the australian open (photos + a video!)


without a doubt, our day at the australian open while in melbourne was dreamy. when we started talking about making this dream trip of ours a reality, we knew we needed to make sure we timed it to be there for the open. i’m so glad we did! the arena is much smaller than most tennis stadiums (the US open arena feels twice as big) so we were able to snag seats on the third row which made the entire experience feel a little more intimate.

we bought tickets to the day session, but with kids, we didn’t know how long we would last and kept our expectations low (i swear being flexible is the only way to have fun when you are traveling with kids!) somehow though, we managed to stay the entire day, and didn’t leave until around 6pm! i think one of the things josh and i have learned to do well and makes all the difference when we’re traveling or at an event or activity (or restaurant even) with kids is to tag-team it. this way, we’re both still able to get the most (or the most you can with three kids around) out of the experience by taking a couple of quick shifts or breaks with the kids while the other one enjoys the match (or whatever) solo for a bit. we actually didn’t have to take the kids out too many times during the matches on this day, because eleanor and samson were really into every game and loved asking questions in between points and watching and soaking it all in. i took conrad out a few times for mini breaks and naps and what not, but overall, they did amazing. i’m always extra sensitive of the people around us when we’re at things like this, and definitely don’t want my child to ruin their experience if they are being noisy or loud, so usually if i see them beginning to be a bit restless, we’ll go for a quick walk or go get a little snack.

we were able to see the 4th round of the tournament. we watched angelique kerber play annika beck and stan wawrinka play milos raonic. kerber ended up winning the entire australian open so how great that we got to see her! she has to be the strongest female player i’ve seen on the court.  so much fun to watch.  when the men came out, eleanor decided our family should root for milos because he was wearing bright orange tennis shoes with bright orange laces and bright orange wrist bands. and she liked them. especially the wrist bands. :) the women’s match was really great, especially the first set which was really close. and that men’s match was incredible, lasting several hours as the two battled it out. milos won! hooray! he is so elegant on the court with those long legs. i don’t know how he’s as fast as he is with that height. phenomenal. the best is that samson and eleanor have been talking about “milos” and samson has been pretending to be him while practicing tennis (and how to pronounce his name!) at home.

below are a bunch of photos from our day and also a video from the day too. editing things down has never been my specialty as you know, so the video is long. but the last few minutes with the kids playing with josh outside the arena could not be cut. if you can only watch a few minutes, those are worth it. :) i was dying they were having so much fun and it was so sweet.


do you see e’s face?! i can’t. i love those two together.


getting some exercise in before the big day begins!


my boys!


you see what i was saying about milos’ legs?! amazing.


in-between matches, we found a little corner and plopped ourselves down to enjoy some lunch. (chicken fingers and chips (or fries) and some pizza, too!) the kids always find a way to get into conrad’s space when he’s trying to nurse. sometimes i feel so bad, but he really doesn’t mind it. i think he likes the attention. ;)


and by the way, these yellow sandals are not only crazy comfortable, but they are also only $28. i want them in every color.


waiting ever so patiently for his super oversized tennis ball! he wanted one so badly (fortunately eleanor wanted just a “medium” one. lol.) you’ll have to see the video to see how that all went down. ;)


this body! the strength!  i don’t feel young or hip enough to say the phrase “goals,” but if i was, i’d be saying it right here. ;)


gotta keep hydrated. ;) and save some on our shirt for later.

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the personality in this photo makes me laugh. i love it.


sometimes you need a break from the day to play some games and puzzles.

what an experience! see a few old posts from when we went to the US Open this last year, a few years before that (e and s were such babies!), and the bnp paribas open at indian wells in california (one more post here from that trip, too!) so fun to see all the different hair colors i sport in each of those posts. lol. i’m already itching for a new one. any suggestions?!

ME: black t-shirt from zara (old), highwaisted back denim jeans, yellow bow sandals and fedora hat. wearing this lipstick. eleanor and samson’s fedoras are from crewcuts and all the kiddos sneakers are new balance tennis shoes which we like because they come in wide sizes for our family’s “athletic” feet. ;)

  1. M

    Your blog is beautiful, so are your photos, so is your family. So… I hesitate to write a criticism. But…. has anyone mentioned that the yellow hyperlinks are hard to read on the white background? I usually have to highlight everything to see the text.

    • TAZA

      hi M, someone else brought this up recently and we are looking to change it! thanks for saying something!

  2. Heidi

    No striped dress this time around?! :)

  3. I don’t really follow tennis but do enjoy playing it and your photos are making me fancy a game! Looks like a fun day x

  4. Paige

    These pictures are all so gorgeous and fun! I love how you still keep up on you guys still cultivate your love for tennis half way around the world!


  5. Rachel

    It looks like you all had such an amazing time, and I really like your little tips at the beginning on how to cope with littles at events like these, as someone just abut to start their own family, these are literally invaluable.

    Also the photos are STUNNING!! So beautifully bright!!

    Love from the UK

    Rach //

  6. Trisha F

    I love that your li’l man is wearing his CTR ring!
    you guys are impressive doing that long of an event with 3 kiddos.

    i know what you mean about a goal to look like them- i played tennis all through high school and college and MISS that body and the energy you get when you play

  7. Jill

    You seriously have the cutest family and you and Josh are amazing parents. I have 3 kids ages 1, 5 and 7 and I am so impressed at all that you guys do together and how felxible your kids are! What a breath of fresh air your blog is!

  8. Jenn

    How did you get those tennis balls home?? I really love the kids fedoras! I have a panama hat from Jcrew too… might need to get one for my little!

  9. I recently stumbled across your blog and really enjoy it. I just listened to interview on Youtube at Roots Tech conference and it was so enjoyable.

    As an avid tennis player one of my goals is to visit all four majors.

    Love the last photo of E!

  10. Shannon

    Aww, so cute how E & S have become little fans of Milos’! He hails from my home country and it’s been great to follow his career ever since he was a young player trying to make it in the “big leagues’.

    Also, that photo of Conrad with a “chip” dangling out of his mouth makes me laugh, hehee.

  11. Rena

    I see you really had fun! How good you found this quite corner for your little break :) Love the adorable pictures – and once again you are such a beautiful and stylish family!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  12. Tammy

    how did samson do with bringing that xl tennis ball back to nyc?

  13. Lucy

    That looked like an absolutely amazing day!! One to treasure for such a long time! I bet it feels like a dream now you’re back!!

    How did Samson do carrying the tennis ball back on the plane?
    I did think oh man how will that come back to New York with them… love that he chose to take that responsibility!!

    Absolutely love your video as always!! It could never be too long <3

    So glad you had such a great time!

    x x x

  14. Katrin

    Those pictures are awesome!! You must have had a great time :)

  15. Leanne

    awesome to see you guys had a wonderful experience at the australian open. we’re a tennis family so we’re absolutely spoilt to live in melbourne and experience the australian open every year. my daughter is a ballkid and was selected for the womens finals with anglique kerber and serena williams..amazing match! love that photo of s with his ctr ring.

  16. Rachel

    What an amazing experience!! This gets me excited for Wimbledon. I’m so impressed with how well the kids did too!! I’m loving these Australia pics!

  17. vicky

    always looks fun!

  18. Allison

    That video was super cute and the pictures are adorable.
    Good memoires were made on that trip and that’s what makes trips so special!


  19. Stephanie

    As an American living in Australia I can confirm you did a good job going with the connoisseur ice cream. And I may have 8 liters in my freezer right now because it is pricey and was half price at the store last week. :|

  20. I am always in awe of your ability and enthusiasm about traveling with littles. I am trying to convince my husband that taking our 5 month old with us on a trip is a good idea and I think I need to show him your blog to prove that it is achievable and also fun! Thank you for being real about it all too.

    – Jaime

  21. Rachel

    What an awesome experience! Could your family be any cuter?! I especially love the picture of your daughter with your hubby! Her smile is the best! I love watching my daughter with my husband as well. It is my favorite :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  22. Lauren

    Its amazing that you were at the Australian Open but I have to confess…my favourite part of that vlog was at the end when you guys were playing with the big tennis ball and when your kids were jumping off the wall. It was just so sweet!

  23. Jessi

    Any tips for packing hats? I tried to take one to Thailand and it was definitely very smashed by the time I got there. Love seeing all the photos of your cute family by the way :)

  24. I’m loving seeing your photos from Aus, especially in my home town of Melbourne. I walk past Hosier Lane to Flinders St station everyday after work and makes me so happy that you guys enjoyed it so much, along with the Aus open.

    Good to see you all being sun-smart with your hats in our warm Australian weather too! I would love to know what you thought of our accents :)

  25. Christina

    Dying to know, did the tennis ball make it back to the states? I remember getting a baton from the circus when I was about 5, It is the only lasting memory from the day. Sometime impulse buys like that make the day for the minis.

  26. Erin

    Seems like you all had a great time! Gotta be honest, all the sports on tv in January were the bane of my existence but it’s great that other people can enjoy them. x

    Erin |

  27. Kelly

    Ice cream research? Now that is something I could get down with!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  28. mitzi

    hi great pictures!
    with the nursing picture, do you just stretch the collar of your shirt down to nurse the baby or do you lift up your shirt? I’m trying to find some nursing friendly tops that aren’t all henley’s and button downs!

  29. Alexa

    Your family is so lovely and the video is really cute. I loved watching it. I think I really have to go to Australia. Love from Berlin Germany.

  30. Meg

    So fun! I always love reading your blog, you are such an inspiration for me and how you make motherhood look like the greatest joy in life.

  31. Celine

    Hi ! It’s always a pleasure to read or watch at the adventures of the Davis family.
    Naomi, could you mention the title of the songs which you use in your videos. I try shazam but that never match. Thanks.

    Love from France.

  32. Audrie Baker

    You look awesome girl!

  33. Wondering, do you edit each picture that you put in the post or are these straight out of your camera?

    I love how your pictures are always so clear and they all have a similar theme and lighting/coloring. Curious because I always love how you post so many pictures but they take a while to edit and I feel like you’re always pretty timely about getting pictures up after trips!

  34. Tanya

    You are such a natural beauty, Naomi. I’m Ukrainian, and you don’t look Ukrainian to me at all but it’s neat that you have that in you. :) Hugs from Idaho.

  35. Britt

    Oh man, I had to laugh out loud at that moment where you guys are talking about icecream and samson suddenly interrupts to show himself bouncing on the ball like “heyyy gimme some attention to, will ya?” Kids can be so adorable and funny without them realizing! Thanks for the lovely post
    Xx B

  36. Rachel

    Wow! How amazing that you got to experience this (and with the kids)! It looks like you guys had an amazing time and I hear you on the #goals with their bodies. They are so strong and athletic! Such a cute vlog.


  37. Céline

    Hi ! Congratulations for your blog and lovely family ! May I ask you what “carrier bag” you are using to carry Conrad ? Thank you !! xxx

  38. Becky C

    Oh my heart!! That video was so sweet to watch – literally, my heart was bursting! I love that you share your joy with so many. My husband and I don’t have children yet, but we really want to start a family and I love how you continually highlight how great children are and that even even though there are the imperfect and trying moments, how wonderful it is to be a team at it together with your husband! Love!