taking my little car out for a spin…


hope you all have a wonderful valentine’s day weekend! i wanted to share a couple of pictures josh snapped when i was on my way to kate spade’s fall 2016 presentation this morning, just because it’s not often i’m dressed up these days with heels and no diapers in my bag and off somewhere sans kiddos. also, this little kate spade red car purse is truly the coolest bag i’ve ever owned and needed to be photographed.  after having to negotiate with samson with regards to taking it out today (he wanted to play with it this morning so basically he told me i could “borrow it from him” on strict orders to “bring it right home.” lol) i was finally able to sneak out of the apartment with it.


^^^yes. it has eyelashes.^^^


hope you have a great weekend and i truly hope it involves sugar in some form. ;) it most definitely does for me (yay!) since it’s one of the holidays where i get to eat sugar! (if you missed it, i joined josh with going off of sugar this year except for a few cheat days when traveling and special holidays.)  i’m actually starting my 24 hours of treats tonight since valentine’s day is on a sunday and we try to not go out much on sundays. so, we’re celebrating the holiday a day (or two) early and i’ve been counting down the hours aaaaaaallllll day. rice pudding, i’m coming for you.

ps. i know i had said i was sharing our australia photos this week, but i am having trouble with my hard drive (we’re taking it in this weekend so cross your fingers the images aren’t gone forever!)

WEARING: black cape by cory lynn alter (past season, but similar here), kate spade dress and red car bag (c/o), club monaco heels, celine sunglasses and kat von d red lipstick.

  1. Rozanne

    Adorable !!! And this lipstick !! You really look like the perfect Kate Spade woman.

  2. Nanette

    that car purse is so fun! and i’m loving the larger images! also, red looks amazing on you! xo.

  3. Rena

    Wow, you wore such a cool look for the presentation and I adore your funny bag!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. Lizzy

    You look lovely! I’m inspired now, after spending three days in the same sweater while the kids look fab. Enough is enough, off to the bathroom it is.

  5. Jamie

    Cute look, but it’s been twenty degrees in New York this week. You must be FREEZING : )

  6. Rachel

    LOVE that bag! So fun!!!! I hope you are having so much fun going to the shows! I’m super jealous! ;)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  7. Desiree

    Traveling to Australia then to Utah with three little ones and as soon as you get home go to a event! Where do you get your energy??? Can you please bottle up some and send it to me! Thanks Lol

  8. That purse is amazing and works so well with your lip shade! Style on point, as usual ;)

  9. Olivia

    Kudos for wearing only that cape in our current NYC weather! You look absolutely beautiful, as always.

  10. Amy

    The eyelashes definitely make the purse. You look great!

    For your sake I hope your photos aren’t lost forever! Those computer whizes can do some pretty crazy things so I’m sure you’ll be OK!


  11. Sara

    I need that purse! My littles will steal it from me but maybe less toys will be on the floor? Worth a shot, I see it as a win-win either way!

  12. Sarah

    That purse is the coolest purse I’ve ever seen! My son would love it, too. :)

    Enjoy your Valentine’s sugar rush!

  13. Carli

    LOVE the whole look but especially the lipstick! All your bright, cheerful photos on instagram wearing different lipsticks have totally inspired me to start wearing mine again. It’s the best little pick-me-up when I’m feeling a little long0-day-for-mama haggard ;)

  14. Kaylee

    Oh Naomi! I totally thought it was Samson’s little toy car, but it’s an actual purse!!! This is just the most adorable bag <3 xx

    Kaylee | JK’s Dawn

  15. Julie

    How adorable is that handbag! I totally get why Samson wanted to keep playing with it! This red bag just brings this perfect touch of brightness to your monochrome look and well done you for finding the matching lipstick shade:) Only you could pull this look off so well! I hope you got to enjoy a nice day of fashion and grown ups discussions. xx


  16. Oh my gosh that is like the cutest purse ever! Stylishly cute!

  17. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, it is adorable and looks like a bag Samson would love!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  18. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, it is adorable and it looks like a bag Samson would love!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  19. Argh, what a cute bag. Kate Spade always does the sweetest designs, I remember almost blowing my week’s budget on a hot air balloon bag design of hers a few years back. Still kind of regret choosing food and rent over it…

  20. Tammy

    hahah how amazing is that bag?! i can’t believe that it’s as detailed as it is- loving the eyelashes on it


  21. Melisa

    Naomi ! What lens did your hubby use for these photos ??

  22. Emma

    Love this outfit and your blog! I’ve really been enjoying checking out your posts. Such great content. Thanks for sharing!