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while we were at the san diego zoo last week, we found ourselves in the gift shop…. naturally. our kids have a way of persuading us to meander on in every once in a while. they are so good at being kids. haha! while inside, we decided to let the kids each pick something out. it took no time at all for eleanor to find the panda baseball cap (love how she loves her headbands and hats!), but samson took his time. he walked all over the shop, letting his hand brush along the toys and even occasionally picking up a stuffed animal or key chain to have a look.  conrad was starting to get impatient (he didn’t exactly pick something out, but we got him a tiny stuffed animal he’s been enjoying) so i told samson he had one more minute to decide.  pressure was on! he looked around at everything once again but this time, he saw it! the last disposable camera hanging on a hook at his eye level and he gasped! “THIS!” he said! “yeah, this!” and part of me felt proud. “sounds good, samson!”

he walked all over with his camera in hand. he thoughtfully took photos of the clouds, of the ground, of several trees and of us. at one point he asked papa to hold conrad upside down while he took his picture! :/ haha, it was darling. i’ve shared photos eleanor and samson have taken around new york city before here and also here, but it was kind of cute to see samson conquer the san diego zoo all on his own with that tiny disposable camera.  getting the film back was very sweet. these photos are his favorite. a few of them are mine, too.


while you don’t see a panda here, you do see the back of eleanor’s panda baseball cap. so pretty much, here’s a panda at the san diego zoo!

samson-3samson-6 samson samson-7

i actually plan to frame this cloud shot! i love it.


and this photo of conrad! what a sweet big brother samson is to him. going to need to get this guy a legit camera one of these days! he’s definitely ready.

past photos from eleanor and samson’s disposable cameras here and here.

  1. Caitie

    those are some legit pics! he’s got real talent!

  2. I absolutely love this post! I have been wanting to get a disposable camera for a while now. The photos have a unique style and I love the exposure.
    Samson looks set to be a super photographer! Too cute.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Love, Kate xo

  3. Trisha

    Our 3 year old is ready for a kids camera as well- if you find a good one let us know! We borrowed a Leap Frog one and didn’t care for it as much because the quality of the pictures was about what my first flip phone camera was. :)

  4. Jennifer

    Where is your beautiful outfit from?

  5. Tammy

    what!!! so talented- i love that you can see samson’s POV and perspective in these shots. the one of conrad is adorable

  6. Summer

    What a darling he is! i look forward to reading your blog so much and get so future family envy all the time! Family goals right there. Ahh, not until i take a step back and realise i’m only 19 and its not quite the time for me to have a family yet…Haha

    Cheers x

  7. Yasemin

    Love this so much. I remember your post from his bday where he did the same thing taking his time to find a toy at the toy store. So thoughtful and sweet!

  8. Frances

    Go Samson! Those pictures turned out really nice. His mom’s talent brushed off on him that’s for sure :)

  9. Elaine

    So fun to see you this morning. I was surprised to see this post up so soon. You are amazing. Hope you have a great day

  10. Yaling

    He is talented! The compositions of these photos are great!

  11. Katrin

    I love this! It’s great to see the world how he sees it! Kids have a very good eye for details and for certain things which we love to ignore! I can’t wait to see more :) x

  12. Darlene

    So fun! We gave our kiddos disposable cameras last time we went to Europe (Iceland and Sweden) and then made a scrap book at the end of summer with those trip pics and had the oldest write a few sentences about each picture!

  13. Darlene

    Also we gave our oldest my old digital camera for Christmas a few years ago, I think he was 5 and he LOVES it. He actually took it to the Denver Zoo yesterday, but I think he got distracted and forget to take pics.. ha

  14. Paige

    I love this series! I want to give my little guy a camera for his birthday this year and see what kinds of things he takes pictures of!


  15. Rachel

    He has some impressive photograph skills! I love this idea!!! I need to give my little girl a camera to use. :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  16. Emily

    I remember reading one of your posts similar to this previously, and I love seeing photos like this! It’s so sweet to see what kids choose to take photos of, and Samson’s got a good idea!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  17. Britt

    Adorable! How artsy :D !

    xx B

  18. You have a future photographs in the family. It’s so cute. Kisses from France

  19. Alyssa

    i’m loving these pictures. what a little prodigy!! xo

  20. JENNA

    i absolutely love this idea. i did it once with my daughter and then forgot about it! i still don’t know where i put that disposable camera so i need to try this again! samson is so talented!!


  21. I love love love this. My 6 year old is ALWAYS taking my camera to take his own pictures. I usually get a little annoyed cause well mommy’s camera cost like half a month of rent, but some are really cute. The other day he actually turned it on and told me to talk about my “morning routine” haha! Having a tween sister sure teaches you uhhhh…things. Anyways, I love this and I think I need to save some of the photos my big man took on my blog at some point too! Love Samson’s eye (and taking after mama)! Thanks for the inspo!

  22. Katelyn Humphrey

    These posts are some of my favorite on your entire blog! Love seeing what the kids see fit to photograph! Such inspiring parents.

    Ps: I would LOVE to know where your black and white striped top with cute Ruffles sleeves is from in your snapchats of traveling to DC. :)

  23. caitlin

    these are my favorite posts you do! i love seeing their perspective.

  24. Karis

    I love that you two future their creative talents and interests! These photos are wonderful. Way to go Samson! And if Eleanor wants to see some panda photos she can check out mine that I took recently at the San Diego Zoo on my blog.

  25. Cynthia Sue

    This is soooooo cute. Samson might grow up to be a professional photographer one day.

  26. chiara

    great post!

  27. Deborah

    I really really love seeing the picture taken by them! for once in life we really got to see the world as they see it! And I love it.

    Which camera was this? what camera is good for a kiddo?

    When in Sicily we let Giulio using the reflex under our stricht supervision (!!!) but I want to free him on this. Please Help! :D

    here is the result of Giulio’s pictures in Sicily:

  28. I’m not trying to be funny, but I’m waiting for the day where you share an outfit and the photo credit goes to either E or S haha. These are adorable! x

  29. Jean

    I love how you involve them with things such as photographing, cooking, and so forth .

  30. I just love this idea!! I will definitely be doing it with my kids one day!! He’s a natural! =P

  31. hanna

    The photos look great! –Hanna Lei

  32. Rebecca Kelly

    First time comment-er over here!
    So, I have been keeping up with you and your sweet, sweet family for the last two years or so and just could not be a bigger fan of y’all. This post just melted my heart, I mean like how sweet are these photos! I can’t wait to hand my children some disposable cameras one day, thank you for the idea!
    I hope I get the pleasure of bumping into y’all one day in NYC when I’m visiting. I will totally make y’all change plans just so we can chat over a smoothie/snack.
    Wishing you health and happiness!
    -Rebecca Kelly

  33. Ella

    Photos from a child’s view are always the best. Well done, Samson.