travel day video: new york to australia!

hello! apologies for the silence over here on the blog the last little while. so happy to be back though finally and really excited to share more from of our australia trip with you all through some of our videos and photos this week! i’m starting it all off with a little video we made during our 36 hours of travel to sydney! this day (or days, i should say) were truly exhausting and trying and at times i wondered why we ever thought this trip was a good idea with three small kids… but while i say that, i want to make sure it’s clear that i couldn’t be more thankful that we were able to make this trip a reality and it was truly worth it.

the flight to australia from new york is long. it was 6 hours to LA and then 16 more hours to australia. basically, we left early wednesday morning and didn’t arrive to sydney until friday mid day. i looked really good by the time this whole travel adventure ended. ;)

i have shared in the past a few blog posts on traveling abroad with kids, tips and tricks for airplanes with kids, and also tips for packing with kids.  i think all of those posts (the airplane post especially in this case) still apply.

my only other major suggestions for such a long leg of travel with kids would be to break up the travel time if possible. usually i’m all about springing for a direct flight and just getting there as fast as you can, but when it’s this many hours on a plane, a layover can do everyone some good! we chose to make our layover in LA count. meaning we spent a good 4 hours in LA getting all our wiggles out by walking for several blocks and also running around the beach so the kids could have a decent break before the next 16 hour flight.

i also think it’s worth noting that after you pack all your snacks and surprise toys and games for the flight, to go back and pack twice as many! i was surprised at how quickly our food supply ran low and how helpful it was to introduce a new game or toy to the kids every couple of hours.  colored tape was a life saver! the kids made so many cool shapes and things out of it on their tray tables and it peels off really easily. also, iPads…. you save the day in situations like this and i’m thankful.

we have been incredibly lucky with our travels to usually sit around the kindest and coolest people.  this makes all the difference when traveling with kids, because it helps keep you calm during the flight, which i truly believe is so important because kids are so good at picking up on your energy.  while we did encounter our first not-so-nice person on one of our flights in australia who maybe made me cry which was super fun, we really do get lucky on these travel days to be around great people.

we were also fortunate on several of our flights to have empty seats around us, which was crazy amazing as we were able to spread out a little bit more and sleep.

anyway, i don’t think i’ll be raising my hand for any 36 hour travel day with 3 kids in the near future, but when all was said and done, i think my kids are pretty good little travelers and we really enjoyed this trip together. i still can’t even believe we have the ability to fly in the sky in this day and age and get to the other side of the world in such a short amount to time. airplanes are cool.

ps. a few photos from our first day in sydney and whitehaven beach if you missed it!

  1. carley

    so sweet…little conrad looked so over it by the end.. i could not imagine being the cabin crew on a flight like that.. as a RN i work 12 hard long hours in acute care at the hospital, but still… 16 hours of work. straight. in the sky..i wouldn’t be friendly by the end hahaha!!!

  2. Dorothee

    Well done guys, that is a very long trip..
    Shame :)Josh looked so stressed in the beginning of the video and relaxed a bit once in LA haha

    I couldn’t agree more with your comment about keeping calm as the young ones are so good at picking up your energy levels.. sometimes as a parent you really have to reach deep as travelling is so so so tiring.

  3. katie

    i might be giving my husband the evil eye at this point in the trip…AHHH

  4. Tess

    I’m so sorry that someone reduced you to tears- clearly this individual was never a chld him/her self. How horrible.

    We encountered a less than pleasant ‘gentle’man who the second he spotted our 5 month old insisted they find him a new seat. As I was already buckled in, buckled madam in, and was nursing her, I refused to stand to let him out. Once we were in the air and had finished nursing, he’d fallen asleep. I happily poked him awake (hard) to allow him his freedom to find another seat- his face was a picture!

    I’m so in awe of you travelling with three! I hope one day I am blessed enough for such a challenge!

    I can’t wait to see more from your trip, thanks for sharing!

  5. Noa

    You guys are so brave! Such a long flight….. Could you share the name of the toy Samson is playing during the flight?

  6. Katie F.

    I think you’re just a wee bit crazy with that long and 3 kids, but a wee bit crazy in the best way. Super impressed at your travel skills and you guys didn’t look all that tired considering how far you’d come. Impressed and jealous of your fab trip!

  7. Jackie

    G’day! Brave woman flying all that way with 3 kids. I’m an Aussie living in England so I also have to face that long journey pretty regularly. In fact, we’re flying back this June/July with a 3 year old and a 4 month old. Which toys were the biggest hits for your older two? The mini hungry hippo game looks cool. Would LOVE other suggestions of what games held your littles’ attention for the longest/were the biggest hits, if you get a chance. Thanks!!

  8. rose j.

    You and Josh win the best mom and dad award for enduring those long hours with your little ones away from home on a plane! I never had the opportunity to do that when my kids were younger, but now that they’re older I will. Especially when my daughter comes home from her mission in the Philippines next year! That’ll be something to look forward too!

    Keep on keeping on with your family. These times are so special for one day they’ll be off on their own going to college, and missions!


  9. Kate

    Hi Naomi! I’ve been following your blog for a while, but have never left a message. But today, my two-year-old is at daycare, My husband is out of town, and I’m in bed with a 102 fever. Your video just brightened up my mood like nothing else! You and Josh are so brave, and the little ones are beyond adorable. For some reasons, I’ll only have one child, so my eyes often well up when I see the interactions between the little ones. Thank you for sharing a piece of your life with us!

  10. I took my daughter on a plane by myself when she was 8 weeks old, we unfortunately didn’t have pleasant people around us. Other travelers really do make or break your trip with kiddos.

  11. Heather

    I can’t even begin to imagine attempting such a journey with my kiddos. Haha. I think I’d be going stir-crazy and ready to go nuts halfway through. :p

  12. Taylor

    I love this post! We don’t have any kids yet but when we talk about how we want to travel the world with our future little ones people think we’re crazy. You created these tiny humans to be apart of your life not to stop it!


  13. felisha

    You and Josh are real troopers for taking three little ones on a flight that long! I love that your kids are such travelers :)

  14. Nanette

    oh my gosh! i don’t think i could have done it! i just flew from NY to Istanbul with two kids and it was so hard! so glad you guys had a wonderful time!

  15. Paige

    You kids are seriously so fun and sweet. I’m so sorry that you had to deal with a rude person on your flight, that is always the worst.


  16. Martha

    Seeing how advanced, well-behaved and happy Conrad appears to be, makes me think having a baby with a toddler around might not be so bad :)

  17. vicky

    eesh, that many hours on a plane?!

    do one day post about how to keep your make-up from disappearing and your hair from going crazy haha! I’d like some insight on that!

  18. Rachel

    Wow! What a trip! You guys are super parents! It gives me confidence that I am going to be able to travel with two kids when my little guy gets here! :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  19. Allison

    I had flashbacks for flying to Australia when I was in college. Props to you guys for doing it with children! Your videos are always so great and make me smile. Thanks for sharing! Your pictures from the trip are beautiful, brought back some great memories for me too.


  20. KAM

    You are amazing!!?????? Your family is amazing!! ??????

    How do you make your videos? What program? I love watching them!! I have watched the camping video a million times haha!


  21. this made me so hungry for an international trip! so so fun.

  22. Australia looks so amazing! You are so lucky you got to go! And thanks for the traveling w kids tips!! Going to Disney in a few weeks w/ my 17 mo old son and these are so helpful.

  23. Emily

    You two are an awesome momma and papa pair!! Your kiddos will surely look back on their childhood experiences and know how much you love them. I’m sorry you had to deal with someone who woke up on the wrong side of the bed– I guess those people will always exist in the world. Just know that most of us think you are amazing and so brave. You’re the example I choose to follow. Great job, guys!

  24. Natasha

    You are, by far, a better mother than I will ever be. I’d probably be in a breakdown by hour 4 on a plane but I am not fond of planes and tend to get really bored myself. I just want you to know that you and Josh are awesome parents and so great for trying new and really cool things with the littles while they are still little. Also, Josh can grow a beard really fast.

  25. Lexie

    Wow! You guys are amazing! My husband is going to Australia for work this fall and we’ve been toying around with the idea of me and our three kids (same ages as yours) going with, so I’ve really been looking forward to hearing more about how you pulled this off. We recently went to Las Vegas as a family so that my husband could attend a convention for work, and the kids and I had such a blast that I’m not all that nervous about exploring new places on my own with them. My travel mantra with kids is “Keep your spirits high, and your expectations low.” It looks like you guys rocked it. :-)

  26. Susan

    So so so impressed! I stress over 2 hour flights with two little ones and my husband. Y’all are rock stars

  27. Kelly

    Wow, SERIOUS kudos to you guys for making that journey with three kiddos! My husband and I moved to Melbourne two years ago, and even at 27 years old, I get antsy and go a bit crazy hahaa, but you and your kids handled it in stride! Hope you had an amazing time :)

  28. Lindsey

    Ah, I love those purple running tights. Can I ask where they’re from?

  29. Olga

    You are my heros!after 36 hours traveling you still have an a smile in your face!!!

  30. Tammy

    i’m so sorry that there was a person who made you cry! i don’t understand why people can’t have the slightest bit of sympathy, especially when he/she can physically see that you have 3 kiddos to entertain on that long of a flight. congrats on this trip- it was a big one!

  31. Lindsey

    Ah, I love those chevron running tights. Would you mind sharing where they’re from?

  32. Maryse

    Oh man, we had the same thing with the Visa and only discovered it in Hong Kong (we’re from the Netherlands) after a two day lay-over there. My husband was so stressed (turned out he had a proposal planned in Australia :-)). We hadn’t even thought of visa, and my husband had been to Australia before.. Did I mention he’s a travel journalist.. So, no shame for Josh there!!

  33. Such a lovely family! It looks like your children made it quite great!

  34. Rachael

    BLESS YOU! I was exhausted just watching that! I travel a lot for work and the longest flight I have ever been on was 6 hours and I was ready to just crash at the end…and that was by myself. I can’t believe you were all smiling at the end!

  35. Lucy

    You guys are amazing. I say this every time I comment but I just can’t help it!!

    Thank you for your honesty, thank you for sharing a video to show what it was like for you on those many many hours!!!

    You all did incredible! You really did… I wouldn’t mind one bit being on a plane with you all <3 You and Josh did so well keeping them all entertained and happy, and the kids did incredible on such a long flight!

    I love the idea of the sticky tape that's amazing and I'll use that idea when we go on a much shorter flight (from the UK) to Italy in September with my 4 year old! Ipads definitely save the day!

    I'm so sorry someone made you cry… that makes me really angry… for goodness sake I can't imagine any of you causing problems, you are responsible kind parents and you are doing your best with 3 young children… how is having a go at someone going to help the situation? Sigh!

    You say you really looked good after the travelling tongue in cheek but you actually did! Lol! You looked as beautiful and flawless and natural as ever… whereas I'd hate to think what I'd look like!

    I love that you were able to see your sister and get all the wriggles out on your stop-over… how lovely for you all!

    I honestly don't think I could be on a flight that long, with or without children… however much I would love to see Australia and New Zealand and everywhere else… I may just wait until I'm 19854758 years old to get there in record speed time ;) But like you I'm amazed we can get on planes and fly to the other side of the world… such exciting times we live in!

    Lots of love to you guys!

    We are such fans of you and your family, my son loves watching your videos and wishes he could meet and play with E, S & C… and my husband and I love you guys just as much!

    Wow this is a long message lol

    x x x

  36. Your family is so admirable! I don’t know how you do it. You are such a supermom!

  37. Lauren

    It amazes me that you all look so happy enduring 36 hours of travel! I’m usually antsy with an 8 hour flight, ha! But I’m guessing it was totally worth it, right? ;)

  38. Sara

    I loved this video! The patience you showed with your children was amazing! I think it can be so easy to get flustered when kids are simply behaving exactly like their supposed to, but you seem to keep your cool! It’s reflected in the way your kids interact with each other! Way to go mama!

  39. Natalie

    Nothing short of a miracle flying to Australia with 3 small children! I admire your ability to adventure with your kids. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  40. sarah

    wow! and i thought the flight from germany to the states every year was long! (and we don’t even have littles yet!) i love your tips on flying with kids, definitely keeping them in mind for when the time comes…

  41. Julie

    Seriously you guys…how did you manage?? What a relief it must have been to finally land in Sydney! WE ought to visit my brother in law and his family in Sydney but I think I want to wait a couple more years until my #3 is just a bit older. Travelling with the little ones requires so much planning for snack, toys, clothes changing, special cuddly friends…..I pack so often to visit my family in France, visit the inlaws’ in the UK and going on hols and I am getting better at it but it always take me ages to get all the final bits together and not forget so dreadful cables for our various gears! Well done anyway for going all the way to Oz! Can’t wait to see more pics of your trip. xx

  42. Emily F

    That extra hour on the runway would have completely done me in. Sobbing, wailing, gnashing of teeth. By ME, not the kids!!! You guys really are rock stars.

  43. Aicha

    This was fun to watch! Samson is seriously your little twin and I’m pretty sure Conrad is the happiest baby alive. Have a good weekend!

  44. Maddi

    Do you have eye lash extensions or were just blessed in EVERY department? haha You look beautiful as always even after a long day of traveling!

  45. filicia

    whoaaaaa. that looks so tiring but it is so awesome you made it with the three kiddos! also, how could you make visa only by phone? :o
    i did not know it was possible.

    filicia | Candy After Dinner

  46. Samantha

    Hi there! I love that you’ve started to get more into videos and vlogging… any tips you can share? I’d love to put together a little collection of video snippets for my fiance before our wedding in September. Any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks for sharing, caring, and inspiring ;)

  47. Cindy

    Thank you, this video is so cute and cool. My little girl love that, and she say ” again little baby boy” ! So adorable. Thank you for sharing your travel experience! Kiss from France. Cindy

  48. Linda

    Hi Naomi! I’m loving the videos that you’ve been doing more of recently. I love the written word, and a good photograph, but nothing captures a moment quite like film. It’s so great for memory keeping. I’m curious which camera you’re using to film? I looked at the comments on a couple posts to see if you’d answered already, and I think it’s a go pro? :) I am shocked at how well it did in the low lighting conditions on the plane though. Would you mind sharing which one you have? Thanks so much!!