over the weekend…

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over the weekend, we got stuff done. we picnic’d with friends. we cooked a lot of delicious and healthy food at home. josh took eleanor and samson to a movie on saturday morning while conrad and i hung out together and shared a croissant. somewhere in there, eleanor stroked my arm and told me i have the softest skin in the world (melted!). we played princesses and knights and also pretend robots in the nursery. we ate japanese take-out together one afternoon on some brownstone steps. we spent a lot of time outside (thank you, spring) and we even brought home (and ate!) a watermelon! i cried at one point over something that doesn’t even matter. i also shaved my legs! (worth noting because it’s rare and i need a pat on my back for doing so.)  we kept the kids out past their bedtimes sunday evening because the weather and day could not be topped, and being outside just felt so good.

throughout the past few days, i kept thinking, this is happiness. (the watermelon probably sold me on that thought. also, why do i always forget how nice it is to not have prickly legs?!)

a few photos from one morning this weekend at the park…


wearing matching pants with my mini me! and when eleanor saw me put on my white denim jacket, she excitedly exclaimed, “i have something else that can make us MORE matching!” while running back to her dresser. i had forgotten about her little white denim vest that she hurried and put on. “SEE?!?!” she said! love that she loves when we semi-match as much as i do! how long do we get to get away with this?! if the deadline has already past or is coming up soon, don’t tell me!


riverside park is so dreamy in the spring. in all honestly it’s my least favorite park in the city just because i swear it’s like ten degrees colder and windier in that direction than the rest of the city because it’s next to the hudson river, but whenever we go over there, i regret not visiting it more often.


love them together!


i asked her, “what are you up to up there?” as she had been standing up there for a while. “on the look out! protecting the kingdom from bad guys, mom.” right! thank you, eleanor.


baby overalls. one of my favorite things.


samson has been bringing out josh’s old pound puppies a lot the past week or so. at one point he was cuddling him in the stroller and looked at the puppy and asked, “you like being outside, little guy?” haha!


i do feel sorry for josh and all the other people who experience such horrible allergies during springtime in new york. since i don’t experience them, i can’t get enough of everything in bloom!!!! (sorry josh.)


the sandbox won on this outing. unfortunately. the one thing mama dislikes about the playground is the sandbox and how we somehow bring traces of sand with us for the rest of the day, everywhere we go. despite my best efforts to rid ourselves of it.


these cuties across the see-saw from me!

LOVE TAZA PARK-15LOVE TAZA PARK-5LOVE TAZA PARK-6my happy place. with one of my babies, outside, and in good weather. :)

hope you all had a great weekend, friends!

ME: flamingo blouse, white denim jacket, high-waisted button jeans (similar HERE), and suede bow sandals (obsessed with these!!) ELEANOR: denim culotte’s (similar HERE and HERE), her white denim vest from zara last season.

  1. the weather, in Orleans, is very cold again, and you have spring weather!! it is not fair! hahahah I need the sun! Please send me a little!

    Kisses from France

  2. Marta


  3. Marina

    Dear Naomi,
    I became mother of two fantastic twin girls this december and now, of course, the pictures are taking over all of my hard drives and devices without real structure.
    I would love to hear your advice/tips on sorting and keeping all you amazing photos. Maybe there is a good piece of software i am not aware about which allows for some tagging and sorting?
    Thank you for sharing!


  4. nanette

    those photos of you and eleanor are so sweet! spring is the best. it puts everyone in a good mood. except for my husband who suffers from allergies too! but still summer is almost here! :) wonderful photos. xo.

  5. Natali

    Oh wow!! How adorable is your outfit?! Absolutely love your jeans!! :)
    The little ones sure look like they had tons of fun over the weekend! :D


  6. Tammy

    was just sniffling and reaching over for a tissue to blow my nose when i read your springtime allergy comment! i did a lot of walking around nyc this weekend and my allergies are definitely worse than it ever has been :( but i’m glad you guys all had such a great day! love that eleanor enjoys matching with you :) it’s adorable


  7. Lisa

    I love those kind of weekends where the little memories become the big memories and you just think “this is life. i will remember this moment/day/weekend”.

    Also I’ve been thinking about Kingsley! Is he still with Josh’s brother? Do you ever see him? I miss that face! I know it was such a tough decision and I am not judging/criticizing in the slightest! I am just curious how Mister King is doing and I miss hearing about him on the blog. xx

  8. Mia

    My husband suffers so bad from allergies too which is so hard because I just want to be outside alllll day right now. Quercetin has been a lifesaver. Might be helpful for josh too?

  9. Ola

    This is such a cute post! !! I love everything about it ?
    We tend to forget that such simple things as spending time with the ones you love is the best time ever, nothing can top that ?



  10. Rachel

    I love how Eleanor found her vest to match your jacket! That is the cutest thing ever! I love matching with my little girl sometimes too! :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  11. Marcy

    I love reading your posts about enjoying the simple things in life. That is what truly makes life its happiest.

    Matchy-matchy with your daughter can go on as long as you want it to. Imitation is the highest form of flattery!

    Prickly legs = my life.

  12. Ash

    I always love looking at your pics when you all are happy, out and about, enjoying NYC! I’ve never been and would love to go. Looks like another world!

    How about we swap? You come stay at our house in Orange County: pool in your backyard…beach nearby…Disneyland! And I’ll bring my little fam to New York. ;)

    • TAZA

      haha! sounds like a plan!

  13. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family;-)
    Thanks for sharing your life…

  14. Jen

    Love your style! Can you please tell me what brand of fake eyelashes you wear? I read somewhere on your blog you use fake eyelashes:) thank you!

    • TAZA

      they are eyelash extensions! i get them done in the city. :)

  15. Ashley Norton

    Hi there! I read your post that talked about how Josh has bad allergies during the spring when everything is blooming. I suffer from them as well and I found the neatest trick that has changed my life and makes so much sense when you think about it…LOCAL HONEY! It is a game changer. Hope this helps him out!

  16. V

    The photo of Eleanor & Samson running up the path in the park is gorgeous! The park looks very magical in that shot.

  17. Jen

    Gorgeous pictures!! I’m always entranced by your photos.
    Please share what lip color you are wearing…it’s beautiful & so
    I’m so with you on the prickly legs!!

  18. Anna

    Hi there,

    I love how you and Josh apparently manage to raise all 3 of your kids without prejudice or bias. I was a little Eleanor, but once I started school I was literally told by other kids and other kids moms that I wasn’t very ladylike and too much like a boy.
    I really hope this doesn’t happen anymore and that Elanor keeps protecting the castle from the bad boys and wanting to become an astronaut!!!

    Cheers to you and your family from Berlin.

    PS:If you ever plan a trip to Europe again, Berlin would be a great place for your family :)

  19. maria

    YOU ARE AMAZING!I’ve just realised I m with you guys since December 2007! Haha. Thats like watching the best show ever and we are on Season 10! :)

  20. Sara

    Do you have an on-site or off-site storage unit? It always amazes me when you pull out your hubby’s old clothes or toys! I love it!!

    • TAZA

      we don’t! we’ve just somehow gotten really good at managing our storage in our apartment, and fortunately have great deep closet space considering our city apartment.

  21. Pam

    I’m dying over you matching outfits!♥
    PS love to know I’m not the only one who skips shaving whenever I can lol Have a lovely week!


  22. Danielle

    I just love your makeup. Maybe a tutorial, or favorite products in the near future?!

    • TAZA

      that’s so nice of you to say! i’ll try to round something up!

  23. Ginte

    Lovely pictures!

    About matching outfits – I still love doing that with my mom. I’m 22 now, and she turns 51 this year. So, I’m pretty sure it will keep happening for quite a long time, there’s no deadline for it!!! :)

  24. Emily

    I always love your posts! I saw the question above about your eyelashes… And recommendations on where in the city to get them done? I have tried 2 places so far and don’t love them yet. I had a girl I loved in Utah but obviously that’s a bit far ;)

  25. Kellie

    I’m 28 and I still love when my momma and I match! ?
    Yall are the cutest!

  26. Sara

    Have you tried baby powder to get sand off? I haven’t tried it myself but have heard from a few sources that it works great because it dries that skin so the sand doesn’t stick. It’s probably more for the beach, but in case the kiddos get a little sweaty playing in the sandbox, it might be worth a shot if you haven’t tried it. :)

    Love your blog!

  27. Agnes

    I like your latest pictures. They’re natural, and you seem to be passionate about living this life, and raising your children. Which I doubt I would be able to handle (and I’m 36).

  28. Sam

    She so if your mini me! Look at you two all matching … so so cute!
    I’m 24 and my mum and I still match sometimes too!!

  29. Lisa

    I hate sand more than anything! I am sure in New York it goes beyond just the traces that make it home. But all summer I carry around (talc free) baby powder with me, it gets all the sand off! It’s in my car door, diaper bag, stroller. I really hate sand! Love your blog and how it always inspires me to be a better mama after, even if for five minutes. Thanks (insert side wink kiss emoji here).