the first day of 2016…

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on the first day of 2016, we started our day at 4:27AM, because conrad just couldn’t wait a moment longer to begin the new year! (i don’t know why i just ended that sentence with an exclamation point. i absolutely hated that first hour at 4:30 in the morning. the year was most definitely NOT off to the very best start.)

on the first day of 2016, mama did eventually get a blessed morning nap (while papa so kindly took the kids on a bagel run.) starting the year off with a warm bagel from absolute did seem to lessen the harsh and unkind feelings i might have felt towards the new year a few hours prior.

on the first day of 2016, we tried to start organizing the storage bins under mama and papa’s bed, but that just made everyone frustrated and irked (or at least the two adults in our home) so we scratched that and put it back on our to-do list for another time. no one can start the year off arguing! ;)

on the first day of 2016, we decided an outing to a playground in central park together after lunch felt right. upon which we most definitely froze our butts off, because HI WINTER, YOU’VE SHOWED UP!  but somehow, despite the wind and cold and thoughts of frostbite, no tears were had. in fact, we all had a really great time!

on the first day of 2016, we ate more edamame and rice (and some of us sushi) than we usually do. we also managed to make our way into magnolia bakery where mama was not tempted by any treats (still going strong, you guys! 7 days in and i’m still excited about it! although i admit, i’m also really excited for my cheat day at the end of the month, too.)

we’re now a few days into 2016, and things are still looking good. a few photos from our outing to central park on new years day…

cpnewyearsday-22cpnewyearsday-17cpnewyearsday-21cpnewyearsday-20cpnewyearsday-19cpnewyearsday-16cpnewyearsday-14cpnewyearsday-13cpnewyearsday-15cpnewyearsday-18cpnewyears1cpnewyearsday-6cpnewyearsday-2cpnewyearsday-5cpnewyearsday-9cpnewyearcpnewyearsday-8cpnewyearsday-7cpnewyearsdayi definitely was trying to take a photo of all of us, selfie style, when a kind stranger offered to help me out! this photo is GOLD considering we all looked in the right direction and no ones eyes are closed for this single shot. it’s my new favorite, because look at samson’s stance! haha!

i’d like to share more about my sugar goals for the year later this week.  there were so many great questions from this post, and i want josh to weigh in, too. since he’s the one who has inspired me to really give it a go. also, wanted to thank you all so much for all of your helpful tips and recommendations for our australia trip coming up! you have me so excited i truly cannot wait. thank you again for all of the info! we welcome any more tips you might have. (hotel recs in melbourne anyone?)

we’re liking you so far, 2016…. have a great week, you guys!

ps. my black coat is from jcrew (on sale!) and hat from anthropologie (sold out but different color here.) my boots are sorels. lip color is nars schiap. eleanor’s boots are from crewcuts and samson’s are hunter boots.  the kids coats and mittens are from patagonia (conrad’s long mittens from polarn o pyret. long so they don’t come off!) josh’s coat is by barbour and using our smaller stroller here, the bugaboo bee3 with the rideboard.

  1. Lauren Bee

    Please do share more of your sugar free mission! I’d love to read about it.

    I always stay in the short stay apartments in Melbourne –
    They have a range of self contained apartments that are spacious and really good in terms of location. I always stay in the Southbank apartments just across the river, but there’s also one in the CBD. I’ve always found them really good.

    If you’re feeling footloose and fancy free you could always stay at the Crown for a billion dollars a night. The fireballs along the river outside the crown are quite cool.

    Happy 2016!

  2. Zumba

    I’m not sure of your budget but if you can, Crown Metropol is fantastic for kids! They have rooms with two double beds which is uncommon in Australia and the pool is amazing- indoors on like the 28th floor surrounded by huge glass windows swimming amongst the buildings. Its part of the Crown resorts they also have Crown Towers and Crown Promendade, Metropol is worth it for the pool alone. It’s then a short walk along the river to the main Melbourne sights such as the NGV, Arts Centre, Hoiser Lane (and other iconic laneways) and Fed Square. You do need to walk through the complex though to reach the river which has food court type places and a few entrances to the casino but it’s well secured and not too Vegas like :)If you are looking for something a little less $ then any of the Mantra, Quest or Medina apartment chains are great for families and you will have access to kitchen facilities. Try to avoid anything around Flinders, Spencer or Swanston St- super busy and a little seedy even though it is central.

  3. Bookelia

    Thank you for the lovely post! Which size are Conrads mittens? I would like to order some at PoP for my little boy (who also just turned 1 in December 2015).

    Cheers from DC!

  4. Cynthia

    I’m in Arizona. It doesn’t snow here, obviously. But Oh, how it looks like so much fun, you guys are probably sick of the snow though lol.

    Much love from Phoenix- Cynthia.

  5. Cynthia

    P. S. Your lipstick looks GREAT! LOL. -Cynthia.

  6. Anne

    I would say any hotel near either CBD, Fitzroy or St. Kilda would be great.

    If you live in the CBD you are near everything including public transportation. Fitzroy is just such a cozy area so anything in that area would also be cozy. A hotel in St. Kilda would also be great (however the area is covered with backpackers during the summer time) since you would be right next to the water (which the kids probably would love).

    The last time I was in Melbourne (July) my boyfriend and I booked an apartment through Airbnb. Airbnb in Melbourne has many amazing options.

    South Bank and South Yarra are also two amazing areas where you are close to the Botanical Gardens and the CBD.

    PS. Go to Elwood to visit We are Combi They are the most amazing raw café where you can get delicious refined sugar/gluten free cakes and sweets + Elwood is such a cozy area from where you can walk along the water to St. Kilda.

  7. An epic start to the year! I’m doing the clean eating thing myself and cut out all processed sugars and the detox was BRUTAL! But now when I walk into a cafe, a cupcake might look nice, but I definitely know how it will make me feel after. It’s that motivation that keeps me going! Good luck with the sugar diet-looking forward to hearing about your experience :) x

  8. Awww yes, Samson’s stance is hilarious. Great picture! I’m happy you had such a great start to the year.


  9. Linda

    Just grab an Airbnb apartment in Melbourne as opposed to a hotel. Stay in either the CBD or Fitzroy (inner North).

    Be sure to visit Brunswick Street in Fitzroy – particularly our very own NY style deli Smith and Deli or it’s sister restaurant Smith and Daughters. Also Yong Green Food is worth a visit.

    All Day Donuts or The Donut Shop are awesome, as is Trippy Taco. In the city check out Mamasita, Magic Mountain, Sunmoth Canteen or Chin Chin. You really can’t go wrong.

    The Grounds of Alexandria are wonderful in Sydney.

    Not a great time to visit the Great Barrier Reef though – it’s jellyfish season and they are (literally) deadly.

  10. hanna

    All these photos are so cute. Happy New Year –Hanna Lei

  11. Jennie

    so many fun colors on this post! taza, i have a question if you dont mind! i have a regular bugaboo bee (not the 3rd version) – would the rideboard still be compatible? (do i also need to buy the adapter?) also! is it a tight squeeze for 2 kids to stand on the rideboard? thanks taza and happy new year! you look so beautiful as always ;)

  12. Anna

    I love the Art Series hotels in Melbourne. They aren’t in the CBD but the CBD is accessible by tram and the areas they’re in are trendy – surrounded by cool cafes etc. The Cullen, the Olsen and the Larwill are all great and they tend to be reasonably priced and very spacious. If you have time, you should check out Yoga 213. They teach hip hop yoga and their classes are so fun!

  13. Han

    Grand Hyatt Melbourne!

  14. Tammy

    i had that too! just wanted to hit “reset” for my jan. 1st morning and start the year over again.

  15. Paige

    Samson’s pose in that picture is killing me! He is such a little ham! That seriously is family picture perfection to get everyone looking at the camera like that in one try!


  16. Happy new year. Looks like 2016 is off to a fabulous and colourful start. Unrelated to this post but wondering if you get a moment, yeah I know that’s slim with 3 kids running round your ankles, if you could comment on a decent area to stay in Washington. We’re visiting from Scotland (me, hubby, a one year old and 4 year old) to Florida in March for 3.5 weeks and had hoped to spend 10 days In Cuba but visa restrictions means it’s easier for us to get to Cuba from Scotland another time. So instead we’ve decided on a trip to Washington, D.C. and possibly to NYC too. Where would you recommend we stay regarding area in DC with things like easy access to playparks etc for kids. Had thought Columbia heights or Capitol Hill? Any infor much appreciated. Have had a quick look at your previous posts from you in DC. Lots to research. Thank you.

  17. Allison

    It looks like you guys had a fun day!
    You will love Australia-I studied abroad there and we spent our spring break in Melbourne. It’s very San Francisco like, I loved it! You’ve probably already been told, but if you want to get in good with the locals, it’s pronounced Mel-bin not Mel-born.

    Happy 2016!

  18. Felisha

    All I can think about is how cold that slide would have been that day! Also, I love Samson in that last picture – that pose is just adorable.

  19. Jennifer

    Hey Naomi! Happy new year! You always manage to make nursing in public so easy that I’m impressed. Still exclusively nursing my 16 week old girl. Any tips? Also how do you manage the whole shirt up bra down fiasco without exposing yourself to the world?! Thanks in advance, Jen :)

  20. Tess

    Your pictures are so full of life. I love reading all about your adventures and love the positivity you have.

    Very jealous of your Australia trip, but I can’t wait to see what you get up too. I am likely to bookmark those posts for one day I might be lucky enough to go.

    I love the shots of your nursing Conrad, so natural and beautiful and wonderful to see.

    Thanks for sharing

  21. Amie

    Y’all are just too cute. I’m sorry for giggling at your painful 4:27 AM wake up call! Wishing you a very happy new year.

  22. E’s duck boots are too cute! Looks like a perfect day to me, even if it started a little too early!

  23. Madge


    You could stay at The Cullen, which has funky rooms with kitchen facilities. It is close to Chapel St and only a tram ride away from the CBD. Otherwise I would go with an Airbnb if you can find one, or stay in the CBD which is central to everything

    Make sure you explore the trendy neighborhoods of Fitzroy (you have to eat at Vegie Bar while in Fitzroy, it is a Melbourne institution!) and Collingwood where you will find amazing cafes, restaurants, and vintage shops!

    EAT: Chin Chin in CBD (no reservations, always packed, not sure how kid friendly, but lunch might be a better option!)

    Grand Trailer Park Taverna for burgers (or Mr burger and Huxtaburger are famous staples for takeaway)

    Jimmy Grants for delicious souvlakis (you can’t go past chips with feta), or Gazi if you want something fancier

    Gelato Messina

    Pillar of salt
    Top Paddock
    Breakfast Thieves
    Bluebird cafe

    Check out (there’s a Melbourne and Sydney site and can narrow done options by location) for cafe, restaurants etc, and

    Also would be worth renting a car or organising a tour down the great ocean road (better beaches then in Melbourne city!) – best option would be to do a day trip or stay over in Torquay – it’s an hour a half from Melbourne!

  24. Melisa

    Hola Taza! I always wonder.. What lens are you using for your photos ?

  25. Steph

    St Jeromes Hotel Melbourne has CAMPING ON THE ROOF!!!
    They call it glamping and it’s the most incredible experience.
    Probably not family friendly but who knows? It’d make for an amazing blog post.

  26. happy new year davis family! such beautiful pics! is samson wearing your adult size pom pom hat, i think i just tried it on this past weekend! soooo sweet!

  27. Kirsty

    You guys are kind of everything wonderful. The art series hotels in Melbourne are great, each is styled by a different artist, really fun. Have so much fun in our beautiful city xx

  28. i think Crown is the best place if you’re looking specifically for a hotel. It’s always clean and is pretty central to everything.
    I was also going to say the other day that Melbourne Museum has a Jarassic World expo opening up (pretty sure this month) which would be cool for the kiddos.
    I live here and I feel like you guys will probably do and see more in your time than I have in my whole life haha. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to xx

  29. Jacinta

    Hi. The Olsen Hotel (or any of the art series hotels) is great. We have three small children and have stayed here before. They have family packages, and often gift the children little art packs to play with during their stay. The Olsen is located in South Yarra – close to the city, and a great trendy shopping/dining area to explore in itself.

    Crown Metropol is also fabulous! Our kids loved the pool! The Langham is also great, and in a fab location.

    We are from Melbourne, and hope that you have a wonderful time in our great city.

  30. Jacinta

    PS. Remember to bring clothes that you can layer – Melbourne weather is unpredictable. And our sun is crazy hot! Hats, sunscreen and rash tops for swimming are a must!!

  31. stephany

    Hey! Loved this blog post so much!
    would you please link the sorel boots because I can’t find the same ones on the link you shared! they are all a different pink and style.
    Thanks so much!

  32. love all of these pictures! looks like such a fun time!!

  33. Megan

    Oh no 4:27am, not a pretty hour but I would have never known, these pictures are absolutely beautiful!! Looks like the perfect day

    Lots of love //

  34. Gemma

    Stay at The Cullen in Melbourne, or any of the Art Series hotels – they are great!

  35. Karen

    I love your blog and have been a fan all the way over here in Oz for quite some time. I read in one of your blog posts that you are coming to Oz. How exciting! Recommendations that I have are mainly food related as I just love a good feed….whilst in Sydney you must got to The Australian Heritage Hotel they are the best for their pizza and best, even have an emu and kangaroo meat pizza. Kangaroo does sound cruel but it is a lovely lean meat. The hotel is in The Rocks and close to the Sydney Harbour Bridge so if you plan ahead you could go there for lunch then to the harbour bridge climb afterwards. The Harbour Bridge climb is expensive but worth it and if you are going to do it, pay extra for the dawn option. Also, if you can book ahead and get a table definitely go to Red Lantern on Riley St in Sydney, bear Hyde Park. It is Luke Ngyuens restaurant, best Vietnamese and most awarded. You have to book ahead though.

    Definitely visit Watsons Bay, Bondi Beach and Manly if you can. There are ferrys available.

    Have fun!

    If you are ever in Brisbane would be happy to provide recommendations.

  36. Sammy

    Your blog is adorable!! Happy to have found it!

  37. Mel

    We live in Melbourne and would agree with many others that the art series hotels are great.
    Also a local online magazine called The Thousands have recently opened up two beautifully curated apartments. One in Sydney called Two thousands and one in Melbourne called Three thousands. You can find them on airbnb. Mid century furniture and great locations at great prices.

    A couple of brunch places that haven’t been mentioned: The Kettle Black (great pancake) and Hammer & Tong.

    And if you would like some fun family photos in Melbourne then my incredibly talented husband would love to take them for you. Here is his wedding website but he also takes gorgeous family photos.
    Have a wonderful time!

  38. Bec

    Stay at the Olsen! Can’t wait to see your posts from my home town :)

  39. I am so envious of your trip to Australia! I lived there for almost 2 years and last year around this time my family came to visit me as well and we spent ten days in Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns and Melbourne!

    First off I would recommend Flight Centre Australia for any tours/last minute Hotels, even flights if you havent booked anything yet. They are great!I hope youre flying Qantas there via LA, because they are nothing short of amazing and I wouldnt choose any other airline (Ive been back and forth twice)

    Sydney- Circular Quay, You can take a ferry to Shelly beach and on the pathway there is a pool carved out of the rock. Shelly beach was less crowded than Manly. I would also recommend Luna Park. I didnt get to go in (theres on in Melbourne too) but its free to walk around I believe if the kids are too little for the rides! I would skip any dinner cruises around the Harbor, not that exciting and a little too expensive. The sydney eye tower is a must! you get such a rad view of the city.

    Melbourne- Phillips Island Penguin tour! You get to see the little guys come out of the ocean at night and go back home! Very cool experience. Go West! Tours is great for this. Also the Great Ocean Road is very pretty, and you get to stop at a Wild Koala Sanctuary.

    Cairns- Ive gone here 3 times to see the Great Barrier Reef, and the city center is just gorgeous. Theres a public lagoon pool thats just breathe taking. DONT SWIM IN THE OCEAN ANYWHERE CLOSER UP NORTH BECAUSE OF THE SALT WATER CROCS! Just dont swim anywhere without lifeguards just to be safe. I never saw any dangerous animals while living there so you should be fine!

    Brisbane- Lone Pine koala Sanctuary! and Southbank man made beach. Not sure if youll make it here- but anywhere you go, If you can go to a Sanctuary over a zoo, its a lot cheaper and alot more intimate. You can feed the parrots (the most beautiful wild parrots live in australia) feed the kangaroos! Hold a Koala and I even was able to hold a snow owl!

    Next time your considering some abroad, keep me in mind for a nanny ;)


  40. Also forgot to mention! Theres also a tower in Melbourne you can go to and get a double entry ticket- so my friend and I went up once during the day and back again at night!

    And dont forget to try Tim Tams!!

  41. Andrea

    When you visit Melbourne, make sure you organise a tour to Phillip Island to see the Fairy Penguins. They’re wild Penguins in one of the only colonies left in Australia (sadly their numbers are dwindling), and they’re just delightful to watch (you watch them come home to nest, twilight/early evening). If you sign up to a tour, you may also get to experience kangaroos and other animals on the drive to the island. I’m from Brisbane, Australia and I did this little tour on my first trip to Melbourne back in the day, and it was a highlight! I can imagine that for S&he, they’d be pretty spectacular (although they have to be supe quiet!). Definitely a worthwhile cost and tour!

  42. Hannah

    I’m really looking forward to that post about sugar, because it’s a very similar goal to my own for the year and I would love hearing about how you and Josh handle the change!

  43. Maddie

    Hotel Recs in Melbourne…

    It’s all about location in Melbourne.

    Most Aussies don’t stay in hotels with families. They book air b +b’s or places with kitchens called serviced apartments.

    I personally would get a serviced apartment in Collingwood, Richmond, North Fitzroy, Parkville or North Melbourne.

    Happy hunting!

    (PS- stay out of the Docklands… boring!)

  44. Maddie

    And, don’t forget the sunscreen, rashies, and hats! UV is intense right now. It can get chilly to blasting hot. The weather is very unpredictable.

    Definitely visit the children’s garden in the Royal Botanical Gardens. It has an adorable little river where all of the kids splash and play. Maybe we will see you there :-)

    Finally, you have to visit the little penguins in Philip Island. They are so special. It’s a moment you will remember forever. It’ll be a long day, as the little fairy penguins don’t come out of the water til dusk, but it’s completely worth it.

  45. hey


  46. Aly

    How do you like the Bugaboo Bee? I read the weight limit is just under 40lbs… do you find that to be true? Or can you push that a bit?