kitchen date.

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while all three kids were at a playdate last week, josh and i cooked a meal together and it felt like the olden days before any babies arrived and we’d occasionally create something delicious together in the kitchen. as parents, so much of our life is go-go-go and trying to whip up whatever is the fastest and easiest with a baby strapped to our back or a toddler hanging on your leg sometimes.  so this time together as just josh and me in the kitchen felt almost like a fancy date, and it was really nice. dates away from the little ones are always nice every once in a while to refresh and regroup and have a pause as just us, but a date AT YOUR HOME WITHOUT THE KIDS feels even more special.

you all know how much i love using blue apron for meals on occasion, since we’ve been using the service for several years now. they deliver farm-fresh ingredients in the exact proportions you need right to your door with delicious recipes to accompany them. one of the biggest reasons we love blue apron is for the way each recipe comes with the ingredients in the exact proportions so we don’t waste any food. it also gets us out of our comfort zone in the kitchen by challenging us to make new foods with ingredients we might not normally use.  and since i often feel flustered when i’m alone in the kitchen and not confident in what i should make or am making (which usually just leads to me ordering take-out, let’s be honest), i truly appreciate the step by step recipe cards which have pictures beside each step. talk about helping a lady out!

so on our fancy kitchen date while the kiddos were away, we made lebanese lamb and beef arayes. you can find the recipe here. it was delicious!  (PS- blue apron is offering two free meals to the first 100 readers who make their first blue apron order right here!)


important to note. thank you josh davis for always sharpening our knives and also always cutting the onion so i don’t have to.  you’re a true gentleman. ;)


do you get what i’m saying about the step by step recipe cards with pictures? right?!


also, thanks for making me laugh and feel relaxed because sometimes i still start to feel all weird and tense up when my picture is being taken.


you guys gotta try the recipe if you have ingredients on hand! you can find more blue apron recipes here as well! we loved it. don’t forget to sign up here and get your first two blue apron meals free (first 100 readers only.) and thank you to blue apron, a long time partner of this blog, for sponsoring this post.

  1. Jaymi

    You can’t NOT tell us what lipstick that is! :)

  2. Bianca

    How wonderful!

  3. Jenn

    Yes please tell us what lipstick you’re wearing! I love Blue APron they have amazing recipes for vegetarians!
    The Pepper Express

  4. Mollie

    Looks like such a lovely time! Your pictures are so good and the food looks so amazing, you are making me hungry!

    xoxo Mollie

  5. Joelle

    Where is your blouse from?

  6. Kerewin

    Are you wearing false eyelashes or am i rightfully jealous of your natural lashes!?

  7. Tiffany

    I just signed up for Blue Apron….going to give it a try…
    Thanks for the reminder of how sweet a meal for two at home CAN BE!
    A little love and a lot of spice! ;)

  8. vicky

    yay! looks fun

  9. Anna

    Looks delicious and what fun!! And your blouse! Where is it from??

  10. Allison

    That looks amazing! That’s good you guys are able to get some alone time in the midst of your busy schedules!


  11. Paige

    So glad you guys got to have a fun at home date night together! Your dinner looks amazing!


  12. Hailey

    I’ve been considering implementing Blue Apron into our weekly meal plans but haven’t taken the plunge. I don’t even like lamb but this recipe makes me want some!

    Where did you get that blue plaid shirt? SO cute.

  13. Palom

    I love your shirt! Where did you get it? :)

  14. i would love to know where your shirt is from; thank you!

  15. Laura

    I like your shirt a loooot!!! Where is it from?! :)

  16. you are adorable naomi! would love to know where your shirt and lipstick are from!? also…recipe looks amazing!

  17. Lexie

    Omg, I know we get to read this content for free and have no cause to complain, but enough with the Blue Apron already, lol! I love it, too, but does it have to be a nonstop infomercial? Haha!

  18. Rachel

    This looks absolutely amazing! Blue Apron has some of the best recipes! :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  19. Tammy

    that top is adorable! i’ve always wanted to try blue apron, but am holding off until october where i can live in my own place

  20. Rachel

    I have heard such great things about this brand and it looks so easy to follow the directions. This meal also looks really yummy! I will definitely have to check them out.


  21. I want to know about your eyelashes too!! Are they extensions or natural?

  22. hanna

    You guys are couple goals –Hanna Lei

  23. Jane

    My boyfriend and I made dinner together last weekend, and although it didn’t end up as tasty as I would have liked, we had a lot of fun and we were quite the team.

    P.S. Your skin looks fabulous, and you look beautiful! <3

    P.P.S. I've got to agree with the hankering for your lipstick shade! It looks amazing on you!

  24. Valerie

    You look so beautiful – can you tell me where you got this blouse from?

  25. Nicole

    Wow that looks so yummy! I love how tasty broccoli looks!

  26. Jessica

    @joelle and @jenn–I happened to meet Naomi while I was in NY once, and her eyelash are false :) They look so good though, huh! She’s a gorgeous girl!!

  27. Chris

    Looks delicious!

  28. Lauren

    I hate cooking but one of my favourite things to do with my other half is make meals together. If you can get through the stress of cooking a meal together, you can get through anything! am I right? ;)

    p.s. you look amazing in this!

  29. Caroline

    I’m so excited for my first Blue Apron order to come in! Also, these pictures are so beautiful! I love the lighting on them. And that lipstick is to dye for!

  30. cathy

    Please please please tell us the secret of your lashes!!!

  31. Joy

    Where is the shirt from? So cute!

  32. Tamara

    I am Lebanese!!! That is one of my favourite foods!:))

  33. I too need to know where your shirt is from! Pray, tell!

  34. Emily

    I’m dying to know what lipstick shade this is! It is so perfect!