joan’s on third.


we’ve been in LA the past few days! my sister, bekah, who lives in LA right now, was the sweetest to offer to take time off work when we told her were were coming out for a couple of meetings so she could help out with the kiddos while josh and i had to be away. it is always so much easier for me to break away from them when i know they are in good hands! (and in this case, obviously having the time of their lives with their aunt bekah!)

josh and i had a little bit of time to for lunch in-between some meetings one day and were trying to figure a quick spot to grab food. we were in the car, and we both straight away started trying to describe the same spot to each other that our friends emily and geoffrey had introduced to us last year, but neither of us could remember the name. finally, josh was like, “maybe….jane, something?!” and i was all, “right!… on fourth?!” and then for a solid 5 minutes i’m trying to pull up on my phone “jane’s on fourth” as josh is driving but nothing is coming up! finally, something pops up “joan’s on third” and we laughed so hard. so close! yet, not at all! haha. but that spot really is delicious and i actually wish i could sample everything in there. my favorite thing we ate this time around was their brussels sprout au gratin dish which was phenomenal! i am definitely on a brussels sprout kick right now. i’ve been making them on occasion the last few months as a late night snack over the stove with some olive oil, pepper and himalayan pink salt. so yummy.

a few photos…


also, orecchiette pasta is my favorite pasta noodle at the moment. anytime i see it on a menu, i want to order it.


these flowers made me literally stop in my tracks and just stare in awe for a few minutes. i wish i would have snapped another photo of them further away, because the entire bush was filled with so much color and against the greenery around it, it just looked so happy.


we were walking across the street and someone rolled down their car window at a stoplight to tell josh how much he liked his bowtie. haha. afterwards, josh turned to me and said, “did you know i’ve had this bowtie for 17 years?!” haha!


will share more from LA soon! always such a treat to get to spend time out here on occasion. wish we had more time to see all our friends and hit up all of our favorite spots, but hopefully next time.

blue jumpsuit (from anthropologie. and PS! 20% off everything at anthropologie this weekend!), wooden clogs and sunglasses. black backpack, from sole society last summer.

  1. Kaylee

    ‘Jane’s fourth’ made me laugh so hard, too!
    And those food look soooooo tasty & perfect! Yum :D
    Hope you had a great day in LA xx

    KayleeㅣJK’s Dawn

  2. Rena

    Oh, you have the sister you deserve! I love Josh with his bow-tie – not only because I’m wearing also sometimes bow-ties :) And your look is absolutely fantastic <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Nancy

    I’m looking forward to hearing what sorts of things you are seeing and doing in LA. I’ll be there for five days beginning on Sunday. My husband has meetings and I’m tagging along. :) Our hotel is right downtown. I always love seeing your adventures!

  4. Natali

    Oh how I miss LA and Joan’s on 3rd was one of my favourite spots and food stores when I was living in WeHo!

  5. Anne

    That is such a perfect spring outfit. I have heard so much about that place. Seems like a must try
    xx A

  6. Eva

    Brussels Sprouts with coconut oil and sea salt… you will not regret it, I PROMISE!

  7. So happy you’re in California. The weather has been great! Loved your snapchats at LACMA!
    The Pepper Express

  8. You guys are amazing! I love your jumpsuit, it suits you so well! :)

  9. felisha

    Don’t you love it when someone goes out of their way to compliment you? I bet Josh felt like a million bucks after that bowtie comment! :)

  10. Katie

    Those flowers are bougainvilleas i think. In which case the stunning color comes from their leaves. One of my favorites, although we have a hard time keeping them alive!

  11. Tammy

    that food looks so so good! i love orecchiette too. it’s just so much cuter than regular penne that it makes it fun to eat

  12. vicky

    love that jumpsuit!

  13. so cute as always! is it just me or does the sun in california just make all of life seem better? ;)

  14. Amy

    Who’s on third? ;)

  15. Rachel

    I absolutely love your cute jumpsuit! And that food looks amazing! I am so going there if I ever visit! :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  16. Trish O

    Sisters are the best.

    Cute outfit. I have some clogs like that and I wear them ALL THE TIME. They are so comfortable. Can’t explain how something made of wood can feel so good, but they are the best shoes I have ever had. They look so cute with this jumpsuit.

  17. love that you guys are able to get out without the kiddos! I know that can be so hard when you live away from family.


  18. Yen

    You should try baked brussel sprouts with some olive oil and maple syrup. Yum!

  19. In all of my years in la (6!) I have not been to Joan’s. And I even knew the owner’s daughter. WUT. But after seeing your photos it will happen. May I also recommend Gracias Madre in West Hollywood/BH”s. It is an incredible 100% vegan Mexican restaurant and absolutely gorgeous. It can be kid-friendly but also makes a great date spot. But seriously, too many great places to name in one comment. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  20. Ahhh!! The Davis’ are in my hood! I’m a Concierge in LA and we send people to Joan’s on Third on a daily basis! I’d love to offer more suggestions if you’re looking for other tasty places to eat. Someone on here mentioned that you should try Gracias Madre – which I totally agree!!! Also, if you have the time, Au Fudge on Melrose is new and is allll about bringing the kiddos. It’s like Joan’s on Third, meets, fancy restaurant with a playroom and arcade area for the kids. My husband and I went tonight and our 10 month old slept right through it. lol. Have fun in this beautiful city! xo

  21. Mars

    I saw on snapchat, when you were flying to LA, that Josh takes out a tin with food in it. Could you write a post on containers for traveling with children and not documenting suitcases?

  22. I love the pictures and the weather… The food also looks pretty good. And btw: sisters are the best! :)

  23. Christina

    You guys need to do a meet and greet here!! Just sayin’!

  24. Emily

    I agree with the stranger! Josh’s bowtie look back in the day was a good one. Also, you rock that romper!!! #momgoals haha.


  25. Julie

    It’s the best thing: leaving your little treasures with someone you so trust is the best way to focus (and relax a bit) during your meetings. You know they are in good hands AND having fun, so brilliant your sister could take some time off. And what a blessing for you 2, you even managed to squeeze in a date lunch, by looking at the food and the beautiful sunshine around it looks like you guys had a great time. So glad for you. xx Julie

  26. Oh my goodness that food looks amazing! I can’t wait to see more from you guys’ trips :) <3

  27. Jade

    The food seems so good!!!
    lovely outfit :)

  28. steph o

    Bougainvillea is the name of that plant! We have burgundy, peach, pink, and orange ones in our neighborhood – so gorgeous! Next LA trip, you should try to make it up to Santa Barbara (2 hour drive from Beverly Hills). Spanish tile roofs, Moroccan tiles, and bougainvillea everywhere.

  29. Fath

    Hi Taza!

    I am Fathiah from Singapore. I absolutely adore your little family! I’ve been following your blog since 2010 – when Eleanor was just born I think! She’s grown so beautifully – just like her momma! It’s funny how you inspired me in many ways than one when I haven’t met you before. For that, thank you.

    Keep being the inspiration for others :)

    Fath x