida

    I love it! They definitely work together so well & it’s cool that you included photo booth strips and polaroids. I just have no idea how you chose, since you have so many gorgeous photo’s! btw, do you know about Poladroid? It turns ordinary photo’s into polaroid looking photo’s.

  5. Love gallery walls. Always first project I tackle when moving. Photos feel like home. Love E’s work and family photo.

  6. Jessica

    Hi Naomi,

    Loved this post and adore your blog!
    Where is that beautiful abstract painting from with the pinks and blues, the one in the first image?
    Thank you!

  7. Caitlyn

    Do you by chance know what frame the rope swing picture is in? The wood is perfect! Is it sonoma?


    • josh

      Yes! It’s Sonoma.

  8. McCall L.

    Your style is THE BEST! I’d love a video tour of that cute NYC apartment. Looks great!

  9. melody

    The new gallery wall is gorgeous! And where did you get those shoes!!?? ;)

  10. I love your gallery wall! I am working on one as well for the dining room. I have been putting it off as well but can’t wait to share.



  11. Amy

    Gorgeous choices!!

  12. erin

    Josh, where in VA did you grow up? Love it here in Richmond!

  13. Felisha

    Wow! This looks great. I love that it doesn’t make the space look too cluttered, either. Where’s Josh from in Virginia? I’m a New York transplant from Virginia, too!


  14. marie-claire

    Superbe …. beautiful appartment! And what a lovely family !

    ?from France !!!

  15. Rachel

    Looks like it’s coming together nicely – are you able to share a final photo of the whole wall, and how you decided which print should be hung where? That’s the part that always strikes me as the tricky bit – deciding what works best in what order and then getting all the nails in the right places! How did you do that?

  16. Rachel

    We need to see a finished photo!! Please. I’m sure the wall looks stunning, I’d love to see it complete.

  17. Rachel A

    Thank you so much for this post! This is the kind of service I’ve been dreaming about for my stash of collected art!

  18. Tammy

    they make the whole process so convenient! love it. i’m still debating between a full gallery wall in my next place, or two or three large pieces but this site might make my decision a lot easier!


  19. Yaling

    The gallery wall looks great! Thanks for sharing. I’m inspired to finish the gallery wall in our hallway :-)

  20. candace

    that piece from your friend from Julliard… I love it!! Some of my art work is like that. The style looks so great. The wall looks amazing as well. x candace

  21. Paige

    You have such a beautiful apartment! I really love all the bright colors that you all use in your decor!


  22. Julie

    Hi Taza! I felt so relieved to know we are not the only one a/ who still live in a 2 bed flat with 3 kids (hello London property prices….we bought our flat just after we got married….nearly 9 years ago…) b/ taking ages to sort out the ‘framing situation’ as I like calling it. The deco is always something that falls on me as my hubby is not into these things at all. Because I take so many photos every year it’s almost daunting to start selecting the best ones. I have just recently sent an order via photobox to update all our photomontage frames but there is still plenty to ‘tackle’. Thanks for your inspiration. You frames look amazing and what a nice combo of different art work, I love it. Will definitely check out the company your worked with. Big hugs from another mama of 3 on the other side of the pond. Julie xx


  23. Alexis Adele

    I love the colorful photo of the beach scene. Is this a personal photo or a print that can be purchased somewhere?

  24. I love this so much! In our old place I attempted to make a gallery wall with a mash up of pictures and kid’s artwork (Kinda like you did with including Eleanor’s artwork!). I loved it so much, but funny story: I ran out of frames part way through and just gave up on shopping around for them and started just masking taping stuff up until I got around to finding just the right frames. I never finished before we moved out. I love that framebridge did so much to help walk you through the process. I hope I can get around to making a gallery wall here and use their help! I could sure use some hand-holding in the process lest I give up and just start masking taping stuff to the wall again! (No! Do NOT let me do it Lol)

    <3 http://momissuchanerd.com <3

    • TAZA

      oh that is amazing! totally sounds like something i would do. ;) was really pleased with how easy and stress free they made the process! good luck to you!!!

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  26. Garazi

    I want a wall like that…It’s awesome!

    Kisses from Spain (Do you have planned a trip here? It would be great!)

  27. Jamis

    What is Dirk’s name now?

  28. Trina

    This is stunning! The perfect mix. BTW will you please share where your top is from. It’s just too darling! Thanks!

    • TAZA

      thanks trina! i linked at the bottom! top is no longer available, but it’s by the great and they have similar shirts in my link!

  29. Sophie

    Where is you gorgeous rug from? Thanks!

  30. Jane

    Your gallery wall looks spectacular! I have a “gallery wall” of some sort filled with cards, poetry and photographs of and from people I love in front of my refrigerator. I should really do a better job instead of the whole taping it there thing but it is what it is.

    P.S. Eleanor’s artworks are my most favorite things on that wall. <3

  31. hanna

    Love the mixture of family photos and art –Hanna Lei

  32. Kelsey

    love the wall! It looks like you would love my sister’s artwork.. similar style to yours check it out!


  33. Lauren

    Oh I love this! I always envisioned having a big gallery wall when my boyfriend & I eventually move in together (next year after I graduate!). I’ll have to keep this company in mind. :)


  34. Greta

    Your gallery wall turned out beautiful. May I ask you where you purchased the abstract print you’re holding in the 2nd picture and the one with the girl holding the flowers? They would fit perfectly into my home. Thank you!

  35. TJ

    I agree with Sophie, your rug is gorgeous. Would love to know where you got it from.

    Also, to reduce sugar in cookies you can add apple sauce instead of white sugar. You can even make homemade applesauce.

    I saw on your other post you were trying to reduce the sugar in your kids cookies.

  36. I love your gallery wall. Pictures and art (including Eleanor’s my favourite) mixed together….great.
    Kisses from France

  37. Jessica

    Hi again,

    Anyone know where to find the abstract painting, the one with all the pinks?

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  39. Emily

    The wall turned out wonderfully!! Would you mind sharing information on the large abstract art piece in the first picture? I love it!

  40. oh this is amazing! i was actually wondering in your latest post if that was a new gallery wall before i scrolled down to see this post! i have been wanting to redo or do a new gallery wall at my own house and LOVE having this rec for a good place for framing since that’s so often the hardest part! thanks!

  41. Thank you so much for getting a coupon code for your readers! We moved into a new house a year ago and I’ve been putting off doing a gallery wall (even though it’s my biggest wish to get done) because the thought of it seems so overwhelming.

    What a great service! Definitely going to check them out.

    And that picture of Josh on the rope swing is amazing!!!

  42. I put up a gallery wall in my apartment a few years back, and it was way more work than I expected! It’s great that framebridge makes this process a little bit easier, because gallery walls are such a great addition to any house :)

    Christina | http://www.cuddlepill.com