snow is falling all around!

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we had the best time playing in the snow last week! we weren’t properly dressed for it, so we didn’t stay out too long. the fresh white snow against the backdrop of new york is just my favorite things ever and it’s always fun to see my kids go wild for it. i think this was the first time conrad experienced it falling from the sky and not just playing with it on the ground. so he kept looking up and reaching for it. he also kept wanting to touch and eat it. it just made me happy to get to witness his excitement over something i equally love so much too. makes winters in new york so much more bearable and enjoyable when there is a little snow involved.

i found this beautiful nanette lepore wool coat (which is unfortunately sold out) on the sale rack at anthropolgie a few weeks ago. first of all, it’s so rare i actually ever make it into a clothing store (i usually always shop online) but i’m so glad i did because i had seen this coat a few months before on the website and loved it, just didn’t love the price tag. but, when i saw it on the sale rack i literally could not believe it. it was the only one, and it was also marked down extra because it was missing buttons. somehow with an additional promotion they were having in the store, i took it home with me for under $100 and i still can’t even believe it. i even had the exact buttons it was missing (because i have no space whatsoever in this apartment of mine but still somehow have random stuff like loose buttons! it’s weird, i know.) i can’t find the coat anywhere else online for you but i did fine it in blue HERE (and on sale!)


slippin’ and a sliddin’! definitely could not contain my excitement!


he’s getting really good at his block letters, right?! ;)


the shark hat has been a favorite of mine since eleanor was a baby!


he couldn’t stop eating it! he loves fishing for ice cubes in cups of water at home, so it made sense. ;)


have a great weekend, friends!

nanette lepore wool coat (sold out but in blue HERE), shoes by melissa rainboots (on sale!), blue beanie hat, lipstick shade. conrad’s coat, rainboots and shark hat (which once upon a time was eleanor’s and then samson’s!)

  1. We so rarely get any proper snow here, it looks like you’re having so much fun!

  2. vicky

    what a steal! beautiful coat & looks like Conrad had so much fun

  3. I miss New York so much! I went to visit for the first time 6 months ago and had the time of my life and I just can’t stop talking about it. That city is awesome!!! Plan on moving there next year after graduate school is over. Thanks for sharing the beauty of New York even in the cold of winter. xo

  4. Tammy

    hahah he is absolutely loving eating the snow! those expressions :)

  5. Rachel

    Oh, I know the joy that comes with finding something on sale at Anthro! The clothing there is perfection, but it usually does come with a price. This coat is beautiful, but I think your little one has you beat with that adorable shark hat! It’s too cute.


  6. Jenn

    I bought a maroon tweed coat from Old Navy years ago and it was the best $100 I ever spent. 9 years later and it’s still in the best quality! But now that blue coat is tempting me!
    The Pepper Express

  7. Such a beautiful coat! Super cute post and as a fellow former dancer, I see a little bit of jazz flair coming out in these photos ;) Just did a 50 Questions Tag and mentioned Love Taza!

    The Starlet Journals YouTube Channel

  8. Catryn

    Oh my gosh that adorable little shark hat! I can’t wait till I have kids so that I can dress them in all kinds of cute things. Right now I just do it to my dog and he acts like I’m torturing him.
    And your coat is to die for! I SO need a coat this length (and color).
    Stay warm!

    Sweet Horizon

  9. Lauren

    Lovely pictures! I don’t know how you can handle anymore snow, I’m 100% ready for Spring now!

  10. Amelia

    wow wow that is an awesome steal! I love when that happens. Conrad is just to die for, those little cheeks.

  11. Amy

    First of all, that coat is absolutely GORGEOUS! So jealous–what a find! And it looks like you two are just having so much fun! I agree, snow definitely helps make the awful NYC winters a little more bearable.

    x, Amy

  12. Katrin

    The coat’s color is beyond awesome!! It looks so good on you! x

  13. Rachel

    These pictures are so fun!! I love your coat!! It is definitely easier to get through snowy winters when you have kiddos who get excited about the snow. :) My daughter LOVES the snow and it has really helped me to love it more as well. :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  14. I wish we had a lil more last week! It was fun while it lasted!! Love Conrad’s lil shark hat! So cute! =)

  15. Siobhan

    I think I caught a glimpse of your stackable rings with you husband and kids names? Where oh where did you get them?

  16. Sabine

    Hi Noemi, could you please share again the link to where you order the name rings? Also, what font did you use? Thank you so much!

  17. Emily

    Hey I’m moving to New York City and am stressed about finding a warm winter coat haha. Yours are always so cute!

    What’s the cutest, warmest winter coat you’ve found?!

  18. Julie

    Lovely shots and the bright colour of your coat comes out beautifully in the snow. But I am melting (literally;) by the sight of little Samson and his shark hat – too cute – and his clear enjoyment at playing with snow. My kids keep asking here in London when is the snow coming and sadly we have barely seen a snowflake this winter. Not that I can personally complain (in a city like London, snow causes so much chaos in public transport etc) but I would love to see the kids enjoying it too. Hugs, Julie

  19. jillian

    Such cute photos of you and Conrad! He is so adorable munching away at the snow, and you look like you’re having so much fun sliding away!
    xo, jill

  20. Sandy

    you family is adorable playing in the snow!! i love snow pics!

    Sandy a la Mode