whitehaven beach, whitsunday islands australia!

whitehaven-11we flew out of sydney a few days ago for the next stop on our australia trip, hamilton island! we have been here a couple of days now and i truly don’t ever want to leave! this place is incredible. our family took a seaplane out to whitehaven beach early one morning and hands down, it’s up there in my top handful of life experiences for sure. since our plane left really early, we were able to beat a lot of the boat crowds and had the beautiful beach practically to ourselves which just felt crazy and special and unreal all at the same time. the kids couldn’t contain themselves when the plane landed in the water, and that experience alone was pretty thrilling.

but back to whitehaven beach for another minute…. i had heard people talk about this sand before but i was like, “it’s sand. how is this person still going on and on about sand?!” but now here i am a couple days later and i still can’t stop thinking about or talking about this sand! josh is getting annoyed with me, i can tell. ;) it’s just that this sand was the whitest sand i’ve seen, and so fine and soft, it was squeaking under my feet as i walked and when i held it, it felt like powder! part of me wanted to bring back to new york a little ziplock baggy of sand just to pull out and hold and run my hands through whenever i’m feeling stressed. haha! i didn’t though because as a mother of three, i know that sand will not stay in the bag for long and one of my biggest pet peeves is all the sand i somehow find in our apartment like all the freaking time,  but anyway!

and more photos below…

whitehaven-21whitehaven-9for those who asked on instagram, my swimsuit is from HERE. saw it online maybe a month ago and loved the prints and unique style of it. whitehaven-2whitehaven1-8whitehaven1-6whitehaven1-7

i have no words for those views from the seaplane. what a beautiful world it is.


it is a struggle to keep a sunhat on any of my children, but rest assured no one is sunburned. we reapply sunblock constantly and made sure a good layer was always covering conrad’s scalp. ;)


my new favorite photo of these two! they are the sweetest pair and it makes me so happy.


besides an episode with a bunch of horseflies that wouldn’t leave us alone (only downside of the day, those crazy horseflies!) this boy was in heaven all morning!


and my hip flexer is sore today, but i couldn’t stop dancing and moving for a while there. i jump up and down when i’m happy and i start improv-ing with a few old ballet moves thrown in when i’m super happy. the old dancer in me just can’t contain herself when she’s having a good time.

whitehaven-12whitehaven-15whitehaven-14 whitehaven-16whitehaven-17whitehaven-18he wouldn’t stop splashing in the surf!
whitehaven1-2whitehaven1and he loved flying high with josh’s classic throw your kid up high gamewhitehaven2

WEARING: ON ME: seea one piece swimsuit, celine sunglasses (from nordstrom, but bought in store), nars schiap lipstick. JOSH: from birdwell, and here are similar swim trunks ELEANOR: pineapple swimsuit (and rash guard top), SAMSON: swim trunks (they match josh’s!). CONRAD: swim top and swim diaper.

we are heading to melbourne next! and i can’t wait to eat my way through the city since so many of you gave us such great food recommendations! you can follow along on snapchat (username love.taza) for more videos of our day to day here in australia if you’d like!

  1. hi darling, i absolutely love following along with whatever adventure your family experiences!
    i just wanted to leave a quick message to say that your images are always so well done and the curiosity in me couldn’t resist asking if you edit your work or just are very good with whatever camera you own.

    hope you have a great rest of you trip xo

    • TAZA

      thank you so much! i play around a little with upping the contrast or exposure a little bit in lightroom, but the camera did an amazing job with capturing most of the colors as is. shooting in manual helps me out a lot to capture the colors perfectly.

  2. rose j.

    these photos are picturesque! Such a beautiful place, and so glad y’all are savoring every moment! Enjoy those times with the little ones!

    We are expecting a blizzard this weekend so let’s see how much snow we get! When y’all come back there will be snow on the ground!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!


    • TAZA

      ah! i know. sad to be missing that big snow storm! hope you all stay safe and warm!!!

  3. Melanie

    Glad you guys are having so much fun! These look so magical!

    Are you using a different camera than usual in these photos? Just wondering about the fish bowl and super vignetted photos. I’m digging it, whatever it is!

    • TAZA

      thank you, melanie! we used our go pro for a lot of the day, which i think gives the photos more of a fish eye feel. i also used my 24-70mm lens for the day on my canon camera.

  4. kate

    oh boy! i just can nottt get over how beautiful all these pictures are! especially of the kids playing in front of the seaplane. like is that real life? and the picture of you dancing – all i could think was “mommas got moves!!” haha. i am sure this is a vacation that your family with cherish forever.
    xoxo. kate

  5. Marian

    Wow, these colours are totally out of this world!!!! ???
    Whitsundays just got bumped to the top of my bucket list…
    Enjoy your next adventure! X

  6. sarah

    amazing! everything looks unreal!

  7. Gabriella

    Oh my!! These photos are unreal. I cannot believe how incredible this beach and that water is.

    Need. To. Be. There. Now.

  8. carley

    you need to frame that pic of you dancing to have it when you’re old and grey so you can always remember how happy you were that day…

  9. Molly

    These photos are so incredibly dreamy! So beyond gorgeous! The kiddos’ smiles say everything about the time you guys are having! xo

  10. Tammy

    horseflies are the worst! loving your swimsuit though, very unique!


  11. Jenn

    Wow! what an adventure! You give me courage to take my little ones on travel trips like this! Our next stop is Portland OR!

  12. Heather

    What waterproof case do you use on your phone? We will be going on a beach trip soon and I need a good case so I can take pictures when we are in the water :) thanks!

    • TAZA

      i actually didn’t bring my phone. we have a waterproof case for our go pro so did most of the filming on that!!! have fun at the beach!

  13. hanna

    The beach looks wonderful –Hanna Lei

  14. looks like a blast! and you’re a vision in that gorgeous swimsuit!


  15. Kelsey

    Wow! The water looks amazing! Looks like your little family is having a lot of fun down under.

  16. Rachel

    I can’t get over the amazing view in these pictures!!! It is incredible! It looks and sounds like you guys had an amazing time. :) Oh and I love your suit! It’s so unique and fun! :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  17. Sarah

    Come visit Destin, Florida! Our beaches and sand are identical!

  18. Paige

    I’ve loved seeing the glimpses into your trip via instagram this week. I’m glad you guys are having an amazing time!


  19. Julie

    Hello you 5! The sharpness of the colours on your photos is truly stunning. You all look good anyway but with the sea backdrop and the plane too those pics are almost out of this world. We have had just a super gloom day here in London, it’s mild again but we had drizzle most of the day so seeing photos of sunshine, sea and sand make me want to escape! Enjoy this fabulous holiday! xx


  20. Samantha

    These pictures look AMAZING! And your swimsuit..AMAAAAZING!! I love the colors on it! Looks like a fun trip :)

  21. I love that you are wearing lipstick to the beach haha!

    • TAZA

      haha! can’t leave home without it. ;)

  22. Amanda

    You NEED to go to Mrs Parma’s in Melbourne! Best chicken parmagianas ever and they are huge! I’d also recommend the Puffing Billy Railway for the kids. My parents took us when we were 5 and 3 and we loved it (so she says–I can’t remember well!).

    • TAZA

      thank you for the recommendation, amanda!!!

  23. Sally

    Thanks for the great photos. Our country sure is amazing and glad your family is loving it. You are going to have the best time in Melbourne too, can’t wait to see what you get up to in my home state!


  24. This place looks unbelievable. Stunning. The photos are gorgeous as well – love the one of you in your dancer’s pose (the littles are obv as cute as can be too)!

    Annnnd your suit is just too freaking adorable.

    Christina | http://www.cuddlepill.com

  25. Kelly

    Girl, if I could move that way and was in paradise like you are, I’d be dancing too! You are so lucky with the wonderful trips and all the traveling you do, so many wonderful experiences! Even though I’ll only be able to travel like this through other people’s pictures and videos, I sure appreciate getting to see how beautiful it is around this world on your blog. Keep safe and well!

    • TAZA

      thanks for your comment, kelly! it means a lot. so glad you have enjoyed the photos and post. feeling so very lucky we were able to make this trip happen! i’ll never forget it.

  26. Natasha

    These pictures are just gorgeous and even though the pictures of the kids warm my heart, I’m super impressed by the picture of you dancing. Even though you say you don’t do it often, that grace and poise never left. So, besides being a really amazing co-parent with your husband, the dancer in you brings out the dancer in me.

  27. Mara

    Totally know what you mean by random dance moves forcing their way out – I notice when I’m in the kitchen cooking dinner or just standing Redding something, I often find myself doing jete’s or tendu’s or plies out of nowhere ;) this trip sounds like a dream!

  28. Anna

    Taza! These photos are amazing!!! And your family too! I dream a family like yours and a life too ;) kisses from Italy :)

    • TAZA

      seriously. i couldn’t believe how blue the sky was, and how clear that water was. it was like a dream. so beautiful. thanks for your comment!!

  29. Kaylee

    So happy to see all those adorable pics of your family!
    I love every bits of this post- colorful swimsuits, blue ocean, white sand,
    perfect sky, etc!!!! Hope you’re having a great time there xx


  30. Annika

    You escaped New York just in time to miss that awful snow storm, too! Although it might have been fun to hibernate away from it and then go out to play. I saw a photo of someone skiing in Manhattan today.

    • TAZA

      i’m so bummed we are missing that big storm! hope everyone stays safe on the east coast. skiing in manhattan?! crazy!!!

  31. Alissa

    Love your swimsuit here ?? I have to ask, where did you get your black swimsuit that you wore in your Instagram photo? So perfect.

    • TAZA

      the black suit is from jcrew. thanks so much, alissa!

  32. Maddie

    Enjoy the rain here in Melbourne. It’s going to be wet this week! Have some avo on toast and a nice flat white.

    I’m thinking about taking my family up to Hamilton Island with our 2 yo and 4yo. Do you recommend where you stayed? Thanks!

    • TAZA

      we stayed at the reef view hotel and it was great! the entire island was super family friendly. i already am wanting to plan a return trip! such a beautiful place!

  33. Michelle A

    Your pics and descriptions are moving Australia to the top of my list asap!

  34. Jessica

    Hi Taza,
    Im a big fan of you’re blog and i would like to know with what camera lens do you take youre travel pictures ?

    I have already look at youre FAQ and you just specified the model of youre camera.
    Thank you

    • TAZA

      hi! we used the go pro for a lot of these photos and then our 24-70mm lens! thanks so much!

  35. Marlena

    i would love to be somewhere far away from this cold and snow right now!!! Love all of ur pics and snaps! So happy that u’re having time of ur life! Enjoy!!!!


  36. Oh my… her legs after three kids! Look PERFECT!
    sigh…. mine are destroyed after one, and I’m 23 …

  37. Sally

    I love your pictures! You always take amazing pictures! It’s like I am traveling with you ;) Excited to see next photos! What kind of Go Pro are you using? My husband and I are going to go to Costa Rica next month. Thinking about getting one!

  38. Okay… this is one of my favorite posts yet. Your family is just incredible and so beautiful. And I can’t even tell you how long I just stopped and stared at the photo of you dancing. Your suit is so gorgeous, and of course I am in love with the pineapples on E. Such a great post!
    xo Taylor | http://www.mycupofchic.com

  39. Rachel

    These pictures are amazing! Looks like such a great holiday. Enjoy your time!

  40. Delaney

    Ahhh, this looks so amazing! And girl, your feet are on point – love it! Hope you all have an amazing trip! x

  41. Justine

    Please tell me you will be going to the Australian open!?!

  42. Martha

    Your body is rockin’ girl! :p I know that running around the city all day with 3 little ones probably keeps you in shape, but I would really love to hear if you have any additional tips?! :) Beautiful pictures by the way!

  43. Kaylee

    This looks like everyone’s dream vacation! I always imagined to travel somewhere warm during the winter season, and your amazing Australia posts make me want to leave for it! xx


  44. Alicia

    Wow, that place looks surreal! Like a little piece of paradise :-)
    You still look like a prima ballerina, will you never go back to dancing? You must miss it!


  45. Lauren

    I was never really that fussed about visiting Australia but after seeing your pictures it’s safe to say its now on my bucket list! It looks absolutely beautiful and I hope you & your family are having a wonderful time. :)


  46. Mindy

    australia has been on my bucket list forever! i love seeing your pictures!

  47. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, that video is the cutest thing ever! You and your family are adorable and I am so glad you are having such an amazing time on vacation. I have also never ordered a one piece not meant for swimming laps but your is just so cute – I am sad it is sold out!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  48. Remz

    Hi Taza! You’ve inspired me to start writing about the amazing things my little ones do/say that melt my heart. Thank you. Your pictures are amazing. Can you please share which seaplane company you used to get to Whitehaven beach?

  49. Elaine

    Such gorgeous photos! I love checking in on your blog and following along on all these great adventures! I have to ask, do your kids ever fight with each other? Are they just super sweet to each other or is keeping them busy and having fun adventures your trick? My daughter is the same age as Eleanor and I struggle with her getting along with her little sis. Your littles always seem so happy.

  50. Now i really want to feel this sand too!!! Everything looks gorgeous by the way. Even your swimsuit colors matches everything perfectly!!? #jcrewfamily

  51. this looks fantastic! we’ve never been to australia (yet!) but seeing your pictures and video, we can”t wait! looks like you’re having a great time, it reminds us so much of our childhood vacations in corsica with our parents! m., s. & a.

  52. austrailia is definitely on my list, beautiful!

    do you use your iphone to shoot video?

  53. Kristin

    Amazing – enjoy your adventure! Out of curiosity, what software do you use to create your little videos?

  54. Alexandra

    Seriously, one of the most gorgeous places on earth! I somehow missed y’all were coming to Australia until I saw you in Sydney on Instagram, but I totally would have given you a million other places to eat in Melbourne too!! I’ve lived here for about 2 years now, and I love it. I have seen that y’all are eating some goood stuff, so looks like you’ve been given some good advice! :)

  55. Megan

    This pictures are so pretty (& fun)! Have an amazing rest of your trip, I love living vicariously through you!

    Happy Wednesday // http://lifeplusbe.com/

  56. tara

    This looks like so much fun! what an incredible experience for your little family. I LOVE following you guys! you were actually the first blog i ever read. i have three kids age 3,2 and 11 months. life with three is crazy, i love seeing you live it out on the blog!
    Xo, Tara

  57. Carly

    Can I ask what size you got in the suit? Does it run TTS and its not padded! Did you wear something under it?

  58. Kelly

    Thanks for sharing! If you post more about your time on Hamilton Island, can you include any restaurant recommendations? I’m from Los Angeles and I’m going to Sydney, Melbourne, and Hamilton Island in a few months for my birthday so I was pleasantly surprised to see you’ve just been there and might have some food/activity recommendations. Love your blog!

  59. Hi, I have been following your blog for years, it’s one of the main reasons i started blogging, I’m in the very early stages unlike you but i love that you can look back and see all those special memories! Thanks for the inspiration! Nicole x

  60. Robmary

    Amazing pictures, what are you editing with? Purchased presets? The colors are just phenomenal!