a morning at the cafe!

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a few mornings ago, josh and i kept up with spring tradition of taking a morning date together. it’s a HUGE deal if i’m up before 6am, let alone ready to hit the ground running and head out the door by 7! i’m a night owl who is most productive in the late hours of night and then also, conrad. he’s not quite sleeping through the night just yet (another post for another time) so i truly felt unstoppable as i walked out the door a little after 7am all dressed up and ready for my day! we did breakfast together at cafe lalo which is still one of my favorite little spots on the upper west side even though it’s crazy touristy and sometimes the food is just alright. but it feels so romantic and special in there with all the twinkle lights and gorgeous displays of cakes and pies for days. also, you’ve got mail!, which is just such a good classic new york film that was shot there, it makes it all the more exciting of a cafe.

ModCloth recently asked if i’d like to partner up and check out their beautiful wedding line! i knew they carried some fun party dresses, but had no idea they have their own wedding collection with some really pretty and unique bridal dresses, too.  they have everything from bridal dresses, to bridesmaid and guest attire, incredible bridal shoes and even wedding gifts and decor.  i picked out this pretty blue dress and paired it with these powder blue heels which could make for a beautiful wedding guest look that you could wear after the big event, too …maybe for a morning date out ;)

if any of you are married already, do you guys ever think about re-doing your wedding? like, same groom (duh!), just different details…maybe a different party venue, or a different cake or dress? it might just be me, but it’s always fun to think about a few things here or there i would have done differently for our wedding celebration. i think the biggest thing about a wedding day (and all the days of prep leading up to it) is not losing sight of what is most important, you and your husband-to-be or wife-to-be committing to each other with those you love most around you. but sometimes it’s fun to think about little details of your celebration and changing them up a bit.  josh and i are coming up on 9 years of marriage this summer (hey hey! woot woot!), and i still love my vintage wedding dress so much (you can see a few wedding photos here), but it’s sometimes fun to see weddings around me and kind of start dreaming…  (i chose not to have bridesmaids at our party, and that’s one thing i think i would reconsider! also, ModCloth’s bridesmaid dresses are so good!)


not eating the treats but it was still fun to have a look…oh food, i love you. lol. but if was fun to pick out some yummy quiche to share for breakfast (josh ordered a spinach and swiss cheese one, i had a mushroom and swiss quiche.)


do you see what i mean about the romantic details at cafe lalo? i love it.mod-9mod-8mod-10



it was so early, first ones inside to order and eat!


that jar of nutella that says “i miss you.” right back at you, bae.


this old cash register is just the prettiest.


don’t mind the goosebumps on my legs. lol. always cold.


cafe lalo, you’re a fun spot. thanks for a nice early morning out, josh! and also thank you to ModCloth and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post!

ps. my dress and powder blue heels. also, a few of my other favorite party dresses from ModCloth’s wedding guest dresses are this navy garden dress or this pretty mint green dress, and i love this green one paired with these mustard heels.

  1. Although I’m not married I do know of people who have renewed their vows. So no I don’t think it’s just you. You have three children together now, so it would be a lovely idea to do something with the kids involved in some way perhaps when they are a little older.

    Beautiful dress.


  2. Marijana

    I love these photos and the idea of a morning date. I am married but no, I never think about re-doing our wedding because, honestly, even the first time was so stressful for me, I am an introvert so I wanted to have just a small, tiny ceremony but we ended up having 150 people. It was great, but I would not do it again. I would rather make a party with our friends, or use the money for travelling with the kids.

  3. vane

    Very nice place! Which camera and lens did you use for this pics? thank you

  4. Rebecca

    Know the feeling too well! I decided on a 110 dollar dress last second that I ordered online. So risky! But I ended up loving it (long live timeless dresses!!) – can’t help but wonder what I would’ve done if I could redo it! Morning dates is such a fun idea! I was just telling my husband I wish we were better at getting out earlier. Although it’s hard to get out of bed mornings are such a magical peaceful time of day in a city. Like the city is all yours for a couple of hours!

  5. Rebecca

    Oh PS!! I envy you so much for having a husband who seems to be well-trained in taking pictures of his wife! I’m working hard on that! ;)

  6. Rena

    A morning date is a wonderful idea! Although I’m an owl like you I love this idea absolutely – and also your fantastic floral dress <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  7. Cynthia Sue

    Great dress! Blue looks really good on you.

  8. malaika

    “that jar of nutella that says “i miss you.” right back at you, bae.”


  9. Jill

    your wedding photos don’t show up – is it just my computer I wonder? I’d be interested to see them!

  10. Chelsea Gaspard

    Blue Shoes Purchased! Oh, so cute! And I now feel the need to watch ‘You’ve Got Mail!’ The soundtrack alone is amazing, and then Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks on top of that! I really need to rent/buy ‘The Shop Around The Corner’ to watch the original story with Jimmy Stewart (date night favorite)! Next New York trip must!

  11. Francesca Congeni

    that dress!! oh my its beautiful!

  12. Annika

    I *did* re-do my wedding, at the courthouse in an $80 dress, with a new and much more loving groom and we have lived happily ever after. The cheaper the wedding, the happier the marriage! Your wedding was simple and lovely.

  13. jessica

    OMG where are the heels you are wearing in this picture from! I LOVE THEM!

  14. Tasha

    I love a morning date! I only got married about 2 1/2 years ago. So the thought of a re-do sounds exhausting right now. I wouldn’t count it out down the road, however.

  15. I love your blog and your photography style. Your blog is one of the ones that inspired me to start my own.

    I’m new to the blogging world. Please check me out!:)

  16. erin

    I luurve this dress. It reminds of the one Zooey Deschanel wore to a wedding in 500 Days of Summer!

  17. Kylie

    My husband and I got married one and a half days after getting engaged (I know such a feat ?) because he’s military and we only had a couple days to get everything done. But we do plan on renewing our vows and having a real wedding so friends and family can be there :)

    Also, I love the idea of the morning date (and your dress). My husband and I always have plans to get up early to go out, but always end up cuddling in bed until late haha.

  18. Rachel

    Oh ModCloth! That dress is stunning! And I have to agree with you, its difficult not to dream up new wedding ideas with all the Pinterest beauty these days :) Thankfully I have sisters who I’m sure will have weddings in the future so we can still have all the planning fun!

  19. Mary Katherine

    Love this post – you really are the cutest! Those blue shoes are adorable. I worked at Cafe Lalo when I lived in NYC right before college. It was so fun – such a great little place with amazing food and desserts.


  20. Heidi

    Naomi, you look STUNNING!!!! as always! Your entire outfit and look is beyond beautiful on you. I love, love love this post! Every detail is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us! Love you!

  21. oh my goodness my husband and i have closed our eyes in horror over our wedding so many times! haha! but yeah, hindsight is always 20/20. and even though it’s kind of funny (or not! haha!) to think about how it could have been different, i think you’re right about the fact that the celebration and is not the main point or the focus. it’s the commitment that you’re making and you only realize in hindsight (also) how big that is and how challenging and worth it, it will be. rambling, sorry. love your cute dress!

  22. Laura

    I was literally just looking at dressed on Modcloth for wedding I have this summer! This post came at the perfect time! ;) Love love love the dress and the shoes you chose!

  23. Marilyn

    What a wonderful idea. So picturesqe. Cafe Lalo is now on my list of places to go, and You’ve Got Mail probably has a lot to do about it.

  24. Rachel

    This dress is absolutely stunning! And yes I most definitely think about redoing my wedding! It would be so fun to plan it all again with so many amazing resources out there!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  25. Filled to the rim in so many tasty treats and you still were super healthy!! Im so proud!! xx

  26. Morgan

    This is the place from You’ve Got Mail!!!

  27. Georgia

    Do you wear your wedding band on the right? I’ve never seen it that way outside of the Greek tradition :)

  28. Francesca

    Naomi, please please PLEASE do more outfit posts like these! Your style is my favorite from hundreds of other bloggers out there, it’s so inspiring and unique. LOVE IT.

  29. Carey

    You’ve got mail and lovetaza: my two biggest inspos to visit NYC. You make it look so dreamy!

  30. Lauren Bee

    ‘Right back at you, bae!’ LOL! You crack me up :)

  31. Andy

    Naomi!!! You TOTALLY need to look up ‘sugar free hazelnut spread’ on Pinterest, & make your own healthy Nutella! You won’t regret it, & you won’t be missing that crappy Nutella stuff anymore! GOOD LUCK! Xx

  32. Anne

    i got married just last year, and we had zero budget and got married in my husband’s home town in the U.S. for practical reasons (he was staying there for a few months after his visa in europe had run out). i am european and we both had a long-distance relationship within europe for a while before getting married, so all our friends and family were basically spread across two different continents and three different countries. it was impossible to get them together for a wedding. so in the end we just did the official thing at the county recorder (windowless office with plastic flowers, wonderfully tacky) and had dinner with my husband’s family and four friends. he was wearing an altered 7-dollar-suit from a thrift shop and i wore a 5-dollar sparkly t-shirt from goodwill, a flowy red skirt that had been on sale -70% and the most glittery shoes i was able to find. it was all very sweet and as low-key as we had wanted it to be (i wouldn’t have wanted anything bigger at the time if my family couldn’t be part of it), but i do fantasize sometimes about having loads of money and getting everyone dear to us together in a beautiful place by the seaside, just spend a weekend together, making music, taking pictures, and having everyone we love to finally get to know each other. i would want a performer friend of mine officiate the wedding and have a mixed-gender all-ages bridesmaid gang as my entourage. it’s gonna happen…once we win the lottery.

  33. Rob

    With all of that Nutella there, I think I would’ve just eaten that! Lol!

  34. Jana

    I dream about a wedding redo ALL the time! I was 18 when I got married & had NO clue what I was doing or what I really liked. I’d only ever been to a handful of weddings at the time! Even though I thought I did, I had no sense of what my true style was. I look back at our wedding pictures & am so disappointed that it’s not “us” at all. I went very traditional & my husband & I are both extremely nontraditional people. we’ve talked about doing a redo on our 10th anniversary (2 more years) but we’ll see!

  35. Tammy

    Dear Taza, I love your dress and that little cafe is adorable…the whole post is beautiful and like stepping back into time. This little place reminds me of the cafe in You’ve Got Mail (one of my fav movies). So lovely! Have a wonderful weekend ahead.


  36. Tammy

    i never think to do a super early breakfast date- it’s always usually brunch or dinner. it’s probably so nice to go on a super early morning date when not that many people are awake and out


  37. Meg

    What a stunning dress! It suits you so much – and the back of those chairs are ADORABLE.

  38. Melissa

    Love this! Was so excited about this sponsor. Also you treat jokes are killing me. Ha

  39. Jamie

    You look stunning! Love the powder blue heels too.

  40. Ella

    My husband & I thought about renewing our vows for our 10th wedding anniversary, as our wedding was small and we were really young (I was only 20 years old) – but opted instead for a big family vacation, which included parents, siblings etc. We did the same again just last year for our 15th anniversary. Far less stressful and much more fun.

  41. emmy

    I always think about redoing my wedding! I hated wedding planning so I picked out my colors and my sister literally did everything else ha! If I could go back I would mainly choose a different dress and not have as many people lol #introvertprobs

    Anyway, keep posting nyc spots! We’re moving there next month and literally everywhere you have posted so far is on my list of places to go haha.


  42. Jade

    The last photo is beautiful!!! Your hairstyle is so pretty, fits in you perfectly :)

  43. Amy

    Hi Naomi! I’m just beginning the process of planning a wedding and foregoing a wedding party is a strong possibility. I’d be interested to know why it’s the one thing you would include if you did a do over (only if you feel comfortable sharing, of course)?

    Our thought process on not having one is there are just so many people we love, so it’d be hard to narrow it down and also we don’t want to make anyone go out of their way for us. It seems like it will be less stress to not have one.

    Love your blog!

  44. bethany

    My husband and I met Memorial Day Weekend and were married on New Year’s Eve back for $50 (the cost of the cake). My sister made the invites and my dress and cooked. It was quick and sweet and perfect. This year will mark 12 years with the man of my dreams. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Though, that is one adorable dress! I could find an excuse to wear that anywhere. ;)

  45. bri

    i actually didn’t like my wedding at all. ha! we’re thinking of having a re-do this summer for our 5th anniversary. like hiring a real photographer for one, and finding an air conditioned venue and definitely a different dress. possibly just a white jumpsuit. i’ve clearly thought about it a lot ;)

  46. You make me want to dress up everyday. You look gorgeous!

  47. You look gorgeous love all of these pics! the dress and shoes are just adorable. I also have a blog that I think will resonate with you. Would love to get feedback :)