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LOVE TAZA cap hill-20

while in DC last week to see the cherry blossoms, we stayed at our friend’s house on capitol hill, close by our old home! it is always so good to walk around the old neighborhood, especially when it is in full bloom! poor josh and his allergies! haha! his allergies were always a mess in DC, and we were reminded of that again last week. BUT, allergies aside, eastern market area on capitol hill is still hands down my favorite neighborhood and it felt good walking the blocks together and reminiscing and eating some favorite things and just having a good afternoon together.

LOVE TAZA cap hill-4LOVE TAZA cap hill-21LOVE TAZA cap hill-12

inside eastern market where conrad and papa bought a single yellow pepper and conrad went on to hold and walk around with that thing all day long like it was his baby doll. occasionally taking a few bites, but for the most part, just cradling it. ;)

LOVE TAZA cap hill-11LOVE TAZA cap hill-13LOVE TAZA cap hill-14

sharing the pepper with his big brother samson for a minute there!

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that sweatshirt conrad is wearing used to be eleanor’s, and then it was samson’s! and i just can’t get enough of seeing the same special piece of clothing on all my babies! the yellow pepper definitely started staining it as the day went on, but i got most of it out with my bleach pen. refusing to let that sweater see the end of it just yet. must hold onto it forever!

LOVE TAZA cap hill-28LOVE TAZA cap hill-5LOVE TAZA cap hill1LOVE TAZA cap hill-22LOVE TAZA cap hill-24LOVE TAZA cap hill-2LOVE TAZA cap hillLOVE TAZA cap hill-3LOVE TAZA cap hill-10

love this photo of them so much.

LOVE TAZA cap hill-19LOVE TAZA cap hill-18this treat is always so worth it.

LOVE TAZA cap hill-17LOVE TAZA cap hill-16

conrad got his own little cup of gelato, too! and goodness gracious, was he over the moon happy about it!

LOVE TAZA cap hill-25LOVE TAZA cap hill-26LOVE TAZA cap hill-31

this spot isn’t exactly on the hill, but thank you to everyone on my twitter who recommended baked and wired’s new spot, a baked joint! the biscuit egg sandwich was unbelievable.

LOVE TAZA cap hill-32LOVE TAZA cap hill-30

you see what i mean about that sandwich?! it was on a goat cheese biscuit. so good.

LOVE TAZA cap hill-27LOVE TAZA cap hill-9LOVE TAZA cap hill-8LOVE TAZA cap hill-7

these last three photos up above make me so happy. samson was napping in the stroller beside me when i took these (he napped for most of our afternoon walk unfortunately), but those faces up top just make my life feel so complete. i love them.

ME: red blazer, high waisted jeans (currently sold out but in black wash here), sneakers. ELEANOR: sweater, leggings. CONRAD’s sweater that all three kiddos have worn is an oldie that i bought in paris when i was expecting eleanor!

  1. Loved all these photos, and I must say your hair is gorgeous! x

  2. sarah

    i need that biscuit sandwich in my life! you guys all look awesome, spring is seriously the best!

  3. ish

    ahw this looks like a really fun day, and the sweater is so cute!
    xx Ish

  4. Vickie

    such a gorgeous area, the colours are beautiful.

    Conrad with the pepper is so adorable :)

  5. Lisa

    I thought you were restricting sugar? It seems like there’s a lot of treat days going on. Can you talk about how you balance all of that? (Not trolling, legitimately interested!)

    • TAZA

      hi! sure thing, i guess it might look that way sometimes since i’m always documenting my treats. i shared my rules in my sugar video, but i allow myself to have a special treat or two on holidays and then a few very special treats when we travel (so i had a cup of pitango gelato in DC). josh finds it harder to stay on track with treat days, so he does less than me, but i really look forward to them, and since i don’t have sugar every day, it’s easier to moderate it when i do indulge. everyone will do it differently, because everyone is different, but this is what i’ve found has worked great for me!

  6. Diana

    what a pretty neighborhood!! Also, I’ve been following along for years and of course, all three of your babies are so adorable, but it’s just blowing my mind to see E turn into such a beautiful young lady! The one where her hair is down and she’s mid walk had me all, wow! I hope Josh is ready, ha! ;)

    • TAZA

      ha! i know. i don’t think either of us are ready! she turned 5 and BAM. she just seems so much more grown up. she makes me so proud if the little lady she is becoming.

  7. Sara

    I am such a fan of your sweet family – the way you do life together and the evident joy and love shared among ya’ll! It is beautiful.

    I was glad to read from this post how much you enjoyed living in Capitol Hill at one point in your life. I may be relocating there soon and would appreciate recommendations of favorite places or things to do/see (i.e. coffee shops, museums, restaurants) if you have the chance!

  8. Wow, these shots are amazing!! What camera and lenses do you use? And do you take ant of your pictures with your phone?

    • TAZA

      thank you! all of these were taken with our canon 6D and our 24-50mm lens.

  9. I must to stop sugar also, but it’s very difficult for me. :) Maybe in the future.
    I love the color houses!!! they are amaizing! and you have good weather! Here it’s cloudy. I need sun!!
    Kisses from France

    • TAZA

      it’s the bugaboo donkey with an attachable ride board on the back!

  10. Mollie

    This post takes me BACK! I remember reading your blog when you guys lived in DC. Wow, how time flies! Looks like you had a lovely time with your family :)

    xoxo Mollie

  11. bridget

    the capitol hill home colors plus the blossoming trees?! gorgeous.

    love the blazer!

  12. DC is always so fun, and such a beautiful place! The pics are gorg…love the cherry blossom trees. I also adore your jeans…I have the same EXACT pair in 2 different washes.

    Christina |

  13. Beautiful pictures and what great memories!

    Did you braid your hair like that yourself? I’d love to see a tutorial (you know whenever you have free time with your 3 kids, running your business and living a life).

    Do you prefer DC over NYC? I’m from CA but originally from Chicago and your pictures make me miss cities so much!

  14. Kristi Lee

    Naomi … I’d been dreaming of a trip to Capitol Hill/DC based on your pictures from years and years ago! I finally went and stopped at Good Stuff, Ted’s Bulletin, 2 Amys, Eastern Market – everywhere you recommended, and you were THERE THE SAME WEEKEND! I died when I found out. You may be something of a celeb to me, let’s face it, and I felt honored to be there when you were! Thank you for all that dreaminess!

  15. those bell pepper pictures!!!! i’m dying. the sweetest.

  16. Sammy

    Love, love the homes there!

  17. I love these photos. It’s amazing to see how big they are all getting. I love that you caught the moment(s) with Conrad and the pepper. That’s one of those little memories that you will treasure so much in the future!

    Your hair is also amazing. I could use a how-to or something. I never know what to do with my hair. I’m just the worst.

    Great post! Hopefully next year I’ll make it to see the Cherry Blossoms too!

  18. Jennifer

    If you’re still in the DC area, you should try Pupatellas in Arlington for some amazing pizza! I’ve seen from your previous posts that you like Two Amys (which is great!) but this place is by far the best :)

  19. Rachel

    These pictures are so gorgeous! And you seriously have the cutest style. This trip looks like it was so much fun and as always I loved watching your snaps. :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  20. i always show photos of your family to all my family and tell them i want to have a family like yours one day. your family is legit #squadgoals! haha always so amazed how amazing you look even with three little kids.

  21. Maridith Lane

    What size New Balance does Samson wear& how old is he? I checked out the Zappos site & the sizes jump from 3 (too small) to 10 (too big). My 3 year old is between a 5 & 6 now.

    • josh

      Hi Maridith!

      We have bought New Balance shoes on Zappos for all three kids from size 4 or 5 through 11 now. I just checked Zappos again and they’re all there. Sometimes the order is funny on drop down menus because it might sort them from lowest to highest…but the low ones like 3 may be a little kid size and the 10 may be a toddler size. (After 13, they start over at 1 again.)

      ***I like to search for New Balance, then use the check boxes on the left to “narrow my choices.” I click on Boys, then all the sizes show up from 0 to 13 for infants and toddlers and also from 1 to 7 in kid sizes.***

      Does that help??


  22. Love the quality of your pictures! Looks like a nice neighborhod. The sweatshirt gives you a moment of joy and who know maybe you need it for the next one !:P

  23. P

    What happened to your “no sugar” kick???

    • TAZA

      hi! before i even started my no sugar year, i gave myself rules where i wrote in exceptions for specific holidays, the birthdays of my family members and one or two special treats when traveling. i shared all of that in my video about my food changes, and i’m still sticking to it! i don’t go over board on my special treat days eating anything with sugar in sight, but it’s been nice to indulge in one or two things i truly love while we are traveling! food is a huge reason why i love to travel, so i was excited to be back on capitol hill and get to have my favorite gelato that we don’t have in new york!

  24. Amber

    Yay! My little neighborhood! So glad you guys had a fun visit. This is silly to ask: Where is your lipstick from? I’ve been looking for a similar hue. Thank you so much!

  25. Meg

    Beautiful photos! I recently took the plunge for a Canon 6d; LOVE IT!! Also, when you first said you weren’t doing sugar it inspired me to give it a try tool! Four months and going strong. I too allow some cheat days but it is nice to know I have some self control when it comes to sugar! Love following your families great adventures!

  26. Amanda

    Hi Naomi, Your photos are beautiful! I”m definitely adding a DC trip to my list.

    Would you mind sharing where you get your wonderful eyelash extensions done in NYC? I went to one well-reviewed spot, but lost many of my natural lashes in the process, so I’m looking for a new solution.

    Thank you!

    • TAZA

      i’ve been pretty happy with eye lure in soho and bling lash off 14th. but i’m still looking for my go-to person or spot.

  27. For us Brits, a biscuit is something quite different! I must say I like the look of the all American version! ?

  28. Ashley

    I’ve see the comments above about no sugar, and that was some nice clarification. I was confused too– because of your frequency of travel, how do you balance the treats since you allow a treat during travel. Is it one treat? One treat a day? It seems like you guys have been gone more than you’ve been home this year, so just wondering how that works. A good problem to have ;)

  29. Tami

    Love these sweet pictures of your family! Just a quick tip: for any stains (thinking about the yellow pepper here?), just drizzle Dawn dish soap (blue original) on the stain, squirt hydrogen peroxide on and massage with an old toothbrush. Then wash as normal and it takes out everything! Seriously, even old set in stains.

    • TAZA

      awesome! i’m gonna definitely try that. thank you!

  30. I’m a 73 yr old grandmother….following you for years…. particularly your travel ideas…travel with our 5 grandchildren often. BUT….scrolling through your pictures today saw something VERY familiar…25 and 27 7th Street SE….we owned 23 7th Street for several years (moved in 2004) and loved the neighborhood….now back to lurking!

  31. Tammy

    you and josh are both such talented photographers. you honestly make dc, which is a beautiful city, so dreamy

  32. What a beautiful spread. You have a lovely family!
    Continue the great work. Best, MODENOVA

  33. Jessica

    Like you, I used to live near Barracks Row in D.C., but now call NYC home. I’m grateful to live in NY, but seeing these photos of the Hill make me so very happy and nostalgic. The flower stand at Eastern Market. Pitango. Those rows of colorful houses. I mean c’mon! Thanks for sharing.

  34. hanna

    The photos of your family are beautiful! –Hanna Lei

  35. angie

    hi naomi! a few years ago, my husband and i took our first trip from nyc down to dc. we went to eastern market (i insisted from following your blog ;) and lo and behold, there you were walking down the sidewalk with baby eleanor in the stroller. i called out shyly, “naomi?!” and you turned and stared blankly like, who are you and am i supposed to know you? haha you were so sweet and i just dumbly said i love your blog and was too shy to ask for a picture with you. i tell the story all the time when i find out people follow you too. it’s been so fun following you and your beautiful growing family all these years!

  36. Tamara

    Checking all your DC photos and I couldn’t help myself from writing to you that you and Josh are just amazing for creating this wonderful and rich (of experiences) childhood for your kids and even if you guys don’t do anything but that in your lives, you have done your purpose as parents and much more. I salute you both! Although I still don’t have kids, you are definitely my role models for how I aspire to be as a parent. GREAT GREAT JOB and God bless.

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