eleanor0001she turns 5 today, and with this big milestone, comes all the feelings. for all of us. including eleanor. before bed last night, she professed, i don’t want to turn five! followed quickly with i just want to be twenty! i don’t know where that comment stemmed from, but when she tried to pout as she said it by folding her arms across her chest dramatically as her nose wrinkled up just a bit while she squinted her eyes and furrowed her brow, i noticed all her new found freckles from the australian sun spread across her tiny cheeks and wrinkled nose, and it was like i saw a grown version of her… maybe an eight year old version, maybe a little bit of a twelve year old version, or even a twenty year old version… and while it scared the living daylight out of me, it was also just a little bit endearing. she’s growing up, and there’s no stopping it. i just count my blessings everyday for what a remarkable and good little lady she is growing into.

this birthday marks 5 of the very best years of my life, as her mama. i can’t imagine not knowing eleanor. the joy and love and energy she brings into our family is pure magic. she is forever my baby girl but i’m so proud of the intelligent young lady she is becoming. it is nothing short of a complete pleasure, even mid pout, to be her mother.

i love you for eternity, my eleanor. happy 5th birthday!

a few of my favorite photos…


  1. I simply can not believe that baby E is 5 years old either so I can not imagine how it must feel like for you guys as parents! I love seeing your family grow (up) Naomi, and I can not wait to see what great things you guys are up to. I learn so much from you guys and want to thank you for sharing your life with us.

    As for E. I wish you the best and most beautiful year to come, full of new friends, adventures and lots of time with your wonderful family. Enjoy every moment, and I hope that I get to meet you one day ;)

    Lots and lots of love,

  2. Jasna

    Your little girl is so beautiful, just like her mama! Happy birthday to your precious little lady!

  3. Deborah

    Oh my how lovely are these pictures and your sweet message!
    I regret having had my son at 35 and not when I was young like you!

    you are a wonderful and full of energy family!

    If you want to check my blog here it is:

  4. marie

    I wish you all the best Eleanor ! My little girl (not little at all) si turning 11 in september. Time flies but every moment count ! So I wish you more and more and more happy moments in the next years coming up !

  5. Kaylee

    Happy birthday Eleanor!
    You’re such a lovely big sister with the most amazing little smile.
    We looooove you <3

    Kaylee | JK’s Dawn

  6. claire

    i’ve been following you since she was a baby and i’ve always thought she is one of the cutest babies i’ve ever seen! it’s so fun to watch her grow, happy birthday eleanor!!!!

  7. Rose j.

    Happy Birthday to your darling girl! She’s so adorable!


  8. happy birthday to your sweet little Eleanor! I love watching her grow!! Thank you for allowing us all to be a small part of your life <3

  9. Erika

    That cute little face made me start following Rock Star Diaries 5 years ago…..still adorable as ever!

  10. Emma

    Happy Birthday Eleanor!

  11. Marsha Kern

    Happy birthday to a beautiful little girl!

  12. Conny

    Happy Birthday, Sweet Eleanor!!

  13. this is sweet! i remember when i first started following you and looking at those posts of when you were expecting her, then giving birth to her, and now she’s 5! i’m sure this is a bittersweet moment for you all and i wish you nothing but the best years ahead!


  14. hanna

    Happy Birthday to her! –Hanna Lei

  15. Gágá

    Happy 5th. birthday from Portugal, Eleanor!!

  16. Gaga

    Happy 5th birthday, from Portugal, Eleanor!

  17. Mollie

    Wow, how time has passed! I remember waiting anxiously for you to give birth so I could find out what name you picked. Happy Birthday, Eleanor!

    xoxo Mollie

  18. Andrea

    Hello dear Taza!
    I´m following u since E was born! Those 5 years went by so fast.. In 2015 my sweet little girl was born, now she is 2 month old.. and now the time runs faster than i ever thought..
    Thank u for your daily inspirations, i love reading your blog.

    I do have one question, where is that “alphabet poster” from?

    Thx and greetings from Vienna!

  19. ashley

    I came across your blog about 4 years ago and it has so cool to gain such inspiration on life, fashion, and motherhood from your site!

    Happy Birthday Eleanor!

  20. felisha

    I cannot believe she’s 5! It seems like she was just born. I follow you on Snapchat – and when I hear her talk, it’s so apparent just how much she’s grown! Happy birthday, E!

  21. Kelsey

    Oh my gosh! I can’t believe she’s already 5! Happy Birthday Eleanor!

  22. Kate

    Beautiful words and pictures. Happy Birthday sweet Eleanor!!!

  23. Yelle

    She is the cutest! Even as an outsider, I love watching her grow up from a toddler. You can definitely see her fun personality shine through in photos! Happy birthday E!

  24. Frances

    Hi! I just wanted to say Happy Birthday Eleanor! She is just so entertaining to watch on your snap chat and always has the best expression on her face. What a sweet girl she is <3

  25. Tammy

    she’s honestly just the cutest. i can’t believe how fast time flies by. i remember finding your blog when she was just born, and she’s already 5!

    eleanor, i just want to be twenty as well. let’s go back in time :)

  26. Erin

    Happy Birthday sweet Eleanor! Stay five for as long as you can – don’t rush to twenty! :-)

  27. Sarah

    Happy Birthday, Eleanor! I hope this year is the best one yet! :)

  28. Rachel

    Happy Birthday sweet Eleanor! All of these pictures just melted my heart! :) I hope she has a wonderful day.

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  29. Kendra

    Happy Birthday, Eleanor!! Wish you and Evelyn could play and “grow old” together ;)

  30. Erin J.

    Happy birthday, Eleanor!! She is just too sweet!! Hope she has the most special day!

  31. Beth

    I have followed your blog for many many years since E was a little baba and I cannot believe she is five!!

    I know this must be scarier for you as her actual parents haha.

    I can’t believe how much your family has grown in the years that I have followed you!

    Congratulations on a wonderful family, you and Josh really are a source of inspiration for my boyfriend and. If we are anything like you guys during parenthood then I will be very happy! Well done on raising such amazing kids!

  32. Yándary

    Happiest of birthdays, little Eleanor! :)

  33. vicky

    happy birthday, darlin! hope it’s super fun!!! :)

  34. What a precious age and a gorgeous little girl! My child #2 (and girl #1) will be turning 5 in April so it just reminded me how quickly time flies our end too;) It’s so precious though to be able to go back to those memories of her being smaller – you have so many great shots there – I love photography for that reason.
    You have already been through so many things with your 5 year old. Don’t you find it’s almost hard to remember what was life without her before? Another reason to make the most of the babies while they are still baby;))!! Big hugs from London for the birthday girl!

  35. Eleanor

    Happy Birthday from one Eleanor to another (much cuter) one! What a beautiful collection of photographs! x

  36. Ainos

    Wow, Happy birthday Little queen! ♥
    Love you from Spain!

  37. Nikki

    I literally had tears in my eyes just reading this post. I’ve been following you for several years now and I can’t believe E is five. She’s such a beautiful little lady and it has been really wonderful to watch your family grow, but also bittersweet to see them get older. If I’m slightly emotional then I can only imagine what you are feeling.

    With love,

  38. Bruna

    OMG! As reader of your blog since a little more than 5 years, I cannot believe she is turning five so fast! Blogging is a fun – weird thing, although I never met your family, I watched her grow up with all the photos you shared… I truly wish all the happiness in the world for E and for all of you too! Congrats in raising such a smart and happy girl!


  39. Shelby

    This made me cry buckets of tears. I found your blog in Dec. of 2010, when I was pregnant with my daughter about a week after I found out she would be born with a serious medical condition. Following along as you prepared for E’s arrival, and watching her grow has been so special and important to me as I have walked my own sometimes hard road as a Mama.

    She is so dear and precious to me. It is such a privilege to watch her grow through your eyes. Thank you for allowing us to share in your joy and day-to-day frustrations. She has a BIG and loyal fan club in her corner.

    Happy #5 to Miss Eleanor. My how time flies!

  40. Szasa

    Happy birthday E! grow up well oh i miss your eleanorism :)

  41. Rachel

    So, so darling!

  42. Sarah

    Happy 5th Birthday Eleanor! :)

  43. Adrianna Zofia

    Happy Birthday to your darling girl!

  44. Simone

    Ohhh Congratulations with the birthday Eleanor ! What a beautiful little girl ! And what a beautiful family . ( I wrote my bachelor thesis about Mormon mommy bloggers, and therefore also your handsome family) Thanks for the inspiration ! Lovely family <3 all the best Simone , from Copenhagen , Denmark .

  45. Jaimee Kindt

    Taza! I have been following you since before Eleanor was born, I have a daughter who turned 5 recently and I can’t believe it’s happening either. She started school this year (we live in OZ) and it’s very surreal watching her go there each day. I just wanted to thank you for your lovely blog. It brightens my days and inspires me. I am really looking forward to your Melbourne photos, I was so hoping to run into you randomly in a cool Melbourne laneway, but it wasn’t to be….

  46. Jerlin

    Happy birthday dear Eleanor! Being 5 is definitely better than being 20 ;-)

  47. Lauren

    oh wow, happy birthday eleanor! it seems so weird looking at those photos, knowing i followed your blog back then too! i hope she had a lovely day. :)

  48. Megan

    I am dying! I remember Baby E and she could not be any cuter! Happy Birthday beautiful Eleanor

  49. Cheli Chávez

    Happy birthday sweet Eleanor!! you are one of the cutest babies i´ve ever seen, your smile just melt my heart. I follow you since you first birthday, the one with valentine´s theme, you´ve become in such a good big sister. Naomi you are such an inspiration, when I´m down i read your post or see you pictures.

    kisses from Mexico!

  50. nicky

    Happy Birthday Eleanor!! The time truly goes too quickly. My little one will be 12 this year and I constantly find myself thinking “You were just two, weren’t you?!” Wishing you a long, magical childhood for all of your little ones, Taza!

  51. Brynn

    My daughter and your daughter have the same birthday. She just turned 3 on Monday and I can’t believe it’s gone so fast (cliche but so true).

    While I love that she is getting older because in my eyes she is just getting cuter and cuter, I bawled like a baby the night before her birthday when I tucked her in because I just want her to stay little forever.

    Beautiful pictures of your family! Happy Birthday Eleanor, thank you for sharing with us.


  52. Amber

    I don’t think women normally look that gorgeous right after having a baby! =)

  53. Kerewin


    What a milestone! When my niece turned 5 I felt like time was passing all too quickly. It’s so wonderful to have memories immortalized in this blog.

    -side note: Maybe I’m missing it but when you read the individual blog posts, there is no way to read the previous entry. Otherwise, I actually don’t mind reading one entry at a time even though loading time was never an issue for me.

    Love your blog and family! Keep up the great job all around :)

  54. Pam

    This made me think of when I was a child and my only dream was to be twenty. Now I am, and my only dream is to have a little girl just like E to tell her to not want to be twenty all the time, but instead to enjoy how amazing life is when your only five. Happy Birthday little Eleanor! Have a wonderful day ♥

  55. Aww Happy Birthday to Eleanor!!! =) Wow I’ve been a long time reader – I can’t believe your lil girl is 5!!!! Time flies!

  56. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! Happy, happy birthday Eleanor!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  57. Chesson High

    HAPPY BDAY to sweet Eleanor! I love this blog and seeing how great of a mama you are to them! I am 20 and reading this blog made me feel a certain way too! I feel old and sometimes I wish I could go back to being 5! She has grown up so beautifully and I can’t wait to see what the next 5 years have in store for yall!

  58. Ashley K

    Happy birthday Eleanor! She is such a beautiful child! Reading your blog over the last few years made me less scared to start a family. I liked to think if you can raise a family so beautifully, creatively, lovingly, and fashionably, maybe someday I’d be able to as well. Now I have my sweet little five month old girl, and I love to read your parenting posts! Please never stop blogging! I realize it’s probably a huge time commitment and more than likely emotionally draining to share this much of your life with us, but it is so so so appreciated. :) Enjoy your beautiful girl and family, thanks again, happiest of birthdays to your little lady!

  59. Ha H

    Happy birthday Eleanor!

    Love from UK

  60. Queenie

    Happy (belated) birthday, Eleanor!


  61. Delaney

    Oh my goodness, five years already! It’s such a pleasure watching sweet Eleanor become a bright, intelligent young lady just like her mama. You and Josh are so loving and encouraging and it gives me such hope for our future that someone as great as Eleanor will one day be a leader! Congratulations on a wonderful human & happy birthday E!!

  62. that picture of her in the target cart gets me every time. happy birthday e! xo

  63. Nat

    Happy Birthday E!
    You’re the luckiest little girl in the world to have a mama like Taza!

  64. golnaz

    Happy Birthday Miss Eleanor!

  65. Julie Farnbach

    She looks just like you did at that age, Naomi! Beautiful, and precocious. Your parents are wise, kind, beautiful people, so it comes as absolutely NO surprise to see what an amazing impact you are having on the world. Keep up the good work!! :) <3 to your folks! #provonewlywedward

  66. Sinead

    Happy birthday Eleanor! I love that last picture of her with the balloon, her face is just too cute!

  67. tara

    I cannot believe she is 5! I have been reading your blog since she was a baby. its so fun to watch her grow. reading your sweet words i can feel your full heart about her growing up. my little girl is going to be four in july and i feel the same exact way!
    Xo, Tara