pink lanterns and twinkle lights!

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how beautiful are those lanterns and lights at the new city center in DC?! we were driving by on our way to someplace else last week while visiting the district and those pink lanterns caught my eye out of no where and i was all, “we gotta pull over and go check that out!” we got lucky with a parking spot around the corner and BAM! there we were. sometimes i get sad that all these great places have popped up since we moved away. like, where were all those incredible playgrounds that are currently in the district when we lived on capitol hill? we were driving by a couple and i couldn’t even believe it. i remember driving all the way out to arlington once to find eleanor a swing when she was a baby. there weren’t very many swings around the parks or playgrounds when we were on the hill. exciting how much has changed in the last few years!


we tried out fruitive for smoothies which is also new since we moved away. and josh took these photos from outside the place while we drank them! he was holding conrad while he walked outside and snapped them and conrad was laughing so hard at us. haha! he’s all, you guys look silly. 


but then he wouldn’t give josh his smoothie back and we all were laughing pretty hard at how cute it was!


what are these two going to be like in the years to come as they get older and the gap in their age doesn’t feel so big?! i just hope they are always kind to each other. they really love each other right now, so the odds are good, right?


not sure if those lanterns up are up for a limited time or forever, but i love them. i want to get a few in a corner of the nursery. how beautiful would that be!

WEARING (i shared all this on the last DC post, but for those who didn’t see it and may ask):
ME: sweater is from jcrew last season, high waisted jeans (in the black denim wash HERE), sneakers. ELEANOR: culottes from crewcuts (can’t find online but bought in store recently) and sweater. SAMSON: white tee from gap, blue chinos, and red sneakers. CONRAD: polarn o pyret button up, zara jeans and sneakers.

  1. Tammy

    i’m going to be in dc visiting my boyfriend and i’ll for sure be dragging him to city center for some photo ops :)

  2. This pictures are so beautiful and fun!Love all the kiddos faces while sipping their smoothies (and that all of them are also pink-ish!). Isn’t it amazing to stumble upon such a cute decorated space that instantly cheers you up? I will be dreaming of finding cute pink lanterns now :)

  3. Valerie

    So fun! I love the look of all of those lanterns and lights! My two have a pretty big age gap (and one’s a girl one’s a boy), but they were loving like that with each other from the start. Sure now at 6 and 11 they drive each other completely insane (which in turn drives me insane) a lot, but the love is still there. A couple times when they were running at each other, I thought they were going to kill each other, but it just turned into one of the biggest, most aggressive bear hugs ever. Because they still love each other…so aggressively! Ha! Beautiful post <3

  4. Rena

    I agree these pinky lights and laterns there are unbelievable wonderful! Thanks for sharing the fantastic impressions and cute pictures – your post makes me happy: not only because I’m a huge pink lover!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. candace

    this is the cutest thing ever. the colours and the smiles.. *sigh* :). great post as always.

  6. Becky

    The lanterns are up for cherry blossom season. Another perk of this magical time of year!

  7. Keet

    omg! E’s culottes is the cutest thing i have EVER seen!
    always love coming to this site and seeing a new blog post!
    love everything about your fam, keep doing you!

  8. flor

    Love these pics! What kind of lens do you use, Naomi?

  9. Elizabeth

    What are your kids age gaps and have you had any pros and cons? My first two are 16 mos apart and I’m trying to decide when to think about a third!

  10. Kristen

    Taza: This is unrelated to your post here but I have a question about your eyelashes:

    Are they real? Because dang girl if they are that’s impressive. I have short stubby non-existent lashes and have looked into extensions. I have tried doing my own… fail. I have also had them done but they didn’t last even a week. If yours are fake and please forgive me and disregard if they aren’t…. How do you make them last? Are they glued or something different? Do you go to a salon to get them done or do you do them yourself?

  11. Rachel

    Those lanterns are awesome and now you totally have me craving a smoothie! Those look SO good! :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  12. Those lanterns are beautiful!

    My boys are 1 year and 9 months apart in age. They are now 9 and 11. In spite of the occasional and very mild “disagreement” they are best friends and have similar interests so that’s really a blessing. I’m sure your boys will too. They are pretty close in age as well.


  13. Rachel

    I use to live at city center before I moved to NYC. I believe Kate Spade put those up.

  14. Paula Huett

    Your family looks so happy at the moment, Im not sure what it is but and i can’t get enough of your travel pictures, or your NY pictures. We left NY last December and I miss it everyday. You blog is a great way to remember the city and America…being in Australia we feel soooo far away.

  15. hanna

    Those lanterns are so cool! –Hanna Lei

  16. I have to yet to visit DC even though I only live in New York!! I’ll have to visit a day where these laterns are up!!

  17. Those larterns are specials. I love them.
    And Conrad when he is drinking the smoothy…… he is so funny!!
    kisses from France

  18. These photos are beautiful! Magical Lantern City.

  19. Ana

    I love the pink lanterns!! So cute!!

  20. Ashley

    Beautiful family and photos!! Not sure if you already found some little lanterns for your nursery, but I ordered some from Etsy in pink and white when we decorated our nursery. I love them! You can find them if you search “cotton ball lights” on Etsy (in about any color combo imaginable). Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  21. VerbalGoldBlog

    I love this post! All of the pictures are so aesthetically pleasing to me and it honestly made my heart warm. :)