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we are still in california, in san diego at the moment! i wanted to share some photos from our time in LA last week while i had a minute.  a lot of these are iPhone photos (oh, the good ol’ iPhone! whatever would i do without you!) since we were mostly running around LA to and from meetings and didn’t take the big real camera with us everywhere (does anyone else call their regular camera their “real” camera?! LOL.)

we weren’t able to do everything or see everyone since this trip was super quick and we didn’t have a lot of free time. (we were just in LA last june though, so i wasn’t too mad about it. but wow, is LA growing on me. haha! every time we visit i’m like, well ok, i get it….) anyway, we stopped by the california science center and also the LACMA for the kiddos on our free afternoons. the science center was eleanor’s happy place since they have a special journey to space exhibit going on and she pretends to be an astronaut almost every single day. she truly talks about going to mars someday and i wouldn’t put it past her. that girl blows me away every day. i hope you’re getting ready for her, space.


while still trying to be good with food (even though i allow myself some special treats when traveling) i could not turn down the chocolate chip pancakes from griddle cafe. why are they so yum?! it was worth it. (ps. we went here for the first time back when samson was only 6 weeks old! eleanor and samson are so little in those pictures i couldn’t believe it!)


at the california science center!


so many friends have been telling us to try sqirl for years. we finally did. and yes, it was AMAZING. everything was so good, but the homemade granola with yogurt and jam was the best granola i’ve ever had. (HEY SQIRL– CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE CONSIDER OPENING IN NYC?! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!)

LA-2 LALA3-3

my little sister bekah, who gives me crazy hair envy every time i see her. she was the sweetest to help watch the kids while josh and i had to be away. i have the best siblings ever and i’m so thankful for them.

LA3-2 LA1-2LA1

ran over to backyard bowls one night for dinner. the acai bowls were HUGE, and also really creamy, which is how i like them. josh liked their hercules smoothie and we tried one of their grain bowls.


quick afternoon at the LACMA where the kids pretty much just played outside all the exhibits on the grass and under the light posts! haha! still a great museum trip though.

LA2-3 LA2-4 LA2-5

for those who have asked on social media, those cute wide leg flare jeans on eleanor are from the gap. pizza purse is from crewcuts.


HEY! this exhibit is my favorite. it’s called Penetrable, by Jesús Rafael Soto. i actually remember walking through it for the first time with eleanor when she was a baby when it was in DC! was fun to relive that moment with baby conrad now. time flies. (ps. my outfit is from zara, for those who have asked. wooden clogs from here.)


and when you’re 20 minutes late to a meeting (oh LA, your traffic always gets the best of me!) you should at least show up with donuts, right?! i don’t know, but that’s what we did.


my blue swimsuit from here, for those who have been asking!LA4

happy for some pool time, even if it’s “cold” to everyone else in the area, it’s definitely warm enough for the pool to these east coasters.


stopped by sweetgreen and they have grapefruit as an ingredient out here for their salads! grapefruit is my favorite thing right now, so it definiely was delicious and also made me bummed out that the new york sweet green doesn’t have grapefruit. but it makes sense since they use local farm ingredients. just another reason you looked good this trip, LA. (ps. isn’t eleanor’s salad cute sans the lettuce?! she asks for precisely 3 hard boiled eggs with chicken and tomatoes every time we go. haha! meanwhile, mister samson orders basically every ingredient on the menu for this kale salad. my kids make me laugh pretty hard sometimes.)

LA3-4 hope you guys have a great rest of the week! if any of you know san diego well, we’re on the hunt for some good fish tacos! staying in the del mar area but willing to travel if you say they are the best! please do share! xo

  1. Rena

    Not only your sister – you have also beautiful hair! Love the pictures full of life you share here from your time in LA. And I must say, your iPhone is doing a very good job :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. stella

    looks like a wonderfu- well deserved mini break.

  3. Oooh lovely!! I can’t wait to visit the West Coast for the first time come summer! As always such great photos and I can’t wait to see more!


  4. Betsy

    I would love to hear how you get your children acclimated to the time change when you travel. I can barely handle the time change at Daylight savings time and when we traveled to Arizona. I’m amazed they do so well!

  5. Rebecca

    Okay, I’ve got to ask. Are your eyelashes real? They’re so thick and beautiful and they don’t look very fake?

    • TAZA

      that’s so nice of you, thanks! they are extensions.

  6. Marta

    Beuatiful family! Great time in LA :).

  7. Andy

    Dear Naomi. Thank you for your lovely blog. Your enthusiasm and ‘joie de vivre’ is contagious and lovely to drop into after a busy work/kids day. Can you please let me know what mascara you use? Apologies if you’ve covered this in other posts. Your lashes are inspiringly lush and dark – I’m very envious!
    Thanks and best wishes to you all.

    • TAZA

      i don’t wear any mascara, i have lash extensions which are great on their own!

  8. Lisa

    We spend a lot of time in Southern California and we love Rubio’s for fish tacos!

  9. when i saw you wearing the zara outfit, i was like “omg! we got the same sense of style, she and i!”. i was thrilled to see that!
    you are amazing naomi, i love you!


  10. Tara

    My family loves Wahoos in San Diego!! They have fish tacos-and more! But… Maybe not your healthiest option, vacation though, right?

  11. MAGGIE

    Love Your pic, Your are so awesome family :) Great kids and I love Yours travels, so jealous for them! :))) kiss kiss

  12. Lillian

    So cute!! Saw your leather jacket via snapchat and hoped you might share where from..? ;)

    • TAZA

      hello lillian! it’s from rebecca minkoff!

  13. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, your kids are getting so big and I love how long E’s hair is! It looks like your trip thus far has been amazing!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  14. Hannah

    Eleanor’s lucky to have parents who are so supportive of her interest in STEM fields! Good job Naomi :) She’s going to make an incredible astronaut.

  15. Martha

    Astronaut Eleanor! Now that would be amazing. Please do not let that curiosity of space in her fade away, we definitely need more young women in the field of science and engineering. How amazing it would be for her to grow up and make new discoveries in our lifetime :)

  16. Adrienne

    Looks like you guys are having a great time! Can’t wait to see more pics from San Diego. :) First of all I adore those clogs and will totally be ordering a pair. Would you say they’re pretty true to size? Also, where is that lovely blue swimsuit from? I’m always on the lookout for cute one pieces and you seem to have the market on them. Hope you guys have a great rest of your trip!


    • TAZA

      i ordered a size up when i bought the clogs. my regular size felt a bit too tight. swimsuit from jcrew!

  17. jenny

    The Ocean Terrace at George’s At the Cove in La Jolla has some tasty fish tacos. They might not be the best in San Diego (this topic is always debatable in our hometown) but the view and ambiance makes them taste even better:) Plus you can take the kids to Children’s Pool to see all of the seal lions and harbor seals, Birch Aquarium with breathtaking views, Glider Point to see the paragliders and Dr. Seuss lived here (you’ll see lots of trees that were inspiration for his funky illustrated trees). Enjoy your time in San Diego-we love it here!

  18. Brittany

    Hi Naomi! Would you please share where you purchased your beautiful blue swimsuit?

    • TAZA

      hi! it’s from jcrew!

  19. Jennifer

    Can’t beat these classic SD tacos: Brigantine Del Mar or Mariscos German!

  20. Becca

    Eriberto’s! Just went last week during our trip to SD/LA, It’s in Oceanside outside of Camp Pendleton – my husband went to HS there (Marine dad) and pines for those fish tacos. We live in DC and nothing compares. Any time we’re in SoCal we have to make a trip to Eribertos. It’s a bit of a hike from Del Mar – maybe half an hour? The ambiance isn’t much but man are they good! Have fun!

  21. Gina DiCenzo

    I am from Boston, but am here in San Diego for the week for a conference! I highly recommend Searsucker! I’m not sure they have fish tacos, but everything else is delicious! It’s in the Gaslamp Quarter!

  22. Lauren

    Naomi your outfits have seriously been on point recently, I love everything you wear! Looks like such a fun trip, it has me dreaming of Summertime and wanting to plan my own trips!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!

  23. Lauren

    Hi! Native San Diegan here. I would recommend The Brigantine in Del Mar. It is delish (get the fish taco plate), local, and the views are kind of the business :) Enjoy!

  24. Melissa

    San Diego has the best fish tacos! All the above suggestions are great, but if you are going for a casual, great experience, I suggest Point Loma seafood which is right on the marina or the very best ones are at The Fish Shop in Pacific Beach!

  25. Mollie

    Looks like you guys had an incredible time! I’m heading to LA soon and can’t wait to check out some similar stops.

    xoxo Mollie

  26. Kate

    Where did you buy Eleanor’s green jumper dress with the horses? So cute.

  27. Lauren

    Blue Water in San Diego is hands down, the best fish tacos. It’s fresh fish and they’re grilled, not fried. I have friends who don’t like fish admit they’ll go out of their way to get some Blue Water. Only about 15-20 minutes away from Del Mar.

  28. The BEST fish tacos and ceviche EVER are at Oscar’s Mexican Seafood! You must go, they have a few locations around the city!

  29. Caitlin

    It’s a short drive from Del Mar, but going to North Park and South Park in San Diego are worth it. Go to Tacos Perla ( on Upas. Fantastic tacos and killer Agua Frescas. Also in South Park. There are several playgrounds and parks near the golf course for a picnic. Amazing shopping of local, independent, funky stores. Skip those chains (Rubios, Brigantine, Wahoos). Finish it off with dessert at Eclipse Chocolate ( just down the street. Also local and independent.

  30. Marcy

    Loving this resurgence of the flares. I have always loved and owned at least one pair of flares. Actually, wore a pair of real bell-bottoms when I was in high school in the 90s!!

  31. Ana Mora

    Hi Naomi,
    I from Tijuana, Mexico , and often go to SD…
    I recommend to you to go to a real Mexican food restaurant in la jolla( also one in down town SD) it’s call PUESTO, absolutely amazing… So I’m from Mexico I know when it’s real Mexican food, the owners are from Mexico City. And they have fish tacos!!!!
    I hope you have a great time in SD

    Greetings from Tijuana!

  32. Meg

    We lived in Southern California for 5 years and found Bear Flag in Newport Beach the best. It’s a bit of a drive from San Diego, but I would drive from Rhode Island right now just to have them again.

  33. Oscar’s Mexican Seafood in Pacific Beach.. best fish tacos ever! XO

  34. Jordan

    Hope you’re having a great time in SD! You should try Fish 101, which is just up the 101 highway in Leucadia. Everything there is terrific! There’s also a secret taco stand in the Cardiff Beach Campground that has amazing tacos and the best views ever. If you’re looking for donuts, I truly think the best (simplest) donuts of all time are VG Donuts in Cardiff. It’s a surfer’s secret– and good for dessert after clifftop fish tacos!

  35. Hey! Do you do anything to your arms to get them to look so lean!? My upper arms have blown up from having my babe.

  36. Michelle

    Hands down best fish tacos in the world are here:
    South Beach Bar & Grille (Ocean Beach)

  37. Jessi

    Hey girl,
    You seriously rock those Swedish Hasbeens! I’m still trying to break mine in from LAST SUMMER. Any tips so I can take mine on trips too?

    • TAZA

      for some reason, mine didn’t feel like they needed too much breaking in! in fact, i feel like they have been so comfy from the get go, i have literally been living in them! this probably wasn’t too helpful! sorry!!

  38. Sarah

    Where are your sunnies from? I love them!

  39. Rachel

    It looks like you guys had a wonderful time! All of your delicious food pics have me hungry :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  40. Tammy

    haha! i love eleanor’s salad. something i would totally do too. her outfit with the wideleg flare jeans are amazing!

  41. Shawn

    If you get a chance to go to Carlsbad…LEGOLAND! Also the Flower Fields there are in bloom and are beautiful.

  42. Amy

    Hey Naomi! If you guys want to take a quick 20 minute drive up the 101 to Encinitas (another cute place to explore) Mozy Cafe has some awesome (and the size of your head) acai bowls. Enjoy SD!

  43. Emily

    Hi Naomi,

    I second/third Brigantine in Del Mar… if you make it to La Jolla, El Pescador Fish Market is NOT TO BE MISSED!

  44. I am a born and raised San Diegan and the best fish (and shrimp) tacos only recently hit the market of SD. Hands down the best are found at Oscar’s in Pacific Beach. Go to the original location (on Turquoise) if you can for the full experience. I swear, they are the best.



  45. Bry

    Love this post but where did you get your sunnies?! They are rad!

    • TAZA

      from free people! they are linked in the post before this one!

  46. Carissa Casares

    We have an abundance of amazing fish tacos, here’s some great ones:

    Prepkitchen Del Mar
    Tacos Perla
    Oscar’s Mexican Seafood
    TJ Oyster Bar
    Haggo’s Organic Taco
    The Taco Stand
    Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill
    El Pescador
    City Tacos

  47. Mara Ferreira

    Looks like such a fun trip! Love all of those LA spots, so many hidden gems in this city!


    M Loves M

  48. Cynthia

    I’ve been a longtime reader and I’m actually from L.A., though I currently live in Boston.

    I visit family in L.A. a few times a year so I have to ask… where are those donuts from? (They are literally making my mouth water!)

    • TAZA

      from california donuts!

  49. Adrianna

    I was just in San Diego a few weeks ago! Here are some awesome places to go:
    Oceanside pier and beach
    Mount Soledad monument (awesome view, bring snacks,sit on the grass)
    Maritime museum
    Pacific beach fish shop for fish tacos!!!

  50. Adrianna

    And for breakfast the fig tree cafe!!

  51. Heather

    I have lived in San Diego for over 20 years. Oscars, Mariscos, and Puesto!

  52. Christie

    where are your sunglasses from??

    • TAZA

      thanks! they are from free people! they are linked in the post before this one!

  53. Amelia

    you’re my style icon! pray tell where you got the floral shirt?

  54. Yolanda

    Try Salud Tacos & Lucha Libre, both in San Diego

  55. Anna

    I may have missed the link, but can you share where your blouse is from that you wore to the science center?! It’s lovely!
    P.S Great photos, as usual! :)

    • TAZA

      thank you! it’s by the great!

  56. Caroline Taylor

    Oscars in Pacific Beach has the best fish tacos! Also baked bear has amazing ice cream sandwhiches.

  57. Holly

    Hello Naomi! Would you please share where you bought your yellow flowered peplum top?

    Hope you guys have a great time for the rest of your trip!

  58. Heather

    City tacos too!

  59. Emily

    HI Taza! that floral white and yellow shirt is stunning. may i ask where it’s from?

    • TAZA

      thanks emily! it’s the brand, the great! shop bop should have it, although i bought it a while back…

  60. Emily

    Hi Naomi!
    that floral yellow and white shirt is stunning! may i ask where it’s from?

  61. Ofelia

    Old navy also has super cute flare jeans for little girls!

  62. Jessica

    Oh i am so excited to see you guys are in SD!! I am heading there in the morning for a work conference and I would HAVE to come say hi if I saw you around town!! I’ve been a fan since you were pregnant with E!

    I do have a few questions (collecting them over time, not related to this post!! hehe). With all your fabulous lip colors–do you use liner at all? Or just swipe it on and go?? Also, how do you travel with your adorable hats without them getting smushed and crushed in luggage and tight airplane spzces?! And finally–I’ve been so envious of your lashes, I’m starting to try extensions. How long can you usually go between fill-ins?

    Thanks again for sharing with us!!

  63. margaux

    i NEED to know about your lash extensions, naomi. ( : are they a lot of maintenance? i want some, but i’m worried i won’t be up for the caretaking. how are they at the beach? where do you get them done in NYC? do tell.

  64. Jennie

    Try Puesto for fish tacos and all of their tacos, really. That place is delicious!

  65. Amber Fillerup Clark

    WHHHHATTTT. You rock that Zara get up like no ones business!!!!

  66. Jessica

    Go to the Mormon Batallion Visitor Center. The kids will love it!! When you’re there make sure you grab a seat on a crate for the kiddos when they move you to the prairie area. Also, Karina’s has great fiah tacos. There’s a few in the area and you should try them out.

  67. Bridget P.

    Can’t believe no one’s mentioned this yet, but San Diego’s other claim to culinary fame are our carne asada fries. Pretty much any taco shop will have their own version, but my favorite are from Lolita’s. You can even get a surf and turf version (shrimp and carne asada on top) at some shops.

    And if you’re in a taco mood, Tacos El Gordo is the place to go for the best TJ style tacos in San Diego.

  68. Erin

    I live in San Diego and you should check out the Taco Stand in La Jolla! All of their tacos are great and so are their fish tacos. You should also check out the Carlsbad Flower fields!

  69. Kelly Perkins

    Try the fish shop in Encinitas! Their fish tacos will not disappoint and are very filling :)

  70. Lauren Bee

    Oh my giddy aunt, this is such a great post!
    I’m going to LA in June (and hopefully some other places – first time in America!) and have been looking for things to do and places to eat.
    There are so many amazing food places mentioned in this post, I’m already drooling and noting them all down :)

  71. Cassandra

    Tacos El Gordo if you want authentic Mexican Tacos, but my favorite is City Taco in North Park! Seriously, gourmet tacos that are so, so good and tons of fish and seafood taco options.

  72. Megan

    Puesto!!!! Our favorite place to eat. Then the kids can play at the big park close by and splash park!

  73. Candace

    As someone who is a younger sister, but also an adult, it might be time to exclude the “little” when referring to your siblings. They are adults after all. Don’t mean for this to sound rude, but I don’t like it when my sister refers me as ‘little’. Perhaps your sisters don’t mind. : )

  74. Emily

    Sorry, another eyelash question! I just moved to NYC from LA 6 months ago and have been looking for a good (and hopefully reasonably priced) lash place in the city. It just makes me so nervous to go somewhere new since someone is going to be so close to my eyes but I miss them terribly. Any recommendations?

  75. I am so impressed you mad it to the Griddle. That line is bananas! Have fun in San Diego. It’s a great town. I should know, I grew up there! Station Tavern in South Park is great for the kiddos:-)

    Sonia Cheek

    • TAZA

      the trick is going the minute they open! the kids are up crazy early with the three hour time change so it worked in our favor! thanks for the SD tip!!

  76. Ella

    The lamp post pic, with all 3 of your littles and their scrunched up faces. Crack up.

  77. Rylee

    NAOMI. CAN I HAVE YOUR CLOSET?! Also your cute lil fam?!

  78. Jazmin

    Hi Naomi!

    Not sure if you have said it already, but do you mind tell me where is Eleanor dress from? the one from the beginning of the photos. It looks like it has animals.


  79. Love your top in the 6th photo! Where is it from? So sorry if someone else has already asked—couldn’t spot it in the comments.

  80. Jennifer

    Hey Naomi!!
    I’ve been following for a while and actually sent you an email a little while back about how you handle nursing in public and make it look so easy. I’m exclusively breastfeeding my little girl who’s almost 6.5 months. Anyways those eyelashes of yours are gorgeous. As a fellow New Yorker do you mind me asking where you got them done?! Thanks :)

  81. Brynn

    I love that your pictures from traveling always look like mine…kids & food!

  82. Eve

    Lovely photos! Where did you get Eleanor’s green dress from? It’s adorable!

  83. Adriana

    Naomi! <3 Jesús Soto was a venezuelan artist, his work is really amazing! Check his art ;) Kisses from a venezuelan girl living in Valencia, Spain. Hope you come to visit soon xx

  84. I call my Canon 60D “the big dog”.

  85. Deborah

    you wonderful guys seem to know hot to enjoy life! seriously every picture of you share happiness!

    Hope to do the same in my blog soon or later! :D
    greetings from Italy

  86. justine

    would you mind sharing where you purchased Eleanor’s shoes? My daughter would love them … thanks! :-)

  87. amy

    great photos!
    where is eleanor’s watch from? my 4 year old is asking me for one!


  88. Julia

    Hello all!

    While catching up on correspondence today, I stumbled upon this PBS app, and thought that your kids might enjoy it; it’s all about space, and seems to incorporate a lot of different mediums. :)

    Additionally, the Intrepid has a large NASA exhibit, and usually has a ‘space week’ every summer; the exhibits are child friendly, and there’s lots of room to run around. ;)

    Finally, next time you are in D.C., you should check out the Museum of the American Indian. It currently has an amazing exhibit on the Inca road, which you might enjoy given your trip to Peru. Additionally, they have a great kids’ exhibit, in which they receive their own ‘passport’ to fill out throughout the different activities. Their cafeteria is also neat, because it’s divided by the different tribes, so that you can try foods ingenious to each.

    Thanks for being such inspiring and positive parents, and have a great day!