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have lots of photos from the past week or two to share today! mostly from around home. i’ve actually not been feeling well the last few days so i’ve been trying to rest. love this top photo of josh and conrad as they were about to head out one evening to run a bunch of errands for us. i took this picture while laying on the sofa truly not able to move! haha. but they looked so cute waving “bye, mama!” that i was like, wait, you have to hand me my camera! this has to be documented! :)

LOVE TAZA life lately APRIL-5

last week, these two helped me out so much in the kitchen! and eleanor pretty much wears those ear muffs all day every day right now. i love how she’s coming into her own sense of style by always accessorizing like there is no tomorrow! she’s really into rubber bands as bracelets right now (i always make sure they are loose), and wears arm and head sweatbands all the time, too. yesterday she wore both her watermelon purse and pizza purse as cross-body purses as well as her fanny pack around her waist all at the same time. i almost died it was so cute. she filled all of her purses with legos and carried them around most of the day.

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when she requests a braid i don’t even blink, i literally stop everything and start braiding as fast as i can before she changes her mind! love her in her little braids!

LOVE TAZA life lately

this child! just hanging out with papa eating some mandarin oranges!

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from a warmer day recently! (it got cold again?!) really looking forward to the warmer weather sticking around consistently. that is for sure.

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i think if i could selfishly freeze time and keep samson a certain age a little longer, it would be right now. i can’t get enough of what a sweet good boy he is. he has so much energy, but also runs up and spontaneously gives me the biggest hugs and kisses during the day.  he loves telling jokes and lately says “can you even imagine if…” as he begins his sentences. he loves playing pet store and pretending to be a baby chick. we’ve mentioned a few times that his birthday is the next big birthday in our family, so he asks every few days if he’s four yet. (not until may 30th.) haha! he’s a good little brother to E and also so good with his own little brother C. i’m just super proud of all my kids right now and maybe it’s because they are all fast asleep and i’m missing them as i write this, but i’m just feeling grateful to have them in my life. i’m sure tomorrow morning at 6am when everyone is tugging and jumping on me i’ll think differently… ;)

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had to include this photo because i’m not sure if you can see them, but conrad has the sweetest FRECKLES forming across his nose!!!

LOVE TAZA life lately5

kale with bacon! a salad josh made the other day!

LOVE TAZA life lately4-3LOVE TAZA life lately4LOVE TAZA life lately4-2LOVE TAZA life lately4-4

do you see what i mean about the arm sweatband?! ;)

LOVE TAZA life lately APRIL-6LOVE TAZA life lately APRIL

since josh and i aren’t eating any added sugar, we’ve been trying to lessen how much the kids are having as well (while not taking it away entirely!). i’ve played around with so many cookie recipes for them recently and this one is by far the best! we sweeten it with a half cup natural honey and the kids are loving them!

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we have to really watch this one since he’s so fast climbing up (and down!) the bunk bed ladder! fortunately he has gotten pretty good at it, but i still hold my breath like every single time.

LOVE TAZA life lately APRIL-3 LOVE TAZA life lately APRIL-4

this day was seriously the best day! samson was an astronaut who brought home a martian (eleanor!) i was laughing pretty hard at their conversation and exchanges.  they play so well together.

LOVE TAZA life lately APRIL-7LOVE TAZA life lately APRIL-8LOVE TAZA life lately3

and when sister blows bubbles down from her top bunk, it’s a party!

  1. Kelly

    I love coming by this blog of yours and seeing what you are all up to. It just makes me all kinds of happy from my corner of the universe! Feel better soon xo

  2. Natali

    The sweetest photo roundup ever!! Your little family is amazing!!
    Also, LOVE your fuchsia coat, it’s to die for and Josh’s kale salad looks so good!

  3. I love your coat and your sneakers new balance. Take care of you for the new adventures. Kisses from France

  4. Briana

    E’s braids!!! And that yellow peplum top – I must know where it came from!! Hope you’re feeling better :)

  5. Abi

    How do you not smoother your kids in kisses all day long?! Too darn sweet!

  6. rose j.

    This east coast weather is seriously having a heart attack and needs to get off life support so we can have some permanent sunny, springy, pre-summer weather! Love the photos, and Eleanor’s braid, and the fact that she’s growing up to be a little lady, bittersweet because before you know it she’ll be a tween! Feel better, and get some rest so that you can be ready for that patch of warmer weather to come soon!


  7. Marie

    Your family is so precious! I love looking at photography and your pics and the stories you share are all so awesome! :)

  8. Jasmine

    Loved this post! You all look so happy :)

  9. Brianne

    The bunk bed is so cute…where is it from?

  10. nanette

    such wonderful photos. i love those sweet moments at home. and eleanor in her braids are so sweet! xo.

  11. Tammy

    e’s braid is amazing. i want that in my hair!!!

  12. hanna

    I love all your family photos –Hanna Lei

  13. Shannon

    I approve of using purses as Lego storage–nice one, Eleanor :P

  14. Emma

    Eleanor has such beautiful hair! I love that she is going through that sweet accessorizing phase.

  15. Lauren

    Eleanor’s hair in a crown braid (I think that’s what it was?) is seriously the cutest thing ever! I wish I looked that good with one, haha! Also I just love your sense of style, so many colours!

  16. Katie

    I laughed at the rubber band caveat. Crazy you have to let people know they are loose on her arm because you know someone will have an opinion. Oy-ve! Cutest kids!

  17. What a beautiful little family! Your boys are so lively!

  18. Frances

    So in love with your children’s room. It’s something about the white walls with the pops of color all around, and the huge windows that give it so much natural light. Hope you’re feeling better! Warmer weather has yet to get here too.

  19. maggie

    You have wonderful family. Your life is so simply and on the other hand so involving and fascinating. Picture are great: views, travels, foods, home, NYC.. all of this <3 wish You and Your famly all the best!
    Are You planning some next long trip? maybe Europe? :)

  20. Hi – First time commenting. Love this. It’s so true when the kids are asleep at night you just think wonderful thoughts about them and then sure enough when multiple kids are tugging on you and whining for breakfast the next morning it’s just like OMG!

  21. Nadia

    Does your little one sleep in the trundle? How is this arrangement worked out for your family?

  22. I hope you feel better soon Naomi! A lot of people including me are feeling a bit more tired this month for some reason.

    I guess we are getting ready for a fun summer :)


  23. Gina

    Love your gallery wall! Can you please share where you got the lovely beach photograph?

  24. Hillary

    These photos are so sweet! Also, that salad looks delicious — and so do the cookies. Fun all around!

  25. Claire

    I love the room! if you get a chance can you do another room tour? I’d love to see more of how three growing kids can share the room! :)

  26. Heidi

    I love the candid moments of your kids playing…sometimes it’s just the simple everyday moments that are the most cherished! Also, remembering the day’s events, no matter how small such as astronauts and martians are seriously the best!! It really is the little things in life that turn out to be the best things! ;) I”m sure you will look back in a couple of years and completely cherish those moments and be grateful you captured them. I wish I had more of those moments in photos from my childhood! Your little ones are so lucky to have you guys as parents! Good work team Davis!

    Thank you for sharing the cookie recipe, it looks delicious! :) I’ll definitely be trying it as I am trying to eat less sugar as well. Your healthy eating is the best inspiration! ;)

  27. Carolina

    Anyone know where this bunk bed is from?? How do you guys like it Naomi?

  28. Yaldarta

    I’m sure you know how inspiring you are for people who are your followers. I live in Iran. And life goes pretty different here. I have been much much much happier since I found u. You are the role model for me and that’s weird since I haven’t had any in 27years. I love the positive vibe u share and also how perfect u r raising those angels. They r gonna be the mentally and physically healthy type of people in their society and that’s wonderful! Hats off to u and ur husband!

  29. love the fun you have at home with your kids. reminds me so much of my own days, even though my two are a little younger, and makes me excited for the future with them too. :) feel better soon!

  30. K

    Where do you get raisins that look so much like chocolate chips?

  31. Sam

    I’m sorry you aren’t well, I hope you feel better soon!
    You have the most gorgeous family … it makes me so happy seeing all your photos! Thanks!

  32. I’m a bit jealous of your cosy fabulous life!

  33. Ally

    Love your blog! Your family is the sweetest thing ever and you always have the cutest pictures. Hope you start to feel better! I was wondering if you had any blogs that you foll0w and would suggest?

  34. Zehra

    Love your family! These kids are amazing, i love to see them happy at home, it makes me miss my home

  35. Gabriella

    I had to go back and re-read the sentence about Samson’s birthday. FOUR! No way. I know there are so many readers of yours that have been around since before Eleanor, and I am one of them. But sometimes I can’t get over how time flies and how your babes are growing up right before my eyes! Wow.

    Ps- your life lately posts are definitely some of my very favourites. So lovely seeing all the little joys that make up everyday-life

  36. Julie

    Hi Taza, everyday life with 3 little ones is never boring (it is exhausting though!). I have moments when mine drive me nuts but in the flick of a second if I get a nice cuddle, if I witness something super cute between them or if I hear something they say which is funny, I forget all about my exhaustion and feel truly super happy and fulfilled. I love how you love documenting nice family scenes, I do too. As a matter of fact my husband jokes that we have pics of the family in every single possible situation..haha! Lovely to see all those nice pics of your sweet family and I hope you start feeling better soon with the arrival of Spring. Love from London.Julie xx

  37. Alex

    I never really comment on blogs, I just like to read them. I just want to say how much I love your family. You guys look like you have so much fun and love each other so much and it’s just so inspiring. Thanks for letting us be a part of it!

  38. Lauren

    Your kiddos are just the cutest!! They seem like they are such great pals, love it!

  39. Heide

    I was wondering if you could please do a tutorial on how you put your videos together or email me with a little know how on it. I would greatly appreciate it. My little girls first birthday is coming up and I would love to make a sweet little video of her that she can cherish when she is older. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!!

  40. Aah lovely photos! The weather here in the UK is nuts too at the moment, one minute hot, one minute cold- I don’t know if i’m coming or going clothes-wise! :-)

  41. Love this so much! I wish my kids played together like that still. Now my daughter calls herself a tween and wants to watch youtube all day :-/. I can tell my son misses it too. I try to make up for it by playing with him (in between cooking, cleaning, working…etc) but I feel like Mommy is just not cutting it most of the time. I try I try…Lol! What sweet pictures. Love El’s accessorizing and I hope you feel better soon!

  42. Hope

    Oh my gosh, these photos are adorable! The last few of all of your littles playing together just make me smile so much. I’m so bad at taking photos of everyday life, but your posts like this always inspire me to pull out the camera even in the mundane. Thanks for always sharing your beautiful family around here :)

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