2amy’s and visiting the spy museum in DC!


we started our first day off in DC last week with a big lunch at 2amy’s! last time we were in DC in november (we made a 24 hour VLOG that trip), we sadly didn’t realize they were closed on monday’s and weren’t able to go. you all know how much i obsess over this place. you can’t even try to argue with me that anywhere in the U.S. makes better pizza, because even if you are right, i’ll just refuse to believe you. (and yes, i’m super stubborn that way, just ask my husband.)

2amy’s is one of the things i miss most about DC. i think i’m blue in the face at this point from talking so much about it, but if you go, get the meatballs, the supplí a telefono (rice balls), the roasted olives and the margarita d.o.c. pizza (josh loves to add pepperoni to his lately, which has been growing on me, actually.)

now that that is out of the way, here’s a bunch of photos from our lunch! also down below, we walked through DC’s new city center which has the most gorgeous lantern display out, and took the kids to the spy museum where we spent several hours because they were having such a good time (it was our first time visiting that museum. very cool.)


it’s terrible, but i hold onto too many drawings from my kids. this one eleanor made had the prettiest color scheme going on that i was trying to figure out a way to bring it home without folding it to possibly frame. haha! i’m redoing one of our gallery walls in the apartment and it just went so well with the colors on the wall. sadly, we spilt a little water on the corner of it, so it didn’t make it home, but i want to find better ways of preserving literally everything they create! if any of you parents have any good ideas in efficient ways to save them, let me know!


caught josh mid sentence excitedly reporting to me that conrad was eating a pepperoni and LIKING it! it’s a big deal because i feel like they are slightly spicy. he ate several though! he’s a champ.


this kid. this face. this haircut. SAMSON, i adore you.


he wants to do everything eleanor and samson are doing, which is why he must color (or try) at every table setting where crayons are present. also, for those who have asked about my criss cross milk braids, HERE is a tutorial i put together for the blog a few years ago when my hair was long and i wore it like this all the time. can’t wait for my hair to finally be long enough for fun hair-do’s again! someone remind me next time i wanna cut it that i’ll miss all my criss cross braiding too much!


that suppli a telefono lookin’ all YUM right now.


and for those who have inquired about the kiddos watches, i don’t know how they have not lost them, but we gave them to the kids 2 christmas’ ago and they still love them so much! they are from amazon, and are waterproof, so they keep them on most of the time besides when i can talk them into taking them off and giving the skin underneath a rest.  it’s been helping with learning to tell time, which we’ve been working on!


our first time to the spy museum and these guys LOVED it! that place was really fun, especially the air duct above a room which my kids crawled through like 7 times in a row!


there is this room where you think you’re in a submarine looking out a window at sharks swimming by and then a shark just starts attacking the window and it truly feels crazy real. in true davis family fashion, we had to stop and experience the shark attack about 12 times in a row. and for samson below, it DIDN’T GET OLD once!


do you see what i mean? he’d cover his eyes and then peek through playfully because he didn’t really wanna miss it! and then he’d laugh and ask if we could do it again! bless his sweet heart, it made my day!

conrad also enjoyed the shark attack, over and over again!


sneakily peering out at the people in the room below as they were up in the air duct! when we asked them afterwards what their favorite part of the museum was, it was crawling through the air duct!


such a great trip and so many feelings for DC. can’t ever get enough of that place. if you missed it, CHERRY BLOSSOMS and the RENWICK GALLERY and our WALK AROUND CAPITOL HILL posts from this trip. and here’s a 24 HOUR VLOG from the last time we drove down in november!

ME: jcrew last season, high waisted jeans (in the black denim wash HERE), sneakers. ELEANOR: culottes from crewcuts (can’t find online but bought in store recently) and sweater. SAMSON: white tee from gap, blue chinos, and red sneakers. CONRAD: polarn o pyret button up, zara jeans and sneakers.

  1. Tracy

    Would love details on your nail color, so lovely!

    • TAZA

      hey tracy! it’s a color from the nail salon that i neglected to look up the name. will try to check the name out next time i go in!

  2. ann

    try the artkive app for savings your kids’ artwork. you and your family are lovely!

  3. Kelsey

    Try the artkive app. I take pics of my daughher’s creations and save them in the app.

  4. steph

    I lived in DC for grad school and took my very-picky-eater sister to 2 Amys. In the 40 years I’ve known her, it’s the ONE place she didn’t complain and ate everything ;)

  5. Rachel

    I am totally trying this place if I ever go to D.C.! You have totally sold me on it! :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  6. Samantha

    I take pictures of my 5 yr old’s artwork and then throw (most of) them away! She’s in kindergarten, and comes home with something EVERY DAY. ha. At the end of the year, I choose a bunch to include in her photo book that I make online. It’s fun to flip through the pages and see all the stuff she has made over the years!

  7. Ree

    Looks like so much fun! I would love to take my kids there sometime. Also your hair, so cute!

  8. Julie

    Hi Naomi!
    I want to keep all my oldest daughter’s artwork too. Clearly impossible! Few are on display, for the rest, I snapped a picture of each drawing and such, and made a book! She loves going through her “drawings when I was a baby” book!
    Will try to keep this up with my youngest too.
    xxx Julie

  9. justine

    i feel like a psycho as i’ve asked this before, but where are Eleanor’s purple sneakers from?

    • TAZA

      they are from crewcuts last fall! i neglected to link, sorry!

  10. Emily

    Hi Naomi,

    I spotted this a couple of months ago via the Babyccino blog and remembered how clever I thought it was. Its does involve holding on to the art work to be able to send it in, But if you were looking to collate it all, it seems like a nice way to preserve it all together.

    Its is a UK based company so I don’t know if they accept international orders but i’m sure you guys have a similar thing in America!



  11. Katrin

    I just love D.C.!! Your trips always look like a lot of fun!! Great photos! x

  12. Annika

    Conrad is such a little redhead now!

    Also, I can’t believe how many things you managed to pack into your short trip. So much fun. I want to go to DC with my teens before they lose interest in family trips!

  13. Katelyn

    i’m very stubborn too! especially about restaurants. i typically love or hate a place, and it’s very hard to change my opinion


  14. Danielle

    What a fun, quick trip you guys had!
    A few moms have already suggested this, but taking pictures of your kids artwork and then making a book online is a fantastic idea! My kids are 27 months and 7 months, so I don’t have this problem yet lol The book of your kiddos artwork and project would be a great gift for grandparents!
    I just ador reading about your cute family and all of your adventures!!! Thank you for sharing!

  15. maria

    try plum print, they turn your kid’s artwork into picture books

  16. SC

    I went to 2Amy’s THREE times in one trip a few years ago!

  17. Mackenzi

    Maybe you could scan the artwork and then save it on your laptop!

  18. Amy

    Looks so fun!! And the food – mmm.

    Why don’t you scan their artwork and make files for each of them? Can even organize them by year. That would be so satisfying.

  19. Eli

    Those little masterpieces our kids make are so dear, preserving them is a mission, you’re right Naomi. My daughter has never left home without a piece of paper and a pen so the challenge was always huge yet I’ve found a way to hold on to her artwork for little longer.

    Once a good pile of drawings has been collected, I take it to a nearby print store and ask for it to be bound so it comes out as a nice book to be then looked through. Also small pieces, notes and crafts get into a transparent pouch and into a folder – please check a post I wrote about preserving kids’ artwork here, hope it will help xx:


  20. Liz

    I take pictures of my kids’ stuff and make collages that I print and hang or add to a photo book. Works great :)

  21. Lynn

    Try plumprint.com. You send them your kids artwork and they make it into a coffee table book. Cheers

  22. Holly Brain

    Just like you I adore my kids art. I buy a nice binder, last time from the container store. Then by plastic page protectors. I keep the folders easily ecessible. When the create something I want to save I date it, sometimes clarify what the drawing is and slip it in. My kids love looking at their books. It sounds like it could get out of control. It I just keep my favorites.

  23. Tammy

    1. your sweater is stunning
    2. that photo of you and conrad honestly just melts my heart
    3. did you go to the shake shack next door to the museum?!

    loveee that museum. i went with my dad after touring gw (back when i was looking at colleges forever ago) so i have great memories there


  24. I’ve scanned the best pictures of my child and after I did a photo book. It’s lovely see it again and see the evolution.

    (sorry for my english, I try to improuve)

    *Kisses from France

  25. Deborah

    hallo lovely family! You should come to Italy! I will bring you to eat the amazing pizza and yet to wonderful museums fun for kids as well of course!

    Amy’s pizza looks really greath though!

    if you want to see our Italian adventures:

  26. You are really making me want to plan a trip to DC! I am loving all of your pictures, you guys look like you had so much fun. And I am going to try that milk braid tutorial this weekend!



  27. Alida

    Hi Taza, can I suggest Project Life as a great way to preserve both photo’s in tangible form and also kids artwork and any other bits and pieces of life. I don’t work for them, just been using the system for a couple of years and loving it. Ali Edwards on her blog gives good examples of incorporating her kids artwork and notes. It’s basically a memory keeping system where you do a layout per week (or as often as you want to), and just slip your photo’s and other stuff into pocket pages. Easy to look back at weeks at a glance.

  28. kristin

    will you pleeeaaasssseee do a hair tutorial or attach link if you already have ? my hair is probably twice as long ( but thin ) and i am just blown away that you can do this with shorter hair! i feel like I’ve tried and it looks like such a joke. teach me your ways lady!

  29. Lexy

    If you take a picture of each drawing, you could make a photobook with just their artwork from the year! I’d use Blurb because I like the simplicity you’re able to have and you can customize it easier than something like Shutterfly.

  30. hanna

    The food looks so good! –Hanna Lei

  31. Kelly

    I love DC, it’s one of my favorite places to visit and has always been at the top of my “if we could live anywhere” lists. We try to get out there at least once a year, it’s about a 6-7 hour drive. It gets better each visit. We haven’t yet made it to the spy museum though, but we will on our next visit, it looks awesome!

  32. Julie

    Hi Taza, I loved seeing your little ones faces enjoying themselves at the museum. I am a strong believer that it’s great to expose the kids from a young age to arts & co – even if for a short visit. I made the most of the fact my baby was in nursery last week for one day to take the older ones to do some sightseeing in London and we ended up at the Tate Modern. They probably had more fun going up and down the elevators but we spent a bit of time in a couple of galleries and I loved hearing their reactions and comments on certain works of art. Have a great weekend! Julie xx


  33. Pam

    Your sweater looks like it has popcorn on the sleeves and I love it! lol I know it’s not popcorn but it’s stil it’s pretty cute. Love the snaps! xx


  34. Shilah

    The sharks would have literally stopped my heart. I’m so terrified of sharks ahhhhh.

    This is the easiest way to preserve your kids artwork: take out your phone and take a picture of it. Phones take such great images these days it’s pretty much just as good as having the origional. When you’re eating out and your kids are drawing lay the picture out flat on the table and take picture from above. If you still want to frame and hang it use a crop tool to trim it down to just the picture and then print it out!

    I have a wall in my playroom where I hang all my kids art on clothespins. At the end of every month I take it all down, take pictures of it all, and then recycle it. My kids know the drill and eagerly help me! At the end of the year I make Chatbooks for each of my kids with all the artwork from that year. I usually have them sign their names so I don’t get them mixed up. This way I get to keep their art forever and it doesn’t take up any space!