a girls weekend in nashville!

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i spent the weekend in nashville with two of my dear girlfriends, lizzie and mary martha! i definitely cried the night before i flew out to meet them, because i hadn’t been away from conrad yet and leaving my kids in general makes me anxious, but josh is such a rockstar of a father and of course he handled everything so well back here at home while i was away. he texted me a picture on sunday of the cutest braid in eleanor’s hair which he did all by himself before taking the kids to church and i almost died! it was just so sweet! like, duh naomi, he’s got it. i don’t even know why i hesitated the night before i left. probably just because i’m still nursing and i’m not away from my babies much.

but i didn’t realize how much i needed this time away until i was there. i intentionally didn’t bring my computer, and once i arrived in nashville, i deleted all of my social media apps off my phone so i could truly keep away from technology for the entire weekend without accidentally clicking into instagram or my email out of habit. i feel like i do a decent job in my day to day of not having all of that be too present in my life, but it’s definitely still there, so the weekend was a great refresher for me and if i realized anything, it’s that i need to do this more often.

i know you’ve seen lizzie and mary martha pop up on my blog before. they are two of my favorites. we’re all cut from the same cloth of wanting to get out and explore everything, eat all of it and not miss a beat while traveling. but i think we did a great job of slowing down and also relaxing, too. there were times we’d arrive at our destination and accidentally still be sitting in the car 45 minutes later because we were having such a good conversation about something. love that about these two though, and loved getting to catch up (and sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!) in nashville.

also, can we talk for a second about how kind and sweet all the people are there?! everyone greets each other so nicely and it seriously kept making my day.  also, the biscuits. i regret not bringing a big old suitcase back to new york full of only biscuits.

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we had the greatest breakfast at biscuit love! the lines are insane and we’d have waited (you all know i’m willing to wait several hours in a line for good food) but we were trying to make it to church. but the staff was the sweetest and we were able to get an order to go within a few minutes and enjoyed eating it outside on a park bench. 
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another highlight was stopping by reese witherspoon’s new shop, draper james! it’s seriously beautiful. also, the blue and white wall out back was just screaming for a jumping photo and luckily these ladies are just like me and don’t mind asking a stranger to take one for us. we actually met the cutest group of ladies who had something like 12 grandkids between them who were also doing a girls weekend in nashville. so we took some fun photos of them as well in front of the wall! haha, they were seriously the cutest ladies ever. 
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i regret that i didn’t pack my red cowboy boots.

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and mary martha ordered the sweet potato pancakes at pancake pantry which i had a bite of and it’s true, they are the best pancakes ever.

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so i’m not a big country music girl, but we didn’t skip out on the grand ole opry where we saw a really incredible show. vince gill hosted and peformed, but what stole it for me was this duo called striking matches who sing and play the guitar. apparently they have written a lot of the music you hear on the tv show nashville. their music was really beautiful and i’ve been looking them up a ton since getting back. haha! might be turning into a county music fan after all!

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sweetest flower truck!

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being that girl with the super loud breast pump all over nashville. lol. good times.

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cutest pink booths and an incredible lobster roll at le sel.

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totes y’all!

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we stopped by five daughters bakery! they make a donut similar to dominique ansel’s cronut, but they also make paleo donuts like the ones you see below….  so no grains, gluten, dairy or refined sugars in those ones. usually these kinds of treats don’t taste awesome to me, but that chocolate donut you see below was seriously unreal and tasted like it was packed with the horrible stuff i love so much. so good.

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church on sunday! and with no little kids on our laps, i can’t believe how much i got out of that meeting!

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on our way to the airport on sunday, we stopped through the cutest town called franklin. they had the sweetest toy store called it’s vintage, baby! i stocked up on some gifts for the kiddos and am already dying to go back! i’ve never seen such a thoughtful put together collection and i could have spent hours in there.

LOVE TAZA girls wknd in nashville2-2LOVE TAZA girls wknd in nashville2-3 LOVE TAZA girls wknd in nashville2-6

such a good time. hope to go again soon and bring the family!!! also, thanks a million to everyone who gave recommendations on my twitter a few weeks back. you guys never steer me wrong!

tan leather jacket, white lace blouse, jeans and orange sneakers from zara. fedora hat. pink dress and dotty wedges.  black blouse with flared sleeves.

  1. Alyssa

    ONE- how fun does this trip look? i’m a little peanut butter and jealous.
    TWO- that white lace cut shirt is super cute, and i’m going to go buy it right now, k?
    THREE- of all of the adorable pictures in this post, my favorite is the one with the pump. it’s everything.

    k bye. xo

  2. enjoli

    Now I want to visit Nashville. SOLD! Thanks, Naomi. :)

  3. Mia

    Aw I love that you got to have some time to spend with friends and less mom responsibilties. It’s making me think about how much I probably need it too! I would also be a wreck the night before but sometimes stepping away to focus on myself (even if I’m reluctant) just makes me a better mom! And oh my goodness, having kids versus not having kids makes a WORLD of difference on how much you can actually take in at a meeting!

  4. Karis

    So glad you made it to Biscuit Love! Literally one of my favorite spots in Nashville. Girls weekends are so important for the soul and happy that you were able to have a little retreat with the girls! Next time you will have to make it to the Bluebird Cafe for their singer songwriter night. Life changing even if you aren’t a country music fan.

    • TAZA

      yes! we were hoping to go but neglected to get tickets in time so the shows were sold out! just another reason so go back!!! ;)

  5. evan

    Love Nashville! My sister and I went to Biscuit Love last year and thankfully, it was a Tuesday morning so there was no line whatsoever. She’s dying to go to Five Daughters and now I’m also pretty interested in going. Love that wall, too.

  6. Tammy

    i’ve always wanted to go visit nashville. looks like you had a really great time!


  7. louise

    i’m seriously crushing on you naomi!LOVE your wardrobe, your stories and infectious enthusiasm, joy and mindfulness for what truly matters… Also, your jump poses! have a great day :)

    • TAZA

      aw, you’re the nicest!!!! your comment made my day, especially since you called out the jump pose! lol. i need to find a new one!

  8. Kelly T

    Love these pictures, looks like a great weekend trip! I’m going to be headed through Nashville in June on my way home from NC to CO, will definitely have to hit some of these spots.

  9. Maggie

    So fu! I love Nashville! So this might be a funny question, but we are just planning on our first trip away from baby and I’m all anxious about it! Do you mind me asking what kind of pump you used? I’m debating bringing my electric one or buying a manual pump because it will be easier on the go. Would love your opinion. Thanks!

    • TAZA

      i’ve used a manual pump before and find it super painful! everyone is different though, but i use the medela swing breast pump and have loved it. good luck!

  10. Rachel

    This trip looks like so much fun and I can’t get over how cute you always look!!! I’m glad you had this fun trip to yourself with your girlfriends. :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  11. Vivi

    Hi Naomi,
    one question…how do you get to enjoy all that yummy food like all the time and still look SO good! what’s your secret? maybe some workout tips? flat stomach workout tips?

  12. Pamela Rugaard

    Hey Naomi, I have followed your blog for about 4 years, love your precious family, all your D.C. and NYC pix and your strong faith. I squealed with delight when I saw the Nashville pix. we have lived here 19 years and it is the coolest place ever to live. Glad you enjoyed it, I would have died if I had been in Frankin, or Draper James and saw you. Come back again and I will give you a list of places to see, keep up the good work sista love you

  13. vicky


  14. We are so glad we were still able to get y’all fed! Thank you for giving us a try, your weekend sounds like it was such a blast so we’re thrilled to have been a part of it.

  15. Ashlee

    I love Nashville, so many hidden gems there! Your pink dress with those mint shoes are amazing!! Hope you had a great trip!


  16. Julie

    Hi Taza! How funny that you mentioned a girly weekend away in your post. Tonight my husband was teasing me and saying to me that I should have a weekend away and that he thinks I struggle a bit at being away from our 3 kids. We ended up having this big chat when I said to him a/I always make sure I have some me time whenever possible during the week and I do go out regularly at the weekend to see an exhibition, do some photography or have coffee or lunch with friends b/our oldest, our son is 7 and I want to spend as much quality time with him (and his sisters) before he prefers the company of his mates (which I know will happen even earlier that I could possibly anticipate it) but it’s true that time away from our brood help us recharge and remember that we are also woman and not just mother and spouse. I am glad you had a briliant time. I could totally relate to the tears, last time we left the kids for a weekend I cried the whole time on the plane and I felt so pathetic;)! I absolutely love your pose on the 2 jumps on your photos, you can tell you had some dancing background. Very impressive:) Big hugs from London, Julie


  17. Sarah-Louise

    I love that little vintage shop for kids! I spent a long time in there on my last trip to the Nashville area (one of my good friends lived in Franklin), did you get anything by Mayoral? awesome jammies and they hold up really well.

  18. Elena

    It’s so fun seeing your own town through a tourists eyes! The funny thing is I now have lived in NYC for a year but every time I go home to Nashville I feel like an excited tourist myself because of all the new places popping up. Love the post as usual and all the colorful outfits!

  19. Going to Nashville for a girls trip sounds like so much fun! Loving your Zara shoes… are they comfy enough to walk in all day long?
    The Pepper Express

    • TAZA

      so comfy! loving them!!!

  20. Sara

    Went to brunch on Sunday afternoon at Le Sel! Had the best time. Those french fries were divine! Looks like you had the perfect Nashville weekend. Come back again soon.

  21. hanna

    You guys look great! I love the church outfits. –Hanna Lei

  22. Katrin

    Those pancakes make me hungry as hell!
    You look stunning! Hot mama! :) x

  23. Kirra

    Naomi!! giiiiirl you wear that jumping pose so well! and i just adore your blog, please don’t ever lose your blog writing touch because I can’t get enough of it! Have the most wonderful day – your new friend from the land down under

  24. a lovely pink dress for sundey!!
    kisses from France

  25. rose j.

    So nice to take some time out away from the kiddos to rejuvenate especially while attending church! It makes a huge difference when your attention is more focused on the talks & sacrament as opposed to making sure the kids are reverent!

    My favorite pic is where all y’all are jumping! Y’all look so happy and energetic! Fun, fun!!


  26. Amy

    Looks like a fun weekend!

    Do you know where your friend’s blue cotton shirt with the bow is from?


    • TAZA

      i think it’s kate spade!

  27. Jamie

    This looks so fun! You made me want to hop on a plane to Nashville immediately.

  28. Lindsay

    Such a treat to see you in my old city! I live in Knoxville now (which is definitely worth a weekend trip, if you ever get the chance!) but Nashville is near & dear to my heart. Glad to see y’all had fun!

  29. Heather

    Ok I have to ask you- how did you travel with your pumped milk? Ill be away from my daughter for 3 days in a few weeks for the first time and I’m still breastfeeding. I am not sure what to do with all the milk I pump during that time- I do not want to dump it. Thanks!

  30. Patricia

    Hello Naomi!! This is the first time I am writing in your blog. However, since I discovered it I am hooked to this space. I think you and Josh have formed an incredible family that I admire. When I read your blog I think that I hope I will be able to do the things half as large as you. I’m pregnant now and I would appreciate if you were to write a post explaining tips about maternity (breastfeeding , be back in good shape….). Regards since Spain

  31. Julia

    Glad y’all had fun! Please do come back and bring the kids–there’s so much fun stuff to do here for the littles. We even have kangaroos at the zoo that they can pet!

  32. Nicole

    LOVE THIS! I have lived in Nashville for 10 years and it’s such a treat to see people enjoy my favorite city in the world!

  33. Emma

    Hello Naomi! That pink lipstick shade you are wearing is just amazing, I love it!! Been looking for a shade like that, what is it?

  34. Lucy

    Love all your outfits in these pictures, but especially that pink dress. To die for!
    Also totally agree about paleo/”healthty” treats don’t often taste that great, I had a paleo snickers bar slice the other day…it was bleh.

  35. Izzy

    Wow those blue shoes. Amazing.

  36. Silvia

    Hi Taza, I’ve just bought your Zara shoes. Hope they’ll fit me as well as in you. ;-)
    Thanks for your always positive energy!
    Kind regards from Spain.

  37. NINOU

    Great pictures, beautiful colours as usual! Please please I know .. weird question lol: would you be kind enough to tell me how tall you and your friends are?? Thanks so much!!

  38. Val

    I live in Nashville, and I saw y’all! I didn’t realize it til the last photo of your friends – I recognized both of their outfits. I think I saw you on Broadway. So fun!

  39. shannon

    Heading out of town for the first time since having a baby… any advice on how to get all the milk i pumped home?? do you check it in your bag??

    love your blog, helping me through my first year as a mom :)

  40. Frances

    Oh. My. GOSH. Naomi, those doughnuts. I just want to reach out and grab them they looked SO good! I have a hugeee sweet obsession (doughnuts are my weakness though) but I’ve been slowly but surely cutting down on my sweet intake. I applaud you for quitting cold turkey, besides your monthly treat or eating some when you’re on vacation. That takes will power! Still trying to find enough will power to do that :) Hope you, Josh, and your kids are doing lovely and that the weather in New York has welcomed Spring. xoxo

  41. Julia

    Hey Naomi, I love your nail polish. What colour is it? Greetings from Germany :)

  42. Lara

    I love those jeans! What style are they from Zara?

  43. Silvia

    Love your white lace top! The link doesn’t take me to the top. Would you mind sharing who makes it please! Thank you!!!