video: talking about our food goals and changes!

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hi everyone! i know many of you have asked to learn more about the goals and changes josh and i made for ourselves at the start of the year (and over the last several years) when it comes to food and cutting out added sugars from our diet while also just eating healthier in general. josh has been doing this for a few years now, but i’m few months in, and so far, things are going well! we sat down on the sofa together the other night to talk about it in video format for you, since i’ve tried to write a blog post for you on the subject matter so many times and it gets forever long and truly bores me! haha! so if you are interested in hearing more about our motivation behind it, what we’re eating and snacking on, and how it’s going so far, you can watch the video! feel free to leave any specific questions in the comments and we can try to revisit this topic again soon with any updates.

i also just want to say, that like many things in life, each person’s experience with food is incredibly different, and there are so many good ways to go about it, not just only one way. we aren’t nutritionists or dietitians or incredibly knowledgable on any of this information. we’re just trying to make small changes in our daily diets (and lives!) to build better habits for our own selves and also for our family culture. like josh says in the video, it’s incredible how much you begin to be aware of what you’re eating once your little kids begin to mimic those habits each day. it’s like a mirror with kids and sometimes that can be scary. ;)

anyway, i hope this is helpful in some form. if anything, sharing with all of you has really helped me stay motivated and pumped to continue to eat better and i’ve really been amazed at how my body and mind have responded. until that next cheat day where you’ll most definitely see me at levain bakery, happy eating!

  1. i have to say that the main reason i have often wanted to move to NYC after starting to follow your blog years and years ago is because of all the good (maybe not very good for you) food i see you eating! ;D

    • TAZA

      LOL! me tooooooooo. new york truly has some good food. it’s been fun experimenting more with the healthier options for eating out. like, last weekend we went on a double date with friends and chose Westville for dinner since we’re trying to be healthier. i ordered all of their great vegetable sides as my meal, which they do so well! i got four of them, so brussels sprouts, squash, cauliflower and artichokes and all were exceptional! we will have to share more of the places we find around the city that offer really delicious food that is also good for you!

  2. Rachael Aubrey


    I just wanted to say that I love this, Thank you!

  3. Courtney

    Hi! I loved this video. Y’all are so cute! Questions: what type of yogurt, oatmeal and muesli do you eat? So many have sneaky sugars and I was wondering what you do. Second question: do you add honey or peanut butter to things for sweetness? Or is it just no added sugar at all? I may be converted!

    • TAZA

      i get the plain non fat (unsweetened and unflavored) greek yogurt! you are so right, so many yogurts have so much sugar it is crazy as i started looking at labels more! i have used honey a couple of times (hard for me to drink a cup of herbal tea without it) and agave in a few things too.

  4. Darlene

    My husband and I are currently doing whole30 (only a couple more days left!!) and I am excited to keep the sugar to a bare minimum after we are done. After seeing the results of detoxing I started to think more about HOW much sugar really effects us! And how sugar is basically in everything! And muesli is amazing- I grew up with in in Sweden and I’m so excited to get it an Ikea now.

  5. Isa

    Super cute video!!

    So you are ok with things like fruits that have natural sugar in them?

    Like for example would you eat dates?

    I’d love to do something like this but sugar is so amazing and addicting!

    • TAZA

      yes, we have been eating fruit. so just staying clear of all the added sugars. we actually use a couple of our dates in smoothies and they give them such a great texture while also helping sweeten them a bit.

  6. mallory

    I am also turning 3-0 this summer. I am really excited about it. I did let myself go the last 3 years and have decided to commit to a trainer and eating right. It is definitely hard not to take a bite of my kids cookie when they offer me one but I know it will all be worth it when I reach my goal! great video and totally not weird ;)

  7. Leah

    Hey guys, I don’t have a question but I watched your video and I wanted to say how impressed I am that you guys are so focused on setting a good example for your kids and on your actual health and it’s not all about what you look like which sadly people rate themselves on in today’s society. I love your blog and watching your family grow and enjoy life to the fullest. Keep up the great work. Thanks for sharing x

    • TAZA

      thank you leah! that means so much!

  8. Kayleigh

    Laughing out loud at the “weird” bit in the middle. Haha.

    Way to be! Cutting out sugar is hard (decided to try to cut back on my intake this year, too). One thing that my husband and I have discovered that are delicious are rice bowls (or any veggie bowl). Throwing brown rice (or any whole grain) with a bunch of veggies and a protein (chicken or even eggs over easy) is SO good. Mashing up avocado with some seasonings makes a kind of sauce and it’s incredibly filling (and tasty!). And the nice thing is it can be an easy, go-to meal in a pinch if you just cook a bunch of rice one day and then subsequently reheat it and stir-fry some veggies. Tons of easy recipes all over the interwebs.

    Good luck!

    • TAZA

      all of that sounds amazing! i had a rice bowl the other day that was so good! thank you for sharing!

  9. Emily

    That’s some real asceticism! What will your new vice be if not carbs?

  10. Loved this! My husband and I just got back from a trip (and ate horribly the entire time). Every time we need to get back on track with healthier eating, I put on the “hungry for change” documentary. It’s like a refresher course and gets us so motivated. And yes to the gym! As a mom, I crave that time to myself – it benefits the entire family in my opinion.

    By the way, you look amazing Naomi! You’re glowing even more now so it’s clear that your changes make a difference. That’ll be my other motivation ;)

    • TAZA

      oh that is so nice of you to say, mia! i haven’t been able to do any documentaries yet, although josh has watched several over the past few years and they really opened his eyes. i don’t know if he’s watched that one, so we’ll put it on our list!

      and i know, sometimes we get into trouble traveling because you end up eating so many bad things. trying to keep a dessert or special thing with sugar when traveling to a minimum, for sure. it’s funny, but once i started, i realized just how good that treat has to be now, for me to actually want to eat it. if i’m going to make it count and cheat while traveling, it better be delicious! (not just some old candy bar, but one of a kind gelato or something! you know?!) especially since sweet things last even more sweet now, and sometimes that taste can be excessive. it’s been interesting for sure. still craving my rice pudding downtown at rice to riches every single day, though. lol!

  11. Lauren

    Love, love! I feel the same way about making healthy choices for myself and my family but also examining my relationship with food. I don’t want to feel restricted and sometimes I feel like I am constantly telling my son “no” and myself if we are being honest! Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the information out there?! Do you feel a social or environmental responsibility when you chose to live a healthier lifestyle? Thanks for sharing this part of your life :)

  12. Brittany

    So good you guys! Naomi, every time you two looked at one another I felt as if you both wanted to bust out laughing!

    • TAZA

      lol! we had like 3 laugh attacks while filming this! it just felt so weird. haha! but thanks. we tried!

  13. this is so great! as a dietitian, i would say you guys are right on track! ;) thanks for sharing!

  14. Katie

    Hi! This was so motivating to watch. I definitely struggle with sugar intake and have tried cutting it out before (I actually did a Whole30, which was crazy hard!).

    I’m curious to know if you cut out ALL added sugar or only “refined” so you can still have honey, pure maple syrup, etc.

    Good job on your discipline!

    • TAZA

      i’ve heard whole30 is amazing but hard, too! i don’t know if i could do that! we have tried to cut out all added sugar but i have had some things sweetened with agave or honey… i think it’ll be a little while until i can totally go there!

  15. Liz

    Loved the video :) Two questions: did you give up all added sugars, or do you still eat sweeteners like honey or maple syrup? Also, do you look for added sugars in things like bread too, or did you focus on just giving up desserts? Thanks :)

    • TAZA

      hi liz! i have had a couple of things with agave or honey in them, but we’re trying to stay away for the most part. we have been getting bread that doesn’t have any added sugar. it’s been amazing looking at labels and realizing that even our bread had sugar in it when we first started. so many things i thought were okay actually weren’t! crazy.

  16. Kelsey

    Loved the video!
    It’s really inspiring to see your transitions. While neither of you were ever chubby, it’s still very important to watch what you eat–especially with little kiddos.

    I also love that this transition made Josh think of eating as a bit event! My cousin and I have started a blog all about food and family. Food and the preparation has always brought our family together! Sometimes it’s easy to forget the importance of taking that time!


  17. amy

    yeah its totally weird.

    josh – it would be interesting to see your take on the neighborhood city guides. maybe you can make your own version for the men & the health nuts. :)

  18. Holly

    Try melted coconut oil with pink salt, instead of butter on your popcorn! My kids love it! It’s really tasty!

    • TAZA

      oh that sounds good! will try! we’ve been popping our popcorn with coconut oil over vegetable oil which has been really yummy! hadn’t thought about melting it on top instead. thanks!

  19. Anna

    Congrats on making those changes! I stopped eating sugar and started working out every day as a New Year’s Resolutions and I love it. I can definitely relate :)

  20. erin

    Dip your bananas in greek yogurt before you freeze them. Delicious!

    • TAZA

      will do!!!! sounds amazing. thank you!

  21. Suki

    I absolutely love your blog and am such a fan of you and your family. You all are so positive and it’s lovely to see that you value each other so much. Just wanted to say hello, and wish you all the best. I’ve definitely got a sweet tooth myself, and I’m trying to approach my eating habits with the same mentality. Just being considerate of what food I’m putting into my body, and also how much rest I ought to get. It was neat that you shared that with us. Good luck to you both! Be healthy and happy :D

  22. Sarah

    Great post! It got my attention because my family cut out sugar last September after my husband and I watched Fed Up on Netflix. I LOVE sugar so it’s still rough for me…but nowhere near as rough as the first week or so (my poor husband). The problem I am having actually eating enough in a day…I find that cutting out sugar is cutting out most processed foods and it is hard for me to eat enough fruits and vegetables in a day to fuel my body. I started making our own bread a few months ago and I find myself snacking on that which can’t be good for me either!

    • TAZA

      that’s amazing! i would love to be able to bake our own bread! but so true, i’d probably eat the whole loaf. i still need to watch fed up!

  23. Kelly

    This is such a great video and it really, really hit home because there is so much delicous food on every street corner here in NYC but while so much of it is incredible, most of it is not very good for you!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  24. Wow, this was perfect timing! Thanks Naomi and Josh for sharing!

    Recently I decided to start cutting sugar out of my diet as well. I have a huge sweet tooth and used to eat a lot of baked goods and really anything that has sugar in it. But I noticed it started to make me feel sick so I decided to start cutting it out. Ever since I’ve gone (for the most part) sugar-free, I’ve felt a lot better and noticed an improvement in my health!

    I’m still working towards cutting sugar out entirely, but I’m accepting the fact that this is a process. And now that I’ve been more intentional in what I’m consuming, I’ve discovered so many healthy yet yummy options! :)

    • TAZA

      it’s definitely a process! good for you for cutting it out where you need to!

  25. Really enjoyed watching this video and hear you talk about the healthy food/lifestyle changes you’re making in your family! I too have started to eat healthy, but sugar is one thing I find myself struggling to let go of, especially when it comes to chocolate chip cookies. SO GOOD. Hoping you continue with these changes and wishing you both the best during this healthy transition!


    • TAZA

      yes for sure. if i could get to a point in my life were i could crave a chocolate chip cookie and be able to eat one (and only ONE and not an entire batch!) that would be ideal. for now, i’ve had to cut out all of it while i work towards those goals of’s too hard for me otherwise!

  26. Sarah

    Thanks for the video. I do have a question about your kids and whether you allow them to have sugar or not. I feel like baking cookies and having treats together is such a fun thing that I do with my son that I’m not sure how I would cut that out completely. If you do something different or have other ideas with kids let me know. Thanks!

    • TAZA

      hi sarah, we do still allow our kids to have sugar, although trying to keep less of it in our home. i did try to make chocolate chip cookies for them the other week using chickpeas and peanut butter as the base (instead of flour and sugar) and needless to say, they hated them. haha!;)

  27. Catherine

    I am SOOO happy you guys shared about this, and in a fun vlog no less. I have been so interested in the details ever since you shared back in the beginning of the year. Our family has dabbled in certain clean eating things (we went 8 months with eating items that had only 5 ingredients or less–that was and I was so interested to see what exactly you “let in” so to speak and how far you were cutting things out. Keep up the great work, its very inspiring! Thanks

  28. Michelle

    Thanks for making this video! Quick question that’s unrelated to sugar, but still very important… — what lipstick and eyeshadow are you wearing?! Loving both colors! Thank you!

    • TAZA

      thank you, michelle! i’m wearing kat von d’s “underage red” lipstick and i’m not wearing any eye shadow!

  29. molly

    Hi Naomi-loved the video and your top! Where is it from? Thanks!

    • TAZA

      hi molly! thanks so much. it is from jcrew a few years back!

  30. Beverly

    This video could not have come at a better time! I’m currently participating in a fitness/eating well challenge and this has given me a little more motivation. I’d love to see more videos like this/about good eating habits. Maybe a “What I Eat in a Day” video?

    • TAZA

      that’s a great idea. we’ll work on it!!!

  31. Christine

    Hi Naomi,
    this is so inspirational and it is motivating for me as I have been feeling like I need to cut out added sugar from my diet but it has been so hard!
    I knew you loved treats and ice cream (my biggest weakness) and love food so seeing this video has encouraged me to try again.

    I’m also currently pregnant with my second and would like to set good examples for my kids in all areas of my life!

    I know you shared on the video, but what have you been eating that’s delicious and what do you put in your smoothies? (we love your green smoothies you have with your kiddos!)


    • TAZA

      hey christine, congrats on your pregnancy! will work on putting together a list of my favorite foods right now that i think are delicious and also a few more smoothie recipes! we have a few we continue to circle through because they are delicious!

  32. Eliza

    You guys are so adorable! I’ve been cutting back on sugar too, so I totally relate. I like the tip about focusing on what you can eat instead of what you can’t.

  33. Rana Stephan

    First of all i want to say that i love your hair. I am wondering how do you apply some of your new eating habits with you little ones? I mean my husband and i have cut out any added refined sugar from our diets but it is so difficult to follow this with my kids! I mean they don’t eat tons of sugar, but if we’re invited to a birthday or someone offers him something sweet, i feel like it would be unfair to ask him to eat it! At the same time, if sugar is so bad for us as adults, it’s obviously super super bad for our kids, so it’s almost like they are the ones who shouldn’t really be eating it… even more so than us! How do you manage that?

  34. Camilla Leila

    Here are some of my thoughts, for the sake of sharing! I’m all about balance lately. In general I don’t eat added sugars out of habit and out of preference – but when I want a cookie or whatever, I’m trying to enjoy it without guilt (easier said than done). For me, the key is to be active, healthy and happy; to appreciate food and the gift that it is, appreciate my body and the gift that it is, and to appreciate this life and the gift that it is. I don’t want to deny myself a beautiful loaf of freshly baked bread and butter or a slice of birthday cake, but I also don’t want to take my body for granted or to make that cake with eggs that have been produced by sick chickens in horrible conditions. I feel strongly that God never intended for us to harm animals the way we do – most religious texts actually stress that. That’s my philosophy. Hope it doesn’t come off too preachy – I’ve just spent many years thinking of this and experimenting to figure out what works for me and my husband (in addition to raising chickens and last year, growing most of our own food). :)

    I highly, highly recommend the new Netflix series by Michael Pollan called Cooked. It’s a beautiful way to look at food. It highlights how lucky we are to get so much joy and pleasure from something that we actually need to sustain our species. A passion of mine!

  35. Sheila R.

    I’ve been an avid follower of your blogs for a few years now, and I just want to take a moment to thank you for sharing yourselves, and for being such great role models for your kids and for those of us without kids yet! It’s been a joy to watch your family grow, and I love how you work so well as a team setting goals together such as these. Best wishes from CA! xoxo

  36. Marie

    Hi Naomi,
    Thank you for sharing your experience with us!
    I have been doing that for more than a year now, and even if i have no kids yet it truly changes our lifes!
    You fell more energetic, you are more in a happymood. Relationships are getting better and you feel more relax globally.
    I wish I had done that earlier! Sugar is really not something useful for your body and i am a food lover too!

    • TAZA

      oh this is so great to hear since you’ve been doing it for more than a year now! thanks for sharing!

  37. V

    Haha, love this! I think sharing your story with others will be great motivation to keep on track.

    I studied a couple human nutrition units at university, which I found to be a real eye opener. But convincing my husband to get onboard to a similar plan as you guys has proven to be quite tricky. His one of those people that seems to be able to eat whatever & whenever so he doesn’t see the appeal just yet.

    I do agree that having children is a great motivation. You want to be a good role model, and not feel hypocritical for eating a chocolate bar. For me I really want to teach my children where food comes from, and grow at least 50% of what we eat.

  38. Verity

    If you want to try some sweet treats that are really great for you check out nut & dried fruit balls – there are hundred of recipes and combos that you can make. Some of them taste like caramel, they tend to have dates in, some are tangy,they are based with citrus. They are super easy, no bake and really do help if you have a sweet craving.

    But other things you can try are vegan banana ice cream – freeze sliced bananas and then bland until smooth. You can add strawberries or some cocoa powder to flavour differently if you want. And avocado chocolate pudding is super easy and so delicious –

  39. fanny

    Hello Naomie,

    I’m 35 years old and have two kids. I just want to know if you’re eat organic food? Here in France lot of people buy this kind of food. thanks.

  40. Gabriella

    Hi guys,

    I loved the video! It was so nice seeing you both together and talking about how you go about nutrition as a couple and a family. I would love to see something like “What we eat in a day” videos, as it gives even more insight into what you eat specifically (other than just the general idea of fruits/veggies/smoothies).What I’d also love to know is if you meal prep. I’ve only recently started cutting up fruit for my husband and myself (especially more time-consuming fruit like pineapple) and I love having it handy in a mason jar like that. However, I’m still terrible at planning ahead what we will have for dinner/what I need to put on my grocery list. Any advice?

    Really loved that you went outside of your comfort zone with this video and sat down to talk about it! I could see you doing the same with other Q&As, too (family, relationship, exercise, faith, etc).


    • TAZA

      thanks for this gabriella! we’ll add this to the list to talk about next time!

  41. Ewa

    thank you both for sharing. I am also quite focused on what me and my husband actually eat. And it’s just great that you drink water a lot. The thing that was the most similar with my own experience is that I also didn’t realize how little amounts of liquids I was drinking. Drinking water is great but you can take one step further and start to make some herbs brew. We drink a lot of cistus (rockrose) leaf tea.
    This year we are also having 11th anniversary of going off meat. The reason we become vegetarians is that first: we didn’t wanted to eat all the drugs that animals are feed of, second: the emotions, fear that is present during death, we felt that they were present in our bodies as we were eating it with meat. And then we understood that we don’t want to be any part of the way animals are treated, we didn’t wanted them to suffer because of our idea of eating theirs flesh. Now we are very very happy that we made the decision.
    Thank you again for being such open and sharing people. I love to see that you all have such good relations in your family. I wish you all the best

  42. Anne

    Hi Naomi,

    Awesome you and Josh want to make a great example to your kids in.

    I cut refined sågar out of my diet when I was 15 years (I am 26 years today), and honestly, I have not looked back for a second.

    Over the last couple of years, I have also cut out any additives (something I was not that aware of actually existed in food before I started to pay close attention to food labels – If I buy a new product today I always check the ingrediens list, and I so agree with you that it is crazy how much chemistry is put into food today).

    Lastly, I have recently also become a vegitarian. My boyfriend and I started subscribing to The Seasons (which is basically the same concept as Blue Apron but just in Denmark instead). We ordered the vegie box because both of us wanted to eat less meat in our everyday diet. At this point though, I already ate lots of vegie food, but not with the purpose of avoiding meat, I just happen to love vegie food.

    The funny/strange thing now is, after starting on The Seasons vegie box I do not like meat anymore. We have only had the box for a little over a month, but just the thought of meat today almost disgust me. Strange, I know. Seems like my body is rejecting the taste and texture of meat + my body does not respond well to meat. If I eat meat, my skin tends to break out more easily.

    Anyway, long story short: I can only highly recommend, from my personal experience, cutting out refined sugar/products + additives is the best decision ever health wise. Of course, no one should be total extreme (I like to have a great cocktail now and then e.g.), but taking over all care of one’s body will be reworded by the body itself for many, many years to come.

    Good luck with everything! And if you ever are looking for food inspiration then check out: Green Kitchen Stores’ blog. It is a vegie/refined/additive free food blog – written by a Swedish/Danish family who live in Stockholm with their two kids Elsa and Isac. The make delicious refined sugar free reciteres. Try the frozen pink cheese cake – it is my favorite cake/dessert and the best thing is: It does not only taste AMAZING but it is also filled with nutritrions for the body!


  43. Lauren

    This post has been so helpful! I decided to give up chocolate for lent this year which has been super hard (it’s my ultimate vice!) and like the day before lent started I had this crazy idea to give up not only chocolate but all sweets, biscuits and cakes!

    It’s been so hard to say the least and I can’t wait for that first bit of chocolate but I really loved what you said about the “do’s” rather than the “don’ts” . I feel like the simple change in your mindset can change the way you look at food and what you want to eat. I’ll definitely be applying this mindset to the last 12 days I have left.

    You guys are doing so well with this, you should be supper proud!

  44. Maya

    Modeling these habits for your children sounds like it really gives great purpose to your commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and it sounds like it’s going well! However, I would caution against using the words “cheat day.” It reinforces the concept of “good” food and “bad” food in a way that can lead to binging and other disordered eating habits if your children ever potentially struggle with that in the future. The word cheat can carry the association of guilt, moral judgement, and shame, which are heavy feelings to have around food. It’s perfectly healthy and normal to have treats once in a while, and leaving the language as that, treats, can be a great way to foster a healthy relationship with food. Thanks for the great post!

    • TAZA

      that makes so much sense, maya. i hadn’t thought about it that way, but as you mention that, i totally get it. we’re going to need to find a new term instead of using the word, cheat. thank you for sharing!

  45. darlene ponticelli

    i love you!!! too cute

  46. Megan

    You two are the cutest! I love hearing this and think it is so amazing that you made these changes!

    Happy Friday //

  47. jacqui

    Great video! I’m a mom of two with a third on the way….also a yoga teacher. I have wanted to get to the gym more (obviously kind of hard right now being preggo and so awkward), but for after. Curious what routines or things you like to do when at the gym. I’m 36 and my body really needs the extra strength training. Thanks! xx

  48. Denise

    Hi there, would love to know if you have cut carbs too? I know there is a link between bread and sugar cravings. I think cutting both would be so overwhelming.

    • TAZA

      i haven’t cut carbs. i’ve stayed away from bread or carbs that have sugar in them, but i don’t think i’d be able to handle that right now! always so impressed with those who can.

  49. Jennie

    Since you are eating fresh produce more often, how often are you going grocery shopping?

    • TAZA

      we get groceries every few days (just smaller quantities each time) since we’re eating a lot of fresh produce and food.

  50. amy

    it’s really a great thing to limit sugar. not be all dooms day, but it is one of those things that a lot of people don’t realize wreak havoc on our health. my brother got cancer in 2009 and that’s when i began my journey of true health. & when i was truly informed about how bad sugar is for us. it doesn’t mean i never eat it, goodness no, i would turn into Godzilla. I eat clean all week and then treat myself on Saturday. my kids do the same, they will say “can we get this for treat day!?” and i love that. i mean if their Grandma gives them a cookie i don’t smack it out of their hands but for the most part, sugar is reserved for Saturdays. i recommend for your next challenge, do one of his cleanses!!

    • TAZA

      that’s really amazing, amy. i’d love to try to get our kids involved more and having a “treat day” sounds like a nice way.

  51. Martha

    Did you go through any withdrawal symptoms? I’ve been wanting to go sugar-free for a while but have heard a lot of people go through some serious withdrawal symptoms like headaches, aches, the shakes, etc. and it’s kind of scary!

    • TAZA

      fortunately i didn’t go through any withdrawals like you mentioned. the first week was so hard, and when you do cheat on a cheat day, it’s always hard getting back into routine. it’s one of the reasons josh doesn’t allow himself cheat days as often. i think everyone is different!

  52. Megan

    Have you noticed that cutting out sugar has helped you spend less money on food? It sounds like you’ve been prepping snacks at home pretty often. Are you cooking at home more often, too?

  53. Alyssa

    As a long time blog reader, I just wanted to say it’s been so fun to see you guys transform and become even more rad as the time passes. I love the example you set for ALL readers, how you emphasize family, take health and meal time seriously, and stay true to your LDS values. (As a fellow LDS member, this is amazing and inspiring to me.) This video was so cute, thanks for encouraging each other and us to live a healthier life style. For ourselves and our littles!

  54. laura

    I would really love to read a blog post on this topic, not just a video. I can’t always watch videos so I feel like I’m missing out when bloggers transition to doing more videos!

  55. Hey guys, thanks for your awesome examples you are to me in the food department. It really is motivational to see people stepping it up with their health in a world full of goodies! And GIRL SCOUT cookies. Why do they have to be so good;) Here is a blog I started awhile ago. Hope you find some helpful ideas, it is a work in progress! If anything try the Chocolate Shake!!

  56. JR Win

    Kudos for making positive changes! I love it. One thing you mentioned about cheat days reminded me of a term Gretchen Rubin coined (she wrote the book “The Happiness Project”) about moderators vs. abstainers. Moderators get panicky at the thought of giving something up forever (sounds like it might be you, Naomi? It’s me too!) and they need to have certain cheat days, or a bit of moderation, built in. Abstainers (sounds like Josh) actually find it harder to have just one donut because it throws all their habits out the window.

    You can read more about it here. It’s fascinating!

  57. Julie

    So – you talk about your children eating what y’all eat – how have you passed over the picky stage with your kiddos? Our 2YO only wants noodles and crackers – sigh. BUT he literally would go days without eating it wasn’t for that.

  58. Tara R Bellusci

    Been a fan of your blog for a long time, and really, really appreciate what you and Josh are doing! Raising our children to think purposefully about what they put into their bodies is such an important lesson.
    I would challenge you guys to even take that to the next level — I’m based in Seattle, WA and do work with local organic food, who grows it, how it’s grown and where it comes from. I challenge everyone I meet, as well as friends and family, to have a relationship with their food. Learning about how food is grown and the differences you will find in the end product (especially produce which I know your family loves!) is something I believe in greatly. Having kids meet real farmers and learn about how their food is made, how seasons work, and who they help by buying local is also a huge bonus.
    A good book to start with (if you haven’t already read it) is Dan Barber’s, The Third Plate. His farm/restaurant Stone Barns/Blue Hill is located right by you as well ( Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver is also incredible and inspiring.
    Hope this helps, you guys are amazing!

  59. Mallory

    Last year my husband and I decided that we wanted to make a bit of a change in our diet (and also save on our shopping bill) so we started shopping only on the edges of the grocery store. Pretty much we just buy fruits and veggies (I’m a vegetarian) and he gets his meat here and there, and we’ve started making a lot of our own sauces/dressings. We still grab crackers and oats, raisins, natural nut butters, but that’s about it.
    We also decided to stop buying bread. We have it as a treat sometimes if we eat out.. like burgers, or grilled cheese.
    Ever since this change, our grocery bill has been crazy affordable plus we both feel amazing and our bodies are much healthier. I have yet to cut out added sugars… I love desserts. So far I’ve gotten a lot better at limiting myself to things I know are baked from scratch with real natural ingredients.
    Thanks for sharing this as it’s great to know we aren’t crazy by limiting our diet! With cheat days of course :)

  60. Liz

    So this is totally unrelated to the topic of your video but I wanted to say the love you two have for each other is #goals! The way your husband looks at you while you speak is the sweetest thing. You two are inspirational! Thanks for sharing your stories with the world!

  61. Mollie

    This video is so helpful! I’m just a recent graduate really starting to focus on my health and I love your guys snack ideas and sharing how important it is what we put in our bodies! Thanks for this video!! :)

  62. Whitney

    This is great! I’ve recently starting doing this with my husband! I used to be the healthiest eater and then when I got married to a fellow sugaraholic we both just spiralled out of control with our sugar intake! We were eating sickening amounts of sugar everyday! Anyway some we started getting into was choosing different brands of yogurt at the grocery store to share as dessert to replace some much worse for us. Once we started doing that my husband became obsessed with siggi yogurt and started looking up recipes to make his own! He found a recipe that’s SO easy and AMAZING with no sugar! It takes a whole day to do, but most of it is just waiting. You should check it out! Super fun, delicious, and nutritious! We’ve been doing that yogurt with strawberries and honey for dessert and it totally satisfies us! He found it somewhere in a blog so I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to fine :)!

  63. I cut out refined sugar & refined flour out a couple weeks ago so your video is motivating as I’m still trying to adjust. So thanks for that!

  64. Raylan

    Have you guys been to Ellary’s Greens in the West Village? Such a great healthy dining option. All of their veggie options are crazy good!!

  65. sarah

    i love this! my kids and i love, love, love frozen grapes (and blueberries!) thanks for sharing!!

  66. D

    Thanks for the video and good luck, This motivates me to be aware of added-sugar and stay healthy!

  67. Emma

    You should watch the Netflix documentary Fed Up! It’s all about the added sugars in our food and it discusses the health impacts and the political side of the problem as well! Very eye opening

  68. Whitney

    I was just reading through the other comments and read the one about not using the word “cheat”- I totally agree! I actually had an eating disorder as a teenager and have kind of been all over the spectrum. Calling things “cheat” food is really more of an emotional word that comes attached with negative feelings and emotions. In my adult life I’ve made a conscious effort to eat better, namely in the last few months and if I want something higher in fat or sugar, I call it a splurge or indulgence :-D

  69. Laura

    More videos please! This was so great!

  70. Alyssa

    How have you handled the community/relational aspect(s) of food? We often have dinner with friends and family, and I am wondering if you have a way that you phrase your objection to an added sugar item in a way that is gracious or respectful to your host; and without launching into a huge explanation. :) thanks for sharing. Enjoyed the video!

  71. Katie

    So honest & cute – thank you for sharing!

    I read in a previous comment reply that you usually eat nonfat or low fat Greek yogurt. I just wanted to encourage you to look into the full fat version. The fat content will not make anyone gain weight and those healthy fats are critical to many functions in the body. Plus great for nursing! We do organic whole milk and other full (healthy) fats.

    We love stove top popcorn too with coconut oil and sea salt – so yummy!!

    Question: what are some of your favorite snacks to pack when you guys are out and about? We do protein bars and lots of apples and cucumbers. Need more ideas – thanks!

  72. Tammy

    definitely agree with you on the gym ! i’m still working on the “eating healthy” part but i’m doing really well with working out! i’ve been LOVING hot yoga. i’m still a little iffy on barre classes, but i definitely see the results. i’m much happier now that i’m in shape

  73. Carla Lauti

    Loved the video. Loved the reason of wanting to set an example to the littles of what you’re eating and what’s best to eat. But would you have done it if you were pregnant? With all the crazy cravings? Not too crazy but just random for me. Maybe it’s even a no brainer since you would want to be healthy for the baby growing inside of you but all the baked goods, like you were saying, are so delicious!

  74. Mónica

    I wish my husband’s English was better so he could understand your video! I’m trying to encourage him to eat better, but I haven’t been very successful. I think he should do it for our children (the eldest is turning 3 in July) and for himself (he is a bit overweight). Also, although less important, my youngest sister’s wedding is on June and none of his suits fit him!

  75. Andrea

    Good on you for cutting out added sugar – it’s scary what goes into food these days – you have to read ingredient labels everything you go to the supermarket (at least I do!). HFCS is especially evil, and it’s sadly making its way into Aussie supermarkets and food.

    My suggestion is to stop using the word “cheat” for when you want to have a day or something with sugar. Call it a treat instead – by saying “cheat” you’re making yourself feel guilty and also placing a stigma on food like ice cream and cake etc (which can cause food issues in children at later on in life). Don’t feel guilty about enjoying something delicious – especially if you’re enjoying it in moderation. Let your kids know that treats that are allowed to be enjoyed and eaten in moderation, and that they need to fuel and nourish their bodies first. And a great way to treat yourself is to make those treats yourself from scratch – then the kids know what is going in their ice cream, cookies, cakes, etc and they learn how to make good food, and those cooking skills will take them through life (bakers can make beautiful things without sugar too!). And homemade is always the best (although Morgensterns ice cream in NoHo is so dreamy – I’m coming back to NYC and I’m having a date with all the flavours!)

  76. Gabrielle

    Hey guys!

    That was such a great video!!! I totally recognized our family with this consciousness growing with our kids.
    I’ve been a vegetarian for 7 years now, first cause I just didn’t want to harm any soul but now I feel also so concerned by the impact of factory farming on the earth.
    It’s getting so bad and we are really reponsible for this. I’m kind of afraid by the world we are letting to our kiddos.

    Also, during all these years, as concerned I was by animals, I honestly didn’t have a clue why someone would not eat dairy.
    And I think it’s pretty amazing, it seems kind of taboo.

    Then we had ou first baby and I breastfed him. That was such a beautiful, intense and deeply moving connexion. I feel so grateful I was able to live that.
    A while after, I watched a video on Facebook and realized that veals were taken away from their mums when they were just born :

    And I was like…that would have been so, so, so terrible for me if someone had taken my baby away from me and fastened me to a machine to take my milk…
    Honestly, it’s been super hard for me to stop dairy cause it’s everywhere and Ilike it so much but I also have a deep faith and I know that I can’t take a baby away from his mum anymore.

    I really don’t want to seem judgemental but you’re such a loving family and an inspiration for me that I really needed to share this new awareness with you.
    I’m not asking you to change. I just really would like you to think about the question. Cause for myself, I had never thought about it a few months ago.

    I’d love to have a feedback from you about this topic, even if you disagree.

    Sending you loads of love and keep spreading as much light around you.


  77. alicia

    Thanks for sharing! My question is: how do you get your children to eat only the healthy things you offer them and only drink water? I often find it a challenge to give my son only the healthiest options, because sometimes I’m just glad he eats well..

  78. Charlene Petitjean

    Hi Naomi,

    Great video. Very informative. I can relate in a lot of ways because I too love my cookies and ice cream and chocolate croissants and, and, and… I’ve also just got some workout gear to get into a workout routine (a first for me). I do have a question: I often hear that sugars can have an effect on mood, temperament and so forth. Have you noticed any changes in your mood and that of your little ones? And if so, what were they? I would love to hear about that in your follow-up video, but of course feel free to answer here. :)

    Thanks again for sharing your journey. I have to jump on that bandwagon.


  79. Melissa

    Really love this post! I’ve been trying to cut out sugar for months now and always crack a week or so in. I was wondering if you had any advice for the first few weeks since they seem to be the most challenging.

  80. Julia

    Y’all are so cute! Do you have any recommendations for easy, healthy recipes? My husband and I work a lot so it’s always a hustle to get something on the table for the kids before they melt down!

  81. Kelly

    hi naomi and josh!

    i think i’ve said this before, but i will say it again – you guys are so fun and entertaining to watch! and naomi, i am turning 30 this summer as well! i am excited about it, but i’ve also realized i want to take better care of my body as well, so this video has come at the perfect time. i feel ya on how hard it can be to cut out sugar, from a fellow sugar addict to another, but i have recently been snacking healthier too- mmmm cucumbers + green smoothies (as well as working out regularly) and it really has made a difference in my energy and my overall mood. this was a great refresher and motivator to keep me going. thanks for the tips!!! if my husband and i make to NY from CA you are the people i’d most want to run into! :)


  82. Becs

    Good for you two! My husband is like Josh, it’s easier for him to have no sugar. I’m more like you, I like to have some on special occasions so I don’t feel like I’m missing out. Our son doesn’t digest gluten very well, and I have to say, eating less wheat has been even bigger for me. I feel far less bloated and, um, gassy. Finally, I think it’s great that you are modelling healthy choices but still letting your kids have ice cream sometimes. That way it doesn’t get the allure of being “forbidden.” Keep up the good work. Now, I’m off to have full-fat goat yoghurt and bananas instead of ice cream.

  83. Noa

    Hi Naomi
    You guys look great and it’s inspiring parenting!
    I wanted to share a good recipe for kids, for us it’s instead of Nutella (it’s that good)
    Mix 1 cup of Tahini with 3-4 spoons of honey, until it get’s to the right texture and taste sweet for your taste. We put it in our sandwiches or pancake and it’s the best.

  84. Helena

    I don not have a question, I only want to say ‘thank you’. You are so inspiring and I love how you two are together, so straight and caring and always respectful. You’re a good example to your kids! Go on!

  85. Tamara

    Hi Naomi,
    Thanks for sharing this informative and also funny video (‘is this weard?! yes this is weard’ LOL) ;)

    It’s funny for me to see you didn’t know muesli! I think half of Holland has muesli and yoghurt for breakfast every day.. Now living in France the main thing I find in the supermarkets are cereals FILLED wiht sugar. It’s crazy, the sugar overload… Like you say, once you start reading these labels….

    Thanks for sharing, I really really like reading your blog.

  86. Berlinda

    Hello, I’m recently struggling cutting soda from my life. I’m usually on the go and sometimes I feel I need that sugar to keep me going. What are your suggestions?

  87. Theresa

    Hi naomi , i really like what you do because me and my family (husband and 3 little boys) want to try something like this as well. But with a full nursed Baby its really hard because i need so much energy and sometimes my body REALLY needs something sweet ;-)
    But we are on pur way to it and what i’m really interested in is how you do it with the kids. Do they still eat sugar? I really wish my kids would not eat sugared stuff (they do,not SO much,but they do) but if i imagine auf summer without icecream (for the kids )….i think thats impossible :-))
    Lots Of love from germany!!

  88. Egle

    Hi Naomi,
    Love& read your blog, but don’t comment that often, however this topic is something i am very passionate about as well. I have been on “clean/plant based eating” journey myself, cut processed foods including sugar, wheat, diary and meat. I’d say i eat 80% clean and have never felt so good and food had never tasted so good! i would recommend searching for raw treats like protein balls (e.g. mix in a blender dates, nuts, raw coco powder, chia seeds, nut butter), they are SO easy to make and taste amazing, i’ve even converted my mom! and my husband said raw strawberry cheesecake was the best dessert i have ever made :) you haven’t mentioned nut butters, you may have not discovered it yet, but definitely recommend trying almond butter, the only downside is it tastes too good!! it’s really tasty with medjool dates (i know sounds weird, but it is delicious), apples and bananas.
    Good luck on your journey!

  89. Sally

    I loved the little video and especially the message and changes you have made. I have also tried to limit my added sugar intake and it make so much a a difference to how you feel. I agree with Josh, water really tastes so good. Have you watched “That Sugar Film” by the Australian Damon Gameau, well worth a look if you haven’t seen it,
    I’m currently doing the “28:28 by Sam Wood” Program which is an exercise and food program is living the healthy life so so worth it!
    Although like you I do miss my baked treats too….


  90. Can you share the “canteens” you use? I’m a HUGE believer in drinking tons of water and always looking for good water bottle options to keep me and my family hydrated while we’re out and about.

    • josh

      Hi Catherine! I have been really pleased with Klean Kanteen (

      We have tried all sorts of bottles and caps. I like using their “swing lok cap” myself because it’s fast to open and close and because I don’t have to worry about losing the cap. We also prefer their loop caps instead of their sports caps, and Naomi has their bamboo cap. Hope this helps! Let me know how you like them!

  91. Kristen K

    I love this video! I have been reading your blog for years (since you lived in DC) and it was so fun to see you and Josh interact =) Your “no sugar” diet is really encouraging me to make some changes to my diet, and I love Josh’s motivation of having a healthy lifestyle for your children. As a new mom, I can relate. Please keep sharing your journey on this challenging change, and all of the fun ways you do life with your littles. You both inspire me!

  92. This is something I definitely need to crack down on so thank you for the tips! It’s just nice to see it come from people with a family not a person who is totally obsessed and H-CORE! Seems so unattainable to me that way, but you two are gold! This is great.

  93. Becka

    I just want to say that I loved this video so much — you’re both so genuine and sincere and nonjudgmental and sweet about sharing this change you’re making for yourselves and your family. Thank you!

  94. Ellen

    Hi guys, I loved your video and your advice on focusing what you want to eat rather than what you’re ‘not’ eating is so helpful!

    After reading the ‘I quit sugar’ books and blogs by Sarah Wilson (you might want to check her recipes out) and becoming aware of the movie ‘that sugar film’ my eyes were opened to how much I was totally addicted to sugar… Hello family block of chocolate before breakfast and icecream for dinner:)

    I still find Messina gelato really hard to resist but feel SO much more energetic, grounded and happier without added and processed in my life.

    My favourite treat is to throw a cup or raw medjool dates, two cups of raw macadamias and 2 Tablespoons of raw cacao powder in a blender with a pinch of salt until smooth and then roll into balls and refrigerate….. DELICIOUS!!

    I look forward to seeing how you guys go on this journey :)


  95. Kerli

    Hi! Love you guys!!! Saying hi from Estonia! Yes now go google :)
    Just wanted to ask if you make meal preparations ahead for a week? I have just one child and a hubby and sometimes (or way too often) I find myself in panic that my child (or I) is hungry and then just give some fast snacks to her (and myself) before the food is ready. Soooo, PLEASE make a post of the foods that you always keep at home, which things are always on your grocery list? Yes I do smoothies every single day with my daughter and overall quite healty but just lately it has been way too many cookies.. So your post was just perfect timing for me! Thank you so much for sharing!

  96. Erin

    I’m so, so motivated by your journey and my desire to help teach my 3.5 year old twin boys the right way to eat be healthy. I’ve finally gotten to the preschool age and have a few hours a week to myself (which I’ve dedicated to the gym). I’m now trying to cut out all refined sugars. I was coincidentally one week into my journey when I saw your video. Thanks for the continued motivation!
    I just started watching “That Sugar Film” and I’m loving it! Added motivation. Definitely check it out:
    Thanks again. Love your blog.