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we had a lot of sickness pass by our apartment this week, some crazy intense fevers and a stomach virus that seemed to hit everyone like a domino regardless of our determination to quarantine and sanitize and scrub everything. so being on the mend and seeing happy little babes again feels like the biggest accomplishment right now. here are a bunch of random snippets from the week which we captured in photographs.  it’s snowing outside our windows right now which is just beautiful. we don’t have much on the calendar for the weekend besides making a big crockpot of chili and getting a head start on spring cleaning our closets. gosh, you can’t even walk into or see the floor in my closet right now.  i would take a picture and show you but honestly i have never been so embarrassed. it’s the worst it has ever been. just take my word for it. ;)

 have a wonderful weekend, you guys!


after church last sunday (the sickness hadn’t struck yet!) conrad has discovered the chalk board wall this past month or so, so it’s been fun to see him mimic and draw on there when his older brother or sister is doing it. he loves to be doing whatever it is that they are doing!


a fresh paintbox manicure! that place is seriously my favorite. and for those of you who have been asking from my snapchat videos (i’m love.taza on there, if you wanna follow along! it’s my favorite social media app these days and i have so much fun on there.) but anyway, for those who asked, my name rings are from!


josh brought me home daffodils on the day i was sick. they really made my week!


peek-a-boo!!!!!!!!!!!! his favorite game and favorite hiding spot! he doesn’t quite yet realize the importance and fun in changing up your hiding spot every once in a while. but at least he’s moved on from standing in the middle of the room and just covering his eyes and face with his hands! haha!


this photo is from a week or two back when josh and i enjoyed a slice of pizza together after movie night. i know a lot of you have been asking on instagram so i wanted to share that my highwaisted jeans these ones and wooden clogs from here. the sweater jacket was from anthropologie but it’s sold out now.


sweet potatoes!!!!!!!!


this is my favorite drawing of eleanor’s so far. it is a drawing of papa, which she told me is obvious because of the “J’s” for josh on his cheeks.  the beard on his chin is my favorite though! haha. i love her.


learning to type on papa’s computer! guess it’s never too early to start!


these two and their trains!


it’s how we get anything done in the kitchen, honestly. (using the ergo carrier which is still our favorite hands down, all these years later.)


i still wish my kids didn’t love ketchup as much as they do. i still can’t stand that stuff, myself.


and maybe bunk beds in the nursery were a bad idea, considering this little guy has already figured out how to climb the ladder on both sides and does so several times each day. we have to watch him so closely. for some reason when we were buying bunk beds, i thought the built in ladder made the most sense, and thought conrad was still months away from figuring it out. WRONG! we are in so much trouble! (but by the way, besides the climbing up the ladder part, bunk beds have been great so far! the kids are loving them.)

have a great weekend you guys! stay healthy, and as far away from all these stomach bugs as possible. ;)

  1. Rena

    Oh, sounds like you have a hard week behind you. So sorry for that. But the pictures are so lovely!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. You guys are seriously the cutest family ever! BUT you just got cutter with the name rings!! I’ve never seen those before and they are so awesome!! Aww! =) Glad everyone is feeling better!!

  3. Nour

    Glad you’re all feeling better! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Amanda Kenny

    Hey Naomi! Love the blog and your NYC guide is very helpful! But, I was wondering if you had any new suggestions for an afternoon in the city with an 18 month old? We are going Monday and it’s supposed to be fairly nice. Definitely grabbing lunch at Ippudo west side for some ramen and steam buns first! Then maybe MoMA? Thoughts? Thanks so much, your fam is adorable :)


  5. Rachel

    Your house seriously looks like so much fun! I love that chalk wall, oh and your nails are so fun!!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  6. Shawn

    Where did you get your bunk beds? We’re planning to transition our guys to one soon…

    • TAZA

      josh bought them so i’m not sure, but he got them online. let me circle back as to where. will ask him!

  7. alicia

    Sounds like a rough week, same here: my toddler got the chickenpox and I’m almost due for the second one. All gets better once the little ones are better again though doesn’t it :-). The Ergo carrier is the best, so glad we’ve had it since the beginning as well!

    • TAZA

      oh man, chicken pox! i’m so sorry! good luck to you, alicia!

  8. Cari

    Do the rungs on the bed come out if you take it apart? We assembled ours with some of the rungs missing when mine were little so the older one could get up the ladder, but the younger one couldn’t because the gap was too big.

    • TAZA

      that’s so smart, i wish! our ladder section doesn’t have removable sections! we’ve started blocking it off with other things which has been helpful a little!

  9. Marissa

    In the last photo/ that green blanket with blue dots. I’ve seen it over the gears in your posts and just LOVE it. And must hold up well! Where is it from? I need to know! Glad your family is feeling better :) have a great weekend!

    • TAZA

      yes! it’s the best blanket ever. i bought it from the baby store Giggle several years ago.

  10. Tammy

    look at eleanor’s little freckles! so adorable

  11. Allison

    Glad to hear you are all feeling better. Being sick is always the worse.
    I hope you have a great weekend!


  12. Lauren Bee

    Sorry to hear you’ve all been sick. Stomach bugs are awful. Glad you’re feeling better now :)

  13. Kelly

    Being a sick mom is the absolute worst, I’m glad you’re all feeling better. Does Conrad still sleep in a crib or has he graduated to a big bed? I remember when my kids were young I moved them out of their cribs earlier with each kid – mostly because they wanted the next shot at the cool racecar bed we had bad then haha!

  14. Your methods of embracing space inspire me! I live in a four bedroom, two-story home and frankly I lack intentionality in the decor element. Kids, never failing, gravitate towards coloring on the wall – why not create a chalkboard wall?! Love reading!

    Vis à Vis

  15. How old is Conrad?

  16. Valeria Garcia

    Love your blog!!! I always tell my friends about your blog and your lovely family! I get excited everytime you post new pics on your instagram account!!! Big fan of your family and your blog!!!! haha BTW I’m literally obsessed with Conrad’s cheeks <3

    Love from MONTERREY, MEXICO! :)

  17. Mia

    Quick question, I wanted to get a name ring and saw before you said you got them from silver promo. Are these the same companies? Thanks!

    • TAZA

      hey mia, yeah i think the jewelry company changed their name a bit back, because when i went to silver promo to order a ring when C was born, the old link redirected me to the new name site. hope that helps!

  18. Karis

    Glad you are all feeling better! I just read “the life-changing magic of tidying up,” seriously a quick easy read that has so many helpful hints to cleaning and organizing your life!

    And Eleanor’s drawing of Josh is just the cutest! I hope you frame that one!

  19. Sabine

    Hi, just a quick question. What style/font did you chose for the name rings?
    Thank you!
    And hello from NJ!

  20. Nikki

    Eleanor looks so much like your brother in that picture of her on the laptop! That’s adorable.

    I hope you’re all feeling better.

  21. Camilla Leila

    Just sent you an email with a little story I wanted to share with you about how your blog has impacted my life over the years. Hope you see it! :)

  22. Lauren

    These ‘Life Lately’ posts are always my favourite!It’s a shame about you all being sick though, I hope everyone feels better soon!

    p.s. Thanks for letting us know where those jeans were from ;) I love your style!

  23. miri

    Thank you for sharing! Your kids look so happy! I hope you had a good weekend and that you are all healthy!

  24. Julie

    Hey Taza, I feel for you because I am on the same boat. It’s been 4 weeks of viruses and teething with little one #3 and I am on my knees for all those awful nights of little or broken sleep…so sleep deprived…agghhh! I hope Spring is on its way and we can all relax and enjoy having 3 healthy little ones for a longer period of time. Sending you lots of positive vibes across from London. Julie xx

  25. Glad you’re all feeling better – these pics are just too cute. Looks like the kids have been keeping themselves busy in the house :)

    Christina |

  26. Amy

    This reminds me: I overheard my SIL say “what’s the family rule about ketchup?” to her 3 year old and then say “that’s right. Ketchup is only for dipping. No eating ketchup by itself.”

    When I told her I overheard she said “I would find her with a bowl full of ketchup and a spoon, so we had to make a family rule!”

    Kids and ketchup-so weird!

  27. JANE

    Those name rings and your clogs are adorable! I wonder if the seller makes the same name ring but for men. :)

  28. Francy

    Glad y’all are feeling better! Love seeing your sweet, smiling family – E’s freckles get me every time! So cute!!

  29. Megan

    I am so sorry that y’all were hit with some nasty sick days! Glad you’re feeling better and these pictures are too cute! Conrad is getting so big!!

    Happy Tuesday //

  30. Lauren

    Hi! Curious about where you got the bunkbeds? Let me know if you have a chance!

  31. E’s CTR ring is so cool on her little hand! And I’m dying to know where you got your blue checked peplum from a few posts ago. Thanks!

  32. Alli Isaac

    Hey! Where did you get the bunk bed? Thinking of getting a bunk bed for my two girls. Thanks!

  33. maryam


    for your name rings, which style did you pick? Are they all pretty much stackable?