flower delivery!


eleanor and i had so much fun last week delivering some beautiful flower bouquets to a couple of her little girlfriends in our bucket bike! the bouqs company had reached out and asked if we’d like to receive some of their pretty bouquets as they prepare for mother’s day, and since we have loved using their service in the past (see here) and i’m also the biggest fresh flowers lover out there, i was excited! when we opened up the flowers and saw so many beautiful stems, we knew we needed to share the love! i asked eleanor who we should give some to, and she started listing off so many little friends, it melted my heart! we tied some small ribbon around each bouquet and were on our way! she has still been talking about how much fun she had playing “deliverer” and giving something special to her little girlfriends!

if you’re unfamiliar with the bouqs company, their flowers are cut the day you order and shipped next day directly to your door from their farms! there are no upsells or hidden costs, plus free delivery! and what you see is what you get, beautiful flowers that smell so fresh. a few of their current bouquets have succulents mixed in (like this one and this one), which i feel like makes the bouquet all the more unique and special.

ps — there’s a code at the bottom of this post for 20% off your next order! perfect timing for mother’s day!


opening up some of the flowers!


eleanor cut and wrapped the ribbon around most of the bouquets all by herself!


so, funny side note: samson has been working diligently for about the last month on tie-ing his shoes all by himself. for a while, no one was more frustrated than me with his determination and independence (he requested to learn all on his own too!), because it usually meant a solid ten minutes of trying and trying some more every time we were putting shoes on. BUT, he’s got it now! and can even double knot them pretty well! so, eleanor has shown interest in learning as well now that her little brother figured it out, and he’s been teaching her!!!! so eleanor practiced with our ribbon and i’m so proud of her! she’s almost got it down like samson! i just love how determined they are to do things on their own. i wish i was more patient and encouraging when they sit down to solve a task like this, but sometimes it’s so hard to not intervene for times sake! i’m working on it. i know how important it is so i’m trying hard to step back and let them take the time to figure it out (and jump in to help where needed.) ;)


do you see what i’m talking about with those succulents in the bouquets?! can you even?! so beautiful. this one is the wild about you flower bouquet.


off to go deliver some flowers!!!


papa snapped this before we were on our way!


thank you for the beautiful flowers, the bouqs company, and for partnering with us on this post!

use the code MDAY20 to receive 20% off your order if you’d like to give them a try, code expires may 4th. also, mother’s day is may 8th (feels early this year!) in case it wasn’t quite on your radar just yet. :)

ME: sonnet james dress, sneakers, bracelet and sunglasses. ELEANOR: shirt from surf shop in australia, skirt, and sneakers. riding a madsen bicycle and my helmet is by bern, eleanor’s is by nutcase.

  1. Verity

    This is such a sweet activity, do they cut the succulents though? That seems more of a waste that the cut flowers…

  2. Jaime

    Do they ship all the way to Alaska?

  3. alexis

    I actually ordered my first bouquet months ago because of your original post! I sent two bouquets to my very best girlfriends and they loved them! excited to try them again!


  4. Lauren

    So cute! Unfortunately Mother’s Day was in March in the UK but I love the concept. Also, your style is always so fab, you should do more style posts! I’m definitely going to purchase those sunnies x


  5. Natali

    Such a beautiful photos!! I’m a huge flowers fan and I can’t have a day at home without some fresh flowers in at least one vase! :D


  6. Jackie

    That’s really quite impressive that Samson is already tying his shoes! I’ve taught pre-k/kindergarten and rarely ever saw 5 year olds that were able to! Go Samson!

    I’m extra excited for Mother’s Day because it also happens to be my daughter Elin’s first birthday! Can’t wait to celebrate!

  7. vicky

    I’m so excited to use this! fresh flowers at my door?! sign me up :)

  8. Tammy

    what a cute little flower deliverer! that bike is honestly so dreamy. the things i could do in nyc if only i had that!!!


  9. You guys are the cutest!! I can’t wait for mother’s day and flowers are a girls best friend!!!

    We are also in NY would love to connect with you!!



  10. Julie

    Bonjour Taza! I love this post, such a sweet idea to go and deliver fresh flowers to E’s little mates, they must have been well impressed. Both your outfits complement each other beautifully too, do you think about this in the morning when you are planning to do a blog post or was it just coincidence or even natural style;)?! Your bike is awesome too, I have seen a few of these in our area in London and I always thought it would be great to have one but they are so expensive. Could you share the model you guys have? It looks like the weather is a bit warmer your side of the pond, we are still wearing our winter jackets in London and very much in need of confort food too!!Have a lovely day! Julie xx


  11. Jill

    You and your mini me are adorable! And you are looking so skinny and fit! Good for you Momma!

  12. Jolies bouquets!!!
    Kisses from France

  13. Rachel

    Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous and how fun that Eleanor got to go with you and help you deliver them. :) That bike is SO awesome!!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  14. Lauren

    Love your hairstyle with the cute little top buns! Would love to know how you got them just perfectly slightly messy?!! And E’s helmet looks precious on her, she’s your mini me for sure! Thanks for sharing about the flowers they look beautiful and perfect for Mother’s Day!

  15. angie

    Why couldn’t Samson help with delivering the flowers? :)

  16. Frances

    I love posts about you two together! The flower delivery was such a cute idea and I definitely want to check out The Bouqs Company for some. Have any suggestions on which ones? I’m ALL about succulents. P.s. you look awesome with the double buns!

  17. Danielle

    I think you mean “tying his shoes all by himself” ;)

  18. hanna

    Those flowers are gorgeous. What a cute idea –Hanna Lei

  19. Robin

    I like this post
    Picture is so cute
    My girlfriend love this bouquet
    very beautiful

  20. Doris

    Dear Taza,
    we really do love your blog, it is simply amazing.
    Maybe you are interested in having a look at ours?
    Doris from http://www.my-cutie-pie.com

  21. You are so cute! I love your story! What an wonderful idea!

  22. I love these photos!! :)

  23. Sadie

    This is a lovely company, and I have ordered from them before. Sadly, they won’t actually deliver on Mother’s Day! ..(at least in the DC area). Unfortunately, I had to go through the whole process of picking the flowers and entering all the information before I found this out. How could a flower delivery company not deliver on Mothers Day??!?

  24. marcy

    What a FUN idea! That is something you will always remember….and she will too :)

    Random question…..when I first discovered your blog you wore glasses and they we so cute. Do you not wear them anymore?

  25. Naomi, your hair! Those sweet little pigtail buns are EVERYTHING I LOVE ABOUT EVERYTHING. Totally brings me back to how I wore my hair in highschool. Most of my head is shaved now so it’s a no-go, but I’m happy to live vicariously through you. :)

  26. This post made me smile from beginning to end, you both look so happy and cheerful! What a lovely idea to gift flowers to some special girls in E’s life and well done to S for teaching himself and his sister to tie laces!

  27. Dara

    OMG this is amazing. I love that this company has succulents in their bouquets! How perfect. I love the idea. Happy Mothers Day!

    – Dara // http://www.peoniesandhoneybees.com

  28. Sam

    What a beautiful idea! You two are so sweet delivering it in your little bucket bike … and I love that bouquet with the succulents in it! What a special touch!
    Oh and Eleanor’s freckles on her nose … eek so cute!

  29. Lau

    Niceto moment with your daughter!

  30. Noelle Clark

    Just sent my mom flowers using your promo! Thank you – what a lovely site. xoxo


  31. rebecca

    Ive been looking into a cargo bike w/ kids, but I’m a city dweller. Where do you store it?

  32. What a beautiful way to teach gratitude and kindness. Succulents were the perfect addition. I bet some of the moms tried to plant them in pots to get the succulents to root. I know I would!