washington dc’s cherry blossoms!

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LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_-18

if you’ve been following along on instagram or snapchat, you probably know we are in DC right now. we drove down the other night for a day or two so we could catch the cherry blossoms while they are still in peak. they never disappoint. and they make me feel all sorts of happy. it was a little windy out while we were there so the loose petals were blowing in the wind around us while the kids ran near the tidal basin and the sun started peaking out. i felt like i was watching the moment from up above us at one point, and i was feeling all the feelings.

if you’ve read this blog of mine for a while now, you’ll know how much DC means to me. this place holds such a special spot in my heart, and it often moves me to tears when i start talking about it. in fact, while we were in san diego the other week, i was on the bed nursing conrad to sleep and scrolling through my instagram feed rather quickly on my iPhone when a photo of the cherry blossoms popped up from an old friend who still lives in the district. it made me freeze and i just stared at it for a good while. and it was only a matter of a few seconds before i felt tears coming to my eyes. not because i’m unhappy in new york or wish i was still living in DC, but because seeing the blossoms brings back the fondest memories of that chapter of our lives. there is so much history for us here in DC, and with two of my three babies being born here, it almost feels like home sometimes, still.

i won’t ever forget the first weekend when josh and i moved to our first apartment on capitol hill from our tiny harlem studio. it was around this time of year, and spring way everywhere.  we walked home from church and josh snapped this polaroid of me in front of all the blooming trees. i was so skeptical of moving to DC at the time, but the blossoms were definitely showing off a bit that weekend and i remember feeling peace about embracing this next chapter of our lives.  i’m glad i did, too, because the chapter turned out to be a really really good one. and i’m grateful we’ve been able to relive it a little bit this week while being here.

LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_-3LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_

ring around the rosies! my kids are all obsessed with the game right now, and since conrad kind of gets it, we do it a lot.

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if you are ever able to get to a cherry blossom tree somewhere, do.  they are magnificent in person. photos can never do them justice.

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i think josh looks crazy handsome here. he’s the best dad. and i love him in a suit coat. ;)

LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_-2LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms 1-2LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_-10

two of my boys both in suit coats!!!!!!

LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms 1LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_-13LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_-23

conrad couldn’t stop waving at the ducks!

LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_-12LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_-14LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_-19

and throwing the petals on the ground up in the air around us was not only making conrad laugh endlessly, but it was making my day, too. who doesn’t love a good round of confetti when you don’t have to be the one sweeping it up on the ground afterwards!

LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_-16LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_-20LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_-17LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_-22LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_-9LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_-7LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_-6

pretty sure we all still have petals in our hair.

LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_-24LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_-8LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_-21LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_-25

and this photo is crazy, because i remember taking eleanor to see the cherry blossoms when she was just a little over a year old. just the two of us, and she was learning to walk and had the dirtiest knees! i remember asking a stranger to take a photo of us together and it’s still one of my favorite pictures of the two of us. felt wild to be back in that exact same spot.

LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_-27LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_-26LOVE TAZA Cherry Blossoms_-28all of us! in mama’s happy place. thank you for being so beautiful, cherry blossoms. we love you.

ME: striped shirt ruffled sleeves, pink skirt from gorman clothing, bracelet and swedish clogs.  wearing this lipstick. ELEANOR: sweater is something i bought for her as a baby that finally fits, DKNY brand, purple leggings and tennis shoes. SAMSON: blue blazer, blue sweater (old) and tennis shoes. CONRAD: similar blazer here, zara jeans and tennis shoes. JOSH: blue blazer was custom made, and pink bowtie from here.

  1. Cortney

    We just moved to Virginia in January, and it was our first time at the cherry blossom festival last week! I actually searched your blog to get an idea of what it was like:) Haha we were there last Thursday and I had a funny feeling you guys might show up sometime during peak bloom:) sad we missed you, but it looks like you all had a great time! these pictures are stunning and happy as always!

  2. Gem

    Wow, just beautiful.

  3. Great family photos!

    Never been to DC during the Cherry Blossom season. It is on my list.

    Conrad in a blazer…so cute!

  4. Natali

    Awww! The cherry blossom trees are so magical!! Beautiful photos!!


  5. Willa

    Petals not pedals ;) (No need to keep this comment!)

  6. I love all of these photos. Makes me so happy! DC is beautiful!

  7. Verena

    Those are the most gorgeous pictures <3 so lovely ^^
    you all look soooo happy thats the best thing about your pics ;)

    Such beautiful trees too <3 I love this time of the year so much and cherry blossoms are one of the things why ;)

    xx Verena :)

  8. Such lovely photos, seems like a really good day! x

  9. Barbarab

    Gorgeous !
    Thanks (from Paris) for sharing

  10. Rachel

    These pictures are so pretty! I know that I am absolutely going to miss where we are right now when we move away, so I can totally relate! I loved looking at the old pictures that you linked in the same area! Eleanor was just precious! :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  11. Kelly

    this pictures make me so happy! beautiful

  12. Kate

    Love my hometown this time of year! Stunning photos. Next time you take a trip down, come out for a family bike ride over here by Eastern Market! We’d love to have you on a Recess Outing.

  13. Jane

    All your photos look positively breathtaking! I love cherry blossoms, regardless of where, but I understand how such beauty in a place that holds such wonderful memories could move you to tears.

    P.S. Your hair is always on point!

  14. Mia

    These pics are so beautiful Naomi! The way you talk about DC is the way I talk about Bolivia – we only lived here for six months but it was an impactful six months. It’s so nice that you’re able to go for visits every now and then!

  15. Heidi

    These photos are so so gorgeous! Everyone one is positively glowing and beaming with happiness, that I can’t help but smile! I can seriously see the light of Christ radiating through each of your countenances!

    I was reading a quote by L.Tom Perry the other day that said, “It is more important than ever to make our families the center of our lives and the top of our priorities.”

    In today’s society there is a falling away of familes, and its wonderful to see the example of your focus on family life, and all that brings with it.

    Your little ones are extremely lucky to be raised in such a loving home. There is no doubt they will grow up to be amazing, loving people like their parents!

    Thank you for sharing your family life with us, from the joys, to the challenges, to the simple everyday moment’s in between. Your example for good does not go unnoticed. Thank you! :)

    Sending you love and happy vibes for a great weekend!

  16. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, your kids look so big in these photos and they make me miss DC in the Spring – I was at Georgetown for four years and definitely did not take advantage of the Mall enough!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  17. Cynthia Sue

    This post reminds me of that one song by Air “Cherry Blossom Girl”.

  18. Hannah

    i’ve seen you wearing those clogs in so many photos lately, which makes me think i NEED them! they’ve been in my shopping cart online for weeks…maybe even months?? are they comfortable? i might bite the bullet and get them! ;) these photos are so beautiful, by the way.

  19. I love this! & I love that you gave a link to the photo taken 4 years ago. I have been following you for over 6 years now and I haven’t realized the way you have changed over the years. In your post with E in 2012 you look like your sisters. They must be younger than you. Crazy how time flies. Anyways, love following you and your family.

  20. Alyssa

    you and eleanor matching!!!! all the heart eyes!!!!!!!!

  21. OH MY GOD, that’s just SO beautiful!!

  22. Perfection! You guys are the cutest!

  23. Rebecca

    Ah! This has me Googling for cherry blossoms in Dublin! The happiness your family radiates is so contagious!


  24. Nilou

    Go back to DC! I miss that period of your life.

  25. Savanna

    Years ago, my family and I visited DC for the cherry blossoms. And wouldn’t you know a HUGE storm blew in the night we arrived and the next morning all the blossoms were gone! But we enjoyed our trip anyway.

    Where is your wedding ring???

  26. Alison

    Whoa, where are all the tourists in these pics?! (Well besides y’all, haha) I’m curious what time you went. We always bike over from gravelly point because it is so slammed with humans!

    • TAZA

      we went in the morning around 8am! there were a few big tour groups arriving as we were leaving, but besides a few people here and there, we had it to ourselves! felt very lucky.

  27. Yvonne

    Love love love this photos. Thank you for sharing it. I just discovered your website a month ago, it is such a feel good website and now I am hooked.

  28. I must know where Josh’s watch is from. It’s so cool!

    • TAZA

      it’s from o’clock!

  29. eva

    woou BEAUTIFUL!! <3 would love to see this one day :) You guys are just too cute!! <3

    Have a greaat time in DC!

  30. Amanda

    These photo’s are so beautiful and just make me want to smile!!!
    Satin Sundays

  31. Paige

    The cherry blossoms are seriously so beautiful there this time of year. These pictures are nothing short of beautiful.


  32. Emily

    I loved when you guys lived in D.C.! There is something so charming about D.C. I felt like it fit your family charm really well!


  33. Sophie

    Beautiful pictures and great capture ! Definitely put this on my to do list

  34. Oh my gosh! It looks so magical there! I’ve always wanted to go to Japan during the cherry blossom season, but I had no idea Washington DC has so many!
    I’m definitely going to have to hunt some down in the UK! They look amazing!
    xo April | April Everyday

  35. Motyh

    My wife aND I watched your amazing trip to DC. Do you recommend to travel to DC today April 2nd ?

  36. Melly

    so beautiful! seeing them bloom in person is on my bucketlist!

  37. Virginie

    Hi, I just wanted to say you Thank you. I’m a french mother, with 3 kids, approximativly same ages. I don’t speak a good english, I don’t understand all of yours talks and I don’t beleive in God. But watching you inspire me and help me to live with joy, happiness. Thanks again.

  38. Ella

    Putting a visit to DC during the spring-time for those cherry blossoms on my bucket list! Just gorgeous.

  39. Sara Beth

    Love your nail color! What is it?

    Love this post. Precious family!

  40. Leisa

    I absolutely love this time of year. The city comes to life and it’s just magical. Next time you are in town for the blossoms you should check out the Kenwood neighborhood near Friendship Heights. All the streets are lined with cherry blossoms and the neighborhood is far less crowded than the mall. There are multiple grassy areas and small parks where you can have picnics or just lay and watch the white petals float in the breeze. Enjoy!

  41. Tammy

    these photos are amazing. i can’t remember the last time i saw the cherry blossoms in person, but i’m moving to dc from nyc in october, so i will definitely see them next year. i love hearing that you have such strong feelings for dc, especially since nyc has been my first home after college. i’m nervous about the move but get more excited each day.


  42. Frances H.

    that last picture of all of you is so pretty, Taza! Cherry blossoms are beautiful. This post makes me want to visit DC now!

  43. Gigi

    Great pics! What lipstick are you wearing? So pretty!

  44. Elaine Triplett

    Naomi, I am writing in hopes to receive a response but we shall see. I wanted to say I look up to you so much. I am a new mom, well kind of new, to an 18 month old and a current graduate student in Anthropology at the University of Louisville. I see your blog and I am in love with your life, the beauty and the love and creative ideas that is shared within your family. I graduated with a BFA in painting and photography/Communication so I am completely infatuated with your lifestyle. I hope not to sound arrogant but I wanted to give you some perspective. I was hoping you could give me insight on how My little family and I could achieve a life like this, the travel, fantastic cuisine, amazing style and overall gorgeous people. Would it be possible to meet you? I would love to talk about ways on how you did everything while also being a mother, it’s very hard work, worth it but still difficult. I think that would make my life considering you are seriously my idol. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon! One more thing, my daughter is named Eleanor. This sounds creepy, but she is not named after your Eleanor, my memaw was named Eleanor and she was very special to me and she passed a while ago so we decided to name our daughter after her! :)