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here are some of our favorite photos from our time in sydney, australia! we started our trip here, spending the first few days with our friends the coulsons who were so wonderful to host us and show us around the city each day (you might remember these photos i shared a few weeks ago which tim took during our first day). the kids did a pretty spectacular job adjusting to the time change once we arrived in sydney from the US (let’s not talk about how long and difficult the adjustment period was once we flew BACK to new york, however. ;)

highlights of sydney for us was seeing stick man at the sydney opera house! it was such a fun production aimed for kids, but i was seriously blown away at how great the performers were and the story and songs were really impressive. and the opera house in general is also just spectacular. another highlight was running into this street drummer who i had actually read about a few months before in an article. and then there he was! on the street performing! he was incredible, and conrad would not stop dancing while he played. haha! i actually have a lot of great video of him, so will share soon in the australia recap video coming up. it’s silly to say maybe, but we felt like the people in sydney were so friendly and kind, and the city over all was really clean. we always tend to notice those sorts of details since we’re out and about so much with the kids, and always appreciate when the atmosphere is like that.

a few photos!


kesh making hummus with all the kids! she’s one of my favorite mama’s to look towards for inspiration, because she always seems so level headed and calm and kind to her little crew. i really like that about her.


big boy driving the boat!!!!

sydsyd-3 syd-5syd-7syd01-2

first meal in sydney were some yummy meat pies! we hear they are very australian! you might have seen on my snapchat while we were there that we also tried our first chip sandwich (french fries in a slice of bread) which of course is also delicious. how could it not be, honestly.


on sunday afternoon, we stopped by bondi beach for lunch and it was fun to see in person! cannot believe how crowded it was! and i hear that this is not even very crowded compared to other times!


a HUGE thank you to everyone who suggested we try out gelato messina (we had it while at bondi beach). you need to have a look at all of their special flavors because what they come up with is insane! i’m trying to remember the name of the special we got, i feel like it was called compost, but i can’t find it on the site. it had literally everything in it, including popcorn praline and it was so good! 


delcious pizza from outside of sydney at la fiamma. (the nutella dessert pizza has been in my dreams ever since.)


and here is conrad basically bowing at the end of his dance routine to gordo, the street drummer i was talking about above. he LOVED listening to him play. it was very sweet to see him keep wanting to get down and bounce up and down to the beat.


kesh took us to this incredible spot called ichi-ban boshi.

SYDNEY1-4and this is a dessert from a great japanese bookstore called books kinokuniya that i am still wishing i had bought and eaten! luckily they have a location here in new york city too. ;)SYDNEY1-9 SYDNEY1-10 SYDNEY1-11 SYDNEY1-13SYDNEY1-12

stick man! sooooo good. thank you josh for planning ahead and getting the tickets!!!!


kids in sunglasses kill me! i love it.

SYDNEY3-9SYDNEY1-16SYDNEY3-14 SYDNEY3-15one of our other favorite meals was when we went to lunch at this place called chargrill charlie’s in wahroonga. it’s more of a takeaway place. they had amazing food prepared like in these photos above, but their chicken and potato wedges were sooo good! thank you to the coulsons for taking us here!SYDNEY3-12

we stopped by the museum of contemporary art after church on sunday to catch a performance and see a few exhibits. never can last too long in these sorts of places with the kids, but we had a great time for a little while. :)


also, this wall behind the staircase at the museum was so beautiful! also, highlight of the trip for me was finally getting into a gorman clothing store! i have been obsessed for ages. (my pink skirt i’m wearing above is from there, on sale right now too!)


i keep trying to call my stroller a pram now, haha! it won’t stick for some reason and i keep saying stroller out of habit. but every time kesh said pram it just sounded so much better than stroller. i’m gonna keep trying. ;)


sydney, you were incredible! it’s hard to tell if we’ll ever see you again, but thank you for such a wonderful experience. and australia over all, we love you.

ME: black high rise jeans and red shirt, fedora hat and birkenstock sandals with this lipstick. pink linen skirt and cream lace blouse (on sale! but almost sold out, similar HERE) with yellow bow sandals. black swimsuit in first few photos from HERE.
KIDS: kid sunglasses from HERE, new balance tennis shoes HERE and HERE and eleanor’s sparkly purple sneakers HERE. eleanor’s popsicle dress from polarn o. pyret a few seasons back and eleanor and samson’s watches (they refuse to take them off! it’s so funny how much they love them) are from HERE.
CAMERA: all photos were taken with our canon 6D and 24-70mm lens.

  1. Emily

    So wonderful! I’m glad you guys had a great time. And tell your friend I LOVE her Stokke stroller! (I think that’s what it is :) )

  2. Rachel

    I love all of your outfits! You dress so cute! The lace top is my favorite! :) Also, all of the food that you ate looks so yummy!!!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  3. Emily

    Your pictures are simply beautiful! Just a quick question. Is your 24-70mm lens a F/4.0 or F/2.8?


    • TAZA

      it’s 2.8!

  4. Lauren Bee

    I’m so glad you’ve been introduced to chip butties! Carb on carb action always wins in my book.

    Your photography skills are next level amazing. I love the one of Samson with his icecream! And the ones of Conrad dancing. So much cute :)

    I think I need to book a long overdue trip back there – especially now you’ve revealed all these eateries!

  5. Imogen

    Such a shame you don’t think you’ll be back! But glad you and Gorman were finally united (they make my wardrobe happy and colourful!).

    • TAZA

      gorman needs to come to the US! we’d love to go back someday, just a really big trip so we’ll see. :)

  6. hanna

    The trip looks awesome! –Hanna Lei

  7. Nanette

    such wonderful photos! how do you keep your red lip so perfect?? my 14 month old likes to wipe it off with her hands haha. i guess i’m screaming, “smudge me!!” when i wear bright colors. i love that you almost always have one on! xo.

  8. Wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing such a special experience with us – and so much deliciuos food, ha! I had my first Pizza con nutella in Rome and have been obsessed ever since… xxx Constanze

  9. Louise

    That wall behind the staircase at the Museum of Contemporary Art is actually an artwork! It is a work by the amazing Sydney artist Daniel Boyd.

    • TAZA

      oh really?! i didn’t realize. thanks for sharing. i could not stop looking at it! incredible.

  10. Lauren

    I’ve loved seeing all your photos from Australia. It’s making me want to go back so bad! x

  11. Lauren

    Ah this post just makes me crave summer! The weather looks good, the food looks good and outfits are so cute! I didn’t realise just how much Australia and the UK are similar i.e. we have meat pies and chip sandwiches and use the word pram. Such a lovely post. :)

  12. Paige

    This seriously looks like the vacation of a life time. All these pictures are so beautiful!


  13. bridget

    that bondi beach picture is amazing. reminds me of a max wanger. frame it huge!!!

  14. this is the ULTIMATE DREAM VACATION, naomi!!!!!! sigh. i’m a little peanut butter and jealous, :)
    muah! xo

  15. cindy

    Love the pics, everything looks wonderful. What an amazing experience for your little family. Next time dont wear that shirt. Not a good look.

  16. Tammy

    how sweet is the photo of samson hugging eleanor?

  17. Catryn

    Gosh, your kids are getting so big. I remember following you when they were just tiny little things. (I’m sure you think the same thing from time to time.) That lace top is gorgeous on you. And I hope you guys had a blast! It sure looks like it!

    Sweet Horizon

  18. Amy

    Looks like a lovely trip. Meat pie is very French Canadian as well. It’s called tourtiere. :)

    What program do you use to edit your videos? I never make videos of our vacations and would love to start!

  19. J

    Haha I can’t believe you went to Chargrill Charlie’s in Wahroonga! That place is my childhood! Hilarious. Charlie’s is colloquially known as ‘Chookas’ for some reason… Not sure why!

  20. Brooke

    So excited to see Kinokuniya mentioned in this post. I spent three years in Southeast Asia as a kid, and Kinokuniya was such a treat for me! They have a wonderful and diverse selection of books and graphical novels – and the treats are top notch! My parents may not have been quite as fond of all the money I spent there over the years.

  21. Julie

    Hi Taza, how do you get such beautiful photos? Do you do a bit of editing before posting your shots? They are all so lovely – and I love photography so I really mean that. I think you are such happy and relaxed parents that it shows with your kids, they always look so smiley! I always enjoy reading your posts <3 xx

  22. Mia

    the watermelon cake is amazing!!! you totally should have tried it (it’s famous in Sydney I have friends that special ordered it for their wedding) and it’s not actually part of the bookstore (sorry to be the barer of bad news) the space is run by Black Star Bakery (a local, sorry).

    Love Love char-grill charlies! my first few years living alone in Sydney I lived around the corner and it was always such a treat (but then Oprah goes there when she is it town, so that’s a pretty awesome badge of honor).

  23. El McDonald

    Chargrill Charlies!! I used to leave in Wahroonga and it’s seriously the best! I still get cravings for their salads 9 years later… glad you enjoyed my hometown

  24. Taylor

    Naomi, you are in such great shape! You look so strong, but graceful as well. I know you’ve mentioned you cut out added sugar and have switched up your exercise routine, but I’d love to know more! What type of training do you do? How often? What gym/studio/trainer in NYC? Who watches the kids while you’re working out? Does Josh work out with you? Besides cutting out added sugars, are you doing anything else different with your diet? Give us the deets, girl!

  25. BR

    Mia (above) is right. You won’t find the watermelon cake in any other Kinokuniya. Black Star Pastry is a Sydney based business. Sorry you missed out :( it is my fave cake of all time.

  26. Alexandra

    Messina!! I live down the street from one in Melbourne, which is very very dangerous.

  27. Your photos looked amazing Naomi. You captured Sydney beautifully. I’m glad your family had a great time here. I love Sydney to bits. I am biased of course :), being a Sydney sider. Next time, you’ll have to come over to the Lower North Shore. Our beaches over here are just as iconic as Bondi Beach!!!


  28. Claire

    Hi Naomi! I LOVE looking at your pictures from Australia because my friends and I are actually planning a trip there this summer (with our old Australian exchange student)! I’m curious as to how you traveled from each main city that you were in (Melbourne and Sydney). Did you take a train or did you fly? Thanks for your help!

  29. Carli

    Thanks for helping me out in Primary in Sydney! x

  30. Jane

    The cutest socks ever come from this Australian company, I don’t know if they have kid sizes yet but they are SO cute for girls and guys, bright colors and the cutest Australia and America themed socks!! Your post made me think of them. :)