a color for spring!

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i was really excited when Aveda reached out last month asking if i’d like a color refresh for my hair this spring. you all know how much i like changing up my hair from time to time, and so i’m always up for something new. what piqued my interest when it came to working with Aveda, is how they have remained environmentally responsible when it comes to beauty. their line uses a special blend of plant oils that helps to condition and add shine.

case in point, when i went to FourteenJay and met with the Aveda colorist david adams, i thought maybe we could try for some blonde ombre on the bottom of my locks.  but as he felt the ends of my hair and tested them, he said that although my hair is finally recovering from all the shock i’ve put it through with several color changes and pregnancies and post partum recoveries the past few years, my hair still just wasn’t quite ready to handle any sort of bleach and instead recommended lifting the color just a bit without it to give my hair some caramel tones.  the transformation is subtle, but my hair feels incredibly healthy and intact, and that makes me really happy.

if you’re interested in meeting with an Aveda colorist this spring, you can receive $25 off your professional hair coloring service at participating Aveda locations, which you can find HERE.  

a few photos josh snapped of me in one of my favorite dresses (this dress is ten years old this year, can you even believe it?!).

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thank you to Aveda for my new color and partnering with me on this post! don’t forget to use $25 off your next color experience at participating Aveda locations by going HERE. 
  1. Oh my goodness those photos are so lovely! Josh has got some skills hah! :) I wish I was as bold as you are with changing up your hair, but I even love this subtle change. I hope you’ll do a “tips for posing for photos” post one day because I really struggle with that a lot. beautiful beautiful post!


  2. you look amazing naomi :)

  3. Stephanie

    So bold and fresh! I love how the taxi cabs match your dress :)

  4. Audrey

    You’re SO beautiful… A sunshine :) It is always a pleasure to visit your blog, to read your advices and look at your stunning pics! Thanks a lot for this!
    Kisses from Paris xxx

  5. How are you close up selfies so beautiful?! You are one stunning woman! Let your light keep shining. Also, I love the caramel tones in the hair.


  6. Natali

    Oh wow, you look absolutely breathtaking in this gorgeous, feminine and perfect for Spring dress!


  7. Awesome! I agree, healthy hair is number one. Looks great. Must have been a fun day. We mama’s need more days like this!

    Sonia Cheek


  8. Daphné

    You look GORGEOUS Naomi !

  9. Mollie

    I am going in for a color refresh soon and my hair is about as dark as yours. Might need to take your pic in for some inspo! I love how subtle and pretty it is!

    xoxo Mollie

  10. Marcy

    What a great dress….was it a thrift find? Yay for clothes that have stood the test of time!

  11. Such a flashback to your old blogging days! Now all you need is a flower headband!! ;) So so pretty – always!

  12. Sophie

    This dress is gorgeous ! The yellow color is very pretty on you !

  13. Darcie

    I clicked on the link and it takes me to the Aveda website. How do we get the $25 off?

  14. Darcie


  15. Karey

    My daughter saw your instagram and said she wanted this dress for prom. I told her you always tag things so I’d find out where we could get it for her. And then I saw it’s ten years old! I’m so sad. Any chance you might want to sell it to a cute, tiny-like-you girl for her prom?

  16. Tammy

    ah the color is beautiful! doing something different for the spring is such a good idea. fresh and new


  17. carson

    Do you wear lashes? or extensions?! can’t help but notice how insanely thick and perfect your lashes are ! xo

  18. You are truly one of the most beautiful human beings!

  19. sam-c

    So wonderful to have a bright yellow dress to brighten up what looks to be a chilly day! I always get goosebumps on my legs too :)

  20. First off, your hair looks amazing. Second, would you consider sharing what, if anything you use on your eye brows? I’m envious of them!

  21. Alli

    I love your hair! You are so beautiful!

  22. Meibin

    Yellow is your color :)

  23. Kamila

    Hi there. Where did you buy this beautiful dress ? Have a nice day !!

  24. Kathy

    I always love how poise you look in every photos.

    Random question, are your lashes the classic or the volume? I love how full they look!

  25. Stephanie

    Hello! Lovely photos – would you mind saying what lipstick shade you’re wearing? I’ve also been wondering for months what type of mascara you use. Thanks! Love reading your blog!

  26. Rachel

    You are such a natural beauty! I love this dress on you and this lip color is gorgeous. OH and in your snap the other day your asked about your pink matte lipstick and I LOVED it on you! I need to get it! :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  27. mamie

    so beautiful naomi! whats the lipstick color? love the color!

  28. Awesome site. Love, love, love the photos.

  29. magali

    You look amazing! Yellow is so your colour! <3

  30. you look gorgeous. I like your hair but I’m live so far (Near Paris-France) :(
    And your “old”dress is beautiful

  31. suits you so well! even better since you won’t need to touch up your roots so often :)

  32. Your hair looks incredible! Such a gorgeous cut and color!

    Love your outfit too!

    Summer, The Twins Wardrobe

  33. Jamie

    I LOVE this! I know this dress was from 10 years ago but where is it from?

  34. Brynn

    I’ve always admired your hair! It just seems to suit your personality and lifestyle.

    I admire your colorist for being honest with you about not being ready to handle bleaching, you know you are working with a true professional when they give you an honest opinion.

    Love the new highlights.

    Brynn, The Domestic Dietitian

  35. santhosh

    good post

  36. Bita

    Love the healthy looking hair color…and by the way, you have the Greatest smile! :))))

  37. Justine Holman

    Super cute hair!!! Did you enjoy your experience at Nexus (with Hannah) or Aveda better? Pros vs cons?

    • TAZA

      hey justine! i had my hair cut at nexxus (they don’t do color) and i only had color done at aveda (no cut), so my experiences at each salon were very different. both were great though!

  38. EMILY

    Yellow it totally your color! Also, where do you go in the city for your eyelashes?


  39. Sam

    You are such a dancer!! :)
    I love these photos .. and that colour of dress looks so good on you!
    Nice hair .. it looks so nice and springy!

  40. You look amazing I love your blog!!

  41. Katrin

    Perfect outfit! The dress is screaming Spring and yellow is definitely a color which suits you very well!! x

  42. christine terry

    You are radiant! Love your style! Much Aloha to you from Hilo Hawaii!

  43. Gorgeous! I love your smile. Nice platforms, cute.

  44. Shelly

    What lipstick brand/color are you wearing? ?

  45. Lee

    You’ve inspired me to take the plunge and dye my hair too! Do we need a code or referral anything? I checked the link and found salons and that’s all. Is this just a general promo Aveda is doing? thx

    • TAZA

      hi lee! when you click the link, there is a coupon on the right side of the page for you to print and take with you to participating locations!

  46. Mari

    You look gorgeous!! I am always admiring your lashes
    !! What do you use on them??

  47. Billie

    Is it crazy to say I knew this dress as soon as you posted a picture on Instagram in it?! I remember you wearing it when you were pregnant with Eleanor, and had your long hair! I always loved those photos because I have so many old beautiful vintage dresses that I don’t wear too often, but your photo has always reminded me to hold on to them, because I love them and can pull them out of the closet years from now.

    Wow I’ve been following you a long time!

    Still just as beautiful on you :)!

  48. holy smokes, you’re stunning!! love your hair, that dress and that red lip!!

    oh, she’s lovely