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so my 30th birthday is a little over 8 weeks away! i normally wouldn’t be counting down the weeks like that, but the past few months have been so full of reflection and also goal making and setting into action, that it’s currently more or less front of mind.  i feel like birthdays are a big deal no matter what age, but this 30th milestone just feels a little more “bam! you’re 30!” to me than years in the past.

honestly, for a few years there in my twenties i couldn’t even remember how old i was, and would sometimes say the wrong age! lol! i remember once when josh so kindly leaned in at the hospital after conrad was born and yet another nurse came in to ask me my age along with a billion other questions…he whispered, “i didn’t know if i should correct you during labor, but you’re actually 28.” it was kind of the cutest thing, that he just let me keep saying 27 for the past several hours when staff would ask. we laughed so hard.

i’m so grateful for the things i’ve been able to accomplish so far in my life, my biggest accomplishment becoming a mother to my three beautiful babies. i look at them and feel so fulfilled. i remember just a few months shy of my juilliard graduation when my peers were hitting the professional dance company audition circuit really hard, confessing to one of my directors at school that i was feeling less fulfilled dancing and longing to find something else that fulfilled me the way dance once did. people ask me all the time if i miss it, the dancing. it’s such a funny thing, and i think it’s sometimes hard for someone to understand my decision who is looking in on the outside, but no! i love seeing dance, supporting dance, still being somewhat a part of that world, but i do not miss it the way i once did when just going a weekend without moving my body felt like torture. in fact, i feel happier and more fulfilled during my chaotic days as a mother than i ever have. with a baby tugging on my shirt and two others talking over each other wanting my attention. usually surrounded by legos and always running late. but i love it. being away from my kids just for a few days last weekend while in nashville almost felt painful towards the end. i just wanted to squeeze them and love on them so terribly. i kept asking josh for updates and pictures every couple of seconds. ;) i while i feel fortunate to have other outlets, like this blog and all that has come with it, which most definitely feeds other parts of me that crave that sort of pace and change and outlet, i feel most confident and like myself when i’m with my family. sometimes i don’t even know what i’m doing or if i’m doing it correctly when it comes to being a mom, but i try and learn and do my best and when my head hits the pillow at night and i can’t keep my eyes open a second longer, i can’t help but silently thank my father in heaven for giving me this chapter of life that i sometimes feel can’t ever be topped.

with that 30th birthday just a few weeks away, i’ve been making lots of lists! working on personal habits and goals that i’m realizing won’t change or take place unless i do the work to make them happen! you know how sometimes you’re like, “i’ll do it this way when i’m an adult.” well, i can’t tell you how many times i feel like i’m just faking it till i make it when it comes to some things in regards to adulthood. so, i wanted to share a few things i’ve been working on, a few goals, and a few bucket list dreams i wanna make happen in my 30’s. i’m afraid they just might never happen unless i write them down and get to work!

the big and little goals for my 30’s…

-carry a water bottle with me everywhere. stop buying plastic water bottles when i’m out.
-limit time spent on social media (i actually have been working at this one for a while now! i’ve started charging my phone in the kitchen at night about a month ago so it’s never brought into the bedroom, and i try to not look at it until well after breakfast and morning routines with the kids have taken place, as well as limiting my time on them during the day when i’m with my kiddos. it’s been changing my life! little by little!)
-take a hot air balloon ride at sunrise or sunset.
-take my make up off at night and find a skin care routine i’m willing to stick with. (embarrassed to say i often go to sleep without washing my face. so gross, i know. but i’m working on it.)
-send a few hand written notes each month, to family, friends and loved ones (since i’m terrible at talking on the phone.)
-volunteer more, and bring my kids along (we’ve loved volunteering with many of you at meatloaf kitchen every few months! but i want to find more ways to involve my kids as well in service around their community.)
-continue developing my daily habit of exercising and build upon it (hey, i did successfully “run” on the treadmill for 3 consecutive minutes last week during my speed walking routine. beginning to feel like anything is possible!)
-become less of a night owl, and more of a morning person. maybe get a more solid morning routine down before the kids wake up so i’m ready for them instead of the other way around!
-learn a language. this is a big one, because after trying to teach myself italian several years ago and unsuccessfully only walking away with a handful of phrases, i’m more determined than ever to begin learning properly as the kids will begin learning spanish in school. i want to learn with them! i’ve committed!
-go on that african safari (our kids talk about it on the daily. haha! which is so funny because it’s been my dream since before they were even born. i love how they love adventure and travel as much as i do. making it a goal for my 30’s to take the entire family there.)

what’s on your list of goals or dreams for the next decade of your life?


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  1. Courtney

    What a great list! You should check out &Beyond (http://www.andbeyond.com/) for safari info. We just got back from two camps in Kruger National Park in South Africa for our honeymoon and still can’t believe how amazing it was! It was the most incredible trip of our lives so far. The whole time before we left, we kept calling it a “once in a lifetime experience,” but about a day into the safari we were already trying to figure out how soon we can come back. Hope you’re able to make it there!

  2. Sabine


    go to namibia! it’s beautiful and pretty safe. we went there for two weeks and drove around by ourselves and saw so much of namibia’s amazing wildlife!

    if you ever want to learn german, you need to visit us in austria! we would love to have you!

  3. Cynthia Sue

    In all honesty, if I don’t end up committing suicide from my struggle with depression, my goals for the next decade is to become a professional artist or book illustrator. Much love from Phoenix- Cynthia Sue.

  4. Carly

    Happy (almost) Birthday!!! Loved this post :)

    You should try using Fresh Soy Face Cleanser… for some reason washing my face always felt like a chore, but once I started using that cleanser I look forward to it. It also removes makeup– including eye makeup!!!

  5. Emma

    I’m coming up on my 30th birthday too (same birthday as Samson! Ha) and I have to be honest, it scares me a little bit! Love the idea of making a little list of positive things, goals and dreams, for my 30’s.

  6. MAria

    If you want to learn spanisch, you and me can writting ours y you lear spanisch and me english. Both share a expreriences and other thing. Mi name is María an I have two children. I am teacher of the university and my field is the performing arts.

    ¿Do you want?

    Si tu quieres aprender español, tu y yo nos podemos escribir y ambas compartiremos una experiencia. Mi nombre es María y tengo dos niños. Soy profesora de artes escénicas.

    ¿Tu quieres?

  7. MAria

    Ahhh!!! Sorry, I’m spanish mum. I am from Spain.

  8. Brianna

    I’d love to hear about your gym routine!!

  9. These are awesome goals and dreams! I have a few like travel to Europe, move to another state (preferably New York), ride a jet ski, drink more water, ride on a kayak, road trip across the country, and pay off my school loans!

    Thanks for sharing your goals and dreams leading up to your 30th birthday. You rock! You make turning 30 seem more exciting and not so dreadful like a lot of people make it seem.

    Wish you the best,

  10. Beatriz Borrás

    I love that you are setting yourself these goals! If you ever need help with the new language, this Spanish native speaker would be happy to lend you a hand! ;)

  11. Mhairi

    I’m so glad to know there is someone else out there who went through the same feelings after coming out of performing arts school. I studied musical theatre and after finishing my degree decided to quit while all my friends were moving on the Broadway and the West End of London. I’m still having a hard time getting people to understand why I wanted to choose family over a career on stage. What did you tell people? Thank you for sharing, it makes me feel so much less guilty for following my gut knowing someone else has done the same and it led to such a great life.

  12. Leslie

    Hey Naomi! Long time, no talk! I love your list, and like you, I cannot wait to bring my kids to some part of the African continent and have a part of that experience be seeing wildlife. (David knows that it is hard for me to want to go anywhere else on vacation actually.) Let me tell you, though, lots of places have restrictions on children on safari. In National Parks and lodges in most of South Africa, children have to be at least 6 before they can ride in open-sided safari jeeps. It is less of a big deal in East Africa where the method of transport is usually closed safari vehicles, but some places still have restrictions. There are a few private game reserves (like Tswalu in the Kalahari, which is one of our dream, bucket list destinations) that have excellent family safari experiences, even for younger children, but because they are quite expensive, I still want to wait until the boys are older to go so they can get the most out of it. We are planning a trip with the Talbots for 2022 when all of our boys are old enough! It would be so fun to have the Davis clan come too!

  13. dana

    Why is there a “read more” button when this post has only one photo? I thought you said it was to add more photo content? Is it just for more page xlicks?

    • TAZA

      hi, it’s not for page clicks, it’s so everything loads faster since the photos on my blog are now super big and wide and high res. now that we’ve set it up this way, it happens for each post. i’m not able to pick and choose which posts have the “read more” feature. but by using the feature, the entire blog as well as individual posts should load much faster, and more of the blog posts can show up on the home page, so i’ve preferred it. hope that makes sense!

  14. Abi

    Love your goals! Another year is exciting! So happy early birthday. ;)
    One of my goals is getting my blog to a point where I’m getting 20k views a day!Career wise, hopefully in 10 years I’ll have a growing successful event planning company!
    All the best, Naomi!!


  15. Kira Willimann

    As for water bottles, I highly recommend Swell! I never drank the water I carried around because it wasn’t cold…and then I bought a swell and I’m in love. It keeps it cold up to 12 hours and fits in a fjallraven kanken! I’m not sure if you have one (I know your kids do) but I was looking for a water bottle that would fit the tall, skinny side pocket. Anyway, just trying to help someone out that has a hard time carrying/drinking water because that was me for so long.

    Love your other goals! I went on a safari in South Africa and it was purely amazing. You must go.

  16. Re: the water bottle situation! I recently bought a BKR water bottle for the exact same reason! I drink so much more water now mainly because the bottle is so pretty haha. Totally worth the price tag!!

  17. Elizabeth

    Love this post! I love your family and your pictures, never stop posting :) thank you for the constant reality check in your post, and inspiration to do things. Your past life is so interesting! Julliard would be my dream, as well as living and raising a family in NYC. So jealous! Keep doing you, Taza… We love you!

  18. india

    i went on safari a few years ago in kenya and it was one of the best experiences of my life!! i also went on a hot air balloon ride at sunrise while there and that too was amazing, i highly recommend the combo! also if you have time, look up caroline hirons. my skin has never looked so good!!
    if you manage to turn yourself into more of a morning person, please let us know how you did it! i feel like I’ve been trying my whole life yet here i am at 1 in the morning still on my computer :/

  19. Janina

    If you’re going to visit Africa for Safari, go to Tanzania in January/February, when there are lots of animals with their babies.
    It’s the most beautiful place on earth! And after Safari I recommend Zanzibar for beautiful beaches.
    You can Check out my instagram for some impressions. I went there 3 years ago. Best trip ever!

    All the best from Germany,

    Janina http://www.instagram.com/foxij

  20. Carey

    Great list! I just turned thirty and I’m inspired to write a big small one too! When you do your Africa trip come to South Africa. You will be blown away, it is so diverse; sea, mountains, cities, wildlife and incredible food! x

  21. Kaitlin

    Big milestones always bring about the best reflection! I loved reading through your list of goals, and I was most excited to read your goal to go on an African safari :) I work for a nonprofit organization called The Foundation For Tomorrow that captured my heart from day one. What struck our founder in 2004 was volunteering in an orphanage in Tanzania and falling in love with four-year-old triplets. These children were about to “age out” of the orphanage when they turned five and had no where to go but the streets. For their orphanage (and many others) the devastating reality is that they don’t have the capacity to care for children after they outgrow their cribs and become school aged. These triplets, Helena, Yusuf, and Mathayo will turn 16 this November, and they were the first unofficial TFFT Scholars. With TFFT’s love, support, and guidance, they attend private, boarding school (some of the best in the country) and have a loving foster family. Our work is in Tanzania, where we are improving the quality of education available to all children and also specifically providing orphan and vulnerable children access to quality education, health insurance, and support for their family or foster family.

    Tanzania is one of the best places for safari with the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater. We could also set up time for your family to see some of our work and meet the children. When we host visitors it’s always fun when kids are along because they immediately make friends with the other children. Childhood is universal in so many ways, and it’s amazing how language and cultural barriers melt away!

    Anyway, a very wordy message to say that Tanzania would welcome the Davis Family with open arms, and The Foundation For Tomorrow would love to play a small part in helping you realize this dream! Happy early birthday!

  22. Rachel

    Love love love this post! And we’re both counting down to similar times for quite different reasons. I’m counting eight weeks til my due date with baby number 1!

    Also loving your little list. Safari trips are amazing and definitely something I need to do again. And a hot air balloon ride is definitely on my bucket list!

    Good luck with your list – I’m sure you’re going to ace it!!

    Rach // illustratedteacup.com

  23. I always love reading people’s goals because it gives us all ideas of things I think we try to do subconsciously without necessarily realizing it! Like water bottles…that’s a great one!

    I’m trying to learn Italian (we are going to Italy next year) but so far all I’ve done is buy Rosetta stone. Baby steps.

    I too would like to become more of a morning person. I’m lucky in that my kids don’t get up until about 7:30am so I feel like if I just got up at 6:30am I could get myself ready and then feel less rushed or like I don’t have any time to brush my hair. I’m not a night person either though…maybe I’m an afternoon person? Is that a thing?

  24. I have always wanted to learn Italian! But for now I’m just trying to finish Spanish. The language program I use is pimsleur. It is the absolute best. You should give it a try.

    I download all the lessons onto my little iPod shuffle. I do a lesson each morning on my way to work. I’ve never learned a language so fast!

    I love your blog. It always brightens my day. Keep it up:)

  25. safari! gah! i’ve dreamed of that one for a long time now too. but currently really dying to go to iceland!

    love that you are looking forward to your 30s. i feel like so many of yours are on my list too (though i’m already in my 30s). learning a language (well learning it better) is always always always on my list. you can do it!


  26. Rachel

    This is pretty unrelated to this particular post but have you heard of or do GoNoodle with your kids? I’m a teacher and we use them for what we call “brain breaks” but there so many fun videos for dancing along to and singing! I thought of you the other day while we were doing them! My parents love using it at home too because it’s free! just thought I would share that with you!

  27. Olivia

    I’m currently trying to learn another language as well and the app Duolingo has really helped! It’s not perfect, but it keeps me interested and its relatively easy to use.

    Good luck!

  28. Lindsay

    One of my goals for my 20s (which I”m almost 2 years into now… eep!) was to stick with a skincare routine for the first time. I got a Clairsonic last month and have been using it every single day. Something about that device sitting on the side of my sink every day has made me stick with it! Plus, my skin doesn’t feel clean when I forget to use it, which is a hugely motivating factor. I thought I’d mention it in case it might work for you!

  29. Happy early Birthday! Thank you so much for sharing your goals. I hope you reach them all and more. Do you have any specific blog or career goals?



  30. Tammy

    i really want to become a morning person too! once it hits 9:30, i’m wide awake until i force myself to sleep. so bad! these are great goals


  31. Becca

    I too want to become more of a morning person, which my 20-something self would have totally been appalled at. As for face washing (and flossing) I was just telling my husband that I finally get it, it needs to happen, so I do it. Total adult moment. I’m 35 though so perhaps it takes a few more years for that to stick? Happy early bday!

  32. hanna

    pst, here in norway we learn to never charge the phone when asleep or away; it´s so very flammable!

    and another goal for you and all of us interested in saving the planet: reduce the flying! like african safaris etc.:) first of all for the environment, but also for you children; if you make all their dreams come true when they are so small, how big must the dreams be when they get bigger to give them the same pleasure!

  33. Ola

    Haha, this small incident in hospital was hilarious and I totally get what you man. The other day I was talking to my friend and we were talking about us getting older and I kept thinking and saying l ‘m 31 and then suddenly my friend said, wait, if I’m 34 this year then you my dear become 33 in August and I was like Bam! I’m 33, ha!


  34. Marielle

    I love how honestly you spoke in this post. Had to read it twice it was so good! :)

  35. Kema

    I LOVE your list! I think it’s a doable list for you, you seem so determined. Good luck!
    I will be turning 30 in July and on my list was to learn another language as well. I know the basic Spanish from H.S but nothing more. I’d like to at least learn Spanish for the medical field since my future career will be in Medicine (Certified Nurse Midwife to be exact). That being said, I am in my second to last semester of earning my ASL (American Sign Language) Communications degree. I graduate next Spring, so I am technically learning a second language. Another goal was to just earn my degree in general. I won’t have it before I turn 30 (which was the initial goal) BUT I’ll be more than 75% there.
    I love your blog very much. Keep up the great work in your career and life in general.
    xoxo, Kema

  36. Jane

    Great resolutions! I’ve wanted to make lists of things I can do to make my days/life more intentional.

    As for learning a language, I’m currently using Duolingo to learn some Norwegian for my upcoming trip there. I recommend it! It’s very straight forward but good if you’re starting at the very beginning.

  37. I’m in the same boat…I’m actually about to be 31, just had our 4th baby and I keep thinking “I’ll be that way or do that when I’m an adult”….but hold on a minute…I’ve been an adult for over a decade! Yikes!! Iv’e started carrying contigo water bottles daily bc they were a great deal at Costco and I just bought some louisiana goodies to send to 2 of my cousins who I never see but have been thinking about lately. I love your list! And you inspire me to travel with my kids! Happy goal-setting! Hope you get to do it all and so much more!

  38. I forgot to add that I just changed up my skin care routine (or lack thereof) and really like keihl’s ultra facial cream…it’s so creamy and light but really moisturizing and has brightened my skin tone. I think it has made me look less tired which seems impossible these days! Plus, it’s right there in NYC :) you and me, seriously, we’re in the same phase of life…

  39. Laura

    Love goal setting! My 30th is in September, and I have a list of 30 things to do before I turn 30. For language learning I HIGHLY recommend DuoLingo. It’s a free app that makes learning a language like a game. So fun and really works. I’m learning French and my husband is learning Italian. Good luck!

  40. Felisha

    Mine is to literally learn an ounce of patience :) I’m constantly doing things and I’d like to master the art of taking it easy.


  41. Hilari Ross

    Hi Naomi,

    I have been following your blog for years now and it has been such a treat to see everything you and your adorable family do! I have never commented on your site but when I saw that you want to go to Africa I knew I had to! I am an Africa Specialist with South African Airways Vacations, we specialize in trips to Southern Africa! I know it’s a long shot but if you need any help planning a trip I would love to help you! I just know the kids would absolutely love going on Safari, it is an experience of a lifetime! My email is [email protected] please feel free to contact me anytime, even if you would just like some advise on where to go and what to do!

    Kindest Regards,

    Hilari Ross

  42. as a fellow dancer turned mom, I was very moved by this post. thank you for your honesty.

    one great volunteer activity to do with kids is make birthday cards for home-bound seniors. they can be dropped off on the UWS.


    this afternoon we are making the oatmeal cookie recipe you posted a link to last week for a soup kitchen…

  43. So i just turned 29 and have a just a few weeks less than a year before I turn 30. I hear you on the wrong age. When I was 27 I would always say I was 26. Never registered why.

    I like your list and the idea of making goals and list. I have been putting more things down on paper and writing. I would love to create more fluid content for my little corner of the internet(blog)

    As a hospitality major in college I always said I would travel. I am thinking more and more about that this year. Will see if I can make it actually happen.

  44. You should try the Duolingo app. A friend recommended it to me to help me practice my French. The way they teach is fun and the app involves listening, reading, and speaking the language.

  45. Jess.

    Just another vote for Duolingo. It really is fun, and even though I’m not as committed as I would like to be, it seems to really be helping my brain to learn French. xox

  46. Yelle

    i’ve said no to plastic water bottles for years! i’m learning to cut out other “one use” plastics from my life, but it’s a challenge. at least it’s a worthy one. oh – as for limiting time on social media? not only am i “curating” my social media profiles more these days, i’m even curating the time i spend on them as well! it leaves way more time for cuddling with my two favorite guys – my husband and my dog. xo

  47. Darlene

    I also turn 30 this summer (end of July! are we birthday twins?) and my youngest just turned 1. My biggest goals now are becoming more organized (life with three kiddos is pure chaos) and travel more! We have a cruise coming up, and hopefully can make it back to Sweden in the next year also!

  48. Sammy

    Love your post! The country needs more of you!

  49. Julie

    Hi Naomi! I found it really interesting to read your post and how you are already looking ahead and planning your next challenge. I had my first baby age 30 and that was the most exciting challenge of all, 2 more followed and I guess for me it’s been the most exciting and exhausting journey of all with these 3. I always find it’s great to aspire to new things, new experiences and how to better ourselves. For me, it’s a daily moto, whether in my role as a mum, wife or simply as a woman, It really keeps me going. What also keeps me going is to manage to find beauty, pleasure and satisfaction in tiny little things of everyday life and to keep a positive spirit. Yes, I love big trips, exciting projects etc but it’s always tempting to want the next big thing when the real happiness and contentment could just be on your doorstep.
    Thanks for sharing your goals, I find I have a lots of things I share with you and I love inspiring and down to earth people like you:)

    Hugs from London, Julie


  50. Pilar

    Hi Naomi! I’m Pilar, a 23 year old medicine student from Spain.

    I started reading your blog four years ago when I had just moved to another city to start this degree in another town not very far from mine. My friend recomended it, and visiting this page has made my time away from home much nicer. I got to know you and your fun family as you where creating it and I have loved every post.

    It has cheared me up when I was home sick, It has encouraged me to live every little detail of my life as it was unique and sepcial, It has made me put myself goals to achieve and also, It has REALLY helped to improve my English (specially vocabulary).

    I think I’ve always had an idea of how I’d like to live when I’m older. Now that I’m starting to see the end of my days as medicine student, I know I’m not very far from creating my own family. Since I was younger I’ve always had the feeling that I don’t need to wait to be 30 to get married and have children and sometimes people think it’s weird, but I have had a plenty student life and I think I’m ready for it. Reading your blog makes me be braver to say how I think about it and not to be so shy.

    Anyway, Spanish is not a difficult language. In case you like, we could email each other.

    Thaks for all your energy and positiveness! It really makes me want to eat the world! (Spanish expression used to express you feel you can conquer everything).



  51. Carrie

    Whoa this post just reminded me that I am 28 and nearly 30 too. I still feel like a kid so it’s crazy that I have a 7 week old!

    I share your goals – especially washing my face!

  52. megan

    cute naomi!♡ love your goals so much!

  53. Rachel Bakken

    Love your goals!!! I am also turning 30 soon (June 6th) and it really is so exciting! The only country in Africa I have visited is Namibia – it is beautiful. Absolutely breathtaking.

  54. Emily

    Definitely go on that African safari (but maybe when your kids are a little older so they will all enjoy it)! My family went on a Kenyan photo safari many many moons ago when I was in high school and it was life altering amazing. I have vivid memories of open roof jeep trips across the Serengeti, sleeping in tents under the stars, following lions on the hunt, tracking elephant “droppings”, a hot air balloon at sunrise where we witnessed the Great Migration of wildebeest, waking in the wee hours of the night at an “ark” hotel that was a watering hole for animals, and meeting Masai people in their villages. So seriously precious to travel as a family. I love your adventurous spirit and all the posts about this part of your life.

  55. Marina

    Hi Naomi!
    I’m 21 and i follow the blog here from Brazil!
    Maybe a trip here is a good plan for the 30’s. And for my 22, a NY goal it’s fair, you make me felt in love for the city!
    Thank you for inspiring me everyday!
    Muitos beijos!

  56. i freaking love your blog. you inspire me. always.

  57. Michelle

    I love your focus on family and your joy for motherhood. What a beautiful example you are. I love how you look for the good and at the same time are so real and authentic. I hope to follow your lead in so many ways. Thank you for your sweet blog and inspiration.

  58. Katrin

    It’s great to create lists like this! I do this every year and it’s awesome to see what you have done after the year is over :)

  59. Brittany

    Great list! I am on my way to turning 25, and for some reason, it feels like a big age. I feel like I want to make the most of the rest of my 20s. I have so many goals! I want to continue traveling the world (I’m currently living in Turkey, so I’d love to see all of Europe and some of the Middle East), learning languages, get my Master’s somewhere in Europe (ideally France!), write a novel….the list could go on forever. I’m hoping I can tackle at least a few of the things on my list before 30. :)

  60. Maelle

    Hi Naomi!

    I think it is absolutely crazy how much you have accomplished already, and you aren’t even thirty yet..!
    I started reading your blog back when you were living in DC and expecting Eleanor ; it was a really dark time in my life and your positivity and happiness were – and still are – super refreshing and reassuring. i kept saying to myself that it was possible, that everything was going to be ok, that one day i could have this as well, a loving husband and a beautiful family, because that was all i ever wanted.

    Fast forward to now and i am in a really, really good place. This time in my life has felt very free and i love it. My goals have shifted though, and now and until i reach thirty (i am 25) it is to travel and see the world as much as possible!

    I wish you all the best for your thirties, you are a beautiful person, inside and out.

  61. Michalia

    To the person called Cynthia Sue who posted about suicide…you are not invisible. I really hope you get the help you need in real life. Depression is temporary, it is not your self.

  62. Finding and creating volunteer opportunities for kids is one of our main goals! If you are still looking for ways to become involved in your community we have a campaign entitled, #Didsomething, starting in May! Check your e-mail to learn more! Hope you’re able to participate!

    We launch in May but you can check us out at http://www.kindnessindemand.org

  63. Thays

    Just wanted to start of by saying happy early birthday and I love your family!!! I follow you on instagram and it is always so nice to see the photos you post of your family. I am currently 19 years old and I am about to turn 20 in June! For me that is so weird…the big 2-0. I wonder where I will be in 30 years. I hope that I would have a family as lovely as yours.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  64. Dorothy

    Hello from California! For water bottles, look for double-wall stainless steel which keeps your water cold for 12+hours! Swell, Oggi… I’m sure there are many other brands. I actually found beautiful Oggi bottles (pretty much same as Swell) at Ross Dress for Less & TJ Maxx – big savings too. Thanks for sharing your lost – I always look forward to your insta & snap updates too!

  65. Steffi (Germany)

    So great to read this post. I’m really looking forward to my 30th birthday next year. Can’t wait for it, because my husband and I will turn 30th “together” and will throw a big party with disney theme and a piniata.
    And of course I started a list, what I want to do before my 30th birthday and a list what I want to do, when I’m already 30th.
    The biggest point on the 30th list is: going to be a mum (of a little girl)!

  66. Awenia

    You should learn Spanish , and so come to visit Spain ! You have here some followers. :)
    You’ll see how the 30 are great !

  67. Great list. I’ll pin it. Useful thoughts!

  68. Marissa

    I’m going on an African Safari this June! I’ll let you know how it goes!!


  69. Isabel

    Hi Naomi,

    I have been a huge fan of your blog and Instagram account for the last year now. I am 20 and still in university. I am currently studying abroad in South Africa and still follow along with your accounts here in Cape Town. I think this list is such an inspiration. You have achieved so much, in my opinion, and it is amazing to see you push to achieve more.

    Also, if you ever find yourself in South Africa I would love to give you some travel tips! I have spent about four months here and it has been the most beautiful, life-changing journey for me. My biggest regret is not keeping a blog about it, actually!

    Hope this next year is even bigger and better for you and your loved ones.

    Kindest regards,
    Isabel Thompson

  70. Adrianna

    As far as skin care routine you should try embryolisse cream. It’s so soft and moisturizing and you can use it as a primer OR make up remover. I put it on every morning under my make up and put it on at night to remove it. I can see the difference in my skin and it’s just one product. So easy!

  71. Helen

    Hi Naomi!!!!

    I never normally comment but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to recommend South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, I went this summer and it was incredible, you stay in lodges within the park and the animals walk right by your front door. When you want to go to breakfast in the main building you have to call a guard. It’s an incredible experience and the staff and facilities are absolutely 5*

    Helen X

  72. Helen

    I completely forgot the important details! Where I stayed inside the safari park is called Mfuwe Lodge

    Helen x

  73. Amanda

    I just turned 30 last month and one of my goals was to also get into a good skincare routine. Through that I found Rodan + Fields. You should check them out. They have 4 great regimens that are amazing but if you aren’t use to skincare routine you could start with their face cloths and eye cream (which are just amazing.)

    Also, I was going to e-mail you because my family is in the process of moving to NYC. We are a military family transitioning out into the business world. We are a family of 4 (2 little girls) and don’t know anything about living in a city, let alone with little kids. I know you probably get a ton of e-mails daily but I would love to e-mail you and ask a few questions and get any tips you might have for us.

    Thank you for sharing your life with us through your blog. I enjoy following along and your kiddos are adorable


    PS-if you are interested in learning more about R+F I would be happy to share.

  74. Anna

    Dirty thirty!! You will love this new decade. I loved turning 30 because so often you feel a new sense of confidence and clarity about life and it feels great!

    Also wanted to say that I am terrible about washing my face at night and I swear by those cleansing face wipes. Despite this being reality or not, I trick myself into thinking it is an easier option (and maybe it is). It’s quick & when I get up in the morning, it feels good to officially wash my face & get off the mascara & start fresh with my go-to products. I still want to do a little more research into some better wipes/scrub pads than are at the drug store — you have to experiment because some leave a weird residue — but it’s a great option. Wipe off & toss! And you’re done. I’m sure you have the hook-up for good brands so I’d love to see if you could recommend something to try out!

  75. Olga

    So my 40th birthday is a litle over 15 weeks away. It’s funny because i’m 10 years older than you, but more or less my plans for the next dacade are the same, especially take off my makeup at nigth,hahahaha. I’m a happy mum of 3kids, the eldest daugther is 6 years old,and my tweens are 4, and what i want for next 10 years is to spend more time with my kids, but at the same time have time for me, make exercice, and travel with my family around the world.

  76. Amy

    Love this goal list of yours! I am going on 37 and have similar goals or am inspired by your others. One thing I’ve finally mastered is the consistent face washing goal! Ever heard of Rodan + Fields skin care? Well, I sell it and I now have the best skin of my life. It was developed by the same dermatologists that developed Proactiv, but it’s anti-aging! Do some research! It is #1 in anti-aging and acne, and #2 overall skin care line in the US! Hope this helps!

  77. Leanne

    Hi Naomi, I’ve been faithfully ? following you guys for the last 4 years I think! I’m from South Africa… If you’d like to come on a safari checkout http://www.cedarberg.com they’re based in SA and specialize in Sub Saharan safaris.. Also come to Cape Town, and Hermanus where we live.. Come see the whales and winelands in August! You’ll love every minute of it!! Let me know if you’d like a inside scoop of SA! Definitely not as bad as the media try to expose.. Be blessed!

  78. Shar

    Hi Naomi, just wondering if you and Josh plan on having any more kids? As a 26 year old with a toddler daughter, I always imagined that I would be done having kids by the time I am 30 so as to commemorate a whole new decade of aspirations. My daughter is keeping me and my husband on our toes so we aren’t necessarily rushing to have another one, although I do hear the clock ticking on my own childbearing goals. While we only want two children, I also think that if we have another girl, we would be so so so tempted to try again for a boy. If you are done having kids, how did you know you were done? You’re lucky you got a girl and boy off the bat. Do you ever dream of a sister for E? Sorry if this came across as too personal but but I really appreciate any insight you can give me!