raw chocolate oat cookies!


since josh and i have been working hard the last few months at keeping all added sugar out of our diets (if you missed it, see our video and post here. also, thank you to everyone for the great tips and comments and feedback!). but anyway, since we aren’t eating added sugar right now, we’ve been trying to limit the amount of sugar the kiddos are consuming as well (while not taking it away entirely. i just can’t imagine a childhood that doesn’t involve ice cream.) i’ve been messing around at home with some cookie recipes that all of us can enjoy together, and while my first attempt at making a chocolate chip cookie with no flour or sugar (substituting those with chickpeas (TRUE STORY!) and peanut butter) turned out terrible, my kids might have forgiven me with this last batch of chocolate oat cookies we made together this past weekend.

we used this recipe as inspiration, although changed around the ingredients a bit (less peanut butter, more cocoa powder) and had a great time making them together. they are no bake, which means they are super quick and basic, and just take about 15 minutes in the freezer to firm up before you can eat away!  there is quite a bit of honey in them, which is a natural sweetener i’m not incredibly keen on, but i don’t think you need to use as much as the recipe calls for and they still taste sweet!

no added sugar chocolate oat cookies

3 cups quick oats
1/2 cup honey
1/4 cup natural peanut butter
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 teaspoon salt

in a medium sauce pan over medium heat, stir the honey, coconut oil and peanut butter together until combined and smooth.  stir in the remaining ingredients and remove from heat. spoon packed balls of the mixture onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. let them stand in freezer for 15 minutes. (we’ve actually kept our in the freezer because we like them on the harder colder side!)


(we accidentally filled the measuring cup with too much honey the first round!)


coconut oil is definitely becoming a favorite ingredient around here. we’ve liked using it as our oil base when cooking and also adding it to our smoothies.


all the oats didn’t quite make it into the pan! it’s what happens on occasion when my little pastry chefs are in charge. but worth it. totally worth it.

738h3738h-9this is my kind of cookie dough! no eggs, so you can eat it right away! when i asked the kids if they wanted to eat some they looked at me so surprised! it took quite a bit of encouragement to get them to try it.  i think they are used to me getting on their case when they try to eat the raw dough we usually make because of the raw eggs in it. haha! best part of a no-bake cookie.

738h-5eleanor kept talking about teamwork here. ;)738h-8738h-7

we had cookie balls of all shapes and sizes. samson made a few super little ones, which he said were for conrad for when he woke up from his nap! if that isn’t the sweetest thing ever! he’s so thoughtful.


now that i’m looking at these photos, i’m realizing that these cookies probably don’t look that appetizing. i’ve obviously been off of sugar too long when i wanna reach through the computer screen and have one even so! just trust me, they’re yummy.

738h let us know if you give them a try! i’ll try to share more of our go-to snack recipes and other healthy things we’ve been cooking on repeat at home. if you have any healthy sugar-free recipes you love, please share in the comments below!

happy monday, friends!

for those interested in what’s being worn, my jogger sweatpants are from anthropologie (on sale!) and baseball t-shirt from jcrew a few season back (different color available HERE, also on sale!) eleanor’s penguin turtle neck from gap kids last year, and samson’s sweater from crewcuts.

  1. Jessica

    When I try to cut back on sugar, I make similar cookies (but I call them energy balls.) I love to add ground flax seed and some brewer’s yeast for some added health benefits. I always have to limit myself on them because they’re so good!

  2. Ashley

    Chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favorite dessert but when I know I need to ease up on my sugar intake, I make the banana and oatmeal version that’s all over Pinterest. I think the ratio is one very ripe banana to 1/2 cup of regular oats plus as many chocolate chips as you want. Mash the bananas in a bowl with a fork, add in your oats and mix, then add in your chocolate. Bake at 350 for 15!

    • TAZA

      sounds amazing. will have to try!

  3. Tammy

    i’m a huge coconut oil fan too! i like to cook with it, and it always makes me feel like what i’m cooking is healthier… even if it isnt!


  4. Rachel

    we like to put coconut oil to use making peanut butter cups. i take 4 tbsp coconut oil + 3 tbsp raw cacao powder and mix them together over low heat just until they melt together and get shiny. then, spoon some of the chocolate into cupcake liners and put in the freezer for a few minutes to set. add a dollop of peanut butter in the center and spread around a bit (we like to add a bit of raw honey too) then top with another spoonful of the chocolate to cover and a sprinkle of celtic sea salt then back into the freezer to set up…voila! healthy peanut butter cups in about five minutes. this makes 1-2 of them (but you will probably need more because, peanut butter cuuuups!) enjoy.

    xo, rachel

  5. Alina

    Yummy! I made these powerballs ( that’s what people call them, ha!) sweetened with medjool dates have you heard about those? Medjool dates are very sweet, delicious, and packed with nutrition.


    I will definitely make these cookies which will go perfect with my last blogpost about tea! ;)


  6. Lauren

    These look so yummy, but as long as you are heating up any ingredients on the stove, then they aren’t technically “raw” cookies. For some amazing raw dessert recipes, I love to follow this food/recipe blog: http://rawmazing.com

  7. Elif

    You are so lovely…

    WHO took the photos (always a mistery:)?

    For sugar encravements I suggest Dates! They regulize blood sugar and perfect with chestnuts. Great for snacks

    I did a similar recipe with apple, bananas, dates and apricots instead of cocoa powder also deliciousssss!

    Kiss to the familiar friend out in NY

  8. Jackie

    This looks yummy! I’ve recently dropped sugar from my own diet and would love to slowly wean my family off as well. this recipe looks like a great way! My 4 yr old is on his school break right now – think I know what we will be stirring up. Please continue to post sugar-free recipes!

  9. Amanda

    My question is this: do you and Josh eat honey? I am feeling very inspired to cut out sugar but I have always eaten raw, local honey and I’m thinking I want to continue to do so. What are your thoughts on that? Just curious!

    (I realize this recipe has honey but I was specifically curious if you eat it too)

  10. Lauren

    I just want to say that I love that you guys are promoting a healthier lifestyle not only to your kids but to your followers. I think it is important for people to see others give up things that are not nutritionally beneficial to them. When I first had my son, I was dealing with a lot of hormonal acne issues. When I discussed my problems with a dermatologist, she said that the issues could be solved by reducing sugar, gluten, and dairy from my diet. So I cut them out completely. People bashed me everywhere I went, calling me crazy, etc. However, it was so worth it! I had never felt as good as I did when I started doing that. I felt like everything I was eating was so good for me. Also, my body started looking amazing, as did my face! So that was an added bonus :)

    One of the sites I used regularly for treats, and even meal ideas, was: https://elanaspantry.com/ She has so many amazing recipes! I would definitely recommend trying some.

    Good luck to you all. I am so proud of the changes you have made so far! (And I know that is totally weird since I don’t actually know you!)


  11. Nicole

    avocado+banana+cocoa=yummy raw vegan chocolate pudding! tried it, kids love it, too! many recipes out there….

  12. Bianca

    Yum! Adding these to my must-make list. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Joana

    yummy! sounds great!

  14. Corinne

    I have gotten hooked on making homemade nut butters (pecan is my favorite– I’ve also made homemade Nutella– they’re pretty easy to make and so delicious!) and eating the nut butter on bananas as a treat.

  15. Caitlyn

    hi naomi! i make these too and use 1/4 cup of honey And they are just the right sweet. You can add chia seeds and ground flaxseed too.

    Completely off topic, it would be awesome if you posted on how you manage to get ready for the day. I 100% believe you feel how you look (and if you look good you feel good and if you feel good you do good) but struggling to find the balance of getting ready everyday with 1 baby, let alone three kids! How do you manage to do your hair everyday?! Please teach us your tricks.

    Also, another side note. I kinda live for your clothing links because I don’t have time to browse myself (I feel weird saying that because I have one baby and you have three! Again how do you do it?!) i know you’ve done a few clothing posts like breastfeeding friendly tops, etc., but it would be awesome if you did a regular post with links to pieces you are liking at the moment because let’s all admit you are an awesome shopper.

    teach the rest of us some superwoman tips :)

  16. Heather

    I love making these! I like to use chocolate protein powder (I use Yoli protein) in mine to make them even healthier, but still just as delicious :)

  17. Brynn

    I did a 21 day sugar detox awhile back and also tried to cut the amount of sugar my kids were eating too. We made these amazing Cinnamon Coconut Cookies (all over pinterest) that used smashed banana and they were so good! The coconut gave them a really nice chewy flavor.


  18. sarah

    Love this! And definitely interested on more recipes ;)

  19. Rachel

    These sound and look really really good! And I loved your video from the other day. I found it super motivational and I think what you guys are doing is awesome!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  20. Mara

    No bake cookies! That’s what we call them. Is that a Utah thing? Anyway I used to make these when I was a kid, I love love them.

  21. Meagan

    If you’re not a huge fan of honey as an added sweetener, you should consider trying dates in your recipe instead! We make all sorts of cookie balls around here and dates add the perfect sweetness – just soak a cup of pitted dates in warm water for 5-10 mins then process them in the food processor until they’re chopped up and form a big ball then simply add the rest of the ingredients and pulse!
    Ps. Up until a year ago I would gag at the thought of dates and although I still don’t love to eat them on their own – they are fantastic for no-bake recipes.

  22. Paige

    These cookies look amazing! I think we’re going to have to try them out for our FHE treat tonight!


  23. Krista

    I’ve made something similar in the past and they tasted great! I’ll have to give this one a go. And I love that Samson is wearing a little ring. Looks adorable on his little hands! xx

  24. Lauren

    How many does this recipe make? :)

  25. Audrie Baker

    You look awesome! Love your blog.

  26. Justine

    Thank you for this good recipe. I’m vegan and gluten-free so this recipe is perfect for me !!

    (I hope my english is not to bad, I’m living in Paris and this is the first time I comment your post, but I read it everyday since 2 years !!)

  27. Daphne

    Ohhh these actually look amazing! I’ve been off added suger, dairy and gluten for almost two years now and never felt better! When my husband (he’s not quite ready to completely say goodbye to his doughnuts/ice cream and wine gums yet ;) is eating something frosted in bright colours it doesn’t even make me crave it anymore. It’s like my taste for things shifted completely.

    Okay, so back to recipes.. I’ve found the best biscotti cookie recipe here http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/12/grainfree-dark-chocolate-dipped-almond-cranberry-biscotti-sea-salt-glutenfree-vegan/ and have been making it on a regular basis. Soooo good dipped into a hot cup of tea or coffee, mmm :). Also banana/blueberry pancakes (1 banana 1egg 2tblspns coconut flour and some blueberries) and banana nicecream (1 frozen banana + 1 tblsp almond butter in the blender with some cranberries or dark chocolate) soon good as an ice cream substitute!!

    I hope these tips come of any use to you and you’ll have lots of fun together trying and tasting them all.

    Lots of love, Daphne

  28. Maggie

    Maybe You would like to try sweet potato brownie :)
    You need 2 medium sweet potatos, 100 g of dates, half glass of natural cocoa, 2 eggs, 3 spoons of coconut oil, 1 tea spoon od baking soda, 4 spoons of coconut powder and optionally some fruits (for the top of brownie, I recomend sour blueberries or raspberries or cherris; You can use frozen). Cook potatoes, add all of the rest ingridients and mix it for a smooth mass. Bake for 30 min in 180′ C.

    Love Yours children, You are so fun guys :*
    I really like Your blog and pic.

    Greetings from Poland :)

  29. Kathrin

    Hi Noemi, Friends of mine are from the Netherlands and super in advance about healthy food and ecological questions. They told me about “xylitol” as sugar “ersatz” because I’m a comets sugar addict. Best thing about xylit is: you just use it like sugar but it is killing the caries bacteria!!! Google it!

  30. Ooh, I’ll have to give this a try since it’s actually easy to make! I’m sure my little ones will love it. I’ve made chocolate using coconut oil, raw honey and cocoa powder. It’s really good and also super easy.

  31. Liza Peeples

    We’ve used foodbabe.com for her amazing protein bars –
    We just add peanut butter because we love peanut butter!!

    I hope you enjoy. We have given up gluten and sugar for Lent so we are always looking for great ideas. Love yours!


  32. Abby

    I love the sound of these cookies! I haven’t had sugar since just after Christmas and it’s been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Thankfully I make ice cream out of frozen fruit and I recently found the most delicious five ingredient no bake cookies! I sub honey for the maple syrup.


  33. Katie

    Love these photos! You’ve given me inspiration to bake with my little this weekend. We love mashed banana with oats cookies. You can add cinnamon and chocolate chips too for a bit of extra deliciousness.

  34. Pam

    I’m just so in love with Samson’s hair, it looks so good!
    PS: those cookies actually really do look appetizing, I’m going to try them out! Have a great week lovelies xx


  35. Kelly

    These do look and sounds amazing and “teamwork” is just the cutest thing ever!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  36. juliet

    I just made these cookies – I’m eating the “dough” out of a bowl like delicious peanut butter cup granola. YUM. Thank you so much for sharing this and for working to reduce refined sugar from your diet. I love this recipe and look forward to more from you!

  37. Kelly

    Good for you for wanting to change your eating habits and sticking to it. And don’t worry, I’m eating all the sugar ;)

    I used to love these cookies (we just called them no-bake) when I was a kid, I had forgotten all about them, thanks for the reminder!

    Some people are saying they’re vegan but they’re going to make this recipe – – vegan = no honey!

  38. Gemma martin

    Try Deliciously Ella website and cook books. My kids love the energy bites!

  39. Kathy

    I love your blog in general and think it’s terrific you and Josh are creating a healthy lifestyle for your littles!

    I do want to add a caution: While honey is unprocessed, it is still definitely considered an added sugar. It has the same metabolic effect on the body,
    Anyone who needs to lower their sugar intake needs to restrict ALL sugars, including honey.

  40. Rachel

    I’m a little confused, to be honest, by the “no added sugar” definition, Surely if the cookies contain honey, that’s added sugar – just not added refined sugar?

    Obviously each to their own, but I don’t worry too much about honey or fruit sugars just as long as everyone in my family is eating a varied and balanced die, so I don’t ask because I don’t eat it.

  41. Annabel

    Gah my laptop is going into meltdown because I’ve opened so many tabs reading the comments! ha!

    I’m not keen on honey as a sweetener either (I like using it as a face mask haha) there’s just something about the taste.
    When I’m craving chocolate (always) I like to make a mint chocolate smoothie! I have perfected the recipe if I do say so myself over many months and it’s just the right blend of healthy fruit & veggies & good fats meets chocolate and minty deliciousness :D

    here is the link http://www.helloannabel.com/2015/03/mint-chocolate-smoothie-recipe.html :)


  42. Sarah

    Hi! Random question for you: what nail polish are you wearing? It’s so subtle but it looks really nice on your nails.

  43. Ida

    The recipe in the post sounds great but the best part is almost the bonus recipes in the comment sections! After doing a Whole30 I’ve been trying to keep most of the added sugar off the menu since.
    I just recently made sugar- and flourless blueberry/banana muffins –
    an instant favorite!


  44. KJ

    These are yummy!

  45. KJ

    These are good, and a lot of people eat them for breakfast!

  46. Tara

    You have to check out detoxinista and her cookbook Everyday Detox! So far the peppermint fudge bars are my fav!

  47. Jessica

    Hi Naomi,

    Love that you guys are finally on board with healthier eating!

    Check out Weelicious.com. She has great recipes for kids.

  48. pamela

    would you mind giving us the brand of honey you used for this yummy recipe, pretty please? love your blog!

  49. Tess

    Have you ever/ can you do a post about your green smoothies?! I wanna get my 1 year old into them but all my attempts taste really bitter! THAnks!

  50. Tairah

    Ella from deliciously Ella has a lot of good ones. Im just staring out with getting our family of 7 on a more healthy diet. But we all loved her cinnamon popcorn on her youtube channel.

    You might already know this website. But I love your blog and all your clothes and kids clothes. Your a great mom!

  51. Lorna

    Uh, so I recently quit added sugar myself, and I can say these look AMAZING! *I* wanted to jump through my screen and eat them all! Totally appetizing looking :) Keep the recipes coming girl!

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  53. Leah

    Hi! I just made these following the recipe exactly and can report they’re awesome! Maybe going added-sugar free isn’t soooo bad ;-) thanks for the recipe, Naomi.

  54. These do sound pretty delicious, I have to say (even if they don’t look as appetizing as regular cookies ;)) I may have to give them a go.
    Also, on another note, you seem like such a great mum. Your kids are very lucky to have you.

  55. Lou Lou

    Love this recipe. Thank you. We’ve just made some for Easter eggs this year. Used dates instead of honey and few other things. My 4 year old had such a great time making them! So easy, cant go wrong

  56. Nicki

    I made these today and they were delicious. Rather than making them into balls I just rolled the mixture into a long log using plastic wrap and once it was hardened in the freezer I cut it into thin slices :)

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