hamilton island, australia!

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before our time in melbourne, we spent several days on hamilton island! i shared photos already from our day at whitehaven beach, but the rest of our time on the island was great as well. it felt relaxing, as we finally felt adjusted to the new time zone and mostly just went to the beach each day, and then the pool with the kids! they could not get enough of the pool this trip. going under water without plugging their noses and also really working hard on their swimming! both eleanor and samson were really starting to swim on their own by the end of our time on the island which made me so happy! living in new york, i feel like that is one of the skills we aren’t as up to speed on with them. so it was exciting to see them anxious to learn and pick it up so quickly!

josh did a bunch of research as we planned our stay on which island might be best for us. we were really happy with hamilton because it felt very family friendly. it’s a super tiny one, so you can rent a golf cart as your car if you’d like, or just walk everywhere. we rented a golf cart, which was so much fun to drive (especially on the opposite side of the road!)
hamilton0001this is samson holding his breath in the pool. seeing how long he can do it is one of his favorite games to play! it’s a screenshot from some of our video footage, because i didn’t take any photos of the kids underwater, just a little video. i’m almost done compiling a video from our entire trip to australia, so i’ll share it soon!  some of the best footage from our trip is on the video, in my opinion. the underwater footage is so fun.


some really good fish and chips!


conrad loved the fresh veggie and fruit juice!hamilton5-2H01-11H01-12

this ferry named samson was so cool! samson really got excited to see his name on the  boat, and i was pretty stoked too! haha!


the kids were incredibly brave! i love their faces here!

H01-2 H01-3H01-5H01

i am blanking on this crocodile’s name, but he was decades old and crazy ginormous. we were able to get a good look at him because he swam up to us all quiet and calm. very freaky, for sure.


i haven’t taken the kids cameras in yet to get their film developed. but i can’t wait. they always get really into taking pictures on our trips, so i’m excited to see it all through their lens. we got them waterproof cameras too, so they were able to play with them in the pool!


in case you can’t tell, this is eleanor and conrad kissing.

trying our very best to hold it together in a restaurant setting in a different time zone. this meal was hard. lol. we ate in shifts while the other one walked conrad outside and it was just all around exhausting. not a highlight at all of our trip, but the photos are cute! ;)


i adore this photo because samson was so excited one afternoon to get into the water he ran straight in with his t-shirt still on! we were all like, samson! your shirt! and he started laughing so hard as he ran back out of the water to take the soaking wet shirt off.  haha! such a great moment. his enthusiasm for the pool was incredible.


her freckles here make my day!

hamilton5-3 hamilton5-6hamilton1010

we had the best pizza for lunch on the island at manta ray! so good infact, we ended up having it once more for our last meal as well.  i never knew pumpkin on top of pizza would be delicious, but it was crazy good. if you go, you must get the herbivore! it’s delicious.


hamilton5-12HAMILTON-33 HAMILTON-39HAMILTON-36width="1400"i have a few more photos to share from snorkeling at the great barrier reef, and a few more from our time in sydney as well! thank you for indulging me as i share a recap of our trip to australia. it was such a dream, it hardly even feels like it happened sometimes.

ME: my black one piece swimsuit, birkenstock sandals. sunglasses are celine (bought in store and can’t find online.) JOSH: blue beach hoodie from jcrew (old) and swims trunks.  ELEANOR: pineapple swimsuit (rash guard top), and mara hoffman rash guard suit (old, unavailable online.) SAMSON: striped t-shirt (sold out, but similar here), swim trunks. CONRAD: rash guard top (old) from polarn o. pyret. all the kiddos sandals are teva’s.

  1. Ellie Dufrene

    Looks like such a blast! It looks like Conrad likes getting in as many nursing sessions as a newborn babe! Please tell me this is the case so I don’t feel alone. My 1 year old lives tugging at my shirt and signing “milk”, and this mama can’t resist my girl’s sign language.

    • TAZA

      yeah, i think it’s definitely more of a comfort thing for him. i love it though, and let him nurse anywhere anytime because i know it’s important. you aren’t alone! if only i could get him to sign milk and not just lift up my shirt! good for you!

  2. These pictures of your trip are beautiful, you and Josh have a talent for capturing precious moments!

  3. Tahira

    Hi Naomi! Love your blog! I wanted to ask which floaties your kids use?! Here in the Netherlands we aren’t allowed to take them to a public pool without floaties. And the ones we have are so terrible. The ones you use look so much better! Just wondering :)
    Love love love your blog!

  4. Jenn

    Where is your black overall dress from? Love that bathing suit! These photos look surreal.

    • TAZA

      the brand is roxy! i found it in a local shop on the island.

  5. Tammy

    your photos are always stunning and these are no exception. thanks for sharing your trip with us :)


  6. Helena

    I love reading all your posts! Your family is seriously the cutest. Glad I got to follow along on Insta and here :)

    May I ask what camera you use for underwater footage? I’m researching for my next tropical trip where I’m hoping to do a lot of snorkeling and perhaps diving!

    • TAZA

      hi! we used our go pro with a waterproof case!

  7. Lauren

    Ah I love your swimsuit, its gorg! Also, I’m 21 and theres no way would I be able to hold a snake like Eleanor & Samson, brave kids! haha!


    • TAZA

      same! i couldn’t do it. i finally got the nerve to touch it, but those things freak me out!

  8. emily j

    i LOVE IT when you post breastfeeding photos. normalize it!

  9. looks really fun there! I have family in Sydney and have yet gone to visit them. maybe for my honeymoon!

    I’m jealous of E’s swimsuit, I wish they made that in adult sizes haha :)


  10. beth

    Just wondering where your cover up is from? Also, how do you look so fantastic after having 3 kids?!

  11. LU

    amazing!! i love love your pictures!!! please tell me about your camera

  12. vicky

    ok, I’m pretty sure I always think you have the most rockin body (especially for someone who has THREE kids!) but seriously what are you doing at the gym?! legs look great!

  13. Rachel

    That water is incredible! This whole trip has looked amazing! :) I would absolutely love to go someday! :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  14. Julie

    Hey Taza, seeing the sunshine, the bright colours and all the beautiful faces of your little families is just a really nice thing to end the day. It’s so wonderful to see the little ones enjoying the water. I love swimming so much, I really want my kiddies to be able to feel free by a pool or by the seaside: my one year old is a bit of a nutter with water, she splashes everywhere and laughs it off but we now want the 2 oldest 6&4yo to crack the swimming so that they can be a bit more independent and I can be a little bit more relaxed too;) The cold and snow in NYC must be a bit of a contrast right now! I hope you are all keeping well! xx

  15. Holly

    The water must be so warm! We’re in So. California and I’m jealous of your photos! Are the kids sandals Teva’s? we are having a hard time with flop flops over here. Wondering if they like them? We love Natives, but it’s always nice to have options. :)

  16. Stephanie

    That photo of you and E sitting in the surf while you nurse C is giving me all the feels. I feel like it’s one of those perfect moments captured in time. So beautiful. <3

  17. Olivia

    The picture of you and e sitting in the water with your backs to the camera is my favorite! such a beautiful mother/daughter moment. i’ve never been to australia but recently got back from new zealand. it was absolutely beautiful. i recommend it for you and your family the next time you decide to travel! thanks for sharing.

  18. Kaylee

    Such lovely & amazing shots! I got excited for this summer to come as I went through your photos, Naomi!

    ps. Eleanor’s pink pineapple swimsuit is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

    Kaylee | JK’s Dawn

  19. rose j.

    I agree with Stephanie & Olivia. These photos are beyond precious, and timeless…

    Thanks for always sharing you’re life in pictures. I never have to ask Rachel how you’re doing because I follow you!ha ha! She’s back in our ward now!

    Take care…

    P.s. Loved you and Josh’s segment on Roots Tech! Good job. Very inspirational.


  20. Erin

    I love seeing you embrace my country! Can’t wait to see the little ones photos x

    Erin | beingerin.com

  21. Ekaete

    What beautiful pictures! Family holidays are the best aren’t they? You all look like you had a wonderful time :)

    Ekaete x

  22. Lucy

    I just wanted to say again that I love you sharing your holiday photos with us… it could never get boring… just love it!!
    It looks a wonderful time!!

  23. Marta

    Oh dear! I’m so glad you had nice time:) You all looked so happy and relaxed….and your photos are absolutely amazing!!!Shame that my doesn’t looks similar:)
    All the best! xxx

  24. Melody

    PIZZA INGREDIENTS…this looks so yummy! I can see the pumpkin, pine nuts, arugula, maybe zucchini and red sauce – did it have any other ingredients I’m missing – would love to make this at home! P.S. Love your blog and your energy. ;)

  25. Katrin

    E’s freckles are so cute!

  26. Lauren Wessler


    Great photos, but just wanted to let you know that your workouts are really paying off! You look great(er than usual). Rock on girl.

  27. Kelly

    It looks like you guys had such a great time and I love all of E’s little outfits!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  28. sydney

    Hi there! I have LOVED seeing all of your Australia pics. You have such an adorable family.
    Do you mind me asking what hotel you stayed at on Hamilton Island? We’re currently trying to book a vacation to HI, but are struggling to find a good place to stay. Much thanks! Sydney

    • TAZA

      hey! we stayed at the reef view hotel and thought it was great. have the best time!!!