photos from easter weekend!


hi guys! hope you all had a beautiful and happy easter weekend! i seriously love this time of year. spring in general is growing on me with every passing year and probably will soon top all the seasons for me. it used to be my least favorite but it’s seriously up there with autumn right now.

i’m so thankful for easter and the time it gives us to reflect on our savior and celebrate his life. knowing he lives and the significance that brings into my life is always comforting on many levels. there have been some things lately that have been seriously bumming me out and i have felt a lot of stress and anger and disappointment with some things. it’s hard to talk about these things in depth, and i hate being that vague blogger who isn’t dishing out all the details, but this just isn’t the time or place to share. i’m only referencing them now to say that while i feel like i handle it all well from time to time (and then from time to time i handle it terribly), that i love how the easter holiday happens right around the first day of spring, because that feeling of renewal and rebirth is always so welcomed in all areas of my life after crazy winter and i’m always so ready for it i could practically cry. this year especially.



that top photo is what happens when you don’t have a tripod but wanna try to snag a family photo with everyone in their easter best! just prop your camera up on a bunch of things and hope it balances just right and doesn’t fall over and if you’re lucky, you can get everyone looking at the camera (even if one of those faces is pulling all sorts of sass! oh, eleanor!). i absolutely love that picture.

more photos from the weekend…


these three faces, my three biggest blessings in life that i cannot get enough of.


we made jell-o eggs this year because grandma sent us a fun little care package with everything inside to make them! our nana also sent some sweet easter goodies, as well. they are all so good to us and the kids had so much fun opening up boxes from their grandparents with books and candies and fun things inside. thank you, family!


we went on a little easter egg hunt in central park with friends on friday, but bright and early on sunday morning, the bunny came to our house! (ps. apologies that the next several photos are very grainy. the kids woke up so very early easter morning and i was half awake when i grabbed my camera to snap a few photos. i neglected to properly check my settings. anyway…)


it might be early, but eleanor grabbed her easter bunny ears before doing anything else easter morning! i love how she commits to things!


and on friday, during conrad’s first egg hunt in central park, he put his easter basket around his neck like in this photo above all on his own as he raced around grabbing eggs! he did it again on sunday and it was the cutest thing! he must have caught on that he isn’t as fast as his older siblings so this way, at least he has both hands free to grab twice as many! i can’t get enough of this kid right now! i love him so much.


also, ATTENTION! the davis family bought a big plant! our very first! it’s a palm, i guess? i dunno, but i am STOKED. it also served as an excellent place to hide a few eggs this year!


also, let it be known that my kids should never ever ever have this much sugar in the morning because boy did that stuff throw our day off!


since easter was my day for getting to eat a few special treats since taking out added sugar in my diet, i bought some special fancy candy for the easter eggs from sugarfina. i couldn’t wait to help the kids eat some of it and i’m working hard on forgiving josh for throwing away all of the candy after we got home from church before i had any of it. (yeah, that happened.) i wasn’t exactly okay with it.  it’s just that it was my special holiday to eat my added sugar and i feel very robbed. he’s apologized a ton and it’s just candy, but can you tell i’m not over it yet? ;)


it just felt like the egg making at breakfast should be documented since it’s easter, you know?


not a big jewelry wearer, but had to show you my new bracelet because i’m in love. (it’s on sale and an additional 25% off the sale price through today!)


these two together are such a good pair….


and same goes for this pair as well. such handsome boys. conrad missed out on these photos because he was asleep in the stroller after church.


josh starting off our easter dinner kitchen prep!

easter01-2rigatoni bolognese al forno that was the yummiest!


conrad will only eat if he’s holding the utensil! it’s part frustrating/part adorable every single meal.


she said, “mom, let me show you my bunny face. it’s pretty good.” ;)


easter outfits might top christmas jammies for me. and you know what a big deal my matching christmas jammies are. ;)


so so in love with this family of mine. and this season. and grateful for all of you, too! thank you forever for your kind support and love. you guys are the best. hope you had the happiest easter! xoxo

my green dress, and bracelet. josh’s bowtie. eleanor’s dress (c/o), the boys bowties, samson’s blazer (i actually bought it from a DC boutique before he was born, but similar seersucker here.) and eleanor’s bunny ears headband.

  1. My

    Always uplifting to read your posts. Keep it up and Happy Easter! xo

  2. Jane

    You look so absolutely striking in that dress, and the kids are looking smashing as well! I would honestly feel as horrible as you did after finding out that Josh threw away those adorable candies. I feel for your pain. :(

  3. Rena

    I love your Easter pictures! You are a wonderful and beautiful family and especially I’m impressed that you are so good with your kids. So sorry you have this angry times and I understand it absolutely you don’t want to share the details why you feel in that way. Wish you by all my heart everything will improve very soon. Happy Easter!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. Lauren Bee

    I’m not over Eleanor’s face in that first photo. Major sass!

    I’m so sorry to hear you were deprived of your candy. You should allocate an extra cheat day to make up for it. Chocolate has health benefits! Trust me, I’m a nurse ;)

    Also sorry to hear you’ve been having a rough time.I agree that Spring is a wonderful time for new beginnings and fits with Easter perfectly, if you’re a Northern Hemisphere dweller. For us in the Southern Hemisphere it’s the beginning of Autumn!

    Happy Easter to you and your lovely family xx

  5. Imogen

    What a beautiful family you all make- so full of love.

  6. Ekaterina

    That is just one perfect family of yours! Happy Easter!!!

  7. I love your photos…i try to do the sale with my children but they move año the time.
    And your dress is so nice…
    Buses from France

  8. Natali

    Oh wow!! Your Easter looks like a beautiful, family fairytale!! You’re such an inspiration guys!

  9. That top picture might be the CUTEST thing I’ve ever seen of Eleanor. Love little girls!

  10. Gemma

    I absolutely LOVE your photos, so beautiful and bright! Easter is one of my favourite times of year, celebrating the Saviour and eating chocolate-how could it be better?!
    Thanks for your blog, your family is too cute.

  11. Paige

    So glad you guys were able to have such a wonderful holiday! These pictures are so beautiful! I’m jealous you get to go to church by the temple!


  12. Kim

    Where did you get that gorgeous New York print from? It’s lovely!

  13. Denise

    I love that you mention God on the blog. :) Such a huge part of my life as well. Praying for you and that the spring ushers in more blessings and peace for you!

  14. Catherine

    A bit of an unrelated question but where is your living room rug from?

  15. Peg

    i always think angry times presents itself so we can properly embrace and recognize the happy times…does that sound hokey? maybe a little, but that’s what i tell myself when i’m feeling angry…frustrated…etc. thank goodness life is so fluid…xo

  16. Katie

    Loving your photos and your sweet family especially the last photo :)

  17. Amy

    Dinner recipe please!

  18. Rachel

    Will you share Josh’s recipe? That looks sooo good!

  19. Addie

    I am exploring new paint colors and I am wondering if you could share what color the bright blue and the emerald green are in your home – they are awesome!

  20. Michelle

    Hey! Would you say Eleanor’s dress fits pretty true to size? I have a 5.5 ur old who weighs 37 pounds. Was trying to decide between a 5t or 6x :)

  21. i CAN’T EVEN with eleanor’s face in the first picture!! best ever!! also- i was admiring that dress a few weeks ago online, and now i gotta go buy it. cutest easter family pictures ever ever!! xo

  22. Emily

    That dress looks so good on you! Also where did you get your New York print? The colorful one?

  23. Kelly

    Prayers for you in whatever it is that you are struggling with. Thank you Jesus for new beginnings!! Happy Easter, Davis family!

  24. Frances

    You are always so on point with your outfits/makeup (lip color) and hair <3 I love reading your posts. It looks like you guys had a lovely Easter! Such a cute family. xoxo, from Atlanta

  25. Thanks so much for sharing your Easter pics with us, Naomi!
    I admire your family and adore your little ones so much. Love the pic where Samson is hugging Conrad from behind. And how impressive is Conrad trying to hold the utensils, wanting to be independent from early on!

  26. Natalie

    My family is Italian and my brother served in the Milan mission- would love to compare our bolognese to yours!

  27. Tammy

    eleanor is so sassy, i love it! such great pictures of your family- they are adorable!

  28. Rachel

    You seriously have the cutest family! I love your dress. It was fun to see some of your snaps from the weekend. :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  29. Bruna

    Lovely pictures, as always! Your family is surely a blessing and so special! E’s bunny face is adorable, she’s getting so big…time flies!
    Have a nice week!


  30. Fathiah

    Hi Taza!

    Always love reading your little stories about your family. I’m hoping to bump into you when I make a trip to NY!

    Stay beautiful x


  31. hanna

    Looks like a lot of fun! –Hanna Lei

  32. Gina

    What nailpolish do you have on? Its the perfect shade of bright red.

  33. melanie

    you guys are so cute! i love all your outfits, especially your green dress naomi :)


  34. Marta


  35. Trish O

    Very beautiful Easter. I am in love with your dress.

  36. vicky

    I’m late but happy easter, Davis fam!

  37. Claire Davies

    I’m loving that New York print. Can you tell us where it’s from?

  38. Amy

    Easter outfits totally top Christmas jammies. :) And yeah things can be a bit of a bummer sometimes, hey? This world. But it’s not our home. And He came so we could live life abundantly!! YAY!

  39. Kelly

    Wonderful pictures as always :) I think it’s great that you sometimes mention that everything isn’t always perfect because that’s real life. It’s difficult being a mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter, etc. And then having a lot of things be public puts even more pressure. I think you’re doing a great job (as much as it matters to hear from some Internet random person) and it’s ok to get bummed out and angry about stuff sometimes, it’s part of growth and it allows readers like me, who are also wives, mothers, sisters, daughters and friends, to offer you a little cheer up and support!

  40. Lizette

    Your family gives me heart eyes for days! What lens did you use for these photos? They look particularly crisp…love them!

  41. Norah

    You’re all such cuties! I love looking at your photos. Could you share what type of lens you’re using in your photo?

  42. Amanda

    The Easter Bunny brought us candy from Sugarfina as well. I got the Kir Royale Cordials, and they are amazing. My son got the Fruity Loops, which were super yummy as well. Sorry you didn’t get to try yours :(

  43. Em

    You always look so very sweet and put together, but wonder how practical some of the outfits are for nursing. Do you have any tips or tricks?

  44. Nicole

    What type of lens are you using for your camera?