bike rides, and bike rides and bike rides some more…

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for most of this past week, the weather in the city has been in the 70’s. so we’ve been out basically basking in this gorgeous weather by opening our arms wide with our heads thrown back towards the sky spinning in circles sound of music style while also skipping everywhere we go. just kidding, but it feels like it.

we took the bikes out yesterday, as one does once the weather no longer denies you that love. i had high hopes of a long full day of bike rides around the city to get some errands done, a bike ride through the park, and then to pick up a floor plant i have been wanting to get for our front room (not sure our kids are completely old enough for a plant in the front room, but they’ve been handling the rug really well, so i’m up for testing my luck.) anyway, as we set off for the day, we realized we had forgotten wipes (always a bad sign), that conrad was growing tired and we weren’t going to make it as far as we’d hoped. so we just biked to our favorite spot for smoothies and acai bowls and ate them picnic style at a chess table at the playground. it was super low key but we all had a really good time. and on the way home, samson said, “i just love new york when it’s warm.” and i felt like he took the words straight out of my mouth. me too, kid. me too. bikeride-19bikeride-20

nursing on a brownstone stoop break. and this kid, giving me my helmet! such a helper!


samson kept climbing up onto the bike (rather than into the bucket) and asking “you all in? you ready?!” hahahaha!


these two together. even with helmets on their heads, i think they are the cutest boys ever.


that moment when i climbed into the back bucket too to help divvy out the kids’ fruit snacks. i love them so much.


the lashes and freckle game of miss eleanor davis always stops me in my tracks. she is so beautiful. and such a good good girl. i’m so proud of her and the big sister she is to her little brothers.


conrad gets really obsessed with everyone’s sunglasses. samson was wearing these and he couldn’t take it. he had to have them on his own face. his smile and wave once he had them on were gold. he was just so proud of himself. i almost cried from laughing so hard.


when you don’t realize that your shoes match your bike until you see it in the picture later. oops. 


ps. i’ve been on a mission the past few months looking for some high-waisted capri denim. i’ve ordered and tried on and sent back one too many pairs (online shopping is my best way to shop these days). but i’m confident i found the perfect pair this past week. i’m obsessed with them. apologies now for never taking them off again until october.


his favorite thing is being in charge of everyone’s hand sanitizer before we eat a snack! go conrad!


acai bowls and smoothies for an early dinner!


she takes her airplane wings with her almost everywhere. it’s basically the sweetest thing ever.


can’t deal.


have a great weekend, friends!

ME: high-waisted denim jeans, grey t-shirt (old), pepin jacket c/o, orange sneakers, sunglasses. KIDS: helmets (eleanor, samson, conrad) BIKE: madsen cycles.

  1. Days like these are seriously the best. I call them the “go with the flow” days. I feel like it allows you to slow down and really take in the little moments that make you the happiest. Like snacking in a park and watching your littles interact. So sweet!

  2. Jessica

    Oh I’m so jealous of your weather! New York seems amazing right now!

  3. Carly

    I love your capris! Now if I can just find some about $300 cheaper! Any ideas?

  4. I never noticed you have a tatoo Naomi! At least it looks like a tatoo on the back of your ankle. Is it?? I’d love to get a proper look! xxx

    • TAZA

      haha, it’s actually a starwars bandaid. :) no tattoos.

  5. Danielle

    Need to get my LO an attachable bike seat! Although I’m a little scared to ride in the city with him. Maybe I’ll just stick to the bike path along the east river. Where do you guys bike?

  6. Tammy

    love the bike bucket. i wish i had one growing up

  7. Darlene

    We love our Madsen bike!! So much fun!

  8. Aarean

    So cute…those pants are way cute too except 350 for a pair of capris seems a little much?! Maybe it’s bc trying to justify that to my husband would be impossible lol.

    • TAZA

      yeah, i get that for sure. i bought these jeans during the big shop bop sale the other week which helped me justify it since they were marked down quite a bit during the sale. i also know they are more of an investment piece for me, since i struggle to find the right kind of denim for my body type and so when i do find a good pair i absolutely love and fits well and just works all around, i live in them until i wear them out! so i know i’ll get really good wear out of these!

  9. Shelly

    But where does the bicycle live when you’re not using it? Small apartment, stairs, babies….how does it happen?

  10. these photos are gold! and let’s not forget to mention your cool style! you are rocking it. seriously love the background of New York in all of these photos. really can’t wait to move there!!

  11. Paige

    I’m so obsessed with your bucket bike! If I had one I’d be taking my kids all over in that thing! Also, the video you guys made yesterday really resonated with me a lot, and while I can’t say I can fully jump into the no sugar life head on, I realized my week spot was just snacking on handfuls of chocolate chips, so I told myself that I’m just not going to eat chocolate chips anymore, hopefully this will become easier, and I can eliminate more and more sweets from there, but I really wanted to thank you for the motivation and inspiration that I needed!


  12. Natalie

    Crazy to think I’ve been following your little family and watching it grow since 2012. You’re an amazing mother and an inspiration to everyone who finds their way to this little corner of the internet.

  13. Carissa

    Naomi, I’ve loved your style for years! But I can’t with these pants! Kick flares are super hot, but I think we shorter girls have a hard time pulling them off? Or maybe it’s the sweater/shoe combo. Maybe some clogs with a heel will help!

  14. Christina

    Great helmets on everyone.

  15. Tara

    I’m dying to know where you keep your masden?! I want one so badly but Can’t think where we’d keep it. If you can do it in nyc we can in DC, right!?

  16. Anna

    Where is Conrad’s jacket from?! How darling!!

  17. Piper

    Such cute pictures! For some reason I think it I were to do it this my 3 littles, it’d turn out to be more of a disaster then cuteness overload hahaha!! Love those shoes too!

  18. Emily

    K we’re moving to New York in April and every time I picture us riding bikes on New York streets I panic haha. I feel like I am going to get hit by a car? Or is it like, really not that bad?