welcoming spring!

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yesterday was one of those days where the weather felt to be reassuring me with every step i took outside that spring is right around the corner. as we pulled off our coats and sweaters and other layers while making our way down to the lower east side to see friends, i just wanted to scream, “new york, i love you!” because there is this sort of energy that is reborn in the city each spring, and you start to see everyone out more, with the playgrounds and parks full of people and the streets and sidewalk cafes bustling, too. people seem to smile more, because they aren’t rushing around in puffy jackets with their heads down trying to block to cold wind in their eyes…. and for me, being able to dictate how long we’ll stay out based on our own freewill over the cold weather (all day every day, please!), is something pretty special as well.

we explored the lower east side with friends, did a little playground hopping and finished the day off with ice cream cones before dinner, because that’s how you say, “warm weather, please stay through all of march, and then april too! and onto may and through october!” it’s just hard to beat. i’m a broken record when it comes to professing my love for new york and good weather and days well spent in the city, but my excitement is hard to contain at times when life feels good. and yesterday was good.


these photos of C are a little blurry, but i love them still! he’s excited about spring and no jackets and longer playground dates, too! conrad, just you wait, love. you are going to love these next few months!


and you realize your kids are having the best time of their lives when they are already full on in the sandbox before turning around and asking you if they can get in (i hate the sandboxes at these parks around the city, but we just went with it yesterday.)


eleanor and her little friends together make me so happy.


ice cream cones at davey’s for the littles!


and big day for conrad getting his own little scoop (which he devoured all by himself!) it was impossible to not let him in on the action when all the kids around him including his siblings had ice cream cones. welcome to the good life, conrad! he’s just gotten his “please” and “thank you” signs down so it felt appropriate since he signed “please” so diligently waiting for his scoop.


these two photos above are thanks to eleanor being behind the camera lens! she’s getting good, no?! first image was to test to make sure she had me in the frame, and second one of me and friends latonya and belle which she nailed! proud of her!

lowereast1-6 lowereast1-9lowereast1-3lowereast1-12lowereast1-14lowereast1-8lowereast1-22 excited for all the new adventures this warm weather will bring! you’re a wonderful beautiful place to live, new york. and we’re so thankful to be here.

ME: highwaisted black jeans, zara denim button up (old), shaggy vest (sold out, but similar HERE), wool fedora hat, booties (old, but similar HERE) and camera bag (old, but trying to take better care of my camera after we accidentally broke a lens last week!) wearing nars heat wave lipstick. ELEANOR: crewcuts sweater, shaggy vest from mini boden, skirt from hum stitchery c/o SAMSON: gap kids jeans, hanna andersson sweater, new balance tennis shoes. CONRAD: patagonia jacket, sweater and jeans from baby zara. new balance baby tennis shoes.

  1. Nicole

    Hooray for the first signs of spring! It was 61 here in Chicago at 8pm and just felt like spring… I cannot wait!

    Have to ask, though I’m sure you’ve mentioned this before – what stroller is that? I’m guessing E’s ‘seat’ is an attachment? Thanks!

  2. Megan

    You and Eleanor both looked adorable matching in those vests! So happy to see how many people are wearing them these days as they just look darling on everyone!:)

  3. vicky

    I’d kill for some decently good weather here in Texas! it’s been rainy and dreary and I just want some sunshine.

    I’m kind of dying over Eleanor’s group huddle. SO cute.

  4. Tammy

    loving this outfit! that denim button down is amazing. also, eleanor is becoming such a great little photographer! impressed by her skills


  5. This post is everything. I love the love you have for NYC. After visiting NYC a couple months ago I have fallen in love and can’t stop talking about it! It’s so nice to see the photos you share of New York and your adventures, especially with spring around the corner. Also, your style in these photos is on point. Get it lady!


  6. Ellie Dufrene

    Baby sign language,, a mama’s heart just can’t resist it!!

  7. Rebecca

    Thanks for sharing some of that spring energy! It hasn’t quite come to Ireland yet but it was so refreshing still to read about someone else being able to pull off their coats! ;)

  8. Jamie

    What a sweet post x Cuties all around and I love the inspiration to make the most of New York in Spring.

  9. Natali

    Such an amazing photos! Spring is def. in the air!! Your outfit is flawless!! I’m loving that bag!!


  10. Paige

    These pictures are all so fun! I’m sure it must be nice to be able to venture around NYC without all the bundles and layers!


  11. bri

    oh gosh these photos are so full of life and fun! you can just feel the energy and excitement! we had our first spring day here in ohio too and it’s amazing what it does for our moods. on our morning walk, william kept turning around in the stroller to blow me kisses and say ‘i love you, mama’. i swear it was the sun and warmth because it was kiiiiind of out of character for him ;) usually spends walk time fighting with his sister. ha! love it!

  12. ONA

    So lovely! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos — your Brixton bag is looking more beautiful every time we see it. :) The older, the more beautiful, we say!

  13. Stephanie

    What book did you read to learn about baby sign language?

  14. i’m loving the warm weather we are having here on the east coast!! i hope it’s here to stay ;)


  15. You’re so gorgeous!! Your family is adorable! How did Conrad got so big?? I remember when you had Eleanor :) time flies!
    Hug from Portugal <3


  16. What joyous photos! I’m so happy it’s starting to warm up a bit! This winter was a doozy.

  17. I love seeing NYC through your photos!

  18. So pretty!! I can’t wait to be in NYC this summer again! But even more so I can not wait for spring to arrive here in The Netherlands either. Its been freezing still :(


  19. Sabine

    Hey Taza!
    Maybe there is already a post about it but I was wondering if you could create a post about what to do with kids and toddlers on a trip to NYC? Would be so so great !!! ?

  20. Rachel

    The weather has been warming up in Utah as well and it is super exciting! I love the thought of spring coming soon. Both because it is warm and because my baby boy is due in May! Oh and your hat is the cutes!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  21. Lauren

    I felt the excitement of spring arriving too, Monday was a glorious day on the West coast of Scotland! Tuesday on the other hand was raining…but not to worry, I think we’re getting there ;)!


  22. i’ve only visited NYC in the winter, but this is definitely making me want to take a spring or summer trip! looks like a lovely day!

  23. Angela

    Ahh, LaTonya and Belle! I sure have missed those ladies’ blogs- currently catching up with them now! So good to see you all together.

  24. carley

    are the asos farleigh’s comfortable to be in all day? i am tempted by them and love high waisted jeans but sometimes they are give a tummy ache after a while…

  25. Kelly

    I’m with you, I’m loving the warmer weather, while at the same time, I love a snowy winter! Seasons FTW! I love seeing NYC through your pics, it’s a place I love to visit as much as possible but I’m too addicted to the wide open spaces to live there.

  26. Kelly

    These photos are precious and yes, Spring really is almost here!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  27. Jake

    Who takes your photos?

  28. Lily

    Can you tell me the brand of the stroller? I love it. Thank you

  29. Angela

    Any hints on where is Elenor’s pant from? Thank you!

  30. Elizabeth

    I know you live in NY and all spaces in NY are small! How do you store a double bugaboo and a bugaboo bee? I have a hard time storing just a single bugaboo.