exploring ice castles in utah!

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we just returned to new york from a quick week in utah where josh and i gave a keynote address at rootstech!  utah is always a good time since we’re able to see family and friends and during the winter months, enjoy all of the fun outdoor activities they have going on.  if you’ve been following along on instagram or snapchat, you have seen some pictures from some snowboarding lessons which the kids and i attempted so we can keep up with papa on the mountain in the years to come. so we were glad we were able to tack on a couple of extra days around the conference to enjoy some of our favorite things in utah.  more on the trip later, but i wanted to share a few photos from the most amazing ice castles we visited while we were there.

if you live around the midway area, it’s probably old news, but if you haven’t checked it out, it’s worth it!  the entire thing is made of ice and there are so many fun tunnels and rooms and even a couple of slides made out of ice! it definitely gave me a little bit of anxiety while we were walking through the tunnels wondering if any of the icicles might be loose and could fall and basically kill us, but fortunately, all the ice stayed in place. ;)


do you see what i mean about being nervous one of those might just fall on you?!


ok, this little slide was seriously the funnest thing ever. i know, because i totally had to go down it.


eleanor insisted on taking conrad down all by herself (it was a very gentle slope, not steep at all, so you couldn’t gain any speed). they were so cute doing this over and over again!


all these years later and i still can’t get away from feet pictures. heaven help me.


catching drops of water from melting icicles! this was probably conrad’s favorite part of the afternoon.


what a good looking crew, if i do say so myself!

ice-14ice-26ice-17 ice-2 ice-3 ice-6ice-25 ice-7ice ice-9 ice-10

eleanor loved taking samson around in the maze of tunnels they had. she kept wanting us to split into groups and try to find each other again. love that she wants to do her own thing these days.


until next time, utah!

WEARING: my shirt is from marimekko (out of stock) and jeans from madewell. wearing sorel boots and beanie is old from american apparel. lip color is pink me up by maybelline. the kids and i are all wearing patagonia jackets (i even got mine from the kids section because they have better color options there. haha!) eleanor and samson’s hats are also from patagonia. boys are in hunter boots and eleanor’s in sperry boots.


  1. How incredibly beautiful! And so different from what we have here. I would love to see this

  2. Lauren Bee

    WOW that looks amazing! I can’t stop staring at all the photos. I want to go!

    P.S. One of the photos of you and Conrad… does the sign on the left say “Do not enter – entrance only”or am I seeing things? Because if so, that’s terribly confusing!

  3. What a wonderful day out! I wish we had something like that here in Ireland but it isn’t cold enough haha!

  4. Kaylee

    This is exactly where Elsa would leave!!
    And your family is adorable as always, Naomi xx

    Kaylee | JK’s Dawn

  5. Shae

    which Go Pro do you use?

  6. Trish O

    Very beautiful. I bet you are tired after all these travels, but I think it is wise to take advantage of your freedom before elementary school starts. I know, you can pull kids out of school for things. However, I never liked to do that. For my kids, it always was disruptive of their school mojo. You will be amazed how fast the elementary school years go. Anyway, looks like a beautiful experience to give your family.

    Regarding your coat, I am so glad you let us know if is a kid one. I really need a new coat and keep looking for your coat color (we tend to wear Patagonia, too) but could not find it. I will never be able to wear a kid size. I am 5’10”, so too small. Looks like black coat city for me.

  7. Cynthia Sue

    Reminds me of the movie Frozen. Haha. Looks like you guys had a blast!

    Much love from Phoenix- Cynthia.

  8. Steph

    Looks like you had the place to yourselves! Amazing photos!

  9. Morgan

    Hi Namoi,

    Where are your sunglasses from?


  10. vicky

    okay this is pretty stinkin awesome! I also just passed this post around via email to all of my co-workers because I couldn’t get over the beautiful colors in this post.

  11. Caitie

    wait, is there a sign that says “do not enter – entrance only”? still super cool!

  12. justine

    does that one sign say “Do not enter – Entrance Only”?? Very cute as usual. :-)

  13. Tammy

    the slides look like so much fun! i wouldn’t be able to resist either :)
    i would be supppper nervous about the icicles falling down on me. i think that’s one of my biggest fears!


  14. Taylor

    The kids looked like they are having the best time exploring. The ice castle is so pretty! We’re going to the one in Edmonton, Alberta tonight and we can’t wait.

    Enjoy your Thursday!


  15. Paige

    These pictures are all so gorgeous! The ice castles are one of my very favorite things about winter in the west!


  16. Meghan

    For those that think this looks like a scene from Frozen, a local children’s choir + Alex Boye actually sung a version of ‘Let it Go’ here! Worth a watch!:


  17. Julie

    Waoh, the pics of you, the ice with the beautiful sunshine are stunning! I love how I had exactly the same reaction as you even before reading your comments how I would feel nervous that something would melt snd the whole structure could collapse etc….we are mums and oh so protective of our brood, aren’t we? I also love the fact you and the kids are in matching Patagonia jackets, the whole family is looking super stylish! I enjoyed reading your latest adventure! Thanks for sharing it. Hugs from London


  18. Rachel

    I have heard so many amazing things about the ice castles in Midway and would love to go, but was told they were sold out! Guess I’ll have to look into it more. :) These pictures are amazing!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  19. Allison

    That is stunning! What a fun experience and the pictures are beautiful! It looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing-hopefully we can make it out there some day.

    Allison http://allisons-eye.com/

  20. hanna

    This looks like so much fun! –Hanna Lei

  21. Krista

    Haha I noticed that sign too! These pictures are beautiful, and you always look so happy! I hope to visit Utah one day. It looks amazingly beautiful :)

  22. Suzanne

    if you don’t mind me asking, since your jacket is a kids size, what size are you wearing?? What size do you normally wear in jackets? I’ve wanted one forever and it’s probably a little cheaper to get a kids vs. adults ;)

  23. Katelyn

    Where are your sunglasses from?!

  24. Jerlin

    Looks like so much fun! I love reading your family’s stories! You have the sweetest kids :)

  25. Vickie

    woah, what an amazing place!

  26. Emily F

    Goodness it’s so beautiful! I can’t believe I’ve never been there before. I’m not sure i have the right clothes for it, or my kids for that matter. What fun pictures.

  27. This place looks incredible. Do you ever spend more than a week at home? I am living vicariously through your travels. Thank you for sharing these amazing photos!

    Helen XO
    Les Petits Gazette

  28. Debbie

    OMG!! These photos are mind blowing! Have fun you guys!
    Love from sunny and warm Greece :)

  29. Lauren

    this looks amazing! i’d definitely be scared of the icicles too, ha! also i watched you rootstech talk on youtube and i loved it! your message was so true and relatable, it actually made me tear up a bit too. it made me love the blog even more :)


  30. Ashlee

    These are so cool! My dad grew up in Lake Placid area in upstate NY and they have these every winter around there!


  31. Ash

    Hello! Wondering what size you went with on the kids jacket for yourself? Thanks!