photos from melbourne, australia!

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after giving myself quite the heart attack last week when my hard drive experienced some crazy issues and we thought for a few days there that all of our photos and videos from the last year (australia included) might be gone forever, we are back in action! close call, and big lesson learned. i think i may be done with hard drives. i need to find another system (any suggestions?).

BUT, good news is that i get to share some of our favorite photos and some videos from our trip to australia with you this week! i’m going to work backwards and begin with melbourne, which was our last stop in australia.  we rented a little apartment in southbank which ended up being really convenient in terms of location and also having a little extra space to cook a few meals in our place. the biggest highlight of melbourne was the australian open tennis tournament, and i’ll give that its own post soon, since there are a lot of pictures and videos from just that alone.

a good friend of mine, victoria, from way back in the juilliard days grew up in melbourne (although she and her husband currently live elsewhere) and were there the same time we were for a wedding! so it was so nice to have a trusted tour guide one day show us the ins and outs of beautiful melbourne!

some photos!…


pausing every 30 feet or so while walking to look and wave at the boats!


the handsomest trio of boys i could ever ask for! this was right after we ate the most incredible meal at top paddock!melbourne-5

eleanor’s oatmeal had flowers on top and that kind of made her day!


and i had already dug into my meal so it doesn’t look too appetizing, but you guys! poached eggs on toast with heirloom baby carrots, pistachios, fennel, mint, feta and serrano. UNREAL. so good.


now i’m not so sure pancakes in other forms will ever compare to this one. it was kind of like a giant blueberry muffin pancake.

with vic and amit! best melbourne tour guides ever.


exploring all the cool little alleys around hosier lane!


i love this photo of E and vic. reminds me of this cute photo of the two of them in LA when E was just 18 months old…


josh studying the graffiti while eleanor practices her jumping with vic…


excited to take a photo in one of the famous melbourne graffiti alleys!


vic and amit took us to an incredible brunch spot called st. ali! the hash was amazing but the avocado toast was unreal. i need to experiment with putting feta into more of my food. i never would have thought to mash a bit into my avacado. it was so good.


probably one of josh’s favorite things ever… when i’m all, hey josh! and he looks over and i’m all going nutso with the camera trying to snap his photo as we walk. ;)


several people pointed us to grilld to try their “chips” (or fries) since a lot of people believe they are the best. they were really really good!

melbournetuesday-5 melbournetuesday-6 melbournetuesday-7melbourne01-2

they are out of focus here, but i love this shot anyway.


church in melbourne on sunday! and eleanor is wearing one of josh’s t-shirt’s as a super hero cape since we didn’t bring hers with us to australia. ;)


exploring chapel street and south yarra! (ps. eleanor’s watermelon purse is back in stock! i know a lot of you have asked about in the past! i just bought the pizza slice one for myself. because IT’S FREAKING ADORABLE.)


and happening upon the COOLEST home decor store that sadly does not ship to the US but i want everything inside there. it’s called matt blatt.

melbourne-11 melbourne-12melbournetuesday-8melbournetuesday-9melbournetuesday-10

next up is the australia open! excited to share some photos and also a video from that day. truly the highlight of melbourne for us! such a good day and incredible experience.

ON ME: cream lace top and pink linen skirt (on sale!), black birkenstock sandals and this fedora hat. also wearing decorative shirt (old) from & other stories and highwaisted black denim jeans with yellow sandals (super comfy) with kat von d lipstick. JOSH: white sweatshirt, blue blazer from jcrew (old). ELEANOR: white dress from gap (old), purple glitter sneakers (on sale!) and watermelon purse (finally back in stock!) SAMSON: orange shorts, white tennis shoes.

for those who have been asking camera q’s, all photos were taken with our canon 6D and 24-70mm lens.

  1. Aww I travelled around Australia when I was younger and your photos make me so homesick! Glad you had a good time, can’t wait to see the rest of your photos/videos! x

  2. Natali

    Wow!! So much inspiration in these photos!! Sights are simply incredible, wonderful family, food looks extra delicious and you look so sweet in all of your outfits!

  3. megan

    These pictures are absolutely amazing!! You’re making me wanna hop on a plane to Australia right now!

    Happy Monday //

  4. Rachel

    What a fun trip! I loved watching your snaps while you were there and seeing your cute family! You and you husband really seem to be such wonderful parents and I love your style! :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  5. martha

    Beautiful pictures! I have actually had a hard drive go bad on me before and it’s the most devastating feeling ever. Now I pay for 1TB of Dropbox storage. I like it because it just looks like another drive with folders on your computer, but everything is accessible both online and offline.

  6. Annika

    I have seen that white elephant before in a company – must actually find it somewhere in Europe, get one and paint it blue :)

  7. felisha

    Oh man, with the weather NYC is having – I can’t help but to be jealous here. It looks so warm and perfect!

  8. Rebecca

    Hi Naomi! I’ve been using to back up my backups lol and it works very well! You can have both your computer’s internal drive backed up automatically everyday and also any external drives you may be using. You never know when your external will fail on you so I like this system a lot. Take care.

  9. Nice pics!. May be you should try the clouds for saving your photos.

  10. Irina

    Hey, naomi! I jut want to say that I love your blog, your family, your pictures and activities!
    I’m not sure if you guys have Amazon prime, because if you do, then you can store unlimited pictures with amazon photo. I just started using it, and so both me and my husband use the same account so this way he has his iphone pictures in a folder and I have mine separate, so we can access them whenever.
    Maybe it will help you guys as well!
    God bless! :)

  11. maria

    what cafe was the beautiful food from in the first few photos?

    • TAZA

      top paddock! it’s linked above the food pics!

  12. Taylor

    Your time looks amazing! I can’t wait to get over to Australia. You’ve definitely made me jealous. Glad you had a great time.


  13. Bianca

    You’re really making me want to visit Australia, I’m loving absolutely everything about this post. I can’t wait to see more!

  14. brittney

    google photos. they have the free version (all your photos and videos backed up for free, at high resolution), and a paid version that saves everything at fully resolution. it has the BEST user experience of any photo storage we’ve tried.

  15. Lauren

    Melbourne looks beautiful, it’s making me crave warmer weather…ha!
    p.s. thanks for linking those cute yellow sandals you’re wearing!

  16. Sally

    Wow! Love seeing your beautiful family in our City of Melbourne. Glad you had such a great time and great weather.

  17. Paige

    These pictures are all so gorgeous! I’ve been loving getting to see Australia through your eyes!


  18. oh no! I’ve had trouble with harddrives before too, i’ve been thinking about just getting online storage, then you can access your photos anywhere!

    maybe helpful for you all, with all the traveling you do!


  19. Rachel

    I am loving this collection of photos! They are so bright and colorful. I have always wanted to go to Australia and these pics have only made me want to more. The food looks amazing and the architecture is incredible. The graffiti alley is really cool, especially for a photography spot.


  20. Sarah

    The pictures are amazing! Excited to see more of your Australian trip, especially The Australian Open! One of the things on my bucket list is to attend The US Open, Wimbledon, French Open and Australian Open; jealous that you all have been to two!!

    Also, you must try goat cheese with your avocado/guacamole, it is so yummy!

  21. Ali

    Gorgeous pics of my hometown! Did you do any other sightseeing around Melbourne/VIC? Melbourne Aquarium, Scienceworks, Great Ocean Rd, Melbourne Zoo or Healesville Sanctuary? Plenty of places the kiddo’s would’ve loved!!

  22. Jacs

    glad you had a lovely time. you can see my apartment in the last photograph ;-)

  23. Katrina

    So jealous of your Australia trip! Never been but it’s definitely on my bucket list.

    As for your storage question, I used to keep all my photos and other important docs saved either in Dropbox or my MAC, but I switched over to Flickr for photo storage. I use Dropbox and Google Drive to store art files or work files, but I like using Flickr for photos since I only pay $25/year for unlimited storage. AND viewing photos on Flickr is lovely. It has a great photo community. (You can also make your photos private or public, depending if you want to store items on there without an audience.)

  24. i love your photos so much! i have always wanted to go to Australia and so i have loved looking at your photos!! you also make me want to be more adventurous with my food! keep the Australia photos coming!!


  25. Erin

    So glad you had a great time! Melbourne is a fun city x

    Erin |

  26. Hayley Buckle

    WOW, I live in Australia and I want to go to Melbourne again after reading your post. Thank you for sharing and inspiring xx

  27. Lauren Bee

    Excellent idea to rent an apartment in Southbank! That’s what I always do and when I went for the Australian Open a billion years ago (12) it was such a good location.
    I wasn’t sure if Chapel Street was still good for shopping, so I’m glad you went there – you’ve inspired me to revisit it! I want to go to that home decor shop. I wonder if they ship to New Zealand…

    Excited to see the rest of your photos :)

  28. Yes! Thank you so much for sharing these photo’s and addresses! As I informed you on Twitter, I am moving there in April and I can really use these tips and just some nice inspiration to help me visualize my year down under. <3 I just loved E's superhero cape. You are the best parents ever [well, after mine ;) ]

  29. Raisa

    I know I’m lame but what the heck. I was so trilled when I saw you wearing Marimekko a couple of post’s ago (recognized the print right away) and now we know where you got it :D That bag gave you away instantly. I didn’t even know they had a store in Melbourne. How cool. They are my absolute favorite Finnish brand so thanks for supporting :)

  30. toytulip

    Silly question… Is that your natural haircolor? If not, what is it? :)

  31. Denise

    You’re family is so sweet!
    A little off topic but I’d love to know how Kingsley is doing…

    Greetings from Germany!

  32. Denise

    I mean YOUR of course :/

  33. Ilma

    photos of your family make me so wildly happy! thank you for sharing!

  34. hi sweet girl! just love your blog + your adorable family! oh noes–the dreaded hard drive fail. as a pro photog it’s literally the worst thing that can happen to us, thankfully i’ve had BackBlaze for a long while and they’ve saved the day! definitely a must! :)

  35. Tammy

    this looks like so much fun! i love the photo of josh throwing samson in the air and everyone else is just going about their lunch :)

  36. Allison

    I loved Melbourne! I can’t wait to go back-these pictures brought back good memories!

    It’s good that you know someone! Makes it even better!


  37. rose j.

    Hello! So glad y’all had a nice time! Love that you wore birks to church too! My kind of gal! ha ha! I think I asked you this before, but the watch that samson is wearing I can’t find the link to it on Amazon. Or maybe they no longer carry them. Can you remember what company? It’s a perfect size for Noah’s small wrist!

    Thanks in advance, and enjoy coming back to cold temps!


    • josh

      Hi Rose! It’s a Timex. Both Eleanor and Samson love their watches, which are like kid versions of the ironman watch. They use the indiglo lights as night lights! Here is the link!

  38. Sara

    I love those bow sandals, so bright and sunny! Bonus that they are comfy and affordable. You need to try cotija cheese in your guacamole, it’s how my husband makes it and is delish! Such great shots of your entire family!!

  39. Jane

    I’ve followed your blog for a while now, and it’s been so amazing to see your family grow. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful memories with us!

  40. Melissa

    REally enjoy you article and your vlog as usual !!!
    You are like a model for my futur life :)

  41. Montse



    BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS!!! I love your blog you´re such an inspiration to me, your blog is so authentic and real y been following you for years and
    I´m happy each time you share something, you make my days happy and you inspire me to be happy, real and authenic and to have a lovely family when it comes that day!

    With all my love from México City


  42. Anna

    Having your harddrives fail is the worst experience, and expensive if you have them recovered.
    As a professional photographer I’m in the process of using RAID drives to back everything up……….. but really, truly, honestly: the most important thing is to PRINT your photos. For the trips, do one album per trip of your favorite moments. GET YOUR PHOTOS IN PRINT so the kids can pull them off the bookshelf instead of going to the blog. You WILL NEVER regret it, because one day the hard drive wont be recoverable.

  43. The food was fresh, properly prepared and a great value for the price. We highly recommend it. The breakfast buffet on Sunday was equally as good. Thanks for sharing with us such nicely prepared dishes.

  44. emily

    icloud for sure! it organizes the photos for you too :)

  45. Alexandra

    Love seeing pictures of my city!! Top Paddock is unreal, isn’t it?!