a video: our trip to australia!

so excited to share a video josh and i made from our australia trip! this might be my favorite video we’ve made yet, because our time there was so special to us and these little snippets of video help bring all these little memories to life more than the pictures can. australia, we sure do hope we get to see you again someday, you were incredible.

hope you guys enjoy!

licensed music by the likes of us, song called all together now.

if you missed them, a video and photos from whitehaven beach, and a vlog and photos from the australian open. also, sydney posts (HERE and HERE), photos from melbourne and then hamilton island! our day at the great barrier reef and meeting koalas for the first time. and lastly, a vlog from the 36 hour travel day from nyc to sydney!

  1. Katia

    Hi Naomi, can you do a tutorial on how you style your bangs?

    • TAZA

      hey thank you katia! i blow dry them to the left and then to the right before laying them flat down so it gives them a little lift at the root. if they aren’t wet beforehand, then just spray them with a little texturizing spray and hairspray. if i’m styling them and they aren’t wet to begin with, i usually use some dry shampoo on them and then hairspray once again.

  2. Kailyn

    Love this video and the song! Would you share the artist/song title?

    • TAZA

      thanks kailyn! the music is by the likes of us, the song is called “all together now.”

  3. Nadine

    Awesome video! You´re doing an awesome job, your kids are smiling all the time, makes fun to watch..

  4. This is such a sweet and fun video! Thank you for sharing. Can you please tell me the name of the song and musical artist. I love the song!

    • TAZA

      thank you so much, margaret! the music is by the likes of us, the song is called “all together now.”

  5. Sabine

    Another beautiful video :) well done!

  6. Lauren

    That looked like the most amazing trip! I’m surprised you were able to cut the video down to 3 and a bit minutes! What a lovely video. Hopefully I’ll be just as fortunate to take trips like that one day too. :)

  7. Meg

    What kind of camera do you use to Vlog and take videos?

    • TAZA

      thanks! using the canon 6D and then a smaller handheld sony camera sometimes for vlogs.

  8. great video of your trip! i loved how it was short, but still included a lot!

    you guys used a gorpro for your videos here right? that’s crazy, we may need to get one for our future trips!


  9. Kristen

    Thanks for sharing! I love the energy of the music and the vibrant shots. Looks like you guys had a blast over there! You are a brave woman, trekking across the world with your three littles. Though I have to admit, you are making me brave to do it myself :)

  10. Sara

    Did either of you study film in college? I’m so impressed with your videos! This one should be the official “visit Australia with your family” video for the bureau of tourism. I aspire to make a family video one day, thanks for the inspiration!

    • TAZA

      aw that is so nice of you to say, sara! thank you! we haven’t studied film but we both really love trying to teach and challenge ourselves and learn as we go. i feel like there is still so much i want to improve with those skills so thank you for saying that!

  11. Jamie

    TOO CUTE! Ha, this made me want to book it to Australia immediately. What a fabulous trip you guys had. xo

  12. kate

    This video brings such a big smile to my face! Brings back great memories of my own trip to Australia last fall. You perfectly captured the essence of Sydney, Hamilton Island & Melbourne. It’s great to see your family exploring the world – thanks for letting us follow along!

  13. Tessa

    As a student currently doing a 12 hour stint at her uni library trying to finish her goddamn essay on the Louvre, your videos aren’t just a 3 minute snippet of cuteness with recommendations for activities in Australia, they are what keep me going. A little video to inspire me of what I hope lies ahead after this ginormous pile of books. :)

  14. Leslee

    I have followed your blog and IG for months–your family is adorable and I love NYC, so it’s a win/win! And this video is darling! Do you use a GoPro for your underwater footage? I’m headed to Australia and New Zealand in December (my parents are serving a mission there) and your photos and videos are inspiring me to do my own version! And thank you so much for always sharing links to your fashion and style! It’s so nice to follow bloggers who are willing to share their fabulousness! ?

  15. Goodness love this video!! One of my favourites as well! And that song is lovely too! Australia is definitely still on my bucket list.


  16. Laura

    Incredible Video! I enjoy your posts very much. Especially this video with all its happiness and kindness makes me very happy! Thank you for a colorful break in between studying for the final exam in med school! With your blog I can enjoy sitting for hours! Keep it up! ?

  17. Sarah

    So cute! Just curious – what program do you use to edit your videos?


  18. Kaela

    Girlfriend, you guys killed it in Australia! So fun, and obviously such great memories for those sweet littles of yours!

  19. Mollie

    It look like you all had an amazing time! Australia wasn’t on my must-visit list before, but it certainly is now!

    xoxo Mollie

  20. bridget

    the bowties on conrad and samson – adorable. where do you get them?

    such a great video. you guys will love to watch it back years from now, i’m sure!

  21. Rachel

    Love this video! I say it every time, but you have the cutest little family!!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  22. Christie

    Okay, I’ve never commented on this blog before (but I’m a lurker of many years!) but I have to comment today – this is ADORABLE!!
    I’m from Melbourne and I was so excited to read you were visiting here. I even popped over to Gormon to check out that beautiful pink skirt after seeing you wearing it. :)
    Have LOVED following along with your beautiful family’s holiday. Great videos. :) And I thought the song was very appropriate.

  23. Beth

    I’m so obsessed with you and your cute fam! Thanks for being such a lover of life and sharing your journey with us. What type of handheld camera do you use to take video? I’m looking to up my home video game? thanks!

  24. Lisa

    Please please please post a tutorial on how you style your hair! Mine’s about the same length as yours and I wish I had your style secrets haha.
    I’m only 15 so maybe not your typical audience but reading your blog makes me happy so thank you!

  25. Kerryn

    God you guys are amazing!! What program do you use to edit your videos?
    They are so so good. I’m Australian!! So glad you came!!! Xo

  26. Montse

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog it´s my favorite of ALL!

    Thanks for sharing this lovely video.



  27. You give me serious bang envy!

  28. Anna

    Hi naomi how do you stay so fit n toned on the run? Do you watch what u eat ? Have you kept your resolution on cutting out sugar?
    Also where did you get your kids’ hats ? Oohhh wait one more thing, what lipstick shade is that from when you are wearing the red top (opening scene)? It’s a gorgeous blue red. Thank you!!!

  29. Louise

    Gosh that video makes me want to do more travel in Australia ,as I am Australian , loved it . So glad you had such a amazing weather during your stay

  30. Kristen

    I saw you mentioned using the Canon 6D and a smaller handheld. But what about for the underwater shots and the “selfie stick” shots?

    Love your video! You’re such a cute family.

    • TAZA

      we used our go pro for those shots. we have a waterproof case for it and it works so well for wide shots, too!

  31. Michelle

    Hi there! Love these videos, your music choices are always impeccable too!

    Wondering how you fade in and out of focus during these little snippets?

    • TAZA

      thank you michelle! that’s actually me just trying to get the focus right as i’m recording. i like to shoot everything manually so i manually adjust the focus as i’m recording.

  32. Sally

    Hi Naomi, I love the Video! You were able to capture Australia and your family so beautifully. Great to see you in our amazing country, glad you loved it.

  33. Anni

    Looked like a Dream! Amazing Family. I Love how you live your life! ❤️

  34. Jo

    Oh man, you just made me fall in love with my country all over again. So glad you guys had an amazing time here. :)

  35. sophie wilson

    Tourism Australia should hire you – this made me love my country all over again!

  36. Kathy

    Love the video!! I love the part where your little guy is drumming with the street musician, so adorable. I also love the song!

  37. Brooke

    Great video! I always assumed you were recording on your nice camera, but in the video Samson is holding the camera. What are you using? I want to get me one of those!

    • TAZA

      thanks! i think i must have been using our go pro!

  38. Nicole

    This was so cute! Mom goals. How do you always pick the best songs for your videos!

  39. Katie

    Naomi–I think these videos are such a legacy for your children!! They have experienced so many wonderful adventures and will treasure these to reminisce on one day! I’m already looking forward to the next family video! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  40. Jasmine

    Lovely video! I can’t believe they make food that beautiful there! My state should be ashamed lol

  41. this was amazing! my husband and i have been making a few little videos recently and i’m always so inspired watching yours! great energy, pace and feeling and you always choose impeccable music! cheers!:)

  42. Julie

    Always a treat to watch your videos or read your blog Taza! It is a fab advertisement as said someone in this thread, perfect to promote Oz. It defo makes us wanna go – and escape London’s current miserable weather;)! xx


  43. Jacquie

    So beautiful and great music. Made me so happy. I need the Taza playlist! Pretty please!

  44. Frances

    This video is one of the best so far!! I love love love your website! Who set it up for you and do you know how?

  45. Tammy

    this video makes me want to book a trip there right now! it all looked amazing, and now i’m sitting in my nyc apartment craving some ramen!!!

  46. Rylee

    Hey Naomi!!

    Where do you find your cute, fun instrumental music that you put in the background of your videos?!

    p.s. your fam is super cute :)


  47. Whitney

    This was perfect!!!! So glad you had an amazing time here!! xxx

  48. Rachel

    I love your videos! (I saw you guys at rootstech and you were awesome! Inspired me to write my own stories) do you mind sharing what video editing program you use? And how you have both the music and your voices in the video? I don’t want to miss out on my kiddos voices but I’d love music in the background of our videos. Thanks for being such positive and fun influences!

    • TAZA

      thank you, rachel! i edited the video with final cut pro. what i did to get both our voices and also music in there was i just kept both the music and the voices at full volume. you can dim or raise the volumes on each clip depending on what you want to do. it’s a rather easy program to use once you get the hang of it! josh and i have enjoyed using it!

  49. Sarah

    Hi Naomi,
    Can you tell me where did you get your personalized rings please ?
    Greetings from France !

    • TAZA

      hi sarah! they are from amolia.com!

  50. Elif

    LOVE IT! thank you for sharing so wonderful pieces (beautiful colors and displayes)
    and tell me again how do you carry that much hats while traveling? :)

    Your beautiful blog and your life makes me want to start blogging :P

    • TAZA

      thank you! i actually pack them in my suitcase by stacking them together, and then placing some clothing inside the head section, and then around them as padding so they don’t get crushed. so far, so good!

  51. Eugenia Garcia

    Hi Naomi,,,,I love following your blog, I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old…in the video you show an amazing beach and then a zoo where they let you feed kangaroos and pet koalas! wow whats the name of that place?!

  52. Jojo

    What a cute Video. In this Moment i have said to my boyfriend that we must do such a nice Video from our next Trip (México). But without the Kids, because we have no Kids so far. But i think that is a very Short Video, haha. So we try.
    BTW. Love your blog and pics<3
    Best wishes from Germany and Greets to your cute Family,

  53. beth

    Fantastic! what an amazing experience and loads of beautiful memories for you and your family to cherish forever!

    Thanks for sharing,


  54. Jamie

    Absolutely gorgeous video! I love your family, you all have such style and character! :)

    Australia is wonderful – you should come to NZ someday! hehe x

  55. Stacey Kinney

    LOVE your blog and your precious family. thank you for being such a great example to young women as myself. quick question about AUS. Did you guys do anything specific in finding tickets for your flights?


  56. Abbie

    What a cool video! Love Australia! Would you like to be in my Hip Holiday Mama interview Naomi? If so I I can dm you details:)

  57. Wow! Looks like you guys had an unbelievable trip! Gorgeous photos and I’m loving the videos you’re posting lately. I need to head to Australia at some point.

    Christina | http://www.cuddlepill.com

  58. Cristina

    What a great video! What a great family! You are doing such an amazing job raising these kids… so impressed w/ what an amazing woman you are!!!

  59. Trish

    Such a fun video! Can you please give some info on your black bathing suit – who made it / where did you get it? Thanks!