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oh january, i never really know how i feel about you! some days you are just super cold and slow and i struggle.  despite my feelings, we have had a wonderful past few weeks for the most part, and i wanted to share some of the photos we’ve taken here and there during it all.

right now, we are in vermont enjoying a little road trip with friends to get some skiing with the little ones in! i thought new york was cold, but wow! vermont you are like 20 times colder. haha! will share more from our little trip soon. in the meantime, a few photos….


the kids are the silliest requesting we make homemade snow cones on freaking cold winter days! they just love this kind of stuff though! (ps. we blogged some of our favorite homemade snow cone recipes here last summer! THIS is the snocone machine we use, and THESE are where you can get the reusable silicone cups.)


also, super hero masks all day every day. they do live among us. and eleanor is the leader of them all! she’s the coolest daughter anyone could ever ask for.  who else can pull off this kind of look?!


and this sweetheart rocking my day every day. he’s been a little bit clingy lately, always wanting to be in my arms (or papa’s). i can’t complain about it too much though, although he’s getting so big and so very heavy!!! i feel like my arms get a workout all day long!


a lunch date with my love at bar pitti in the village. we love that place so much. ps. a throwback post from way back in 2008 when my family was in town and we had my graduation lunch at bar pitti after the festivities ended at juilliard! OH WOW!


this photo is from a few weeks ago, but it makes me laugh so hard because samson wanted josh to keep flipping him upside down but he was so proper always holding his shirt as to not flash anyone and show off his belly! haha! this boy makes everything so much fun. ps. that is paper snow falling from his shirt pocket!


new baby sneakers for mister conrad! are anyone else’s kids feet incredibly wide?! most shoes are too narrow for conrad and we’ve noticed the sides of them have been rubbing on his pinky toes! i felt so bad when i noticed that the first time last week. fortunately these little new balance kicks are “extra wide” size.  i can’t get enough of his chunky little legs and teeny tiny shoes!


BIG changes taking place in our little nursery! BUNK BEDS!!!!! and a trundle bed underneath for mister conrad! is this even doable or am i being ridiculous!? we shall see. we don’t have everything quite set up just yet, but within the next few weeks we are hoping to have a serious bed situation happening in there. i’m so sad to see the toddler beds go because i’m super sentimental like that, but conrad is ready for a big bed and we think this new set up is for the best for our family! although we’ll know for sure in a few weeks time. cross your fingers for us!


the holiday train show at grand central is always something we love this time of year! we finally made it over there last week and while i was just thinking maybe samson had outgrown his train obsession a bit, i was wrong. it was fun to watch him try to get conrad excited when the train came by them! eleanor on the other hand politely asked me after maybe ten minutes or so if it was time to go yet! haha. i love that she’s kind of over it. and meanwhile, after we left the train show and were turning the corner in grand central, samson held my hand and asked so sweetly if we could go back to see the trains just for one more minute?! it was so sweet. josh stayed with E and C while i took him back to the trains so he could spend a few more minutes with them. i told him he could take as long as he wanted. he really soaked it all in.01jando you see this little boy just longingly watching his trains?! so sweet.01jan-501jan-201jan-3JANUARY2-3

and these last two photos were from christmas eve, but i realized i never shared them on my blog so i wanted to make sure i did because i love them! this was back when the weather was insanely warm and we were all on a sugar high from josh’s ginger cookies! haha! eleanor asked me last night how many days until it’s christmas again. :( it was definitely a christmas i think she might remember!


have a great day you guys! and any of you from vermont?! what’s one thing you recommend in the burlington/stowe area?

  1. Kimiko

    Ben and Jerry’s Factory is worth a visit, even in the cold! And there’s an apple cider farm not far from Stowe that is beyond cute.

  2. Sara

    The biscuits and gravy (and bucket of spuds) at Penny Cluse!!! Worth the wait in line…

  3. Megan

    Hi Naomi,

    I highly recommend Great Harvest Bread Co. in Burlington! They make their bread fresh, and it is an amazing spot to grab delicious deli sandwiches :) I’ve only ever been in the warmer months, but they have a great patio/balcony that offers great views of the Bay. I hope you enjoy your time in VT with your adorable family!

    Here’s the link to the deli’s website:


  4. Erin

    Bunk beds? How exciting for the little ones! :)

    Erin |

  5. Julia

    How fun, I’m from Minnesota, but am currently living in Montpelier, VT. :) The Cabot Factory Store is always fun; they have tons of cheese that you can sample and buy. Additionally, it’s directly across from Lake Champlain Chocolates, which is sinfully delicious. :) Montpelier has lots of fun kids stores, including Bear Pond Books, Zutano, and Onion River Kids. Three Penny Taproom has great food and ambiance. As for Burlington, Church Street offers plenty of good eats and shopping. :)

    Enjoy your trip, and have a beautiful day!


  6. Michelle C

    If you guys have time for Sharon,VT on the way back you should totally stop. It’s Joseph Smith’s birth place and they have a visitor center and monument. It’s so powerful!!

  7. Robin

    The baby is in a big bed? Wow I’d love to hear your advice. My LO is 15 months and quite content in her crib. I must admit toddler beds are the cutest thing ever though!

  8. Helena

    Not from BTV but I frequently visited my boyfriend there while he was finishing school. Try Asiana Noodle Soup for a warm dinner. Hit up Chubby Muffin for a yummy brunch. Stone Soup is a good quick stop in. As is Muddy Waters – try the fresh juices! Last but not least, look out for the Dumpling Lady (Hong’s Dumplings) – her cart is usually on Church Street but could be only for warmer days. Hope you enjoy those suggestions!

    PS. I’ve been a follower for nearly 3 years now :) love your blog and your cute kids!!

  9. elise

    Hello Taza and fam! I’m from vermont and would definitely recommend hitting up the ben & jerry’s factory, cold hollow cider mill and getting fresh apple cider donuts (yum!) Be sure to do a little stroll through Stowe village and visit the general store. If you have time, Topnotch Resort has the best spa and heated outdoor pool. The Trapp Family Lodge offers breathtaking views and is a fun place to visit.

    I know you’ve cut out sugar but Edelweiss is a little general store up on the Stowe mountain road that makes the most amazing whoopie pies and baked treats. My dad and I always stopped there on our way home from the mountain. :)

    I’m in Waitsfield (home of Sugarbush) so you’re right in my backyard! Have a fantastic trip and thanks so much for sharing your adventures on the blog.


  10. Nikki

    Hi! My friend goes to Stowe every year, and we are going next weekend so I asked her to send me suggestions so here they are!

    “Michaels on the Hill for dinner to be fancy, Piecasso for pizza, The Bagel for breakfast or McCarthys, Harvest Market for lattes and cheese and scones and foie gras and the best fresh baked bread, also you have to eat at Emily’s at the Stowehof for the romance factor. The food at solstice on the mountain isn’t great but definitely go up to the lodge to hang out. You have to have lunch at the Cliff House at the top of the gondola its amazing, also you have to go to the Trapp Family lodge for dinner!!! It’s fantastic and the Von Trapps from the sound of music! Also check out Edson Hill Manor and Ten Acres Lodge Bistro is DELISH. Make sure you go to the Stowe Mercantile Store it’s beyond adorable and has so many free samples of snacks, as well as bearpond books! Laughing Moon chocolates is adorable and so is heading to the Cabot cheese factory or Ben and Jerrys! TopNotch has my favorite spa and their food at the roost is really good!”


    • TAZA

      nikki, that is so sweet of you to have asked your friend! THANK YOU! we tried out piecasso today for lunch and loved it. will put a few of these on my list for tomorrow! thanks again!

  11. Emma

    If you can, skip Burlington today – Trump is coming to town so it is going to be packed and perhaps not all that fun given that they oversold the space which can hold 1400 with 20000 (that is the right number of 0’s!) tickets. Yikes. Parking will be a mess and people will be everywhere.

    Treats in Burlington: Breakfast at Penny Cluse, Creme Brulee from Mirabelle’s, snacks for the mountain from the bulk section of City Market, hot bowls of Pho and tasty bowls of bun thit nuong (Vietnamese) at Pho Hong, *excellent* flatbread at American Flatbread, or pretty solid delivery pizza from Leonardo’s. For a step up, everything Hotel Vermont and its Restaurants do are pretty darned good.

    To do in Burlington: the ECHO center is great for kids, and I find the kids room at the library here quite charming. Even though it is chilly right now, definitely visit the lake…we are lucky to have it.

    In Stowe, I am a big fan of Piecasso. Or Michael’s on the Hill for a fancier date.

    Have fun – this is a really pretty (and cold!) part of the country!


    • TAZA

      great to know, thanks so much emma!

  12. Gaby

    Love these photos! I’ve wanted to visit the train show it looks awesome! Would you mind sharing where your top is from in the last photo? I love it.

    • TAZA

      thanks gaby! it’s by lauren moffatt!

  13. Pia

    Sweet, chubby feet! My girls had them too. I finally found Soft Star Shoes and they saved me : ) Their wide shoes worked great and they had amazing colors. Now that my girls are bigger their feet are no longer chubby…I miss those delicious feet!

    • TAZA

      hahaha, me too! he gets it from me!

  14. Tammy

    i’m glad i’m not the only one who craves cold things in the winter! i wanted an ice cream cone the other day

    ah bunk beds! every child’s dream- i hope they all love it! would love to see how you change the layout of their room once it’s all completed

  15. Lorena Astete

    Hi Naomi! I went to Stowe for the Work & Travel programm, it’s amazing! Really cold but you’ll have a great time! Hope you guys enjoy skiing or snowboarding! :)

  16. Rachel Stahr

    Stride Rite has really great shoes for kids that come in wide and extra wide sizing!

  17. Gabriela Repeta

    What lovely photos of your family, and have a fantastic time in Vermont!!
    In Burlington there is this incredible restaurant called Sweetwaters (it’s right on Church St.) and they have these chicken tenders that are battered with crushed almonds and cornflakes… they are to die for! My boyfriend and I mention them at least once a month and how delicious they are.
    Also, in Waterbury Vermont which is about a 15 minute drive from Stowe, if I’m remembering it right, there’s a restaurant called The Prohibition Pig. It’s the BEST burger I have ever had in my life, and I know that foodies like you guys would enjoy it! If you go they also have this salad that is made with grapes, farro, brussel sprouts and a parmesan shallot dressing :) Lastly, there is a bike path in Stowe that is really nice for a walk/run/bike ride. Depending on the weather of course but it’s really beautiful any season that I have been there.
    Have a great trip!

  18. Rachel

    I’m a Burlington girl! Try Hen of the Wood for farm-to-table dinner, or Misery Loves Company in Winooski (best fried chicken EVER). And if you’re still here on the weekend, American Flatbread has the best brunch-pizza you’ll ever eat.

  19. Libby

    My daughter has extra super wide feet too!! We love those sneakers and have also found another brand of shoes that are made for wider kiddos – Bobux shoes. They are great!!

    • TAZA

      awesome, thanks for this! will have to check them out for sure.

  20. Gabrielle

    Church street in Burlington is great and has a ton of super cute shops. The Farmhouse Tap and Grill there is really great!

  21. Stephanie

    From Boston and go up to VT occasionally. Would recommend to check out the Ben and Jerry’s Factory and Tour while you are in VT! Great for kids!

    And not sure where you are staying, but a lot of hotels do horse drawn carriage rides during the winter- so fun when there is snow on the ground!


  22. Mollie

    I love seeing your lovely family in NYC! Every portrayal of the city is “single” people, so to see a happy family in the same location makes me smiles!

    xoxo Mollie

  23. Jamie

    I’m from the Burlington area! I think the kids would love the ECHO center on the Burlington Waterfront. Also the Cider place on the way to Stowe and of course the Ben & Jerry’s factory is great! Also, Shelburne Farms is great for kids. Hope you enjoy your stay, at least the sun is out today!!

  24. Joyce

    I love E’s pajamas! Where are they from? My nieces would love them.

  25. Erin

    I went to school for one year in Burlington and it might be my favorite city ever. Excited to see what you end up doing. Even though it’s freezing maple creamees and walking along the lake front are the best and maybe worth it even in the cold. Everyone also always raves about the Ben and Jerry’s factory tour and Shelburne Farms. You’ll have to go back in the summer at sometime too!

  26. Ella

    Burlington is one of my favorite cities and Stowe is BEAUTIFUL! If the dumpling lady is out on Church street (it might be too cold?!) you MUST try her dumplings. she hand makes them right in front of you and they are so so delicious. She is usually in a small cart and at lunch there is definitely a line! Also if you need any outdoor/camping gear the outdoor gear exchange is amazing with both new and used items at fantastic prices! So happy you got to visit such a fun place :)

    • TAZA

      thanks for the tip, ella! we didn’t see her out while we were there. too bad! i’m going through a really big dumpling phase. next time!!!

  27. yasemin

    I just looked at your photos from your throwback post and I kept getting confused by the photos of your little brother. It was like a time warp because Samson really looks like your brother.

  28. Carly

    Sorry I know that you are cutting out sugar this year BUT if you are having your cheat day while in Burlington then go to The Skinny Pancake and get yourself the Brownies in Bed crepe. It’s amazing, you won’t regret it!

    • TAZA

      ah! i wish i was having my cheat day while i was here because all the treats look amazing, but saving that day for the end of the month!!!!!!! not touring the ben and jerry’s factory while here is killing me.

  29. Carly

    Also wow in that throwback post I thought that was you, Josh, and SAMSON (the pic with your little brother). Your kiddo looks a lot like his uncle.

    • TAZA

      i know, they look so much a like it’s crazy!

  30. alma

    I love in Burlington, just saw your Instagram post:) For good in Bulington I’d recomend: Butch & Babe’s (amazing ramen), farmhouse (great burgers), el cortijo ( tacos!!). For kids fun Echo on the Burlington Waterfront and Ben & Jerry’s factory in Waterbury!

    Beware, they will close down Main St in BVT due to protests today but otherwise it’s a great town to visit!!


  31. alma

    Sorry about the spelling mistakes live* food* haha..just too much on my mind!

  32. Jessica Thiessen

    Yes! Our boy has super wide feet too. They look like fat rectangles at the end of his legs – HA. If you have a Joe Fresh store where you live, that is where I have found shoes for our big footed boy.

  33. Marian

    What a lovely little ‘life lately’ post, full of quiet happiness and family fun! I can certainly empathise with Eleanor – NEXT Christmas can’t come soon enough for me!!! :p xx

  34. Stephanie

    I wish I lived in NYC- I would gladly purchase those toddler beds off you. I’m sure all will be great with the change!

  35. Sandra

    When my kids turn one I put them on a twin mattress on the floor. It’s worked out, awesome. I think the trundle is a great idea. Plus, since the other kids are in there the one on the floor is less likely to feel lonely at night since big brother is right there.

    • TAZA

      i sure hope so! i also hope it doesn’t turn into a “climb to the top bunk and jump off” sort of ordeal! we did that endlessly growing up and we definitely got hurt once or twice! haha! bunk beds are a double edge sword.

  36. Jess MH

    Mu husband is from VT and we go there with our two year old quite often! Stowe is such a cute town – Pie-casso is a great place to have dinner with the kids. We stay at Stowe Mtn Lodge and they’ve opened a new ice skating rink there!

  37. sarah

    i’m so excited to see the new nursery setup!

  38. Jess

    Big news on the beds! Can you share a link to the bunk bed set? So exciting!

    • TAZA

      josh ordered them online from somewhere so i don’t have the link handy but i’ll get it from him and share once we have them set up (because i’m sure i’ll take a photo! LOL!)

  39. Julia

    Shelburne Farms! The kids will love the animal barn. It’s gorgeous there. Have fun in my hometown.

  40. Amber

    Love those last two Christmas shots!

  41. Rochelle

    The Depot Street Malt Shop in Stowe is fun with kids, and of course, there are always the Cold Hollow Cider Mill/Luncheonette and Ben and Jerry’s Factory in Waterbury. Prohibition Pig in Waterbury is also a great restaurant. We love American Flatbread in Burlington with a walk down Church Street or along the Lake Champlain waterfront. Enjoy!

    • TAZA

      super helpful tips, rochelle! thank you! have heard so many good things about a lot of these spots, hoping to get to a few of them!

  42. Suze

    I hope that your bunk bed and 3 little ones sharing a room works. We are living in a 1000 sq foot house with 2 small rooms (also sharing a wall) and you are my guru for making 3 kids in an even smaller space work!! We are about to try for #3 and don’t want to move since we are in an urban area and can walk to everything but boy, does winter make you want a gigantic house? yes! Anyway, we will stay tuned in. We have a bed with a trundle too! Genius.

    • TAZA

      oh you’re so nice, suze! i really truly hope it works out. we have loved our space so much and it’s worked so well with each stage so far. i’m a little nervous about this next transition so i’ll keep you posted! thanks for reading and following along!

  43. Kate

    I served my mission in Burlington, so many great places to eat, shop and see!! Some of the best places…TomGirl Juice company, American Flatbread. Lake Champlain Chocolates. And if you want some of the best fudge in the state…Shelburne Country Store! Enjoy!

    • TAZA

      ugh, you just made me want some fudge so bad, kate! we’ve had a lot of fun so far, this is a darling place. thanks for the recs!

  44. Jill

    I went to college in Vermont at UVM. Ben and Jerrys factory, Shelbiurne Farms and Vt teddy bear factory are all great!

  45. Elaine

    Doesn’t Stowe have a great tennis area? Perhaps enclosed for those very very cold days?!! xoxo

  46. Josie

    Go to the Von Trapp Bakery!!! oh and penny cluse cafe, Piecasso pizza, and Stowe mercantile general store!!

    • TAZA

      awesome, thanks! we tried out piecasso today and stopped into the general store, super cute! thanks again!

  47. Danielle

    Do you have a recipe to share on the ginger cookies (sorry if its on your blog and I missed it.) Colonial Williamsburg has started making them again in 2015 and they are the best so far, but I looking for other ways to make them. Thanks in advance!!

    • TAZA

      i don’t think he’s shared it on the blog yet, i want him too! i’ll keep trying to get him on here! they are pretty good and i’m not a huge ginger cookie lover.

  48. hanna

    Your family is so cute! –Hanna Lei

  49. Tara

    Hi Namoi! My husband and I visited Vermont back in 2013. We stayed in Smugglers Notch which is just outside of Stowe.

    Couple ideas:
    One fun thing for your kids would be to visit the Ben & Jerry’s Factory in Waterbury. We really enjoyed it and they give you a free sample of ice cream at the end.

    After touring Ben & Jerry’s we visited a glass blowing studio that showed us a demonstration. It was fascinating! I wish I would’ve made note of the name! It was a neat little gift store. Vermont is known for their blown glass.

    Be sure to visit Joseph Smith’s birthplace in Sharon, VT if you haven’t yet. It’s SO neat. You will definitely feel of the spirit there. Hopefully you can make it out there. It’s a little over an hour or so outside of Burlington.

    Places we enjoyed eating at:
    The Mix in Jeffersonville, VT
    Piecasso Pizzeria in Stowe, VT (try their garlic knots)
    McCarthy’s Restaurant in Stowe, VT (great for breakfast)

    We found Burlington to be…well…boring. Hopefully you can find things to do there if that’s where you’re staying. When we’d ask locals for ideas they would refer us to Church Street which was just a shopping strip. We weren’t impressed.

    Have fun!

    • TAZA

      thanks for these recommendations, tara! i appreciate it! wish we could make it out to sharon! next time.

  50. Kelly

    Crossing fingers about the beds and the baby sneakers are SO cute!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  51. felisha

    I’m so happy to see you and Barefoot Blonde hanging out! I love her blog as well. Also – Conrad’s fat lil’ feet are the cutest!

  52. Megan

    I love these posts! Your family always cracks me up and such exciting news with new bunk beds!

    Happy Friday //

  53. Ewelina Wnęk

    Burlington: American Flatbread for pizza! They give you toys and sippy cups for your kids as soon as you arrive and the flatbread is out of this world. Maglianero for coffee, the space is huge and doubles as an art gallery. They are suuuper friendly and the place is huge with big windows.

  54. Heather

    I’m not from Burlington, but I looooooooved it when I visited briefly in the summer. I just want to join the Penny Cluse Cafe club!

    It’s amazing! Get the bucket-o-spuds and the scrambled egg tacos! I still think about that food almost every week. I was there in the summer, so there was an hour and forty-five minute wait — but it’s worth it! If there’s a long wait, just walk around church street and hang out in LLBean.

    There was also a delicious crepe stand on Church Street, though I don’t know if they are there in the winter.

  55. Meggles

    I laugh and roll my eyes whenever NY’s say the city is cold. IT IS NOT THAT COLD. Your trees bud 2-3 weeks before ours in NH do. Your winter temps average in the mid-upper 30’s. Your snow usually doesn’t last for more than a few days (last year being a huge anomaly) Enjoy it.

  56. Kelsey

    Your kids are just way too cute!

  57. Queenie

    Conrad’s chunky legs with those tiny shoes is so so cute!!

  58. Carrie B

    Your fam is too cute! I always want to get frozen yogurt or ice cream in the winter and my hubby thinks i’m crazy ! Glad i’m not the only one