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over the past few years, i’ve been trying to collect old photos and videos from my parents home in utah on occasion, trying to digitize them myself in some form to help preserve them. i am such a photo and video lover, which i think i get from my dad, who was so good at documenting my own childhood through videos and photos. but it’s been quite the process to try to keep all those old memories up to date especially since a lot of them are video files on VHS cassette tapes! all of my old dance performances are on those tapes, too… and i’ve been dying to go through them and find ways to keep them safe in a better format.

it was truly perfect timing when LegacyBox reached out in the beginning of the year and asked if we’d like any help getting our outdated memories that live in VHS cassette tape form or in scrapbooks onto digital files. i raised my hand so high! yes please!


the process was beyond easy. LegacyBox sent us a kit in a crush proof box with round-trip shipping which we filled with some old video tapes and photos. then we sent it back. we received all of our video tapes and photos back about a month later along with all of the files digitized.

i died seeing some of these dance videos back! my sisters and i used to make videos when were little like “cooking shows” or “movies” with my dad’s ginormous video camera and my sister and i were rolling watching them back. i actually shared a video at the bottom of this post from when i was a teenager and finding my love for modern dance! there’s also a link to use to get 40% off your first time using LegacyBox at the bottom of the post as well!


some of the photos we sent in that came back on CD’s and a thumb drive. looking through these, i just see so much of my kids and it is crazy!….


that’s me in the bangs (lol, still have them!) and my little sister hannah!


i am assuming this must have been halloween one year, but not totally sure. i wouldn’t put it past us to be dressed up like this on a day outside of the holiday. ;)


i look at this photo and all i see is a dark haired baby conrad.


after a ballet performance with my grandparents.  they were our biggest fans. i miss them so much every day.


creative dance in kansas with our teacher, cousin kathy!

legacy2-7 legacy2-8 legacy2-9 legacy2-10 with my mom and dad (and hannah again) at my grandparents cabin in wisconsin! i have the best memories from that place and it’s so special to have these photos and videos from there on my hard drive now, too!

this video is from the year i discovered modern dance, i’m 17 years old here… and apparently very dramatic. ;) i had been classically trained in ballet my entire life and craved change. the biggest thank you to the modern dance faculty at UVU for believing in me and taking me under their wing even though i was only 17 and for letting me take every single dance class  imaginable before i left for juilliard.  i still had so much to learn at this point but i knew i loved it. it was really fun to watch this video for the first time since it was recorded 12 years ago… i hadn’t seen it since it was recored on VHS tape and at my parents in a big old box, i had totally forgotten. gosh, that short hair! haha! obviously it was the first thing i did upon leaving the ballet world. chop chop! good times….

thank you so much to LegacyBox, who sponsored this post, for helping us digitize, organize and preserve these special memories! and for the first 50 people to use the code TAZA at checkout, you’ll receive 40% off your LegacyBox!

  1. susana

    did you used to be a dancer?

  2. Anne

    That is such a good idea. I have for a long time been wanting to do something about our old pictures and videos
    xx A

  3. Rena

    Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful old pictures! I have to admit I’m not really good with old pictures – now you are a role model also in this context for me :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. katie

    whoa…that is Samson in the clown costume!

  5. I cant believe how much your kids look like you! I can see both Eleanor, Samson and Conrad in these photos. Would be fun to look at some old photos of Josh as a kid sometime. Bet its possible to see similarities between Josh and the kids too!

    And what a good idea preserving the photos. My boyfriend has done the same with photos from his childhood, but I havent had a chance to do the same with mine yet.

  6. My goodness Naomi, what an amazing idea, my mom would LOVE this we have so many photos that need to be digitalized.. I’m going to have to look for something similar here in the Netherlands. Also, oh my goodness your dance piece, it broke my heart and I’m watching it for the 4th time after finishing typing this! Thank you so much for sharing this personal and beautiful content I love it a lot! Plus, my goodness what great style your family has! SO cute!!


  7. Ps. sorry for commenting again but I was wondering, what did the kids say when they saw your old pictures and videos?! <3

  8. Kelly

    Thanks for sharing this! Loved watching you dance at the end. Memories are so special! I think I am going to have to check out Legacy Box to see if they can preserve a few of our own, such a great idea. xox

  9. I’ve used Legacy Box, too, and it was awesome! All of our old 8mm films and slides and Beta video tapes got digitized! It was a very smooth process.

  10. Sally

    Wow! So much of your kids in those old photos! They are fantastic.


  11. Mika

    WOW! I see SO much of all three babies in these photos, I see Eleanor, Samson and Conrad :)

  12. Arielle

    I discovered LegacyBox on Pinterest and my mom had her collection of VHS tapes put onto DVDs. We had a blast watching everything from my birth, firsts as a baby, dance recitals, and playing/fighting with my sister! It made this Christmas memorable with the family. Highly recommend!

  13. Radana

    wow! The sleeping picture is totally Eleanor and the one in costume is Samson! I would swear it is him :-)

  14. Emma

    Thanks for sharing, I love the video of you dancing, you’re so good, do you ever miss it? I’m in the UK so don’t think I could use this particular company but I would love to go through and get all my childhood videos and photos digitised, it has been on my mind quite a lot recently and even more so since watching that talk you recently did. Thank you for the inspiration!

  15. Emma

    Oh and PS, your children look so much like you! That one of you that looks like Conrad but then above it, it could be Samson in that clown costume! So cute :)

  16. Aurore

    It’s crazy to see how much your children look like you !

  17. Jackie

    That clown picture looks EXACTLY like Samson!

  18. omg Naomi! This vide of you is just GORGEOUS! Thank you for sharing! I am actually a trained dancer in Indian classical dancing and haven’t danced in 3 years and totally miss it. This has inspired me to grab my bells and seek out a studio. <3 x

  19. Wow those old photos really look like your babies!

  20. Tammy

    this is so perfectly timed! my dad has been asking me for a few weeks to find a place that does this. thank you so much for the coupon code

  21. margot

    Lovely to see snippets of your childhood, Naomi! Thanks for sharing!

  22. I wonder if Eleanor will be a dancer!

  23. Brittany

    I love watching you dance! I’ve been a follower since your Julliard days, and it’s so fun to see that side of you. Thanks for sharing. I’d love to see more!

  24. Eleanor

    It’s insane how much the kid in the clown costume looks like Samson!

  25. Kelli H (Made in Sonoma)

    These are great memories. E looks so much like you. I have to say, after reading so many bloggers positive reviews w/ Legacy Box I went ahead and ordered. Unfortunately it’s been a total let down. Lies on their website about how fast they are, Communication has been horrible. I’m completely unhappy with their service. I think they treat their bloggers better than their paying customers.

  26. eleanor looks so much like you where you were little! that is truly impressive! xx

  27. Hi Naomi! I am a big fan and I would hvae to say this post have made me emotional. Remembering my days with my grandmother while she sits and wait for me during ballet classes. I miss her too so much. Thank you for this post.

  28. bianca

    Naomi where do you get your lashes done? I live in harlem and don’t want cheap but yours look great!

  29. Mara

    I think your face in that clown picture just screams Samson! Love the old dance clip haha so fun to have this!

  30. love this! would also love to hear about how your preserve memories now! i have so many photos living on my phone and computer, and they’re both at capacity! ah! haha

  31. Annie

    I don’t see Conrad at all (I think he looks like Josh), but Eleanor and Samson are seriously your clones!!!

  32. Kayla

    The clown looks JUST like Samson!

  33. vicky

    insane! I swear those are pictures of your kiddos!

  34. Charisse

    I didn’t know you danced! You went to Juilliard? Wow…!
    Ps. You are your moms twin.

  35. I watched your dance video on YouTube last night, and I was amazed! So beautiful! I’m sure your little ones will pick up some talent.

    Sarah |

  36. Totally thought that image of you dressed up as a clown was Samson!!!! I see so much of your kids in you (or I guess it’s you in your kids ;) Luckily for them it bodes well for them growing up to be absolutely stunning like yourself!

    xo Mary-Katherine |

  37. Lisa

    I wasn’t able to view the video–it said that I required permission? But it looks like others were able to? Either way, so fun to see the resemblance of your children to you!

  38. Nora

    Thanks for sharing the code. I have a bunch of family videos that I have been meaning to do this with. I just ordered a box.

  39. Brooke

    Just order my LegacyBox! My first date (a blind date) with my husband will soon be available for my kids’ viewing pleasure. Thanks!

  40. Rachel

    I took the time to scan a punch of my old photos onto my computer and I am so glad that I have them, but this looks like an even better way to preserve them!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  41. Amy

    These are so sweet, thank you for sharing! I didn’t realize how much your kids were clones of you until I saw your childhood photographs! I would love to see some video of your Juilliard dancing days! You are incredible! Thank you! Amy

  42. Sophie

    This is such a great post, exactly what I was looking for !

  43. Alyssa

    Ok cutest photos and I see one that looks like Samson, Eleanor, and Conrad! Your children are spitting images of you when you were younger! Love this idea so fun!

  44. Frances

    The clown picture?!? Looks so much like Samson. Loved seeing those pictures! Also, beautiful dancing. It’s also so fun to go back and look old dance video from years back. Hope you’re doing well!! xoxo

  45. francesca

    so much samson and so much eleanor in these pictures! amazing!

  46. francesca

    so much leaner and so much samson! amazing!!

  47. Sophey

    Such a pitty you left dancing. Great performance!!!

  48. Ewa

    I love the way you dance! Show us more!

  49. Melissa

    I just ordered the biggest box with your code! I have ALL of my paternal grandparents film reels, photos, and slides. I’ve slowly been scanning all the photos and slides myself but the reels have been a little more difficult. Thank you so much!

  50. Megan

    I love this idea! I didn’t realize how much your children look like you!

  51. Shelby

    So stinking cute! You are identical to your kids, I swear! That video of you dancing is so fun, too. I look back on videos from my high school plays and think whaaaaat? It’s fun going back to the emotion and the memory.

  52. Great dancing to the Didgeridoo? Interesting how you wouldn’t have probably thought you’d visit Australia! ?

  53. Bethany

    Love this! I did not know you could even digitize old photos. Definitley going to have to do this!! Thank you for the post!

  54. Olivia

    This is such a cool video! Can you do a post about your transition from youth, into your Juilliard years? Please!

  55. wooou I can see all of your children in your photos. It’s really amazing!!
    I think I have no videos of me when I was a child. Only Super 8 from my grandfather. He loved the photographie as I do.

    Kisses from FRANCE

  56. Sam

    Oh wow! You’re such a beautiful dancer! I’m a dancer too! What did you go to Juilliard for … how amazing?!
    I am so inspired now to organise all my photos and old videos of me dancing too! Thank you!!

  57. Kristin

    Love all the pictures!!! Glad I checked on here because I thought that was Samson in the clown outfit….cannot believe how he is your twin!!!! All the pictures remind me of your sweet babies. I loved your dance too….such talent!!!Much love sweets!!! Kristin????

  58. Fwei

    Wow thanks for sharing and wonderful to see this other side to you. Really beautifully executed. Do you still dance ? How do you stay in shape? Your three young kids keep you on your toes I’m sure. But do you do any other forms of exercise routine ? Well done !

  59. Megan

    You were a fantastic dancer! Do you ever regret giving that all up after devoting so much time to it? Would you encourage your daughter to train that way?

  60. Naomy

    Hi Naomi, what a lovely post!! Wish we had something like LegacyBox here in the Netherlands, what a brilliant concept!

    My boyfriend and I have been saving up for years to come to New York, and this May we’ll FINALLY visit your lovely city *excitement-dance!* ! Because there’s no one else’s opinion on New York that I trust more than yours (duh..), I was wondering if you could recommend a hotel, or a location for where we should choose our hotel l, to benefit the most of what New York has to offer? We are planning to stay for about a week (is this enough though :p?…)

    It would be more than awesome if you could reply, love you and your family and can’t wait to explore New York on my own (I’m totally dying of excitement! :p)
    Love, Naomy (Amsterdam – The Netherlands)

  61. robyn

    oh my gosh, the photo of you dressed up as a clown is so samson! and the one of you in the paddling pool, eleanor! totally agree with you being a dark haired version of conrad too!! would love to see some baby photos of josh just to see how much of him is there too :) isn’t it weird that kids can be 50/50 and yet baby photos are a spitting image, my kids are the same.

    legacy box looks like an amazing service and something my parents might be interested in since they have a ton of vhs’ of us as kids, thanks for sharing!

  62. Molly

    It’s cray how much your littles look just like you! Thanks for sharing this, Naomi!

  63. Kaela

    I love this. I’ve known for so long that you’re a dancer, but we’ve never really gotten to see you in action….minus on in a still-shot or while snowboarding ;). Seriously loved it!

  64. Omg eleanor is your carbon copy. She looks exactly like you.
    at 17 I still only knew the high school musical dance hahaha

  65. hanna

    This is something I totally need to do. Old memories are so precious. –Hanna Lei

  66. Pam

    I swear I see so much of S and E here! It’s crazy how much you and your kids look alike!
    Thinking about digitalizing my old videos as well! xo

  67. Marney

    What a gorgeous mover! My Mom is a professor of Dance at UVU and founded the Dance Department. Did you ever have Kathie Debenham as a teacher?

    • TAZA

      YES! she’s the greatest, please tell her hello from me!