video: talking about our food goals and changes!

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hi everyone! i know many of you have asked to learn more about the goals and changes josh and i made for ourselves at the start of the year (and over the last several years) when it comes to food and cutting out added sugars from our diet while also just eating healthier in general. josh has been doing this for a few years now, but i’m few months in, and so far, things are going well! we sat down on the sofa together the other night to talk about it in video format for you, since i’ve tried to write a blog post for you on the subject matter so many times and it gets forever long and truly bores me! haha! so if you are interested in hearing more about our motivation behind it, what we’re eating and snacking on, and how it’s going so far, you can watch the video! feel free to leave any specific questions in the comments and we can try to revisit this topic again soon with any updates.

i also just want to say, that like many things in life, each person’s experience with food is incredibly different, and there are so many good ways to go about it, not just only one way. we aren’t nutritionists or dietitians or incredibly knowledgable on any of this information. we’re just trying to make small changes in our daily diets (and lives!) to build better habits for our own selves and also for our family culture. like josh says in the video, it’s incredible how much you begin to be aware of what you’re eating once your little kids begin to mimic those habits each day. it’s like a mirror with kids and sometimes that can be scary. ;)

anyway, i hope this is helpful in some form. if anything, sharing with all of you has really helped me stay motivated and pumped to continue to eat better and i’ve really been amazed at how my body and mind have responded. until that next cheat day where you’ll most definitely see me at levain bakery, happy eating!

  1. Danielle-Starr

    I’ve been reading your blog for years and really enjoy the videos you post! Hope to see more in the near future!

  2. Sophie

    A homemade healthier alternative (and more delicious) to the regular ketchup staple is this:
    My kids love it and I love it with baked homemade fries :)

  3. Christi

    Super helpful! I kept catching myself nodding in agreement, hah! But your thoughts are so in line with what I’ve been thinking lately. Between having a toddler, my husband working and in grad school, & my own commitments, we’ve basically resorted to convenience over quality, and I’ve been feeling it– bleh! This is our first week where we’ve actually eaten better/strategized. But in light of that, do you have any meal planning tips? Thanks!

  4. April

    Hi there! Not to get off the topic of food, but I LOVE your shirt! Mind sharing where you got it?

  5. Jenna

    Hey there, just wanted to say thanks for sharing your views on food, and the importance of making healthy choices. A few years back I was tired of breaking out (I’m 34, waaay too old for acne) and migraines and the silly thought that medicating was the only way to treat these things just didn’t sit well with me. I went on a similar journey where I started cutting things out of my diet and soon I noticed a big difference. Not only in my skin, but my sleep, and energy level too. I’m going on 4 years of no sugar, dairy, gluten, and all things preservative or suspiciously labeled. Basically as natural and organic as we can afford and pull off without feeling too controlled or nuts about it. Moderation in all things right? I’m pregnant now which throws a wrench in things a bit w being sick and random cravings, so I’ve been giving myself some free passes and your video was the motivation I need tonight (after eating a pile of my moms homemade cookies for dinner ?) to stop making excuses and hold strong to what I’ve found to work for me. Sorry for the ramble, just wanted to let you know you inspired me in a long rambly kind of way. Thnx!

  6. Great post. My question is where is your gingham peplum shirt from that you were wearing in the cooking post a few weeks ago?!? :) Thank you!!

  7. Britney

    If you have a sweet tooth over ripe bananas should be your BFF!! I love oatmeal and shakes with a banana, cocoa powder, and peanut butter (or PB2). Grocery stores often sells bags of them for extra cheap!

  8. OMG this is the firs time I heard you guys voices. I kind of imagined your voices to be different. Like you guys come from california for some reason.

  9. Britt

    I really adore your clothing style! It is so stylish, playful, effortles and fun. That shirt you are wearing is so simple and pretty. I don’t think the no-added-sugar-way-of-life is something I’m going to copy, but your style is definitely something to pursue. Fun video!

    xx B

  10. kim

    Great video! I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance a few years back (turns out gluten is triggering my arthritis, I was only in my late 20s when that first hit me). At first I was pretty bummed out thinking about all the stuff I couldn’t eat anymore, but along the way I also learned to focus on what I can eat instead. And yes, I also grant myself “cheat” days during vacation as it can become both too complex to find “clean” stuff abroad, as well as the fact that I would not want to miss out on local food experiences while traveling. So yeah, definitely need the cheat days to not feel too sorry for myself! I bear the consequences of that as it’s worth it for me, Though they will usually remind me why I do this whole diet thing in the first place: to take better care of my body.

  11. Sarah

    Love the video! Such a fun way to hear from you all – keep em coming!

  12. Bethany

    I would love to see some of your favorite dinner recipes! And everyday, stay at home lunch recipes with the kids. I get in SUCH A RUT with lunches at home with me and my kids. Peanut butter and jelly are only good for so long….